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Re: *Y&R: Fans of Y&R Soap Discussion Group*

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I remember when Mariah went into Abby's hotel room and she was definitely dark skinned. Did anyone notice at the end of one show (a few days ago) Victor was looking at some papers and the title was something like "Application for Guardianship". He is definitely still after Chelsea's baby. Continue Reading


Re: Need advice upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7

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On 3/24/2014 Meeras said: better is to backup your files and then upgrades.. Yesterday I backed up all his files and then upgraded to Windows 7. Then I put all his files back in. DH is delighted with Windows 7. Continue Reading


Re: Need advice upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7

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I would buy new tomorrow but DH really hates Windows 8. I have it on my laptop and he feels like he could never learn to use it. I find Windows 8 a bit of a pest. I think I'll look into getting a new laptop with Windows 7. Pilotte - why would I go to Mozilla Firefox? Continue Reading


Need advice upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7

Last Reply by Nicecupoftea 1396453604.547 | Started by Nicecupoftea in Electronics Talk

DH's laptop has Windows XP which I requested when Vista was the latest version. Now Windows says it will stop supporting XP. They advise to upgrade to Windows 8.1, however DH definitely doesn't want 8.1. The laptop came with a disk to upgrade to Windows 7. It says on the disk that the laptop already has Vista and the disk is to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. I am hoping I can use this disk to upgrade from XP to 7. Any advice anyone can give me is sorely needed. Continue Reading


Re: Our 11 year old 'BABY' cat still missing for 32 days, now.

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I had a cat who went missing for a long time. Then one day he re-appeared. A neighbor just happened by and said "I see you found my cat". Yes our cat had been visiting both our homes and we both thought he was our cat. I gave him 'my' cat as I was pregnant and about due. Another time years ago my dog went missing. A different neighbor had taken him in and it took weeks for me to discover where he was. I kept my dog when I got him back. It gave me doubts about people who decide to 'adopt' pets off the street. Continue Reading


Re: What was that other show a lot like "Mr. Selfridge"?

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Yes it was 'The Paradise'. I liked that one better too. At the end he gave up his marriage with the rich girl to be with the shop girl. At least it looked like it ended like that. The 'hero' was going to lose a lot. I wonder how they will overcome that if they start a new series? Continue Reading


What was that other show a lot like "Mr. Selfridge"?

Last Reply by Trix 1395260081.08 | Started by Nicecupoftea in TV Talk

I remember so much about this show but just cannot remember the name. The store owner fell in love with one of his workers. He was going to marry a rich girl but ended up with the girl who worked for him. I loved that show but cannot remember the name. My DH says I'm imagining it and it was all about Mr. Selfridge. I know there was another show very similar. Please someone remind me about the name. Continue Reading


Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

Last Reply by Jerz-girl 1395435751.303 | Started by Nicecupoftea in Recipe Swap

I have made chicken and dumplings using biscuit mix and chicken thighs. I would love to see some more traditional dumpling recipes. Mine turn out a bit too 'fall-apart' and fluffy. Continue Reading


Recipe for minty chocolate chip cookies

Last Reply by MALC 1394712976.353 | Started by Nicecupoftea in Kitchen & Food Talk

I'm ready to make cookies and chocolate minty is top of my list. Continue Reading

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