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Re: 60's Ladies........Come Join Us For November!

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Yes, fantsy... I am "addicted" to Vera Bradley... not beautiful leather goods like DB or Coach... don't ask me why but I am just in love with the VB... as I mentioned, I really, really like the vintage cotton, new-with-tags stuff! MY BAD I admire you -- sounds like your meal is all planned and ready to go! Continue Reading


Re: Glittered, Beaded Fruit Garland Review

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Yes... haha... I wondered about the tree being "parked" in front of the fireplace, too. I still wonder how the original picture was obtained. Is this an artist's rendering of this setting... or maybe it is a b&b?... (that would be the only venue in which a tree would be set in front of the actual fireplace ... or in a store setting.) In the larger version of this picture, which I have used as my classroom computer screen setting, there does not appear to be a tapestry in back of the wreath above the hearth. The "brick" just appears to be a little "blurry" in that area... all of the colors... Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Requesting Prayers for "Lobstergal"

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lobstergal... so glad to have "found" you ... and that you got thru the horrendous experience with the snow OK... thinking of you at this time of year. I hope you will be able to have some "goodies" to eat! Continue Reading


Re: Couldn't believe this! How do you like it?

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The necklace shown by OP -- would have to see this styled on the right person with the "right clothing." I am a fan of statement pieces for fashion "diva-ing!" when necessary! Continue Reading


Re: Couldn't believe this! How do you like it?

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On 11/26/2014 esmeraldagooch said: I saw Lynne Cheney wearing something like this on Fox and Friends earlier this year. I think it's a KL design inspiration and was featured in Vogue. I wear pearls and large ones, but mine are real. I was not ready to jump into this and have to wonder, do they just throw this stuff out there and see what sticks? Esmeraldagooch... I think this poor lady needs some pearls... LOL Looks good on HER! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa & The No More Wiggle/Jiggle Dance - PM Style

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My opinion... I thought Lisa Robertson looked refreshed and like she was calmly having fun and being herself. I know the feeling of taking a different, new life path (I call it retiring) so perhaps I am perceiving her in the wrong light. I wish her well... Continue Reading


Re: Peely, flaky skin under the eyes? What the????

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I share your pain in all you posted, angelpuppy! This is the first time for me, too. Under my eye flaking, for me, is increased by the retin A I use faithfully under the eye. The heat (apparently) has dried out my skin like never before. Always had oily complexion in the past, so this is new. I have been applying every serum/cream that I own in an effort to counteract this. Am using EL Repair Serum both under and above the eyes; Tarte maracuja eye cream; dipping out my HG retinol product with a swab!; have used nivea in the blue jar; strivectin eye/neck cream; Dr Gross Ferrulic Acid + ... Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies........Come Join Us For November!

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Hi, all! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our company! They are heading our way right now and we are crossing our fingers for a snow-free trip for them! Snow won't be here, though, and thank goodness for that! School gave me a "run for my money" Monday and Tuesday. The kids were WELL BEHAVED... I thought I had seen a "ghost!" Mochahoney... just know that your feelings of being alone on a holiday is shared. Been there, done that and it will happen again on Christmas... I still covet my solitude so it being just DH & me is OK. I know I am grateful to have him... Counting my b... Continue Reading

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