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Re: O/T Calling all past and present teachers!

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starpolisher and palmtree: I have to agree with many things you write. Even 14 years ago the special ed situation allowed for more flexibility in teaching students. Paperwork ever increases and so do restrictions and lawsuits as class sizes grow. Still, my reward is in getting thru to my students... and that comes first for me, no matter what. Easy for me to say.... my first two lives, I worked in the medical field and then into medical sales. I wouldn't go back to those -- no way, no how! Continue Reading


Re: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.... Mine's Closed Mine's Closed OMG

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I read (or heard) that so much of our prized American turquoise had been "snapped up" by foreign countries (China). This breaks my heart... this is our American heritage and history going out of the country. Just sayin... As I'm shopping around, I'm finding that we now have lack of turquoise and/or very high prices for this stone. If this idea is wrong, I'm very open to other suggestions/opinions. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Calling all past and present teachers!

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On 8/30/2014 lolakimono said: Some humor for my math teacher friend, Lovestoteach. Thanks, lola! This will be year #14 for me! yarnaholic1963: Congratulations! You will love it! Continue Reading


Re: fashion RESOLUTIONS for 2014

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Great job, lola! 35 kids is too many -- so is 350! My week has been exhausting, but right now the kids are behaving rather nicely. My classroom is small, and the teens take up way more space than the desks... so the room seems more full than it really is! One hid behind the large, wooden bookcase on Thursday... I could see the top of his head behind it ... oh ROTFL!!! That is my largest class. THAT will be a challenge this year! Continue Reading


Re: JJill Sale this weekend

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Thanks, Kat! I love JJill and so hopefully, there will still be some good deals left! Your top sounds like a great buy! Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers in on life support

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Oh, thank you for the update... I am feeling so badly for her and for her family! She is such a go-getter, sharp woman : ( Continue Reading


Re: The Sidewalk Café.....a great place for friendly chat!

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On 8/31/2014 Hayfield said: I know that DD plans to be a special education teacher for a couple of years, then she does want to go into something else. What you mentioned above is something she may consider. I know that it isn't until you start working in the "real world" after college that you find your strengths and your passions. Isn't this so true? I tell my little students that no matter what they study in college, they are free to choose a "different major" for life!!! LOL Continue Reading


Re: The Sidewalk Café.....a great place for friendly chat!

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puddles... I have saved your picture to this laptop as a desktop background and I thank you. Last year, I used the cottage picture of the flower festival in Chelsea, and the kids were just amazed. This helps keep me sane during the school year! And I will think of you every time the computer starts up! possum... the picture of the "book cat" is a Wysocki, I'm sure you know. The names of the books would hold great appeal for cats, so I'm sure they would read the classics! Recently I went on a "Wysocki" binge and purchased old calendars that can be recycled. They were the cats of Wysocki ... Continue Reading

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