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Re: October's Birds Nest - Harvest Time

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Hello - I've been watching for bird seed sales at my local meijer stores. Sometimes I can find a 20 lb bag of Kaytee Nature's harvest for $10. The birds really like the Meijer premium bird seed which I was able to get a 40 lb for 19.99 this past Sunday. I fought it into my cart but couldn't support the weight at the u-scan. I can't stand this shoulder right now, make me feel like a weakling. Bird of the Day - Horned Grebe - Eastern and Western North America Continue Reading


Re: October's Birds Nest - Harvest Time

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Bird of the Day - Pacific Loon - Primarily Western North America but spends summer in Eastern North America (Arctic Region) for breeding. This bird looks suspiciously like the Arctic Loon; the field guide says it's a different bird Continue Reading


Re: Fashionably early this morning.

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On 10/20/2014 lovesrecess said: I watched Pat and Jayne for a while but it seemed they wanted to talk about everything except whatever they were presenting so I just stopped watching. I gave it a shot this morning before heading off to work - won't be doing that again. I agree with you lovesrecess. Continue Reading


Re: In case you weren't sure about your kitty's affection... =^..^=

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The baby being bottle fed reminds me of Joseph, the kitten my mom found in the 90's. I remember feeding him Continue Reading


Re: Paw-Parazzi Showcase: Your Halloween Fur Babies!

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Thanks for sharing Carolyn - you can tell which furbabies are humiliated and which are not. Love the Pope Continue Reading


Re: Rick Or Treat! -- A SCARY Throwback

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Rick you are a hoot! I really appreciate your enthusiasm. Continue Reading


Re: brushing with baking soda

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PS - don't do it every day. Maybe twice a week. Continue Reading


Re: brushing with baking soda

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I just did it last night. If you go straight baking soda, it can be mildly irritating, depending on how sensitive your gums, tongue and lips are (remember, it will make you drool a lot). I recommend starting with your regular toothpaste then lightly touch the toothbrush on your baking soda. Having toothpaste on the toothbrush will help hold the baking soda on the brush. Rinse and repeat (paste/baking soda on the brush). Continue Reading


Re: Do you always wear your wedding ring or set ?

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My rings have channel set stones. I knew going in that I was not going to take them off at night. I take them off to clean them and once for surgery - that's it. Continue Reading


Re: TV "Fright Hosts." Do You Remember One From Your Childhood?

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Saturday Afternoon - Sir Graves Ghastly Friday or Saturday Night - more my older sister's speed - The Ghoul (that guy was an as-hat) Friday Night - Scream Theater (don't remember the host; my grandma loved that show) Continue Reading

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