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Re: 60's ladies and all ages come and chat for August....

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Hi all! Well, that dear little baby has kept both of us hopping! Amazing how one little soul can have two or even three adults totally "wrapped!" DH is especially enthralled! This little town is fun to get to know! DSIL returned last night and LEXI knew it! She became more peaceful right away. DSIL cooked dinner for US! :) LEXI loves pears, peas, bananas, and apples so far. She is getting used to "new" everything... Day care/sounds and she keeps on growing! She is FUN! Bobbisue... They ran so many tests on me last round (five years ago) and I had false +' so too many things. One was a "spot" ... Continue Reading


Re: thin hair

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Here is how my stylist told me to use the "Eclipse" keratin hair powder... I asked because I wanted my hair to look fuller for a family portrait. She showed me how to use the shaker can with light tapping held 6-8 inches above hair. The powder is so fine that if you go outside without spraying it literally goes away! The best way for me is to add shakes in stages. Since I was curious, I tried it several times over two days. That was all I needed for a noticable difference in texture and thickness plus just better. I use Nexxus "comb thru" hair spray (groc store or drug store). It is so l... Continue Reading


Re: thin hair

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Mine is fine, short limp no body. A good cut, color help. Nexus comb-thru hair spray then sleeping on it helps. More spray. A keratin product powder, sold to me by my stylist, wonders."Eclipse" Not miracles--just wonders Continue Reading


Re: March X1 - 50+ Ladies Come and Chat

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Thanks, Hay! Wishing everyone a great weekend... whatever you do! Continue Reading


Re: A238543 two new colors

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Thank you, HAPPY LADY! Do you mind me asking how tall are you? Also, you answered my question about the feel of the fabric perfectly... Also, thank you for answering about the wash factor. As I reach retirement, my wardrobe will change -- more travel and wearing less turtlenecks; easy-care fabrics that still feel as good as 100% cotton. This one sounds like a winner. For me, the color would need to be black, out of the choices available. Continue Reading


Re: The Sidewalk Café.....a great place for friendly chat!

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Hayfield... have a good day! Dame ... who won?: "I think I had an encounter like that with the lawyers the other day" Continue Reading


Re: 60's ladies and all ages come and chat for July....

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Thank you so much, Bobbisue! I will be checking in here and there during that time... there will be a few minutes for leisure-time activities. Continue Reading


Re: A238543 two new colors

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What does everybody like about this top? Can you describe how it feels on? Continue Reading


Re: Friends hurtful comments (how to ignore?)

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As we grow up we tend to grow away from each other. I remember a few times being dismayed that my friends did not grow in the same way, with the same interests as mine. These paths are not something that friends can change about each other. If you want to remain friends, perhaps guide the conversation away from issues that you know are sensitive and leave well enough alone? Continue Reading

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