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Re: *** Young & Restless Discussion Group Week of Feb 16th...May Include Spoilers! ***

In Pet Lovers 1424310165.483

What about Mariah having a flashback of Austin making out with their 'host' at the cabin (forgot her name). If that happened wouldn't Summer (under the influence of Fen's drug) probably have hit him over the head with the paper weight/door stop ? I'm hoping the girl cop will turn them all in and say they forced her to cooperate. Continue Reading


Re: Question about downloading movies- to watch when I cannot get on line.

In Electronics Talk 1423528961.163

Thank you Lynnj. You make a good point. We had been having a lot of down time from our internet provider. I think next time I'll just watch something I have on a DVD. It doesn't make sense to use all that space on my computer. Continue Reading


Is "In the Kitchen with David" on qvc2 a repeat of last week's show on qvc?

Last Reply by sweetj 1424731090.67 | Started by Nicecupoftea in Q Did What?

It's like deja-vu - I seem to know everything that will happen next on todays show on qvc2. Continue Reading


Re: Question about downloading movies- to watch when I cannot get on line.

In Electronics Talk 1422930748.993

I checked this on my PC but could find no link for download licenses. I am going to try on my Kindle Fire but I really want my movie on my PC. Continue Reading


Re: MRI and claustrophobia

In Health & Fitness 1422930472.237

I have had a couple of MRIs and my problem was with the noise. I have extremely good hearing. Even with ear plugs and a big muffler headset, I could hear all that banging and crashing. The last MRI was on my foot and I was not inside the machine. I still found the noise affected my equilibrium and I needed help to make it back to my DH in the waiting room. I wasn't offered any medications for the 'ordeal' by my doctor. I agree that the OP should see a different doctor to get something to help her through the MRI. Continue Reading


Re: How much did you pay to size your ring?

In All About Accessories 1422847936.043

I went back the next day to pick up my ring. They had mistakenly reduced it to a 6 when they said they would make it a 6 and 1/2 ! So I had to go back the next day to pick up my ring again. They had removed gold costing me $44 and they had to put back some gold! Continue Reading


Question about downloading movies- to watch when I cannot get on line.

Last Reply by Nicecupoftea 1423528961.183 | Started by Nicecupoftea in Electronics Talk

I bought a movie at but it is not in my computer. It is in my movie library at! I bought another movie at Google and it is in my movies at Google. I hadn't thought about it until my internet company went off line last week and I couldn't watch my movies. I want to know where I can buy movies to download to my computer and watch when my internet company is off line. Continue Reading


How much did you pay to size your ring?

Last Reply by golfcartrider 1424611450.977 | Started by Nicecupoftea in All About Accessories

My wedding ring was just too large - it cost $44.99 to reduce it one size. Seems expensive - what do you think? Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Toni's Spoiler Monday 26th

In TV Talk 1422467614.817

On 1/27/2015 JESSA said: I was hoping Dylan would get it together but he is getting worse. Maybe Dylan will kill him but his defense will be the PTSD. I think most men would get a little annoyed that someone sent two thugs to beat him up. Everyone now knows that Joe is responsible for trying to ruin Dylan's business and steal his girlfriend. He also had the thugs beat Dylan up. I think I would get pretty mean if someone did all that to me and I don't have PTSD! Continue Reading

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