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Re: Why do they lie?

In Beauty Banter 1397587950.813

All of the beauty companies do that. I would like to see them come on air like their before picture and do the makeup live so we can see. Of course they won't do that. That's about as truthful as the hosts wearing xxs. I would like to see them button or zip that xxs! Continue Reading


Re: Help with Spiral Hams

In Recipe Swap 1397485545.567

I slice it and heat it through in a frying pan. Continue Reading


Re: Constipation stemming from medication - suggestions, please

In Health & Fitness 1397398851.127

Stool softeners are good. Also drink lots of water. Raisins work for me. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone looking for a Mother of the Bride Dress or Gown?

In Fashion Talk 1397134578.33

That's a beautiful gown. I'm looking for a mother of the groom dress and bought one at Macys.com. I wouldn't wear that gown that you posted because it is sleeveless. I like to cover my arms. Continue Reading


Re: Happy Birthday, my Kaylee-Bear!

In Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs 1396967181.09

OMG Sharon, you look the same as you did seven years ago! How do you do it? You certainly didn't age as much as your daughter did lol. Enjoy your children because as you see they grow up very fast right before your eyes. Continue Reading


Re: What's something you've cooked or baked that turned out to be way too much trouble?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1396553763.237

OMG I love this thread. I love to cook and make homemade stuffed cabbage, pumpkin rolls, and mac & cheese all the time. I prefer the instant mashed potatoes. I hate to make mashed potatoes. I rather buy the frozen pierogi then take the time to make homemade. Continue Reading

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