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Re: Lisa Robertson's Exit

In Fashion Talk 1414588442.753

I wonder why she gave so much notice. Not too many people give that much notice when they are leaving a job. Continue Reading


Re: Tired of broken up, frozen pie crust from the store? Make your own. I will not buy another frozen crust.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414588287.817

I love to cook, but am pie crust challenged. Mine always taste good, but I never seem to have enough crust. I have them patched and they look terrible, but taste ok. My problem is blind baking a crust for a pie like coconut cream where you have to bake the crust first. Does anyone have any tried and true secrets for that? Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk, Health & Fitness, Hosts & Personalities 1414262124.653

Happy Birthday Dan! I have enjoyed your presentations so much through the years. Keep up the good work! Continue Reading


Re: Profector pro brush, yea or nay

In Beauty Banter 1413891091.15

Nay. Bought it when it was a TSV. Returned it. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Lisa going?

In Fashion Talk 1413891019.357

On 10/20/2014 RJB said: Who really cares? I agree. I figure she'll be on an infomercial like all of the other hosts that left QVC. (Kathy Levine, Patricia Bastia, Patti Reilly, Steve Bryant, Dave King) Continue Reading


Re: One reason I think she left

In Jewelry Talk 1413314620.013

I wonder if it was just a coincidence that Leslie Blodgett was here when Lisa announced. She hasn't been representing BE for awhile. Maybe a BE infomercial? Continue Reading


Re: Rumors Lisa Robertson Fashion Police

In Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1413314128.707

I wonder if Leslie Blodgett has anything to do with it. She hasn't been on representing BE for a long time, then when Lisa resigns, she shows up. Maybe Lisa will be doing BE infomercial. Continue Reading


Re: How about Jennifer Coffey to Host PM Style?

In Fashion Talk 1413313525.39

I also like think Nancy or Sharon would do a great job. Continue Reading


Re: How about Jennifer Coffey to Host PM Style?

In Fashion Talk 1413311288.337

On 10/14/2014 dex said: I would like to see Gabrielle as the host for PMS..I think she has great beauty and a warm personality.she has come a long way since she was hired and is one of my favs. I agree! Gabrielle is classy, professional, and always prepared. She doesn't talk too fast, doesn't ramble on, and doesn't interrupt people. Continue Reading

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