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Re: Kim Richards Ruins Daughter's Wedding...

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For real? WHO in the world follows this garbage? I don't even know who you're talking about. Continue Reading


Re: Are you a frustrated HGTV remodeler? What kind of homes would you tackle?

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I love to see re-dos on HGTV, but I have to say I'm totally intimidated at the prospect of tearing up and re-doing my own house. I'm fine with hanging a picture, placing new antiques or accessories, etc. -- but when it comes to actual messy home remodeling that requires destruction and re-building skills, I'm out. I'll call a professional when the time comes........or just live with things the way they are. Continue Reading


Re: What do we owe our parents?

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I personally feel we are obligated to "honor our Father and Mother" and to do our best to help them in their later years. That doesn't mean we'll always enjoy it or that it will always be easy -- and it doesn't mean we necessarily have to impoverish ourselves and/or move them into our households to care for them 24/7 in person. Some parental relationships are strained and difficult, and that's a reality. Every person has to look at their situation, their resources and their parents', the realities of their parents' personalities, histories, and the relationship they have with them. Sometimes ... Continue Reading


Re: Received a Medical Bill for 2007 Doc Visit. Huh??

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Why don't you just call the billing representative in the doctor's office and ask for an explanation? It's quite possible that the doctor's office has been reviewing accounts, or has new billing software or new billing employees, and has unearthed an unpaid balance on your account. I'm not sure why your first reaction is anger and thought of "calling a lawyer". If you owe money, you owe money. Just call and ask about it. Continue Reading


Re: What's wrong with reverse parking?

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Interesting. I've never seen such a sign in our area, so I'm not sure of the reason. The fact that parking front-end-in makes it easier to see license plates might make sense, and it's also true that many drivers might have trouble safely backing into narrow spaces. Continue Reading


Re: Getting Way Over the Top Now

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I have enjoyed Lori's presentations on her new Monday evening regular show and like some (not all) of the pieces offered. However, I have to agree that some of the multi-layered looks are just silly. If you want to show a contrasting-color sharkbite or asymmetrical tank peeking from under another LOGO piece once in a while......go for it. It's edgy and different, maybe. But if you have multiple random layers hanging out from under every single outfit, the look loses any freshness it had. Sometimes the LOGO pieces show best in simple combinations -- pants and a coordinating tank with an open c... Continue Reading


Re: What is your simple pleasure? It costs nothing.

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I'll list three: One is going to our heated, indoor community pool for swimming and water exercise.......and relaxation and renewal. Spending time in that healing water and with my "pool buddies" is always a good time for me. Another is singing in our church choir. My voice isn't what it used to be in my younger years, but there's nothing else quite like joining with others in making beautiful music......uplifting, and the sum is always much greater than the parts. Probably my #1 is sitting by the ocean seeing, smelling, and hearing the seaside sounds, watching the gulls, feeling the ocean br... Continue Reading



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I've had both knees replaced, one in 2012 and one in 2013. I'm in my mid 60's and came through the surgeries and recovery process well.......and the surgeries were SO worthwhile. I won't ever have 25 year old legs again, and I still have significant arthritis in an ankle I broke 25 years ago that has pins, plates, and screws in it.......but I can walk SO much better and get my daily activities done much better than before. No more riding the shopping scooter in the grocery store or dreading being on my feet in the kitchen when I'm cooking a big meal. You may be able to get some temporary impr... Continue Reading


Re: Tonight you can get shorts and a tank for under $100.....

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On 5/25/2015 millieshops said: Or you can go to some mall store and get shorts and a tank for $400. Yes, $400 and that's before taxes. It's all relative. I still have my $400, btw. Didn't buy a single thing in that store. I was just killing time because my hair stylist was running really late. I spent my time checking out how others live. If you like Graver, she's worth the money in my opinion. I wore a Graver tank yesterday; no idea what I paid because it's been worn myriad times. It still looks new and I can probably wear it another 10 years or more. I shop for basics on an estimated cost p... Continue Reading


Re: Are You Falling Apart?

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On 5/25/2015 sfnative said: On 5/25/2015 goodstuff said: Oh, dear. At 67, if I went to the doctor every time something popped or hurt or every time I feel tired or achy.......I'd pretty much <em>live</em> there. I've had knee replacements and take a few meds for BP, arthritis, and a statin. My water exercise pretty much keeps me moving. Hi goodstuff, Once I get squared away with my workers' comp folks, I'm going to beg for an athlethic club membership with a pool so I can swim. I need that badly, too. You'll be so glad if you do! Water exercise is the BOMB -- so gentle, soothi... Continue Reading

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