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Re: Buffalo. NY Posters.......

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On 11/20/2014 ShowMe said: On 11/20/2014 sidsmom said: 4:06CST update: Buffalo Bills playing in Detroit on Monday And pray tell how are the fans supposed to get there and where will they park their cars if they can get them there?????? Getting to a game should be the least of their worries! Continue Reading


Re: Who's getting Josie's TSV?

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Too much money for something I'd probably send back. Continue Reading


Re: Wen shirts?

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Free advertising for him. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Salia

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He was too far advanced to be saved. Continue Reading


Re: Mama June

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A liar. Continue Reading


Re: Charles Manson

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He is really the slime of the earth. Wonder if they get secks visits. In the late 90's Debra Tate was a neighbor of mine living in seclusion on an abandoned Arabian horse ranch in rural Riverside county. She was beginning to write a book on her sister. Continue Reading


Re: Today's Special Value (11/15)

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The TSV price is way to high. Should be $189-$199. Continue Reading


Re: Dooney&Bourke

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On 11/15/2014 straitgirl said: The square logo is not classic, the hanging solid brass hanging was. I think you mean the duck? Continue Reading

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