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Re: Speaking of Senior Prom, how many are married to the one you attended with???

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Me too. Husband class of 74, me class of 75. Went to two proms, married 39 years. Continue Reading


Re: My Letter to Kelsey on Graduation Day

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Congratulations! Your family is very fortunate. Continue Reading


Re: Most Effective Way U Clean Kitchen Floor?

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I have scrubbed my kitchen floor on my hands and knees like Cinderella every Saturday for 39 years. You just can't get in the corners with a mop. Continue Reading


Re: Is there a trick for attracting hummingbirds?

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We have a hummingbird feeder and many flowers. It's fun to watch them fight over the feeder. I have to laugh because I have a lamp with flowers on the shade in my livingroom and the hummingbirds are always at the window trying to get to that lamp. It's hilarious. But I think the most funny thing is one time I had on a flowered shirt and the hummingbirds kept coming over to my shirt. Freaked me out! Continue Reading


Re: Snake detterant help!

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Get a fake owl. I've heard that it really works because owls eat snakes and when the snake sees the owl, it will leave. Also to the poster who said about a black snake eating birds. It's probably a rat snake. They are black and people get them confused with a black snake. Rat snakes climb trees and eat bird eggs. A rat snake is much longer then a black snake. Continue Reading


Re: Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds--opinions please

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My husband bought me white diamonds many years ago for xmas and I never looked back. I get compliments everyday. I'm a nurse and work in a doctor's office and people are constantly saying "It smells so good in here". I went to my granddaughter's teeball game last week after work and the lady working at the concession stand asked me what I was wearing. She said, "you smell so good." My boss says he can tell when I'm in the office because "it smells so good in here". I was at the bank and the teller said,"somebody smells good in here". My son went to move my car one day and he said "the ... Continue Reading


Re: Leah, the consummate professional, and her pal Bob!

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I agree. I think Leah is always professional. She doesn't ramble on and doesn't interrupt. I think she's lovely. Continue Reading


Re: What LOGO says about a woman ....

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I watched Lori and Amy last night and Amy looked like she had a piece of toilet paper hanging off of her. The way she had it layered looked awful. Continue Reading


Re: I hate making steak at home. I just hate it. How do I make it better?

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A chef once told me that they put butter on the steak. Continue Reading

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