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Re: Lens after Cataract surgery

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Are you talking about the lens implant? If you are some insurances only pay for the distance implant lens. You have to pay extra for monocular etc. If you are talking about lenses for your glasses after surgery. You most likely will have a distance Rx and a near Rx also. Continue Reading


Re: Cataract surgery

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I'm not sure about your situation, but it is very common after cataract surgery to get a secondary cataract or what some doctors call an after cataract. It is a film that grows over and they laser it. The procedure is called a yag cap. Continue Reading


Re: OT- My doctor is dumping me

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On 3/26/2015 brandiwine said: On 3/26/2015 traveler said: Ahh, a bash ACA thread. I don't see it as a bash, it's reality. I know of many small community docs that don't have time or staff to deal with all the paperwork and payment delays. They have decided to go to a cash only practice. I was in a small community out of state when I found myself in a local ER. I have Kaiser insurance and they accepted it no questions asked. It took Kaiser 5 months to pay the doc. I was calling them weekly to get them to pay. I was in my Kaiser pharmacy a few weeks ago and a young couple was trying to get th... Continue Reading


Re: My gal pal, Kalina

In Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1427029149.003

You're both so fortunate to have such a good friend. Continue Reading


Re: What's the WORST food. . . that you just LOVE!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427028864.223

Any fast food from any fast food restaurant. Continue Reading


Re: Show the INSIDE of the bags please!!

In Vera Bradley 1426875321.893

I agree 100%. I was interested in the first Vera Bradley crossbody bag that Amy showed in the overnight hours. Neither Amy or the rep showed the inside of the bag, zipper, pockets or anything. I was very disappointed in the presentation. Continue Reading


Re: Vera show on right now

In Vera Bradley 1426851156.853

I was interested in the first crossbody bag they showed. Neither Amy or the rep opened or showed the bag at all. Didn't show the zipper, pockets, etc. Nothing. I was very disappointed in their presentation. Continue Reading



Started by BLH in Kitchen & Food Talk 1426725645.55

Did anyone see on "Your Home with Jill" the coconut bombe cake that Jill cut had something red in it? She then picked up a different piece to taste. Continue Reading


Re: Constipation, sick of it.

In Health & Fitness 1426598429.643

On 3/17/2015 missy kat said: This is for real: sugar free gummy bears. If you read the fine print on the package, it states it may have a laxative effect on "sensitive" people. But they certainly do get things moving, so to speak. They taste good too. If you want to read some funny reviews, check out A mazon's site regarding this item. Too funny! Any sugar free candy does that. Ask any diabetic. Continue Reading

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