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Re: Ellen

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......is showing up way too many places all of a sudden. Home decor contests, comedy and talk shows, TV sales, pet food sales....... too much Ellen. Continue Reading


Re: The meaning of "gracious?"

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On 2/28/2015 YorkieonmyPillow said: Good manners, kindness, morality never goes out of style. Of course it's still a good trait to possess. But it will cost you. I don't think being gracious means that you have to be dumb or that you'll automatically be taken advantage of! Gracious or not, wise people need to be on the lookout for users and bad guys.......but in normal relationships and social interactions a gracious person will do her best to make others feel comfortable and welcome, to put others in a good light, and to overlook others' mistakes and awkwardness. The opposite of gracious is... Continue Reading


Re: Brown Mascara

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I've seen brown/black in several lines, but I seldom see brown. Continue Reading


Re: What Is The Best Cut Of Meat For Pot Roast

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CHUCK (preferably boneless for less waste and easy carving) is my choice for pot roast every single time! Makes a delicious, juicy, tender roast. Continue Reading


Re: How Long Do You Sleep & Is It Good For You?

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We usually go to bed about midnight, and I usually get up about 9:00 a.m. That would be nine hours, but I usually spend at least a little time during the night awake, sometimes have a little challenge going back to sleep, and then drop off again for the best sleep of the night before waking up at 9:00 or so. It's a real treat once in a while when I sleep straight through! Continue Reading


Re: Please give suggestions for VINTAGE COLLECTION of women's items. Thank you!

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What a fun assignment! How about a girdle and/or a garterbelt with the little hanging garter fasteners to hold up hosiery? How about old-fashioned stockings with seams down the back? Crisp crinolines to make full skirts stand out? Bobby socks? A bonnet hairdryer with a long air-hose? One of those electrified permanent wave machines with heated perm rollers that they had in old fashioned salons? How about cone bras from the 50's, sanitary panties with a plastic shield in the crotch, embroidered cloth hankies, a selection of dress-up hats and gloves, pincurl clips, a teasing comb, a net curl... Continue Reading


Re: Roaman's/Woman Within

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Several of the plus size specialty catalogs (Woman Within, Roaman's, Ulla Popken, Silhouettes, and others) offer many very long, loose tops. I guess many larger women feel more comfortable in longer garments they hope will hide figure flaws. As a plus size woman myself, I have learned that long, oversized tops tend to make my shape an oversized rectangle. I think of it as "the refrigerator effect".......and I avoid it. Fortunately, there are many plus size offerings with more flattering proportions. I feel a little sorry for the attractive women tented in bigtops like these....... Continue Reading


Re: Only Venting In Hopes It Helps QVC

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I was taken aback with Susan's hyper behavior when I first saw her on QVC......but over time I've realized that's her personality. She is genuinely enthusiastic about her clothing, enjoys presenting and explaining it........and the energy just comes out! Since the Susan Graver line is one of QVC's longest-running and most successful fashion lines, it's very unlikely that anyone will try to change her on-air personality. Susan has bounced, danced, twirled, and chirped through many millions of dollars of sales. Why mess with success? Continue Reading

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