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Re: Y&R Rumors for February Sweeps

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How old is Ashley now, 50+ and pregnant! With all the birth control now days no one should get pregnant. Chloe recast, no thanks. Glad to see Kelly go & Phyllis is a wreck. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ January Thread

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Donna Mills is still a beautiful lady. I love the way the gals all go to bed & wake up with a full face of makeup. Especially Lulu & Maxie. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone remember Judy Crowell & Kathy Levine?

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I enjoyed watching Kathy with Jeff Hewson. Never did care for Judy. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa at Bergdorfs?

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I don't follow any hosts on FB. Continue Reading


Re: Harper's Bazaar "Seven Must-Have Beauty Products"

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Who decides these are the "must haves"? Continue Reading


Re: Flakey mascara......

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I got a travel size of Tarte in my Ipsy bag last month & it flakes terribly. Glad I didn't waste money on it. Back to my Maybelline in the pink & green tube. Continue Reading



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I admit I got suckered into the Skinn craze. Now I have kits that can't be returned so they will be taken apart & put on the bay. I have skin rejen serums, dermapeel, crème reverse, am & pm cleansers, orchid gel & misc. I am just looking to recoup my losses. Hope to get them up this week. Continue Reading


Re: Andrew Lessman TS 1-25

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So tired of him. Wasn't he just on with a TS last week. I get my vitamins at Costco for way less. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Is In 100 Million Homes

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Glad to know your counting. I think it means that 100 million people are capable of watching at one time or another because of subscription. Continue Reading

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