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Yeast roll dough I can put in fridge and use a little at a time.

Last Reply by Nightowlz 1408561124.393 | Started by Nicecupoftea in Recipe Swap

I know a recipe for this has probably been posted before. I have a recipe for this but the rolls I made were too sweet and became hard in the fridge overnight. I'm hoping someone can post a recipe or direct me to one that is already posted here. Continue Reading


Re: What Money Will Make People Do

In Among Friends 1408418773.023

Please don't get mad at me for saying this- Perhaps he promised to never hit her again and perhaps she is very much in love with him. Love is blind and stupid sometimes. It might have nothing to do with the money. Continue Reading


Re: *Y&R: Fans of Y&R Soap Discussion Group*

In Pet Lovers 1408417571.82

Thanks Sharke. It's all so complicated. I think it's time to get a chastity belt for Nick!!! Continue Reading


Re: *Y&R: Fans of Y&R Soap Discussion Group*

In Pet Lovers 1408412466.693

So was it Grace Turner who stole Cassie from Sharon and later gave her back? What did Nick have to do with Grace? Continue Reading


Re: Could Really Use Some Opinions/Suggestions On A Bunch Of New Neighbors

In Viewpoints 1408139535.917

We live in a housing area with an HOA. It used to be a lovely neat quiet neighborhood. Now we have the president of board who is a realtor. He doesn't want to offend anyone - so does nothing about broken rules or messy homeowners. We keep looking to move but have spent so much money on our house that we really don't want to leave it. When I tell people about our neighborhood they think we live in a ghetto. I think it will become one if nothing is done about this situation. Continue Reading


Re: SHOWME'S Mr. Lucky......

In Viewpoints 1408138987.327

Yes - Jodi! Does anyone know if there is still a thread? Continue Reading


Re: SHOWME'S Mr. Lucky......

In Viewpoints 1408138657.497

When the sentencing part of her trial begins - are we going to be discussing 'youkowwho' again? Or am I on the wrong thread? Continue Reading


Re: Fibromyalgia Sufferers...A Place to Meet

In Health & Fitness 1407807563.717

I was diagnosed with Fibro many years ago by three different doctors. They all wanted to put me on an antidepressant. I decided that an antidepressant was the last thing I needed. I even asked my workmates and they all said I was not at all a depressed person. My workmates were all doctors and nurses. The biggest problem is that I cannot wear tight clothing and avoid anyone who wants to hug me too tight or grip my arm etc. I see lots of people here who have been prescribed all kinds of medications. I wonder if anyone has been given antidepressants and found they helped with the pain. Continue Reading


Re: Downs Twin Left With Surrogate

In Viewpoints 1407381328.777

As a nurse I have known many special needs kids. They are lovely and so sweet. How could anyone discard a baby just because they aren't "perfect"? Continue Reading



In Viewpoints 1407378488.087

I was very doubtful about these pillows, but love them after all. They are rather heavy but nice to sleep on. DH and I are glad we bought two sets - now have a spare set for guests. NOW WHY ARE THESE REVUES/COMMENTS ON QVC? I bought mine from HSN! Continue Reading

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