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Re: New Tablet 7/12

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Better Business Bureau gives this company an "F". why would the Q carry this piece of junk? Continue Reading


GMA Steals & Deals- Anyone else get their handbag?

Last Reply by cgil 1404939827.43 | Started by Wadzlla in All About Handbags

FedX brought mine this morning- The Ora Delpine bag is beautiful. got mine in red, and I think I may get another color. This is my second purchase from GMA Steal & Deals. $425.00 bag for $81.00 is quite a steal!! Continue Reading


Re: Update on my post re dental visit/plans . . . surprising outcome!

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On 6/28/2014 Ford1224 said: On 6/28/2014 pggoody said: FOUND MY DENTIST OF 30 plus years on the Careington Plan ! HE WOULD NOT ENDORSE OR HAVE HIS NAME ON A LIST IF IT WAS NOT LEGIT! I am currently without insurance and will be calling his office on Monday to confirm, but have no doubts that I JUST STUMBLED UPON A BLESSING CLICKING ON THIS POSTING . THANK YOU. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I LOVE THESE QVC COMMUNITY FORUMS! I don't think I will be replacing the television I just ditched yesterday from my bedroom any time soon. I will be reading these boards! Yes- for those of you looking at this pl... Continue Reading


Re: Here's what I've learned since discontinuing my cable service...

In Fashion Talk 1403887078.35

We are contemplating dropping cable. Our DD and her DH dropped their cable over a year ago, and they are just fine with using the internet and Roku to watch what they want. I should probably do it now in the summer when we watch less TV anyway. Continue Reading


Re: Update on my post re dental visit/plans . . . surprising outcome!

In Health & Fitness 1403885327.953

Thank you so much for this post! I investigated and called around to participating dentists in our area. We went with the Careington500 plan- $12.95 a month annually. the discounts are better than the co-pays through our Medical Mutual Plan which we were paying $80.00 a month for! The amounts the Careington 500 plan gives us a larger discount on dental work than the MM plan gives for us when you include the deductable. Also, there is no 12 month waiting period for services with this plan for those without dental insurance who need major work done. This plan is saving us around $700.00 a year.... Continue Reading


Re: Ugh. Rats.

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Please do not use rat bait. this kills the rats, and any other animal that eats it. Then it also kills the eagles, hawks cats, foxes or anything else that eats the dying, poisoned rodents. Continue Reading


Re: Our dog has bitten- again.

In Pet Lovers 1403463935.07

On 6/22/2014 nagrom said: Bite levels do determine progression of dog bites. The highest level is death. A dog that bites at a lower level breaking the skin and less than 1/4 inches deep and in only one location just one bite mark and never progresses beyond that level can have bite inhibition reinforced. It is thought that if that particular dog did not have some bite inhibition it would have progressed. It is a matter of whether the owner wants or feels that they can deal with what is needed. These are things that behaviorists and courts of law use to determine the fate of a dog. Yes any do... Continue Reading


Re: Poodle Grooming

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I will give you my view on this from the groomer's perspective. I have seen this hundreds of times, and here is how it goes: if your dog has only been groomed by a competent, professional groomer, she has never been been cut, sliced, dropped, or had nails cut to bloody stumps. Your pet is used to grooming, and while she may not be crazy about it, she accepts it and is not in fear for her life . As a novice groomer, you will be working on a tiny dog with legs that can snap like twigs if you hold her wrong. professional clippers are not toys, and will cost you $150.00+ for the clippers, and ab... Continue Reading


Re: Our dog has bitten- again.

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On 6/21/2014 CamilleP said: I am so sorry your Boston has become a danger to all around him, but I concur with your decision. I did Rescue for my breed for many years, and had to euthanise two dogs who were surrendered to me, one had Rage Epilepsy, which the owner's niece, who surrendered him when her uncle had a stroke and went into a nursing home, did not realize. The other was surrendered with no mention at all of his propensity for unprovoked biting, and I was lucky I prevented the first bite he attempted on a passerby on the sidewalk, or I'd have been liable in a lawsuit. When one has a ... Continue Reading


Re: Our dog has bitten- again.

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On 6/21/2014 Jingles5 said: Wadzilla, I think you'll make the right choice. I had a friend with a very similar situation. After various bouts with the ER and heavy doses of antibiotics as a result of injuries from a pet she loved, she ultimately chose euthanasia. It was incredibly sad, traumatic and emotional, but for the best. God bless. ETA: I should have mentioned this. At the time she was going through this, she too read stories shared by other heartbroken pet owners who had been in similar tragic situations. It was eye opening to read them. Thank you. Continue Reading

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