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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Cookie--hugs---hoping the house zips by so you can not have to deal with the folks looking!! B: Blender C: Next Continue Reading



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My Dad passed on Easter Saturday. We spent Easter making his arrangements. His services were on Tuesday----walked into the church to see it bedecked with the Easter Lillies---thus Easter is always a time for reflection for me. (even though the date is not the same I consider Easter as his passing). Had to take my PC back in this morning. Of course it doesn't act up there!!! Then I had an issue with my phone---I am not getting along with technology!. I know a lady who had such severe issues from wearing heels and pointed shoes that last year she had to have a toe amputated. She ... Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time - Friday

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Welcome Shasussie: Hope you join us! Always love to hear from new posters. Peonies--well I can tell you live in another area of the country. I agree with LindaL about the pet store groomers. I went into the pet store and the gals looked to be about 18---not sure how much experience they have. My groomer has something like 35 years experience. Scarlet is so tiny it would be easy to cut too deep--I wouldn't even attempt it. Had some computer troubles today also. Couldn't sign on--couldn't log out---took the PC in and a fella helped me out---I have an issue with my phone---and went ... Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Super grandma!!!!! ! P: pancakes Q: nexto Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time - Friday

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Good afternoon. I agree this year is flying. I pay 14 for nails at the vet. If I go to the groomer she bathes them also so it is more. I do tip her because I really like her. So nine is fair in my opinion. I saw some gorgeous roses blooming in town. Also saw some beautiful iris. Not much going on. Continue Reading


Re: UPS tracking says, "We'll be out in your area and will deliver your Smartpost package instead of the Post Office!"

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I got this message from an Amazon order. UPS is up and down my street dailyl. Continue Reading



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Oh I know the TSV was flying at the door--but it was not my style at all. If you love it enjoy---I am like you---don't like really tight---and patterned bottoms in pants just draw attention--in my opinion. I see some of the fashion shows with the super slim models and the tight pants/leggings just cling---no thanks---no one wants to see---and I don't want to be that uncomfortable. You have had the weather---snowing heavily---but at least it wasn't sticking. I know you are ready for warm and sunny. Hope you get a good report---for me waiting is difficult. Always a big relief when all... Continue Reading



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Oh Fran---a new puppy!!! I have a crew of rescues---love them all. Fred was a rescue dog. Quite by divine hand I adopted a little rescue gal two years ago. Shelter was bursting at the seams and I knew there was a lot of interest in this gal. The others I was interested in didn't pan out (too much interest or one that had already bonded with another lady) Three days later I got a call was I interested---well I was on my way home--turned the other direction to the shelter---met this feisty little gal. She needed to be spay---made the arrangements. She was about six months when I got he... Continue Reading



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Oh Fred would not come into the bedroom for weeks. He would peek around the corner and then leave. I would carry him with me then he was ok. Oh I have heard of Weatherford but not sure if I have ever been through that area. Good night--hope you get some rest. Continue Reading



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Yes, the evenings/nights are hard. When I lost my DH I was still working. But coming home to an empty house was hard. Well, I had our beloved dogs----his little dog Fred grieved so when he passed it was heartbreaking. I feared he would pass from a broken heart. He is still with me today. Somedays we just sit and think back. It took a long time before I would remember he wouldn't be there to share a bit of news. I know that this is common with new widows or those who suffered loss. I met a lady who lost her adult son. She told me it was a very long time before she could enter her chur... Continue Reading

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