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Re: Back Fence in October

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Fencers ~ I did not have the pleasure of posting with your friend Nanny Bear. I am very sorry for your loss. Continue Reading


Re: October's Birds Nest - Harvest Time

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Here we go again, problems posting pics Bird of the Day = Saffron-Headed Parrot Continue Reading


Re: Niece has cancer

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wonderwoman, I am so sorry for you and your family. Thank you for including Susie's name - I will most certainly pray to St. Raphael, St. Joseph and St. Jude for her. Continue Reading


Re: October's Birds Nest - Harvest Time

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Hello - I've been watching for bird seed sales at my local meijer stores. Sometimes I can find a 20 lb bag of Kaytee Nature's harvest for $10. The birds really like the Meijer premium bird seed which I was able to get a 40 lb for 19.99 this past Sunday. I fought it into my cart but couldn't support the weight at the u-scan. I can't stand this shoulder right now, make me feel like a weakling. Bird of the Day - Horned Grebe - Eastern and Western North America Continue Reading


Re: October's Birds Nest - Harvest Time

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Bird of the Day - Pacific Loon - Primarily Western North America but spends summer in Eastern North America (Arctic Region) for breeding. This bird looks suspiciously like the Arctic Loon; the field guide says it's a different bird Continue Reading


Re: Fashionably early this morning.

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On 10/20/2014 lovesrecess said: I watched Pat and Jayne for a while but it seemed they wanted to talk about everything except whatever they were presenting so I just stopped watching. I gave it a shot this morning before heading off to work - won't be doing that again. I agree with you lovesrecess. Continue Reading


Re: In case you weren't sure about your kitty's affection... =^..^=

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The baby being bottle fed reminds me of Joseph, the kitten my mom found in the 90's. I remember feeding him Continue Reading


Re: Paw-Parazzi Showcase: Your Halloween Fur Babies!

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Thanks for sharing Carolyn - you can tell which furbabies are humiliated and which are not. Love the Pope Continue Reading


Re: Rick Or Treat! -- A SCARY Throwback

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Rick you are a hoot! I really appreciate your enthusiasm. Continue Reading

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