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Re: September's Bird Nest - Summer's Last Hurrah

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Good day to all birding friends. The bird of the day is the Ferruginous Duck aka the Fudge Duck. Continue Reading


Re: dose any know

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hi rosie - here's a link to the program guide page. If you look at the top right corner, you should see something that says printqguide. http://www.qvc.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProgramGuideWeeklyView?storeId=10251&TimeZoneSelect=EST&weekRange=0&channelCode=QVC According to the print q guide there are computer/tablet shows on 9-27 and 9-28. I don't know if that means a computer or something else like it. Continue Reading


Re: September's Bird Nest - Summer's Last Hurrah

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Hello all - I can see, from my office window that some of the neighbor's trees are starting to change color. Bird of the day - Pine Siskin Continue Reading


Re: Back Fence in September is still H O T ! !

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Greetings Fencers, I broke my neck to cut my grass on Friday because rain was forecasted for the weekend. I can't stand the newer lawn mowers that don't have a primer button anymore. I looked at the Briggs and Stratton engine sticker "Guaranteed Start" as I repeatedly pulled the start cord in the 60 some degree weather. Let's just say that 'my aunt fanny' was not what I was mumbling as I struggled to get the mower started . Suffice it to say, my right shoulder was shot for a couple of days. It stormed (not too bad) on Saturday night and drizzled on and off yesterday and was cold. I receiv... Continue Reading


Re: September's Bird Nest - Summer's Last Hurrah

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Bird for the Weekend - Varied Thrush Continue Reading


Re: What to wear with dark olive color?

In Denim & Co 1411225026.513

Pink looks nice with olive, plus in my opinion, it's very Barbie Continue Reading



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Congrats on the new coat. They got me earlier this week with the pole saw TSV. I had been thinking of buying a saw like this (jaw saw) and figured I'd try it out on easy pay. Continue Reading


Re: Quick Please....do you tip your plumber?

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I've never tipped a plumber. Continue Reading

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