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Re: Tom Selleck

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I love his Jesse Stone character...very well done...hoping to see more TV movies made based on these novels...The latest I have heard is that Tom Selleck, along with others, want to continue the series. Continue Reading


Re: OK let's hear from the Mother-In-laws

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On 10/23/2014 Sooner said: My MIL was bound and determined to make sure that the world knew who came first in her son's life--and that was HER, not me. She broke up two marriages, one in less than a year. She forced her son to choose who would be first in his life, and chose me. I have seen this happen other times as well, and many years we had a poster here was on that mission and could NOT be convinced that she wouldn't win. It was unbelievable. Anyway, being newly married is hard enough for two people, and when someone is trying to establish a position of authority in the marriage other th... Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Stopping by to wish all Housemates a great weekend! "Gawjis" Fall weather here today....Fall Festivals and Oktober Fests are going on, so we are headed out later on to enjoy! pitty...Yes, it would be great to do lunch together! (maybe we can meet somewhere between NY and KY)...LOL...Loved your memory about going to Panera's with your Father...It is those memories that fill the void which is left by their passing and keeps them close to us forever!...Whenever my Mom would visit us, I would take her to a local hangout where they make the best hamburgers with crispy cheese on top....She loved th... Continue Reading


Re: Decorating a chandelier with garland

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What a great idea!...I have a floral garland that is draped around a mirror right now and I am going to try it on our chandelier instead! Thanks for sharing! Continue Reading


Re: Jodi A. is Back ... Act 2 Penalty Phase Retrial Begins Today

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I just came back to this thread to catch up on what is going on!....Sounds like a repeat of the same tactics that were used at the original trial!...What a mess!...I honestly don't know how Martinez is managing to keep his cool throughout this entire fiasco! I can't even begin to imagine the emotional torture that Travis' family has to go through, yet again! Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Good Morning Housemates, Starting out with another raw, rainy, chilly day...although much better than yesterday, as I had to go "over the river and through the woods"...to MIL's house...which dramatically increased the chill factor!...lol...Seriously, though, have any of you ever walked into someone's home and you were struck, instinctively, by the sense of coldness and lack of any human warmth whatsoever...as our homes truly reflect the type of people that we are and our personalities so very much...My BIL moved far, far away several years ago and has only been "sighted" very rarely...smart ... Continue Reading


Re: Where is Jane Velez-Mitchell?

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On 10/22/2014 MathisFan said: I've seen Joey a lot during the day on CNN. Vinnie's gone and Ryan went to ABC. Thanks!...Definitely lots of changes going on! Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Good Evening Housemates, Busy day here today organizing and fussing around the house...While out on my errands yesterday, I picked up a few things that I've been looking for at one of my very favorite stores...Bed, Bath & Beyond!...Love that place!...I found a great shower caddy...one extra long shelf that fits everything in our shower perfectly without looking cluttered...very well made!...I hate those multi-shelf ones which I have found to be totally useless....So you see, it doesn't take much to make me happy!...I don't need Diamonds, Furs, or a Mercedes Benz...just give me the one per... Continue Reading


Re: Where is Jane Velez-Mitchell?

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The only time I watch HLN is when I'm trying to catch up on a trial...just can't handle Nancy or Jane...much too loud and frantic!...Last night, I tuned in to see what had gone on with the Jodi Arias Death Penalty Sentencing Trial, and I ended up having to turn it off...Who was that one woman that Nancy had on who was literally screaming when she talked...enough to give anyone a nervous breakdown!...LOL Where is Joey, Vinnie, and Ryan?...I always enjoyed them during trials! Continue Reading


Re: Opinions On Painting Project...Open Floor Plan

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On 10/21/2014 mima said: I love my kitchen. I really doesn't sound pretty, but it really is! LOL Keep in mind that I don't have much kitchen wall by the time you count the backsplash and cabinets on all three walls. My walls in the kitchen are charcoal black. The charcoal is mainly above the cabinets and around the doorways and that's about it. Since are ceiling are 13 feet high on one side, there is a lot of the charcoal on the one wall up high. I have shades of light gray for my counters and SS appliances. I have some red accents for a pop of color. My kitchen floor and back splash is po... Continue Reading

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