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Re: Shopaholicsm ODAT - Wednesday

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Kathleen: Fabulous news from the doctor--glad he is doing so well. Hot and hotter here. But is is the end of July. I am not sure where this month has gone. Continue Reading



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LindaL: Glad to hear you are feeling better. Your lunch menu sounds tasty---I would enjoy a salad bar also. Kathleen: Cute purse---I know how much you agonize trying to find "the right" bag!. Jean: Nice you were able to get an apt and get some needed grocery items. Twinny: Interesting about the storm chaser---not sure that I would enjoy that I would rather be safely tucked in my home!. Continue Reading



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Fruit salad is always a hit---I can think of some other go to dishes that I use but they probably do better with some refrigeration--and just get out for service. Main dishes are usually a bit tougher. In my area people think they need to have MEAT!. I can do without it and just enjoy lovely vegetables or fruit. A condiment platter is usually always a hit also. Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Great Minds---that says it all doesn't it!!!! M: M & M's N: next Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Yes rodeos are sill very popular in this part of the world. I know a gal whose daughter barrel races. They are gone EVERY weekend---sometimes hours away to chase for a buckle. K: Kitchen L: Next Continue Reading


Re: Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates for 7/20/2014!!!

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Oh I wondered about that also. She really is my least favorite---and that says a lot as I don't really care for any of them. Continue Reading


Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Bigkat---Hope you will be enjoying some fun times. G: Grapenuts---on the cereal track. H.: Next Continue Reading



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Phulphy: Yes, my dear lady--some days are harder than others. It does get easier with time. also have found comfort in turning it over to the Lord and trusting him to guide me. Bobbiesue: You continue to get in my prayers. Continue Reading


Re: Shopaholics ODAT - Sunday

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I enjoy Anthony---I don't agree with all his styles but years ago I had a dress of his that I loved. In the early days his Mom and Sister would be among the models. I don't know if his Mom is still living but he does speak lovingly of his family, Arlene: Oh a purple sweater in her size---great find. Years ago a Mom cat brought her kitties to our house and put them on the ledge outside the bedroom window. The owners didnt care so Mom was spay and stayed with us. Two orange kittlies got homes---the black kitty no one wanted so she was with us for 18 years. Her name was "Flash". I tho... Continue Reading

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