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Re: Eliminating and controlling grass in flower bed

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White vinegar in a spray bottle. Use it on a sunny day, and the weeds/grass. will start drying up in hours. Roundup (Glyphosphate)is an absolute poison which has been proven to cause cancer. it kills honey bees, monarch butterflies, birds, fish and mammals. It is banned from use in Europe. Please think about the pets & wildlife when you treat your yards & gardens. Continue Reading


A263064 Laura Gellar april 10 TSV is a home run!

Last Reply by lilrunnergrl 1429806734.217 | Started by Wadzlla in Laura Geller

I am 61, blonde, fair, blue eyes. EVERYTHING in this kit is perfect. I am so happy that LG is getting away from all the shiny sparkly stuff. This is the first time in a long time that every item in a kit is perfect for me! This is a kit that you can wear every day. The colors are neutral and perfect for every day wear all summer long. I highly recommend this kit! Continue Reading


Re: O/T Noisy neighbors...what would you do?

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We burn wood to help heat our large home. As a matter of fact, hubby has the log splitter out today and will be splitting wood fir 5-6 hours. The weather is nice, and it is not raining. We usually use the log splitter a couple of days in the spring, and then again in the fall before the snow flies. In the fall, windows are closed. Our neighbors burn wodd too, so there is no noise problem here. We probably split wood 5 or 6 days a year to have enough wood to heat our home all winter. If your neighbor is splitting wood every day, 8 hours a day, he is probably selling wood. Continue Reading


Re: Update on WEN hair loss, surprising insights from a scientist.

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I use 613 every time I wash my hair for the 2nd cleanse. I also use the 613 styling cream every day, along with the 613 replenishing mist. I have been using these products since they came out, 3-5 X a week. My hair is thicker, stronger and fuller since I have been using 613. I totally disagree with your one person scientific study. If you don't like a product, or you get a reaction to a product, quit using it. Rocket science. Continue Reading


Re: Share your worst experience with Temp-tations failures in your kitchen

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So from all the millions of Temptations sold in the universe, there are not even 20 complaints? TT is an inexpensive, beautiful, fun set of stoneware. It works well if you treat it like stoneware. I am glad this thread was started, & we can all see how few complaints there are out of the MILLIONS of sets sold. GOOGLE it. Continue Reading


Re: Dumping your WEN ??

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I am allergic to red food dye, lanolin, & some sunscreen products. I am not going to sue companies that use these ingredients. Continue Reading


Re: Dumping your WEN ??

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Because someone is allergic to an ingredient in a l product is not cause for a lawsuit. Switch to something else. Jeez. Continue Reading


Re: Dumping your WEN ??

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Back in the 60's & 70's, Prell Shampoo was blamed for causing hair loss. This lawsuit is just a money grab, and will go nowhere. Continue Reading


Re: Do you have pets in your home? Have you ever been criticized for it?

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I do not trust or associate with people who do not like animals and have pets. Everyone around me is all about animals. My life has been all about animals since I was old enough to start dragging lost and homeless dogs and cats home. From there I have shown dogs, groomed dogs (including two that won Best in Show at Westminster). Now my pet grooming business is where I spend my work time, and when I am not working I am involved in 5 different pet rescue organizations. I could not imagine a life without animals, and have nothing in common with people who do not love animals. I don't worry about... Continue Reading


Re: Who is Dressing These PLUS Size Models?

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I really agree with the OP of this thread. The plus size models are many times dressed in a very unflattering way. I was watching Izaac and Shawn over the weekend, and ordered a leather jacket- $300.00!!! They then showed it on the plus size model in camel. I cancelled the order. The jacket looked too tight, too small, hips & thighs were over-emphasized. If they can't make it look good on these models- why am I going to waste my time ordering it? Continue Reading

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