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Re: Weigh In On Lipgloss For Women Over 50 - 60

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I wear sheer lipsticks with just a tiny hint of gloss if any at all. Those super-glossy lipsticks are just odd and distracting, IMO. I don't care for them on women of any age, but they'd look silly on a mature woman. Continue Reading


Re: Baking potatoes in the oven?

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I don't know about "twice baked potatoes" -- but I usually bake plain potatoes for about an hour at 375 - 400 degrees. I just scrub the potatoes before baking and stick a few little holes in them with the tip of a sharp knife to release steam as they bake. I put them directly on the oven rack. Continue Reading


Re: Mammogram call back

In Health & Fitness 1417037143.6

There may be imaging centers with different protocols, but in many cases diagnostic specialists like pathologists and radiologists function as "doctors' doctors" -- processing, looking at, and analyzing cells or imaging results and making reports to the doctor who ordered the tests. In most instances they do not deal directly with patients. They send (or if necessary, call in) their results to the ordering physicians, give their impressions and opinions, and in some cases may discuss with the ordering physician additional testing or diagnostic procedures that may be helpful. It is usually the... Continue Reading


Re: Help! Lost 60 lbs and now have TURKEY NECK

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On 11/26/2014 NESSADALE said: I also think that after a weight loss of 60 lbs. it will take about a year for your body to redistribute your body fat. That is why some people look gaunt for a while when they get to their ideal body weight. That being said, you may still want to have surgery on your neck. Have you ever heard of CARE CREDIT. It is my understanding that a lot of people use it for Dental work or procedures like plastic surgery. I have not used it myself, due to the fact that my ex-husband ruined my credit, but as I repair my credit, I am thinking of having a lower face lift or fil... Continue Reading


Re: Couldn't believe this! How do you like it?

In Jewelry Talk 1417023499.833

On 11/26/2014 Issiestorm said: I once saw an episode of the old Di ck Van Dyke show where Rob had bought a huge gaudy necklace for Laura. She hated it but couldn't bring herself to hurt him by telling him that, so she pretended to like it. This necklace reminded me of that. (edited to add: the actor's first name was not allowed so had to separate the letters). Times change, and so do tastes! When I was younger (back in the D ick van Dyke days), I wore simple, small-scale, classic jewelry. Now I love bold, statement jewelry. Vintage, good costume, and artisan pieces are among my faves. So... Continue Reading


Re: I was invited to my first Reveal Party.....

In Among Friends 1417019914.923

I haven't been invited to a "reveal party", and I hope I'm not. A traditional baby shower is fine and plenty. Continue Reading


Re: If you eat Thanksgiving out, where do you go. Restaurant-wise, not grandma's.

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You'll need to do some checking to see what local restaurants in your town are serving special Thanksgiving meals, and what appeals to you and is in your desired price range. We've gone out a number of times, always somewhere different. We often find a good holiday buffet. We always go to local establishments, not a chain. Continue Reading


Re: Why Is Thanskgiving Day being overshadowed by Stores opening at 6pm

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We don't shop on Thanksgiving, but apparently many people want to. And merchants are out to make money. Too bad for their employees. Continue Reading


Re: Couldn't believe this! How do you like it?

In Jewelry Talk 1417019491.65

On 11/26/2014 Mrs Grace said: Way too gaudy to wear too often, would have to only wear (if at all, and I wouldn't) with attire that was extremely formal. Not a statement necklace to be worn with dress clothes or less than that. Too expensive for the look. I've seen better looking jewelry made by very reputable designers for as much money or less that didn't look so cheap. Quite heavy looking as well. Overall, not a feminine looking piece. Besides, it's the kind of piece you could only wear a couple of times a year.It's memorable, so you couldn't wear it often. Most of all. it looks fake. No o... Continue Reading


Re: Couldn't believe this! How do you like it?

In Jewelry Talk 1417019245.487

On 11/26/2014 FastDogWalker2 said: GoodStuff - I love how you styled a similar necklace! I would love it on someone else - I'm too "timid" to wear it myself! Thanks for the affirmation! However I can't take credit for "styling it" -- just pasted some photos of what I thought were examples of attractive styling with similar jewelry pieces. I wish I were as young and trim as any of the ladies whose picture I posted! Continue Reading

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