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Re: Shopaholics ODAT--Saturday, April 25

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Oh I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Know he had a wonderful life filled with love. I will send you a FB request----having computer issues today!. Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Oh Kimchi---is I believe Korean. It is fermented cabbage. Very spicy and fragrant. I believe the authentic way is to bury it in the ground---No thanks. Oh I see that the gremlins are active again--sigh. I saw that FHG's wayward child was brought home by a neighbor. Very unsettling to not now. S: Sauce T: Next Continue Reading


Shopaholics ODAT--Saturday, April 25

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Oh my--I see the gremlins are back messing with the boards. This is the real deal. Woke up to thunder boomers and rain---the sun is out now. LindaL: Hope your visitor had a wonderful time. She looks very tall---I'm thinking that your DH is tall!. Kathleen: Oh what a whirlwind. Graduation and a bit of time with family and friends and at the airport at 3:00 a.m!!!! I'm sure by now she has landed and the next portion of her journey begins! Continue Reading


Shopaholics ODAT--TGIF

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Boy this week has zipped by. Friday already. Had some heavy rains in my area---woke up to thunder and lightening. Not much rain---but the next town over had over four inches in two hours. Flooding in areas. I learned from "old timers" that some of the area is in a flood plain--and thus when it rains hard the flooding. I see that Kathleen and Steve had done graduation----Congratulations are in order to the new Navy gal and her proud parents. LindaL: Enjoy your visit with your DD! No shopping on my radar---no need/interest in a handbag---just need to continue my downsizing. Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Oh happy birthday wishes to all the birthday boys!!!! I can't believe it is Friday---boy this week has zoomed by. K: Kimchi-----not sure if spelled it right---wouldn't even think of trying it. L: Next Continue Reading


Re: SHOPAHOLICS: One Day at a Time (Thursday. 4/23)

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Good afternoon ladies: LindaL: Enjoy your visitor---I am sure your DH will be happy to see her. Oh I know your cactus is beautiful. I remember the beauty of the desert cactus when I visited that area. Yesterday I went to the services for my "pew sister's" son. I got there more than an hour early and it was already filling up. Found a seat on the back row and then another church friend slipped in beside me. The son had two HS age children. The son was a SR and had played football---so many of the guys arrived in their jerseys. I never saw so many LBD's in one place!!! Almost each o... Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Good Morning/afternoon ladies. Yesterday was HUMID---thought it would rain but none---tomorrow is in the forecast. C: Chocolate cake D: Next I also miss Kathy---always enjoyed her recipies. Continue Reading



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Oh my. Surgery!!! Oh new furry kids. Good luck with your new family members. Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Oh great minds on the same path!!! F: Fanfare---got to have some now and then. G: next Continue Reading



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Safe travels to the ladies who have trips planned. LindaL: Oh funny that the ride share was going thrift shopping!!. Hope you DGS has success finding a job that works with this schedule. That was quite a surprise, I am sure, to be dismissed after one day!. Continue Reading

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