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Re: Help with vertical lip lines

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If the lines are very deep and noticeable, I'd recommend you see a dermatologist. It may be that nonsurgical treatments like lasers or fillers can be helpful. Continue Reading


Re: What cleanser product/brand do you use to wash latix painted walls in your home?

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Washing walls? Nope -- except for occasionally tackling areas that attract fingerprints and smudges (like around light switches and doorknobs), walls get refreshed only when we get around to painting. I've never routinely washed walls in my life! Continue Reading


Re: Misc. don't know where to put this discussion. What do you do with crafts you create?

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Have you considered finding a craft you can do for charity -- something that will be useful and beneficial to people in need? I know of groups that make quilts or knit coverlets for people in hospitals and nursing homes, groups that knit caps and layettes for newborns, make jewelry to sell in charity fundraiser stores, etc. Check with local churches and charities to see what opportunities may exist in your area. In addition to making useful items, you'll meet some new friends through the craft groups. Continue Reading


Re: What/How do you do to encourage drinking more water?

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I love sparkling water over ice with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime. You can also buy sparkling water with natural flavors added like orange, cranberry, grapefruit, raspberry, etc. No sweeteners or chemicals -- just refreshing fizzy water with a little fruit juice. It's my beverage of choice most of the time. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone see this?

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Idiotic........and soon to be forgotten. Not worth a moment's thought. Continue Reading


Re: Why you should quit drinking diet soda

In Health & Fitness 1422654770.327

"Downing two or more cans a day increased waistlines by 500%" ??!!? Just stop and think about that a minute. A 500% increase in waist size would mean a 30" waist would go up to 150". I don't think so. I drink sodas, including diet sodas, only occasionally, and I don't know where OP's article came from.........but some of it just ain't right. Continue Reading


Re: Bruce Jenner will soon have a special about how he is changing

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The entire family is a media circus. Intentionally, exaggeratedly, for a living. Pathetic. Continue Reading


Re: My mother

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I am so sorry. God's blessings, peace, and healing to you and your family. Continue Reading


Re: Still packing up Christmas, need a little boost!

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Our outdoor Christmas decor consists of a very nice artificial door wreath (which goes on the same nail I hang my "regular" door decor on) and battery-operated clear candles in our front windows. Takes about 10 minutes to get them out of our storage room and put them in place every year. No ladders, no hooks, no reaching and hanging. And goes with the simple style of our rocking chair front porch Southern home. We've downsized to a small (real) tabletop tree decorated with small clear white lights and a selection of favorite Christmas ornaments. It goes on a tall stool covered with a green ta... Continue Reading


Re: What Would You Do and What Would You Say?

In Among Friends 1422584503.997

On 1/29/2015 pinkwblingplz said: It's kinda sad because even though everyone has jumped to say... it isn't grandmas job to pay for a luncheon!.... nobody has pointed out that wedding planning doesn't typically involve the grandparents to begin with. If they approached you to *help* with the luncheon, is it possible they realized they hadn't given you any role and want to make sure you feel included? I mean I could be wrong and maybe they ARE money grubbing scumbags but I'm not really understanding why you feel so put out. If they've done this kind of thing before... like if there's some hist... Continue Reading

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