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Re: Which dress gets your "yes"?!

In Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1427662538.287

#4 . Goes with your coloring, will look great in photos. It is by far the best dress for you.. Continue Reading


Re: What Is The Best Spiral Ham

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427374361.653

Aldi's with the gold wrapper. Continue Reading


Re: Just Got Back From Olive Garden Restaurant

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427299243.903

We received an Olive Garden gift certificate at Christmas, and stopped there for dinner a couple of weeks ago. Hubby had spaghetti, I had ravioli. We each had a drink. Food was completely dull and tasteless. Bill was $50.00, + 20% tip. Would never, ever go back. I do not know where these places come up with their prices. I worked as a sous chef in an Italian Restaurant in my college days. OG is NOT Italian food. Chef BoyRDee is more like it. Awful. Continue Reading


Re: Smithfield...Yuck

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427070503.213

The crazy part of this meat processing in China is that there is no way to know where it is processed. It was written into the free-trade law that where the meat is processed is not on the label. It will say 'Made in the USA". I believe the hogs and chickens are killed in the USA, and then sent yo China for processing. That in itself is terrifying. It is time to become friends with 4-H members in your community and buy local. Continue Reading


Re: Smithfield is a Chinese company- pleas choose your Easter ham wisely

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427070151.45

The laws are worded so the meat (this also includes cooked chicken) is raised in the US, and sent to China for processing. then, when it comes back to the USA, it DOES NOT legally have to state it has been PROCESSED in China. It will say "made in America". http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/07/business/usda-to-allow-chicken-from-chinese-companies.html Continue Reading


Re: Smithfield is a Chinese company- pleas choose your Easter ham wisely

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427069350.95

http://www.upi.com/Top_News/Analysis/Outside-View/2013/10/25/Outside-View-Chinas-ownership-of-an-iconic-American-food-company/75821382673840/ it appears the hogs are killed here, then sent to china for processing, then back here for distribution. Continue Reading


Smithfield is a Chinese company- pleas choose your Easter ham wisely

Last Reply by Teacups 1427334897.703 | Started by Wadzlla in Kitchen & Food Talk

http://www.richmond.com/business/article_06e60333-2ded-57f5-b650-72336d9a3f36.html Smithfield Foods closes sale to China’s Shuanghui 6/22/2014 Continue Reading


Re: Bird lovers......Need an opinion of upcoming problem.

In For the Home Talk 1427052593.667

Spid188 is correct. If you have eggs now, the babies will be fledged by June. I would move the nests at that time to shepherds hooks, as they will probably lay eggs for a second clutch. Continue Reading


Re: Where to donate skin care/makeup/shampoo etc. (don't yell)

In Beauty Banter 1426535667.633

Homeless shelters in Toledo, Ohio are happy to take opened toiletries. Times are tough. The homeless need all the help they can get. Continue Reading


Re: Is the nonstick in the Ninja PFOA/PFTE safe?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1426263775.47

I have 5 parrotts. A cockatoo, blue & gold macaw, yellow naped amazon & a senegal. I have also been using the Ninja 3-4 times a week since the first TSV. Did not know this about the Ninja pan, and my birds are all in our kitchen/living room combined area. I have not had bird show any sign of a problem. it is a very large, high ceiling area. My plan is to continue using my Ninja. I do not burn anything in it, and the coating must be heated empty to a very high temperature to release fumes. I love the Ninja! Continue Reading

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