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Re: The Sidewalk Café.....a great place for friendly chat!

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Dame, loved the story about your Dad being the culprit eating your chocolate Easter bunny in your baskets! (Sounds like a story about my Dad, too! He was a true "sugar-lover!") So here goes (not new, but certainly loved and you probably know already!) Continue Reading


Re: fashion RESOLUTIONS for 2014

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Leisurely enjoying ALL of your fashion re-mixes! Really love your clothes...will be right over to borrow... Kirby is SUCH a good helper! Continue Reading


Re: Easter outfit

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I may have the wrong poster in mind, but StylishLady, I have seen pictures of you and your fashion on the boards here with face blocked (that is the safe way). You DO have the body to wear that dress!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! PS It is a beautiful dress and you will look great! Continue Reading


Re: And they wonder why the malls are dying

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On 4/17/2014 lovesrecess said: On 4/17/2014 carlotta said: I agree with those whose malls are overridden with impolite teenage kids...rude...and who hang out. Too bad that we don't provide teens with really good places to spend free time. one of our few upscale malls now has age limits and no groups of four or more without an adult....this was put into place due to so much theft from stores and harassment of older customers...don't know if it's helping or not..... whose responsibility is it to provide good places to hang out? there are plenty...but kids who are looking for trouble don't go... Continue Reading


Re: closing e-bay and pay pal accounts

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On 4/20/2014 Raider Fan said: Some of my best experiences with foreign help for computer problems are the people from India. You know right away if they know what they are doing. If I get a newbie I politely thank that person and call back. Some of those people are fabulous. This reminds me, RF... I forgot to mention that I can't say enough good about the Bay's CS... and help when one needs it. I LOVE their help "call back" procedure. One leaves their number... I always get a "call-back" within about three minutes and it is almost always a knowledgeable helpful person. What a novelty... ge... Continue Reading


Re: closing e-bay and pay pal accounts

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On 4/20/2014 Raider Fan said: On 4/19/2014 PKB said: I have sold and bought on eBay since 1999. I have a selling ID with over 6200 positive transactions. I have a buying ID with over 1500 positive transactions. I have had very few problems over the years with eBay, and the ones I have had have been handled swiftly and professionally. I can't begin to say enough good things about PayPal. Absolutely the best customer service bar none! Good to hear, PKB, my nephew works for PayPal. He loves the company. LOVE... IT! BOTH! Continue Reading


Re: Head to toe outfits- THE TOTAL LOOK

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On 4/20/2014 lolakimono said: On 4/20/2014 lovestoteach said: What could we put with these? Loves, Here is one you would probably like with a similar type of shoe- This is SO GOOD!!! Continue Reading


Re: The Sidewalk Café.....a great place for friendly chat!

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sassy lassy: I will keep your mom in my prayers; flu can be so devastating to good health. possummink: thank you for posting the lantern again! It is a cheerful sight! And thank you for sharing about trials with your mom and her falls. That would be so scary. Not sure I could "hold" someone else up. The young lady in charge at DMIL's place is very conscientious and concerned. She is the one who might have had to witness the fall. She is an angel, as are all of the people who work there. What patience they have! They are so kind, too. Wanted to share what is on my mind today ... you p... Continue Reading


Re: 60's ladies and all ages come and chat for April....

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On 4/20/2014 Bobbisue said: Loves, yes, I'm feeling better thank you for asking. I will never go to ER again. They did nothing for me. I think it was my nerve pill. They are making me worse. I stopped taking them. I see the Dr. tomorrow. So glad you are going tomorrow! I take those (pills) occasionally and I do swear that the next day I am ready to crawl out of my skin (jittery). So, hope tomorrow you can get some understanding from the MD. Here's my newest pic that I am posting Continue Reading


Re: Head to toe outfits- THE TOTAL LOOK

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Another thought: There was a lady at the stylist yesterday and she is looking for a "grandmother of the bride" dress. When asked what she was looking for; what features? she replied "everything covered up!" We all laughed. She said she had not been able to find anything like what she had pictured in her mind. Isn't this so true? Where are all of these "normal" and presentable wedding fashions? Continue Reading

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