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Re: How old is too old to start over at the gym

In Health & Fitness 1413849109.79

If you're in your 60's and haven't exercised in a while, a physical and a talk with your doctor would be good before you start. Are you generally fit and healthy? Do you have any health conditions or problems? Any mobility issues? I'm in my mid 60's and have arthritis. I find swimming and water exercise the safest and most pleasant exercise for me. For others it is walking; others use the elliptical, other machines, and/or lift weights. I am sure you can find some form(s) of exercise that will be do-able. Kudos for getting back into exercise. It does a body good! Continue Reading


Re: Do you like your Jim Shore pieces?

In For the Home Talk 1413847771.85

Some of the J.S pieces are attractive, but I'm always aware that they are mass-produced imports, not true hand-crafted art pieces. Those angels, Santas, welcome pineapples, and all the rest are churned out in quantity rather than individually made. Check the online descriptions, and you'll see that every piece is marked "made in China" or "imported". Most of them are made of resin that "resembles hardwood" (!) Of course, it's a matter of personal preference, but I'd much prefer to purchase a genuine, unique work of art imagined and made by a skilled craftsman, even if it costs more. Continue Reading


Re: I wish we could have avatars next to our names

In For the Home Talk 1413847119.177

On 10/20/2014 depglass said: I'm going for cool-immature-lady attitude. Might have some merits! Continue Reading


Re: WWYD? remove titanium plate & screws from collarbone or not?

In Health & Fitness 1413846928.61

It seems to me that this is a medical question, specific to your case......not something to decide on the basis of stories and opinions from people who may have had somewhat similar medical experiences. How the bone was broken, how it was repaired, how it has healed, your personal health status, and the probable pros and cons of removing the particular type of hardware you have need to be discussed with your surgeon and considered. What is involved in removing the hardware? Sounds like another surgery. What are the possible downsides? If need be, seek a second opinion from another surgeon... Continue Reading


Re: My daughter is in pain

In Mom to Mom Forum 1413839098.133

Her boss does indeed sound like a moron -- and a cold-hearted one at that! You can certainly pursue action under the disability laws as suggested above, and you probably should. Meanwhile, I hope your daughter will also look for another, more accommodating job. Asperger's and chronic pain are a lot to put up with all at once. My daughter has autoimmune disease that causes chronic joint and muscle pain -- and she works with children and youth on the autism spectrum. Sorry your daughter is having such a difficult time. Hope better times are ahead. Continue Reading


Re: How many eyeshadows do you all NEED ?

In Beauty Banter 1413838310.487

A "standing O"? My gosh, this board is hilarious! Continue Reading


Re: I wish we could have avatars next to our names

In For the Home Talk 1413838136.167

Absolutely, it would be fun. I've used this cartoon several times, just for fun: No, I don't ride a motorcycle in real life, but the pic embodies the cool-mature-lady attitude I often enjoy as I breeze through the boards....... Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1413837442.797

They can't up the price? Of course they can up the price! You don't have to buy it, but they can charge whatever they want. Continue Reading


Re: How many eyeshadows do you all NEED ?

In Beauty Banter 1413823300.04

On 10/20/2014 happy housewife said: On 10/19/2014 GoodStuff said: On 10/18/2014 HappyDaze said: On 10/18/2014 Andreatoo said: On 10/18/2014 GoodStuff said: I like soft and understated, so I wear only soft neutrals -- taupe, fawn, brown, grays. I have one palette with several neutral shades, and that's enough for me. I am not a makeup junkie and can't imagine having drawers-full of expensive "face stuff" stashed away.....unused, drying, crumbling. Just a silly, costly <em>waste.</em> our enjoying our options is much more attractive than your judgemental attitude. oh yes, GoodStuff... Continue Reading


Re: Disgusted with host (Gabriel? on at 9:48 PT or 12:48 ET, Friday Oct. 17th)

In Pet Lovers 1413819152.15

You're obligated to provide good care for a pet -- or to find a suitable home for it if it becomes impossible to keep it. There can be many reasons why it becomes impractical to keep a pet -- family members who develop pet allergies, a pet who doesn't get along with children, changes in your health that make it impossible for you to care for the animal, and more. No one should ever mistreat or neglect an animal -- but acquiring a pet is NOT the same as marriage, for pete's sake! You don't pledge "till death do us part", and sometimes real life issues make it impossible to keep an animal in ... Continue Reading

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