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Re: My Shadow...

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On 10/28/2014 beastielove said: You've clearly gotten a lot of excellent advice from some wonderful ladies who know what they're talking about. I have nothing to add as I've never encountered this problem with any of the many cats who I've shared my life with. I'm currently mommy to four kitties...Tabitha,Samantha, Henry and Jack...all rescues. Sending out lots very special prayers to your precious Shadow and hoping that she's feline fine ASAP! ----------------------------------------------------- All of my children have paws =^..^= Thank you so much, beastielove!...This health issue is ne... Continue Reading


Re: My Shadow...

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Sammycat1....I am truly impressed by your knowledge and appreciate your input so very much...I want to assure you that your posts are not causing me further worry; rather, they are helping me to look at every angle of this situation with my Shadow and take everything into your input is invaluable and very much appreciated! I informed the Vet today that I would prefer not giving Shadow the Pepcid, as I also feel the way that you do and that is I would rather prefer finding out what is causing these upsets, rather than covering them up with something...I'm that way with mysel... Continue Reading


Re: My Shadow...

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Jeremiah...Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post with such sensitivity, care and attention...I am so very appreciative of your very informative and knowledgeable input! Shadow is an indoor cat only...which she isn't all that too happy about and I truly wish that I could let her outdoors to run freely and wildly as it should she definitely is not the type of cat to settle with just indoors; however, I do my best to convince her that it is for the best, but she is just not buying into it!...I love her spunk and energy and she definitely keeps me in good shape, as she... Continue Reading


Re: My Shadow...

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LadyAmara...I was so touched by your post when you shared how you prayed over your precious Gidget and his food...As you mentioned in your post, they definitely do pick up on our emotions and react to them...I thank you so much for sharing your experience with various cat foods....When I was googling last night, it was truly alarming to read some of the terribly serious health problems that many people have experienced with their pets, due to the pet foods that they were feeding them...I am definitely going to check into Nature's Variety Instinct and do much more research...It is very unfortu... Continue Reading


Re: My Shadow...

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LadyAmara...Jeremiah 2911..Sammycat1... I can't even begin to express to you how very touched I am by your sensitive, thoughtful, caring and very informative replies to my post; however, I didn't expect any less from the Pet Lovers' Forum and that is why I came here to share with all of you. When I got home later this afternoon, I immediately called the Vet again with a few more questions that I had...She called back tonight and we had a very good conversation...She told me that she didn't mean to alarm me when she said it could be nothing or something more, such as the beginning of kidney di... Continue Reading


My Shadow...

Last Reply by LadyAmara 1414598074.06 | Started by Me And My Shadow in Pet Lovers

Good Morning Everyone, I have a wonderful, precious cat named Shadow...She brings such love, warmth and happiness to our home, as all of you pet lovers are aware of what a gift and blessing our pets are to all of us! She is only 10 years old and I have had her since she was just 8 weeks old....truly "My Shadow" she constantly has her eyes on me and follows me wherever I go...Whenever I'm relaxing, there she is cuddling right up with me...and always waiting for me when I get home from a busy day or have been away...There she is sitting in her cat tower right by our front door near the sid... Continue Reading


Re: Tom Selleck

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I love his Jesse Stone character...very well done...hoping to see more TV movies made based on these novels...The latest I have heard is that Tom Selleck, along with others, want to continue the series. Continue Reading


Re: OK let's hear from the Mother-In-laws

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On 10/23/2014 Sooner said: My MIL was bound and determined to make sure that the world knew who came first in her son's life--and that was HER, not me. She broke up two marriages, one in less than a year. She forced her son to choose who would be first in his life, and chose me. I have seen this happen other times as well, and many years we had a poster here was on that mission and could NOT be convinced that she wouldn't win. It was unbelievable. Anyway, being newly married is hard enough for two people, and when someone is trying to establish a position of authority in the marriage other th... Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Stopping by to wish all Housemates a great weekend! "Gawjis" Fall weather here today....Fall Festivals and Oktober Fests are going on, so we are headed out later on to enjoy! pitty...Yes, it would be great to do lunch together! (maybe we can meet somewhere between NY and KY)...LOL...Loved your memory about going to Panera's with your Father...It is those memories that fill the void which is left by their passing and keeps them close to us forever!...Whenever my Mom would visit us, I would take her to a local hangout where they make the best hamburgers with crispy cheese on top....She loved th... Continue Reading


Re: Decorating a chandelier with garland

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What a great idea!...I have a floral garland that is draped around a mirror right now and I am going to try it on our chandelier instead! Thanks for sharing! Continue Reading

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