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Re: The Sidewalk Cafe............a great place to welcome Spring!

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Hello Cafe friends, it's great to read about Ed's vision improvement Anika. I've been without internet access since the 7th but should be online next week. I'm posting this with my phone and typing with my feet would be easier lol. Hope you all have a great weekend. Continue Reading


Re: April Bird's Nest -

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Lovestoteach, I just watched the video of the red bird getting some loving. You can tell that bird liked being petted. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT--TGIF

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Hello ladies. I'm posting from my phone , lol, never a good idea. Hopefully, by next week, I'll have my internet back on. Placed the order with AT&T yesterday online and already called to correct their error. I ordered, self install and they signed me up for professional installation, next week Friday . I think I got it straightened out, but one never knows with the phone company. I'm just glad it's Friday. Continue Reading


Re: April Bird's Nest -

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The bird for the weekend is the White Winged Snowfinch Continue Reading


Re: April Bird's Nest -

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Hello and Happy Friday Birding Friends The bird of the day is the Cattle Egret Continue Reading


Re: New AW Available

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I liked the arrow with the little danglies. I wish it was longer than 17". Continue Reading


Re: Mary Beth

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Hi Hovis, I think her son was married this past weekend, so I am hoping that she posts a blog about it to let us know what she selected. Continue Reading


Re: April Bird's Nest -

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The bird of the day is the Yellow Billed Cuckoo Continue Reading


Re: April Bird's Nest -

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This morning when I came into work, the reddish pigeon was on the landing between 6 and 7. He looked at what used to be his home like he was confused. I said to the bird, little one, I don't know where you and your mate are going to live, but on the bright side, there are many garages near the waterfront. You want to know what cheeses my grits more than anything? Why go through all that when all they had to do was cut a piece of plywood into a square that would fit into the opening of the 'box' like a puzzle piece. I'd swear they deliberately want to inflict pain on these birds Thank you ... Continue Reading


Re: April Bird's Nest -

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Continuation of Story: Do you remember when I mentioned that there was an aggressive reddish pigeon in the stairwell trying to beat up RP (Rescue Pigeon) last month? Well, it appears that the reddish pigeon and a white and black pigeon 'got married' for the season and established their nest in the concrete 'box' between the 6th and 7th floor of the garage. They were sitting on a nest all the way at the back of the 'box'. Last week, when I parked on 7 and walked down to 5, so I could take a peek at the family, I noticed that no one was minding the nest. (It's dark back there and not easily ... Continue Reading

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