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Re: Q is just 'unwatchable' - everyone talking at the same time!

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Everytime a host is talking over the guest I have to turn the channel. You can't even hear what anyone is saying. I tried to watch Courtney with the Bob Mackie rep and she never shut her mouth. I tried to watch Stacey one day with the Bose rep and she is a train wreck. Totally unwatchable. I just wish they would describe the product! Continue Reading


Re: Models in Tight Pants

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I agree. It makes me not want to buy them. I don't know if they do that just so they can say that they wear a small size or what, but they look terrible. Continue Reading


Re: High parathyroid level. Anyone else have this?

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My husband has a history of kidney stones. I read where an out of whack parathyroid can cause kidney stones. I mentioned it to his Dr. Low and behold it was out of whack. Continue Reading


Re: What do you put in your pasta salad?

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On 4/21/2015 momtochloe said: BLH, all of these salads look great but I have never seen a dressing like yours. Copied and saved, can't wait to try it. Thank you so much for sharing! Your welcome. This salad is so refreshing. Let me know how you like it. Continue Reading


Re: Love Issac

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I enjoy watching Isaac and Jackie. Continue Reading


Re: What do you put in your pasta salad?

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The one I make is called pimento salad. 1 lb rotini 3 cukes 2 green peppers 1 small onion 1 jar diced pimento Salt and pepper Dressing: 1 can tomato soup, 3/4 cup sugar, 3/4 cup oil and 3/4 cup vinegar. It's nice for picnics because there is nothing to spoil. This dressing is delicious. I get alot of compliments and requests for this recipe. Continue Reading


Re: I vote Jennifer Coffey for Itay shows

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On 4/20/2015 ellaphant said: Anyone but Antonella....tooooo loud, and way, way too much laughing at nothing. I agree Continue Reading


Re: Get the Look: 'Styled Out'

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Thanks! Please include some jewelry. It's a no brainer. So easy. Keep them coming. Continue Reading


Re: A Kerr Family Update

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OMG! They are so beautiful. I'm sure you enjoy them so much. Continue Reading


Re: 30+ Years of Dieting On and Off

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I've been trying for years to lose weight. I often tell myself: 1. You have to output more then you input. 2. When I'm hungry I tell myself: You're not going to starve to death. You had enough to eat today. 3. Don't pick the food up. Nobody forces you to eat. I hold the fork. 4. I try to go one meal at a time. After breakfast I try to make it to lunch without eating, after lunch I try to make it to dinner without eating, after dinner I try to make it to bed without eating. 5. I see other people who have lost weight and kept it off and I think they love to eat just as much as I do an... Continue Reading

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