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Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Making a quick pit stop before DWTS begins....have to catch up tonight, as I haven't been able to watch most of it during the past two weeks... kdgn...Too bad they don't hold the Fair in your area during the Fall...Humidity, along with 90 degree temperatures is definitely no weather for a Fair...In the Northeast here, we've been having beautiful early Fall weather...Saturday was somewhat warmer, in the low 80's with low humidity so it worked out okay...only thing was that, since it was the last weekend of the Fair, it was packed so fighting the crowds was the most challenging...We got there b... Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Hi Housemates, Hope all had a great weekend! To those who wanted to know about "The Big E Fair" (Eastern States Exposition), it is a large fair that is held annually, during the month of September for 16 days, in W. Springfield, MA, and it represents the six New England States...CT, MA, RI, NH, ME, VT...It has just about everything for everyone and makes for a fun day....State Buildings that represent each New England State, Crafters from all over the Country, Circus, Parades, Entertainment throughout the day and evening hours, Horse Shows, etc., etc., etc...and, of course, lots of food booth... Continue Reading


Re: Just got a phone call

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Every so often we get calls from ourselves...Our name and phone number show up on caller ID so, finally, this past week, I picked up and was looking forward to having an interesting phone conversation with myself...LOL...It turned out to be an automated call regarding a credit card other words, some kind of a scam where they try to get you to call them back. scottie & your posts about the "breather"! Fun thread! Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Stopping by to wish all Housemates a great Saturday...We are in for another gorgeous day here and are headed to The Big E Fair up in MA. donna...Enjoy your day out visiting with your parents! "See" you all later this evening! Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Checking back in, Housemates, donna...You're on!...Donna & Me it shall be, but definitely no driving off of a cliff for us...LOL...It will be a fun cross-country spree! Mystic is a lovely place to visit....Olde Mystic Village and Mystic Seaport....makes for a great weekend away from everything...If you and E should decide to revisit for a romantic weekend together, I can recommend an adorable B&B where you can stay....It's "The Mermaid Inn"...located within walking distance of everything....Mystic Seaport, restaurants, shops....just park your car and you are all set!...A wonderful hom... Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Oh, Wow, my post turned out a blabbering mess! Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Tiptoeing in very carefully.....sure hope that our "House Mum" hasn't noticed that I "ran away" again for a while....just like I did to my dear Mom when I was a "teenager in love"....sneaking around with my first love, "M"...Only difference is that, now, I'm no longer a "teenager in love"...rather a grown woman still with the urge to "run away" every now and then! Hello Housemates! It feels like such a long time since I have posted but, when I checked my activity, I saw where it has only been a little over two weeks...not unusual for me....I don't even check emails on a regular basis...LOL.... Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Good Morning Housemates, Stopping by to wish you all a great day today!...Gorgeous weather here!....I'm getting usual morning chores done before heading out to bank, post office, Petco & BB&B....(love, love, BB&B)....Also, my car is due for Emissions Test. donna...Sorry about your Giants!....Wow, a little out of control with that "potty mouth" of yours last night....sure hope Jersey doesn't start barking like that!...LOL Oh, I meant to mention to you that I heard on the radio a few weeks ago something about "your Jon" buying into a sports team....didn't catch what sports team it w... Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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continuation from previous post.... pitty....Now I see that Mr. pitty will be out of town?...Would you like me to take care of him also?...I took very, very good care of E!...LOL I loved reading about Pumpkin's new computer game and how much you are enjoying it also....Plants versus Zombies!....Sounds like a wonderful de-stressor for you....I can just picture you struggling with your little Pumpkin for control of it....too cute! ocean....I've been meaning to tell you something....Remember when we were talking about Maine and that beautiful ranch-style house with the sign that read "Dreams... Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Hi Housemates, I've been on quite a roll this past first week off the job....and I went gung ho around the house and yard...must be the beautiful Fall weather that is on the way! Our house has been power washed, Summer flowers have been pulled and yard cleaned getting ready to pick up some Mums to plant..Also, got in touch with a couple of painters and got estimates to have both our full bathrooms painted, as well as our laundry room, and front door....Painter is all set to start this Wednesday....I was back and forth to the paint store for paint samples....and ended up pa... Continue Reading

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