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Re: How To Set The Perfect Holiday Table

In Susan Graver 1416919399.067

Thanks for the tips. I had my wine glasses in the wrong place. I also put out cups and saucers for coffee or tea. Continue Reading


Re: Thanksgiving at my House

In Joan Rivers Classics Collection, Recipe Swap 1416919119.487

Love you! Thanks for the recipes. You are one classy guy. Continue Reading


Re: Rep. from Mrs. Prindles Apples

In TSV Talk 1416427234.433

She was a very good host. Always the professional. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn's Courage bracelet

In Jewelry Talk 1416427070.887

I already have Shawn's charm bracelet. It is my very favorite bracelet. It is so easy to put on and the clasp stays fine. I would highly recommend it. Continue Reading


Re: Getting Ready for Thanksgiving! Check Out These Outfits That Are Perfect For Your Holiday Festivities!

In Fashion Talk, Denim & Co, Hosts & Personalities 1416337933.93

Thanks so much for the ideas. I love to buy a whole outfit at one time. It's a no-brainer for people like me who don't have time to shop. I wish you could add some jewelry to the outfit and it would be perfect. I'm buying the first outfit listed. It will be perfect. Keep them coming! Continue Reading


Re: Graham cracker pecan chews

In Recipe Swap 1416143057.117

Thanks for the recipe. Sounds great. I make something similar with saltines. Continue Reading


Re: Drugstore Facial Cleanser

In Beauty Banter 1416142608.06

Ponds cold cream cleanser Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1415914348.767

On 11/13/2014 kachina624 said: On 11/13/2014 Vamp said: I have always had soft, splitting nails and Nailtiques Formula 2 helps a lot. I also wear polish regularly, which seems to protect them as well. And it really makes a difference if I don't wear gloves when doing any kind of "dirty" work with my hands, like house cleaning or gardening. Those kind of chores tear my nails up. I second these suggestions. Also lubricate your cuticles with oil or a rich cream as often as possible. Skip the biotin. I took big doses for over a year with absolutely no might as well swallow a couple... Continue Reading


Re: OT-Progressive Lenses

In Beauty Banter 1415823115.167

Progressive lenses are warranted. If you can't wear them they will remake them into either a bifocal or single vision, but they won't refund your money because those lenses have to go in the garbage. It's your brain that has to get used to the progessive. Your brain is used to looking through one lens, now it has to learn to look through three. If you can't wear them, I urge you to go take them back, but don't wait too long. Give them a good honest try. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite TV Show Set, Old or New

In For the Home Talk 1415820248.117

Too many to pick from. I always liked the houses from "Home Alone" and "Christmas Vacation". Continue Reading

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