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Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Happy Saturday Morning, Housemates, Okay...This is a continuation from my posts last night...and my fingers are flying as fast as they here goes.... donna...I would like to have a "talk" with E, please!...I'm really having a hard time with his going off to Paris for two weeks and then, when he gets back home, he takes you on a trip to Lowe's for a new faucet!...I mean, come on!...He can do better than the least, he should have included a new sink and vanity along with the faucet! Hey, have you ever considered wearing an allergen mask while doing outside work...I've see... Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Oh Geez, Housemates!....It just took me forever to type my "continuation" to acknowledge you all....had some interruptions...and, of course, you all are aware of how difficult it is for me to "condense" my, when I hit submit, it didn't I will give it another try tomorrow when I am more refreshed and quicker, hopefully!...LOL Just don't type too much more til then...because I have some quick notes here that I always jot down whenever I log give me some time to catch up....will ya?! Have a great evening!....See ya tomorrow! Continue Reading


Re: How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Get In A Typical Night ?

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I need a good 8 hours sleep to really be at my best....I can get by with 5 or 6...but only for a few nights and then I start to feel it...I have relaxation tapes...sleep tapes...that are really helpful when I find my mind not wanting to shut off...also watch what I eat or drink....definitely no caffeine or I do all I can naturally to make sure that I get a good night's sleep...Believe me when I say that it is the best for, not only me, but for all around me! Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Happy, Happy Weekend, Housemates, Just browsed through your posts...trying to catch up with all of you....and have noticed one theme that has prevailed this past week...You all have been in a "Crabby" mood! ...I love, love, love Seafood....Crabs, Lobster, Shrimp, Salmon are my favorites....If I had to pick one, Lobster definitely wins out!...Nothing like a fresh Lobster from Maine and I am planning on heading there for a long weekend in the middle of July....going up to Ogunquit....Anyone want to join in?....I am going with my sister and a girlfriend from NY...from our high school days...We ... Continue Reading


Re: Happy Birthday, debfla53!!!!

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This thread just touches my heart and I had to reply! ((((((debfla53)))))).....I just wanted to let you know that I am sending a prayer your way with lots of (((((((((Hugs))))))))))).....You will get through this!....The human spirit is amazing...just do all you can to be gentle with yourself....and take good care....bask in the sun and fresh air....listen to soft, relaxing music....relaxation tapes....take long soothing baths...anything you can do to help alleviate the stress during this difficult time!...Before you know it, you will be celebrating another Birthday...wearing those beautiful ... Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Hi Housemates, Loving this weather....took a nice walk with a co-worker during lunch break....a little warm, but we had a beautiful breeze....Working in an office (Admin. Asst.)...typing up reports...answering phones...etc...and the brain gets a little I love to get out in the fresh air during breaks...Took another walk when I got home tonight....I just love being outdoors as much as possible...and I love having all of the windows open when I'm home....hate having everything closed up during the Winter months....I sometimes think maybe I was meant to be some kind of a wilderness bea... Continue Reading


Re: Home is where........welcome! :)

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Oh (((((((pitty))))))).....So sorry to read about your Mom's fall...and so relieved that everything turned out okay!....I really think that you should now just fix yourself a nice Margarita....just one, that's have a relaxing evening tonight! Continue Reading


Re: Three-year old girl asked to leave KFC Restaurant....

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On 6/16/2014 biancardi said: If I were a customer there when this happened, I would be yelling at the person who was doing this. Exactly and asking to speak with management! Continue Reading


Re: Three-year old girl asked to leave KFC Restaurant....

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On 6/16/2014 sidsmom said: On 6/16/2014 Me And My Shadow said: On 6/16/2014 adelle38 said: On 6/16/2014 Me And My Shadow said: I just saw this on our local news tonight...They were interviewing the grandmother and she stated that her and her granddaughter were asked to leave KFC as her granddaughter's appearance was making it difficult for the other customers....I just can't imagine something like this happening!....It was also mentioned that KFC is offering $30,000 to cover medical expenses for the granddaughter. Were there any witnesses or are they just talking the grandmother's word? No... Continue Reading


Re: Three-year old girl asked to leave KFC Restaurant....

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kittymom....Thanks for posting that #19. Continue Reading

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