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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT - Thursday

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Twinny: So sorry for your doctor's results. It is so tough to deal wiith medical issues sometimes. What a bunch of items you were able to get---wow--how nice. I went to pay my taxes. Thought I would just use my debit card. Fortunately I had grabbed my checkbook as the lady told me there was a fee of $3 per $100!!!! I thought no way Jose! So I wrote checks to pay taxes and vehicle registration. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT---Wednesday

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The house I grew up in is gone and was replaced by a McMansion also. A few houses on my block are still the same--not sure how they escaped the developer---or if the bottom fell out of the market. I know the house had been for sale a few times. Continue Reading


Shopaholics ODAT---Wednesday

Last Reply by twinny2 1418857671.96 | Started by kittyfan in Fashion Talk

Boy this week is zipping along. LindaL: What lovely pictures you posted on FB---what a lovely group!. Kathleen: I saw yesterday you were making a "flying" trip---Sometimes you have to interview for "less than desirable" to know "desirable"!! Hope it went well. I made a trip to the city yesterday---traffic was so bad coming home I took a detour past my old neighborhood. Oh my goodness---how things are building up!! It has been more than 20 years since I moved from there---and have been back that way a few times but not for a few years. I have seen the mud reports from CA---don't... Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Oh Cookie what a fabulous gesture---your family has been covered in so much love!!!! M: Money---wish I had bunches so I could be secret santa and pay off all the toys on layaway!!! N: Next Food Network had the Baking Championship. They often rerun the programs so you might happen across them.. I watched the Master Chef kids last night---I was rooting for the kid that won---I thought the other one was a bit "cocky"!!! What incredible talents those kids are. Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Oh LOL---I volunteer at a thrift shop. We got a salad spinner come in to donations. None of the other ladies knew what it was!. I knew immediately. T: Tomatoes---for the salad. U. Next Continue Reading


Re: Sopaholics ODAT---Monday

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Oh getting home and relaxing can do wonders. A good cup of coffee always sounds good to me. Continue Reading


Sopaholics ODAT---Monday

Last Reply by twinny2 1418695033.35 | Started by kittyfan in Fashion Talk

Good afternoon all. LindaL: Hope you had an uneventful trip home. Kathleen: Oh the carriage rides---What fun. I don't know a lot to report. Yesterday after church I swung by the PO to mail some items. As I was pulling into the drive by the mailboxes I saw an employee loading up a truck with items for delivery. I know that the PO runs seven days a week---but Sunday mail/pkg delivery!. I know when there was talk of no Saturday delivery!. Spent some time this AM resolving insurance issue. Glad I have it--and hopefully I got it straight as I don't relish paying the charges. Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Opps missed the "N" I watched the Holiday Baking Championship. It was an increidble display---I wanted the fella to win---as his was tasty. Didn't quite understand "Duff" saying he would rather have cardboard then tasty!!!! Or something to that effect. R: Revelry!!!! Okay not a cooking term---need a little in our lives. S: Next Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Good morning--afternoon Cookie how lovely for your family to be surrounded with so much love. O: Onion P: Next Continue Reading


Re: Funerals...

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Oh I so agree. My DH was USAF retired and a Viet Nam Vet. He refused to discuss his wishes with me--but I chose to bury him in a military cemetary---it was beautiful. The honor guard, the presentation of the flag. The playing of taps and the volley. Mustangchar---you stepped up for your daughter--you are a loving Mom. Continue Reading

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