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Re: Wedding reception suggestions

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On 4/19/2015 terrier3 said: My friends had a back yard BBQ wedding. t was held at his parent's home - they had a huge backyard. The food was catered by a local BBQ place - they had pulled pork, brisket and BBQ chicken that was finished off on a grill right there. They had all the "extras" - salads, corn on the cob, cornbread, etc. - and a bartender with plenty of choices - beer, wine, alcoholic and non punches. Instead of cake, they had cupcakes. They had a live blues band (the bride was an entertainment booker). It was tons of fun!!!! That sounds like fun! Simple, affordable fun. What a w... Continue Reading


Re: I'm done with Target......

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Unfair? Because a newly-launched item quickly sold out? Not sure why anyone would consider it "unfair", although you might be disappointed that you weren't able to snag one of the dresses before they were gone. And to declare yourself "done with Target forever" over this is just juvenile. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone solve a mole infestation

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Cats. We have two cats and no mole problem! Continue Reading


Re: Saving money with QVC clothes

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On 4/16/2015 BaileyBop said: I do much better shopping locally especially when they have sales. But......a lot of people who live in small towns or are unable to get out and about the internet is their best option. Yes.......but many internet sellers offer very competitive pricing, frequent sales and specials, plus free/cheap shipping and returns. There are many places to buy online that offer better pricing and S&H policies than QVC does! Continue Reading


Re: Perfume Smell -- Is it a Return?

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Most retailers resell items that have been returned in new conditions. Don't know why QVC shouldn't. They should check, though, to be sure there is no damage before doing so. Continue Reading


Re: QVC is the WORST company ever!

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Why would anyone consider it strange that a person would want to post about such a negative experience, even if they had never posted here before? I'm sure many people have QVC accounts who never sign on to the boards. Continue Reading


Re: Any Home Remedy for Vertigo?

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On 4/18/2015 Cookie06 said: I don't think you girls mean Mescaline. That is a psychedelic drug from the 70's. lol It's Meclizine, the generic drug in most OTC anti-motion-sickness medicines, including Bonine, Antivert, etc. Sometimes Meclizine helps with vertigo, too. Might be worth a try. Continue Reading


Re: wedding receptions

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At its heart, a wedding reception is simply a gathering where the wedding couple and their family provide some type of refreshments for their guests, and everyone has an opportunity to greet and congratulate the bride and groom and mix and mingle with family and other guests. Receptions can be simple cake-and-punch-in-the-church-hall affairs or fancy country club dinners with elaborate decor, a band, dancing, and all the frills. I've been to both kinds and everything in between and have enjoyed most of them. Your're right; the main focus should be on the wedding, the commitments being made, a... Continue Reading


Re: Wedding reception suggestions

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On 4/18/2015 abbeythe8th said: In this day and age, most wedding guests must travel some distance. Sorry if there is a reception and not just a ceremony, I think it is beyond tacky not to feed and provide free beverages for your guests. I've only been to 1 wedding reception that did not serve a meal. It was in the South. There was a Pizza Hut across the road from the reception hall. It did a huge business that day from the hungry wedding guests. Yes, simple weddings and receptions are still very common in the South. I've cheerfully traveled to attend many such weddings..........and have been... Continue Reading

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