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Re: *Y&R: Fans of Y&R Soap Discussion Group*

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I don't understand why everyone is against Dru/or the actress who played her. Victoria Rowell seems like a good actress. Was she disliked or was Dru disliked? I think fans often turn against actors or actress because of the parts they play. Please someone tell me why everyone speaks against Ms. Rowell. Continue Reading


Re: I'm looking for a light bright green handbag!

In Dooney & Bourke 1410141161.463

Thanks everyone. I now have two handbags on their way to my house. I hope one or both of them will be just what I want. Continue Reading


Re: I'm looking for a light bright green handbag!

In Dooney & Bourke 1409796405.843

Sorry I meant to put this under 'All about handbags' but when I clicked on it nothing happened. I don't dislike Dooneys but willing to consider another brand. Continue Reading


I'm looking for a light bright green handbag!

Last Reply by Nicecupoftea 1410141161.54 | Started by Nicecupoftea in Dooney & Bourke

I have two outfits that just beg for a light green handbag. I haven't found one yet so I usually carry my brown Coach. I found a nice bright green Madi Claire on another channel but it had a warning about lead in the dye. That was the end of it for me. I am still looking for my grass green bag. Continue Reading


Re: The "average" woman's handbag weighs 12 to 14 pounds?????

In All About Handbags 1409795911.5

One day at the doctor's office I put my bag on the counter when they weighed me. DH said it couldn't make much difference. So the nurse weighed my bag and it was over 6 lbs! She said that did make a difference! Continue Reading


Re: Corky's Ribs - what happened to the man who used to sell them?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409795738.3

So does anyone know if Robert was the original Corky? Continue Reading



In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409795636.337

Many years ago I learned how to make Welsh Rarebit in cooking class. It took so long to make and so many ingredients for something we ate in about two minutes! It's really just a version of cheese on toast. We never put any beer in it. Seems like a waste of beer anyway. Continue Reading


Corky's Ribs - what happened to the man who used to sell them?

Last Reply by chickenbone 1409861321.787 | Started by Nicecupoftea in Kitchen & Food Talk

DH and I were just wondering what happened to the older man who used to demonstrate these ribs. I left the room and when I came back David was talking about someone and his wife enjoying his retirement. Did anyone hear if they were talking about the original man who demo-ed Corky's ribs? Continue Reading


Re: TSV Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1408927901.427

I have an older model and have used it for years without problems. This one just wouldn't lock and so couldn't vacuum the air out. I am hoping to get a similar upright model but not this one. Continue Reading


Re: Yeast roll dough I can put in fridge and use a little at a time.

In Recipe Swap 1408921268.947

Thanks everyone I will try out all these recipes. They all sound like just what I needed. Continue Reading

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