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Re: SCARVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unless I'm going out into freezing weather, I just don't care for big, heavy scarves swaddled around the neck. They look bulky and out of place for everyday wear -- and just plain silly for warm weather. Sometimes the "color accent" is nice, but I can find lighter, less bunglesome ways to add color to my outfits! Continue Reading


Re: Price of master suite addition?

In For the Home Talk 1427902620.68

Of course, it totally depends on the size and scope of the addition, what needs to be done to attach it to the rest of the house, what kinds of finishes, trim, and accessories you include, etc. Your best bet is probably to work with a good designer/architect to plan what you want and then get quotes from two or three good contractors in your area. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Prefer a Classic Wardrobe??

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On 3/31/2015 Kathleen said: No - my style is eclectic. Others have called it artsy, but it really isn't. If I had to put a label, I'd call it "Kathleen." Exactly. Me too! A little of this, a little of that, and a dollop of something else. Continue Reading


Re: Hello my dear friends........I have missed you so.....

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Forrestwolf, I just saw this thread and am sorry you are going through a hard time. Please keep us posted on how you and your father are doing, and prayers and good thoughts will be coming your way! Continue Reading


Re: logo lavish

In Lori Goldstein 1427850383.12

On 3/31/2015 kittymomNC said: I think the embellishments look like they're well done, however, the green and gray color combination just looks odd to me, not to mention the fact that the pointed piece hanging down on the left side hangs longer than on the right side, which makes it look even more odd. I came close to ordering the TSV the other night, until I saw the closeups of the fabric. Didn't like the wrinkled appearance, so I didn't order. Maybe one of these days, I'll take the plunge but not for $100! I liked the top, but I agree that the green colorblocked version isn't my fave. They ... Continue Reading


Re: Up to what age should children (boy and girl siblings) bathe together?

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I see no problem with bathing tiny children (under two, perhaps) together, regardless of gender. Till about three or four, I'd be fine with having same-gender kids share a tub or shower if need be. After that, kids should bathe alone and should be taught appropriate rules of modesty, privacy, and self respect. Obviously, small children should always be supervised by an adult while in the tub or shower. Continue Reading


Re: Prom attire.

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On 3/31/2015 Alsee said: On 3/31/2015 brii said: this is my daughter's prom dress. She looks gorgeous in it. This dress is beautiful but a little "mature" for a prom. Just my feeling. It's a dress for a woman, not a girl. I can honestly say I wouldn't let my daughter wear this but again, that's just me. I'd wear it to a formal event any day. This is an absolutely beautiful and elegant dress. It is also very sophisticated and suggestively bare (or pseudo-bare) and lingerie-like -- not a dress I would consider appropriate for a teenaged girl to wear to a school prom! This is a dress for a 30-... Continue Reading


Re: Prom attire.

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While styles have changed and will change again and again, I can assure you that not all girls wear prom dresses with huge cut-outs that expose large expanses of bare skin. Not all girls want to wear such dresses, and not all parents or all schools permit them. I am not interested in dressing teenage girls for a nunnery, but I'm not in favor of clothing that looks fit for a brothel, either. How much better if girls dress attractively in clothing that doesn't draw attention away from their intelligence, poise, personality, and other gifts and attributes. It's unfortunate when a young girl fe... Continue Reading


Re: logo lavish

In Lori Goldstein 1427831662.003

I really think Lori's items appeal to those with a relaxed, playful sense of fashion.......and that's what I love. If your fashion ideal is limited to what you find from Ann Taylor, Jones New York, and other more traditional/conventional sources, Logo probably isn't for you. Odd person that I am, I can take from all kinds of fashion sources, mix and match, combine, play with it in different ways, and enjoy it all. I really like Lori's creative, "permission to play" philosophy and find her shows and fashion items fun and refreshing. I don't like every single item or every single layered l... Continue Reading


Re: 60 and getting married in May

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Blessings and best wishes to you and your fiance. You have plenty of time to try hairdos, makeup, etc. before the wedding. If I were you, I wouldn't worry too much about tanning vs. airbrushing. Maybe you can get a little sun now and see if you're happy with a little color in your skin. You probably don't want a deep tan, but I personally would tend towards a naturally "sunkissed" look. Your dress sounds lovely, and I'm sure you will be a beautiful bride. All happiness to you. Continue Reading

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