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Re: Anyone ditch their moisturizer for argan oil?

In Beauty Banter 1422792091.413

Yes. The oil is a much better moisturizer for my skin. Very happy with every JM product I have purchased. Continue Reading


Re: Can't Take Jayne and Pat Any Longer

In Fashion Talk 1422728420.003

I agree. Watching last night was horrible. I like both of these hosts, but there salesmanship skills are in a completely different Galaxy than Lisa Robertson, and I am not a Lisa groupie by any means. When you are selling high end products, you need a gracious, professional, classy host. this was not what happened last night. I felt bad for them. Continue Reading


Re: Wal-Mart

In For the Home Talk 1422726578.297

We live in a small rural town that WalMart took over about 25 years ago. all the other stores are gone now, and to shop anywhere else is a 25 mile drive one way. We have bars, restaurants, car dealerships, and WalMart. Very sad. Continue Reading


Re: Ringling Bros or Shrine Circus for 4 boys-6 & younger++

In Mom to Mom Forum 1422639059.177

Anyone who could watch these videos, and then choose to go and watch animals who are tortured to perform- I have no words. Continue Reading


Re: Ringling Bros or Shrine Circus for 4 boys-6 & younger++

In Mom to Mom Forum 1422561799.017

Ringling_ Shriners_ If you go to these torture shows, you are guilty of supporting torture. Watch these videos before you go so you can see how much fun the animals have!!!! Just to entertain us! How fun!! There are thousands of videos online of specific cases of abuse - make sure to watch before you decide if this is a place you want your grandchildren to go. Zoos- large, community owned ... Continue Reading


Re: Dooney Diversity

In Dooney & Bourke 1422455998.797

Watch the video, the model was hurt by the insensitive remark. I do not think she said it to insult the model, but she did. It was unfortunate choice of words with a natural haired black model being shown. it was right for her to apologize. she did not insult on purpose, but was insulting. We have all been there. Continue Reading


Re: Sandra Bennett's Oops during Dooney Show?

In Fashion Talk 1422455237.043

I do not think she meant to say anything bad about the black model's hair, but in watching the video, I believe the model was crushed by the remark. Very unfortunate words and camera work. I am glad she apologized. It was not done to be rude, but it sure looks terrible. I personally think her hair looks great. Continue Reading


Re: Your all-time favorite G.I.L.I. handbag?

In All About Handbags 1422329745.04

I am a Dooney lover, but the GILI backpack caught my eye. This bag is my favorite bag, ever. I origanally p u r chased the caramel, & just grabbed a brand new backpack in navy. This bag is the best handbag I have ever purchased. Love the look, the size, everything about this bag works for me! Continue Reading


Microsoft to deliver free upgrades to Windows 10

Last Reply by knmt 1422336913.16 | Started by Wadzlla in Electronics Talk Microsoft will offer free upgrades to Windows 10 -- the next version of its operating system -- first for Windows 8.1 users and then for Windows 7 users, the company announced Wednesday. In the first year the software is available, the company will upgrade any devices running Windows 8 to Windows 10 for free, according to Terry Myerson, Microsoft's executive vice president of operating systems. The free upgrade will also apply to Windows 7 devices and Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Continue Reading


Re: another Lisa R clue.....

In Fashion Talk 1421946162.103

QVC is a business. If Lisa was not still employed by, or working with, the Q, she would not have a FB page and a blog on their site. The social media connections between the Q and Lisa would have disappeared the day she left. There are legal strings between employee social media pages and management. Her pages would have vanished in a hot minute if she was no longer associated with QVC. Continue Reading

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