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Re: I don't do Black Friday shopping, do you?

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Several years ago, around my mother's thanksgiving table, my sister and nieces and nephews started talking about the black friday deals. I'm the youngest of my siblings. My middle sister got caught up in the hype and asked me if I wanted to try shopping on black friday. I sat there, muching on my dessert and sounding years older than my 80+ year old mother, I said, well, does it require me to get up before the crack of dawn and do I have to stand in a line somewhere in the cold? My face must have said it all because that was the last time I was asked to go. I'm no Rockefeller but I honestl... Continue Reading


Re: Thanksgiving at the Back Fence

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Epi, good luck with the colonoscopy. The prep is the worst Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Requesting Prayers for "Lobstergal"

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Lostergal - thanks for checking in. I will pray that you don't have any issues with the thaw. If there is any breeze (we won't think wind), it should help evaporate the water as it goes. I continue to think about you and send you positive thoughts. Continue Reading


Re: November's Birds Nest - Thanksgiving Edition

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Hello all - I FINALLY raked my back yard yesterday. It was in the 50's there was a break in the rain, so I tool advantage and got to raking. There are a few leaves here or there, but my yard looks like someone lives here again (lol). Bird of the Day - Pale Headed Rosella \ Continue Reading


Re: Thanksgiving at the Back Fence

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Hi - I got my rear in gear yesterday afternoon and raked leaves in the backyard. It stopped raining for the couple of hours I needed and I think I was able to cram more leaves in each bag because the leaves were wet. At least my back yard looks loved again. I didn't have time to get the last of the leaves (not so many) in the front yard and also didn't have the time to get any Christmas lights up around the porch and attached garage gutter. Oh well, maybe I will put some lights on the inside of my front room (aka living toom) bay windows. If not, there's always next year. I will get my l... Continue Reading


Re: State of Affairs - "Pilot" (S1/Ep01) - 11.17.2014

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I had no idea about Katherine Heigl's reputation before tuning in to State of Affairs. I used to watch Grey's Anatomy (when it was new) so that's the only history I have with Katherine. That said, I didn't care for the show and won't be watching it again. Continue Reading


Re: Madam secretary......Just not for me

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I have made it a point to watch this show since the first episode. It engages me and relaxes me the same way the X-Files did in the 90's. Continue Reading


Re: November's Birds Nest - Thanksgiving Edition

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I'm sitting here watching the cutest cartoon from 1936 that features blue birds. It's called Scrappy in Happy Land Continue Reading


Re: White Flocked Tree on Lisa's Show Last Night

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When I was a little girl (talking about 60's before everything had to become fire retardant), we had a white angel hair tree. I think it was about 6 feet tall and all white and the best part was that the tree was soft. Before I leave this earth, I would like to find a white tree (not flocked) that isn't so stiff. Continue Reading


Re: A.M. Style Live Chat 11/22

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I adore bathing birds LTT Continue Reading

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