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Re: **Y&R DEC. 15th- Dec. 19th**

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I think Lilly is going to fall for Joe. She is just too interested/against him. This is usually the way they start affairs on soaps. Just keep watching and tell me I'm wrong! Continue Reading



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We got it cleared up and they admitted their error. However we are not dealing with them again. We have spent thousands of dollars over the years including TVs, computers and Wolfgang Puck's products. For their $39 error -that is all over. Continue Reading


Re: *Y&R DEC. 8th-12th*

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On 12/6/2014 Sharke said: For 'nicecupoftea' In case you missed the post I made to you: About movies 'Murphy' has been in. From the older thread Dec. 1st-Dec. 5th We saw him in 'Dead Silence' LOL a scary type of movie. Here is his work history. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0265637/ Wow! He's been very active everywhere. Thank you so much. Sorry I spelled your name wrong Susy. Continue Reading


Re: *Y&R DEC. 8th-12th*

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Thank you Suzy! I have been missing on here. DH had flu and pneumonia. Now I am recovering from flu. It was awful. Yes we both had flu vaccine. However we saw on tv that the vaccine wasn't effective for one strain of the virus. Continue Reading



Last Reply by FlowershopGirl 1418584553.897 | Started by Nicecupoftea in Among Friends

DH and I have been ordering from hsn since the 1980's. There has never been any kind of problem. My bank issued new credit cards and I entered the new number at hsn.com in my account information. Months later I tried to order and it wouldn't go through. When I called they said they had 'blocked' us. They said our credit card refused to pay on our last order. Well we had bought many items from them since we had got the new credit card so this didn't make any sense. Turns out they just made a mistake and used my old credit card number that one time. My point is - why didn't they tell u... Continue Reading


Re: Y&R DEC. 1ST-5TH

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On 12/5/2014 Sharke said: I figure they're long gone. Just gradually were phased out once Hilary hit the scene. I've seen Murphy in major pictures. We seen him just lately in a movie we rented. He's alright actor. Hey Suzy - I'd love to see some of "Murphy's" movies. Could you give us a few titles? I think I possibly have seen some but would like to look them up again. Continue Reading


Tamflu - why don't doctors give it to family members - it could save so much misery.

Last Reply by Newnick ame 1419079216.77 | Started by Nicecupoftea in Health & Fitness

DH was diagnosed with influenza and given Tamiflu. I asked Dr. how infectious the flu was. I said considering we live in the same house, same bed etc. Two days later I was back very sick and getting Tamiflu. The leaflet in with the capsules said that family members could take Tamiflu to reduce the chance of getting the flu or reduce the symptoms. I am thinking that it should be routine for doctors to give prescriptions for Tamiflu to family members to reduce the spread of the flu. The CDC make such a fuss about the spread of influenza - why don't they help reduce it by recommending Tami... Continue Reading



Last Reply by Rabid1 1417505086.253 | Started by Nicecupoftea in Electronics Talk

I just bought a Chromecast and am enjoying 'casting' youtube videos and Hulu shows to my TV. If I download (buy) a movie to my computer - can I cast it to my TV using Chromecast? Continue Reading


Re: ....and now Bob Hope

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The author is just trying to make a buck. If Bob was not married how could he be unfaithful? It's all rubbish. I don't get why anyone would buy a book like this. I always liked to watch Bob Hope and admire what he did for the troops. That's what we should remember about him. Continue Reading


Re: Hard boiled eggs - how long can you keep them?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416677168.43

The trouble is you never really know how old the 'fresh' eggs are when you buy them in the store. I know they have a date on the carton but how reliable can that be? Continue Reading

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