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Re: No Angelina and Brad Pitt at the Oscars??

In Fashion Talk 1424791497.127

On 2/24/2015 Kitlynn said: I didn't mind not seeing them! I agree. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers snubbed at Academy Awards - not included in their "in memorium" segment

In Fashion Talk 1424791189.71

On 2/24/2015 Kathleen said: She wasn't an actress ... why would the Oscars even mention her? Are there awards for nightclub comics? I agree. Continue Reading


Re: Cream type facial cleanser - unscented - need recommendations

In Beauty Banter 1424790865.43

On 2/24/2015 paShar said: Ponds Cream Cleanser - NOT the cold cream. It may be difficult to find. I found it at CVS and you can also get it at Amazon. It comes in the same style jar as the cold cream but with a different shade of green lid. It does have a slight cucumber scent, but nothing overpowering. Love it, been using it for years. I get mine at the grocery store or dollar store. I never noticed any scent. You can google it and a picture will come up. The one I use is called Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser with a light green lid. Continue Reading


Re: flat cookie problem may be solved

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1424789313.02

When none of my baking was turning out I discovered that my baking powder was from 1976. Continue Reading


Re: Mother of Groom question

In Fashion Talk 1424196774.247

As a mother of the groom twice, I say: 1. What are the bridesmaids wearing? 2. Wear what you want. 3. The mother of the groom only has to do two things. Wear beige and keep your mouth shut! It worked for me. Continue Reading


Re: Spot removal from curved hem tank

In Lori Goldstein 1423517671.587

If it's grease, use Dawn. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

In Fashion Talk 1423517532.57

We can still get milk delivered from a local dairy. They also have the best iced tea, chocolate milk and ice cream. Continue Reading


Re: Can someone tell me how check/money order payment works?

In Fashion Talk 1423505816.763

I usually pay by check. They don't send out the item until your check clears. It is usually two weeks from the day I mail my check. Continue Reading

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