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Re: November's Birds Nest - Thanksgiving Edition

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Mousie - that story is beautiful. I have to copy it into a word document for posterity. Thank you so much! Continue Reading


Re: November's Birds Nest - Thanksgiving Edition

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Bird of the Day is the Spot Billed Pelican (most threatened sub species of the Pelican family) Continue Reading


Re: November's Birds Nest - Thanksgiving Edition

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Freddie - the actual Berry College thread hasn't been started yet - I think that comes in Jan or Feb. I think Kachina was trying to find our thread - the Nest - to let us know that the Berry College eagles are getting their nest ready (they start wooing really early ) Freddie - please take care to get some rest. Your hectic household is wearing you down Continue Reading


Re: Tender Moment

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kcladyz - I read about the loss of your feathered baby in another thread. As a person who has hand raised 3 sparrows (I realize smaller than your birds), I wanted to share with you that Polly's Pet Perches are pretty good for helping to keep nails groomed. I use wood perches like you and some orthopedic ones that are shaped differently. My birds seem to do well with the sandwalk orthopedic ones. My condolences on the loss of your bird. I lost my first female in July. She was 9 years, 9 days old and it hurt me really bad. Continue Reading


Re: The Sidewalk Cafe........a great place to chat!

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Puddles, my flock and I are pulling for you and want you to get well soon. Continue Reading


Re: Who is unhappy with the insane QVC shipping rates

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On 11/24/2014 magicmoodz said: On 11/24/2014 winamac1 said: I am very much bothered by the insane s/h prices. I buy far less from Qvc simply due to exhorbitant s/h. They don't care and must still be making money. My shopping habits are often predicated on who has the lowest s/h. Me too, win. Even if something is just what I want, I refuse to pay high shipping & handling. I'm cheap that way. Me three. Continue Reading


Re: November's Birds Nest - Thanksgiving Edition

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Kachina - thanks for the heads up. We do a new thread each month, so feel free to stop by anytime. Continue Reading


Re: I don't do Black Friday shopping, do you?

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Several years ago, around my mother's thanksgiving table, my sister and nieces and nephews started talking about the black friday deals. I'm the youngest of my siblings. My middle sister got caught up in the hype and asked me if I wanted to try shopping on black friday. I sat there, muching on my dessert and sounding years older than my 80+ year old mother, I said, well, does it require me to get up before the crack of dawn and do I have to stand in a line somewhere in the cold? My face must have said it all because that was the last time I was asked to go. I'm no Rockefeller but I honestl... Continue Reading


Re: Thanksgiving at the Back Fence

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Epi, good luck with the colonoscopy. The prep is the worst Continue Reading

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