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Re: Happy Birthday, Anisha!

In Judith Ripka 1389566280.99

Happy belated birthday! Continue Reading


Re: Happy Birthday JSMB

In Judith Ripka 1389566057.41

A late but happy birthday wish to you! Continue Reading


Re: Yo! - 1/12/14

In Judith Ripka 1389565954.613

Hi Kap! It's been awhile. We finally had some sunshine today although a bit chilly for us. I went on a hike this morning and it was really nice weather for that. Usually down our way, it's too hot for hiking. I hope you are doing well! SC Continue Reading


Re: Pic of The Lady Pia Cuff Chatting with The Estate!

In Judith Ripka 1386553956.923

WB! I see you are staying with the philosophy of go big or go home! Such statement pieces and I know you rocked them! See you next week. SC Continue Reading


Re: Watch jewelry box up for order.

In Judith Ripka 1386292119.17

It's really nice and I would love a nice watch box but it is a bit pricey. SC Continue Reading


Re: Three Reviews!

In Judith Ripka 1385006329.283

I liked that description JB! I've never had that happen so it was cool to hear of your experience with the cold weather clouding your ring. As always, we are loving the same piece in that black onyx with silver leaf. I would love to see that in person. I'm trying to not buy much because as you said, I also can go shopping in my jewelry boxes. I did see the black watch with spinel and I may have to go down the black spinel path. Yikes! Enjoy your new pieces. SC Continue Reading


Re: Carnelian bead necklace, anyone received it?

In Judith Ripka 1385005717.57

Hi JB! Thanks for your response. I have the white beads and love them and in fact, wore them tonight with the love egg. I wondered if the carnelian would be a bit different because they are faceted beads. I really want to try the necklace as I have bracelets that I never wear and I'd like something like this to work with them. Hope you are doing well! SC Continue Reading


Re: I Highly Suggest...

In Judith Ripka 1384976367.897

Just saw the watch box, wow, very nice. Wonder how much....I have lot's of Judith watches and this would be really nice to keep them all.....(Oh and the new watches....hmmm) If anyone finds the price, let me know. Thanks for posting and thanks to GF for the pics. Thanks, SC Continue Reading


Carnelian bead necklace, anyone received it?

Last Reply by Starcross 1385005717.57 | Started by Starcross in Judith Ripka

Hi everyone! I have some of the older carnelian pieces and am considering this to go with them. J314946. My question is the fit. It's 10mm beads which should be chunkier. I'm leaning towards the 18" but wanted to check and see if anyone bought it first and if it's a chunky fit or not. Thanks! SC Continue Reading

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