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Re: My Hubby Is Jobless

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Look into your hubby retiring at 62 and finding part time work to make up the income difference. This was the solution we came up with when DH was pushed out of his job working for a small company. (he has a degree in structural engineering) It is impossible to prove age discrimination anymore after a Supreme Court ruling a few years ago. Few companies are interested in hiring people over 50 when there are so many unemployed recent college grads fighting for jobs. Many of these kids work for free internships in the hope of getting hired. DH now has a small lawn care service to supplement soci... Continue Reading


Re: When you have company that includes children, do you......

In For the Home Talk 1407798045.617

I would put everything I did not want broken away. You will be less stressed knowing breakables are not out. There are many different parenting styles, and unless you know the parents and children well, you do not know what type of kids they are. Continue Reading


Re: I Think I found a New Profession!

In Beauty Banter 1407779376.2

Here is how this will go- Someone whose nails you have done will tell a friend who is a friend of a licensed hairdresser of nail tech. They will call the State Board of Health and turn you in. You will be arrested, booked, and end up paying a large fine and having a police record. Does not matter if you are charging for services or not. The State board will also get the IRS all up in your business. This is a HEALTH concern. The spread of disease is why EVERY STATE requires training and passing a State Board test, along with annual re-training and licensing. There are a number of diseases, in... Continue Reading


Re: The Upcoming Josie Maran TSV is an awesome deal

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I have a question about the tinted moisturizer. How does it compare to the Matchmaker foundation? DD and I both use the Matchmaker foundation. LOVE it, but I wish it was available in a larger bottle. It is very moisturizing and natural looking on my 60 year old skin, and it is also the only foundation my 25 year old DD can use on her acne-prone skin. She has had better results on her skin with the Argon oil and MM foundation than a decade worth of prescriptions from the dermatologist. We are VERY impressed with the quality of Josie's products. Continue Reading



In Mom to Mom Forum 1405950905.41

An engagement can be forever. NEVER say or insinuate that you dislike her fiance. Your daughter is an adult, and an intelligent woman. she will figure it out. Again, NEVER EVER say or even whisper a negative word. She must come to the realization of his qualities without anyone pointing it out to her. Your negativity about him will only force her to stand strong with him, and push her closer to him. Continue Reading


Re: if your out to dinner and your food is not to your liking do you send it back??

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I worked in food service from the age of 16 to 30. This was in upscale vacation area restaurants, yacht clubs, marinas, and country clubs. I worked as a busgirl, waitress, hostess, bartender, and also in the kitchen as a sous chef. This employment got me through college to my MSW degree. The things I have seen done to food returned to the kitchen would make your skin crawl. I would never return an item to be re-heated or corrected under any circumstances. One head chef would dump any steak brought back to be cooked more well done would throw the steak into the deep fryer that was used to cook... Continue Reading



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It is not your computer. Clear your history and see if that helps. AdBlock with McCafee anti-virus slows things down a bit. Switch to another browser. Google and G Mail work great for me. Continue Reading


Re: New Tablet 7/12

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Better Business Bureau gives this company an "F". why would the Q carry this piece of junk? Continue Reading


GMA Steals & Deals- Anyone else get their handbag?

Last Reply by Luvmycats 1405054578.98 | Started by Wadzlla in All About Handbags

FedX brought mine this morning- The Ora Delpine bag is beautiful. got mine in red, and I think I may get another color. This is my second purchase from GMA Steal & Deals. $425.00 bag for $81.00 is quite a steal!! Continue Reading


Re: Update on my post re dental visit/plans . . . surprising outcome!

In Health & Fitness 1404053697.69

On 6/28/2014 Ford1224 said: On 6/28/2014 pggoody said: FOUND MY DENTIST OF 30 plus years on the Careington Plan ! HE WOULD NOT ENDORSE OR HAVE HIS NAME ON A LIST IF IT WAS NOT LEGIT! I am currently without insurance and will be calling his office on Monday to confirm, but have no doubts that I JUST STUMBLED UPON A BLESSING CLICKING ON THIS POSTING . THANK YOU. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I LOVE THESE QVC COMMUNITY FORUMS! I don't think I will be replacing the television I just ditched yesterday from my bedroom any time soon. I will be reading these boards! Yes- for those of you looking at this pl... Continue Reading

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