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Re: ~*I would like...*~

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........to reintroduce myself....I am Katherine!! LOL I'll go with vacation myself. Croemer just stopped in to say hi. Got through the shoulder surgery 2/1 and subsequent physical therapy. Busy on the farm right now and we've had some wild weather but otherwise OK. I'm redoing some things in the house but nothing exciting. Hello to Everybody!!!! Continue Reading


Re: March X1 - 50+ Ladies Come and Chat

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On 5/2/2014 viva923 said: hello guys, Katherine if you are around,have to stop on in. not much today, did prep work today instead of Saturday. tomorrow Saturday, have stuff going on with grandkids, going to be in and out all day long. really pretty today, so very comfortable. later all guys. I am around.......today at least!!! Today is the only day I have been online since the last time I checked in here. Finally finished my physical therapy. That kept me on my toes.....gone every wed and friday and with DH tagging along we usually made a day of it. When I got to where I could drive I went a... Continue Reading


Re: New stamp!! I love it.

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Before my time and not historical enough for me. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Margaritaville?

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Jamaica has the original one. Continue Reading


Re: What do you think happened to the missing plane?

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I think it is under the water personally. Such a tragedy. Continue Reading


Re: March X1 - 50+ Ladies Come and Chat

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My DD moved to South Carolina the weekend after I had my surgery. Some big company offered her a Human Resource Manage job at a company called Milliken. She accepted it on the spot. She'll make close to 6 figures after a year or two. Not bad for a 30 year old. But I miss her terribly! I thought I read where Glass lost a grandson. Please accept my deepest condolences. I'll be back!!!! Continue Reading


Re: March X1 - 50+ Ladies Come and Chat

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On 3/12/2014 cater said: Katherine just want to let you know that you were missed on here a couple of us posted shout outs to you and if I am remembering correctly some one even posted that they wondered if any one really knew you and could find out if you were alright. Reading I see you had your shoulder operated on hope it is feeling better. You have missed a lot on here. It is nice to see your name on here again. Hope that good health is quick to come to you take care. Thank you, cater. As much as we have been travelling that presented as big a hurdle to post that did my R shoulder surger... Continue Reading


Re: March X1 - 50+ Ladies Come and Chat

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I'm Baaaaaack!!! Although I am still in a brace from the shoulder surgery and can't do much right handed I decided it was way past time to check in here. No telling how long it will take me to read back and catch up. We have done nothing but travel since I was last here. November saw us follow Auburn....Dec we went to Atlanta....Jan we flew to California and stayed in Beverly Hills with the Alumni Assoc. When we got back from all that we had 7 days at home and it was off to Miami and that 10 day cruise. After that we flew to North Carolina for a cotton meeting. I had my Surgery 2/5 and my pr... Continue Reading


Re: March X1 - 50+ Ladies Come and Chat

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My laptop is about dead. Merry Charistmas friends. All we have done is stay in the road going here and there. We'll be leaving the 4th for California and then the 16th for Miami to go on that cruise. Continue Reading

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