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Re: fashion RESOLUTIONS for 2014

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Hey guys... this is my LAST DAY of school... retirement begins later today! YAY For the AM STYLE CHATters... I will be on a tablet tomorrow am and that is slow going for me. Does anyone know of apps for MAC products that allow one to actually TYPE with the correct font and copy and paste pictures for forum chats using an ipad? I'm trying to decide if I need a MAC or a windows for personal use since this one has to go today by 3... Have a great day and I will be on tomorrow... a bit crippled, but hangin in there! It's good to "see" all of you... lola... hope you finally get well -- you hav... Continue Reading


Re: The Sidewalk Cafe........a great place to chat!

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Thanks, Hayfield... enjoy those tickets and that movie with your dear friend... it sounds like lots of fun! viva... thank you for the reminder... you still have round2 coming at you... I will keep you in my thoughts. ~loves Continue Reading


Re: What would you do?

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On 12/14/2014 Ms X said: lovestoteach: I saw that author interviewed on TV. I might not be alive today were it not for the gift of fear. When I was 5, I was riding my tricycle on my street a stone's throw from Boston in a somewhat bad neighborhood. A man stopped his car and asked me where Street X was. It was the next street over and I said so. He then asked me if I would get in the car and show him where it was. Something about him creeped me out, and I turned around and rode my tricycle home as fast as I could. The street sloped slightly, so I was quickly going too fast to keep my feet on t... Continue Reading


Re: Dell TSV E-226576 Intel Core i5 8GB RAM 1TB HD

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On 12/14/2014 chickenbutt said: 2GB of RAM is totally not a good choice for a Win7, or beyond, computer. I'd go a minimum of 4GB of RAM. Yes, I agree, chickenbutt... there is an issue for amount of disk space on here. I opted for dropbox to conserve space and have enough that I need, just that I really need more. However, pics and videos really need to be stored on an external hard drive anyway, though. When I retire in a week, I will only know if this 2gb is enough when all of the white-board software is off. Hoping they let me keep this one for a little while... to help the newbie with les... Continue Reading


Re: 50+ Ladies Come and Chat....Version3

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mmm... your meal sounds delicious, viva! So glad DH gets to go back tomorrow and I hope he does well at work. Continue Reading


Re: What would you do?

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I recommend this book to all: Recommended years ago, it is still going strong. It tells how you SHOULD pay attention to the hair standing up on the back of your neck (nature is telling you and warning you that SOMETHING is wrong). As women, we are all too unwilling to appear "mean." Our intent is to be gracious. Don't be nice when in elevators, parking lots, and when at home with the door locked. I am not saying this stuff hasn't happened to me... maybe we all have "run-ins." However, these life experiences prepare us to be "forewarned" for future events, IMO. Continue Reading


Re: Fibromyalgia

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It would be nice to see an MD with a set-up equipped to take phone calls when flares happen~ it would be wonderful to have an MD office that said... oh, no... you must come in right now or well, let's wait and see (meaning whatever the problem is it will most likely go away). I do know that when my diet is very free of the bad things (which I used to be so good about) I do feel better. As it is now, I need to quit with the weekend hamburgers (ever since allowing red meat back in, my body has been screaming -- now that I think about it). Oatmeal in the am used to be my "usual" and now I don'... Continue Reading


Re: Fibromyalgia

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Have been getting lots of similar types of pain... they never have stayed around for three days. It sounds like nerve issues to me... but I'm not a doctor... just guessing based on symptoms my mother had and now I seem to be getting (hope not). To the original poster... I don't know about the peeling of skin on hands and feet. Continue Reading


Re: What would you do?

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On 12/14/2014 MalteseMomma said: She wasn't a little old lady ,she was a petite young woman maybe in her 20's .She did look sort of homeless . My son said many times someone engages you in conversation while another robs you and I should have walked away. This sounds suspicious, and I don't mean to scare you, but like other posters said, be quite aware the next few weeks and don't let your guard down. I have found that Mace, purchased from the "spy" store (where the police in this area purchase some of their supplies) is real a deterrent. I take it everywhere on my keychain and clasp my ke... Continue Reading


Re: Adult breakouts --- I could use your recommendations!

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Mine started with a breakout that wouldn't go away. The derm's nurse said "I didn't know you had cystic acne," which was news to me -- I didn't either. It turns out that it is a staph infection... if one reads up on staph, one will find that it can be very difficult to control. What works best for me are two things: 1) ABSOLUTELY no hands on the face (if I put them on my face, there will be a place there a day from now and 2) very low 2% benzoyl peroxide(ever vigilant so apply all of the time even during the day -- staph apparently do not like any place that is dry. So they go away. HTH edite... Continue Reading

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