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Re: Can someone explain Tracefone service to me? What do you get for 1 min?

In Electronics Talk 1418951521.323

One of the prepaid (no contract) plans available through Straight Talk (Walmart) or other prepaid carriers would probably be what your friend needs. If he's just looking for a phone to use casually and in emergencies and maybe to text, he won't have much need for data services. We have one of the WalMart/Straight Talk plans that offers unlimited talk/text/date for $45/month, so he won't have to keep track of usage or minutes. He can go to WalMart and look at their different Straight Talk plans and phones they have, talk with a representative, and he won't be locked into a contract if he decid... Continue Reading


Re: Why Is It That...........

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418950630.56

They're smart competitors, capitalizing on the fact that free/cheap shipping is becoming more and more prevalent and that more and more shoppers expect it and look for it. QVC, meanwhile, is banking on its loyal customers staying asleep at the switch. Continue Reading


Re: Shop hq...have you been on that site?

In Fashion Talk 1418950514.313

Haven't been impressed with any of the clothing I've seen there. Continue Reading


Re: Just got this in the mail from QVC !!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! Thanks so much, This made my day!!!!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418950263.5

That's really lovely! Maybe all of us forum ladies will start getting presents from QVC! Continue Reading


Re: What one thing could you do to enrich your life in 2015?

In Fashion Talk 1418950144.753

On 12/18/2014 dominosmom said: I have been thinking about going back to college and take a few courses for my own enjoyment. I am 66, retired and have a BA but now maybe I can take the courses I want to take and not what I had to take 40 years ago. In our state, seniors 65 and older can take courses at state colleges and universities tuition-free! A great opportunity for life-long learning! Continue Reading


Re: Beware: Shopping at Pottery Barn

In Beauty Banter 1418949922.003

I've never returned an item to get a lower sale price in my life! I price-compare before I buy, make my best deal, and go with it. I don't blame P.B. (or any retailer) for not issuing credits to customers who bought items at higher prices. It must be a huge, costly hassle for the few retailers who do it, and I don't see any obligation for a retailer to offer the same level of sale prices all the time. The whole rationale for a sale is to move out merchandise and to bring customers into the store to take advantage of lower prices during the special event, right? This isn't a service I exp... Continue Reading


Re: Need advice about a neck rash!!

In Beauty Banter 1418949529.9

I broke out in a rash just reading about all the stuff you've been using! For goodness sake, stop putting layers of random stuff on your skin. Obviously something you've been using has caused an allergic or sensitivity reaction. Stop. Go back to a very basic hypoallergenic cleanser and moisturizer(Neutrogena, maybe) and maybe put some hydrocortisone cream on your neck a couple of times a day to calm the rash. If it doesn't improve in a few days or gets worse, you'll need to see a doctor. Continue Reading


Re: Jeans for Over 40's

In Fashion Talk 1418949157.483

You've been given some good suggestions for jeans to try.......but few things are as individual as finding jeans that fit! Every woman's shape and proportions are specific, and you'll have to get out there and try on jeans to find a style and brand that work best for you. There's no way around it; it's you and a pile of denim struggling to the death in a fitting room. Daunting, but true. Continue Reading


Re: Would love gift ideas for daughter in law.

In Mom to Mom Forum 1418948831.39

On 12/18/2014 Alsee said: I am a daughter in law in my 30's - I love gifts that I don't buy for myself. I love getting bath products, earrings, a new purse. My in laws are wonderful and just seem to know - maybe with some hints from my husband. What I dont want - household items and gift cards. I love knowing that my in laws know me well enough to choose something special. We are very close so we purchase special gifts for them also. Very nice sentiments, Alsee, and you are very lucky to have a MIL who is on the same wavelength with you. My tastes weren't at all the same as my MIL's, and I ne... Continue Reading


Nail Polish in Carpet

Last Reply by Shelbelle 1418933414.277 | Started by GoodStuff in For the Home Talk

So, this morning I was polishing my toenails for tomorrow evening's holiday party. I dropped the polish brush, which bounced across my carpet.......and now I have three big splops of "Berry Crunch" in the blonde carpet in our master bedroom. Aside from resolving never again to polish my nails on a carpeted surface, which I should have known in the first place, is there anything that will help this? I tried nail polish remover, and it just smeared. Continue Reading

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