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Re: what i experienced with skinn cosmetics reviews

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I once purchased the set of 3 felt tip liners from Skinn. I should have known better because the ones he always used were dry. Well two out of three were dry. I wrote a review & it was rejected. I posted on his FB page & it was deleted. I returned them but had to pay postage both ways. Reviews are like phone calls, they only use the raves. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: They're BAAAACK....

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Remembering the year Jane suggested the parents get together & give the teacher a D&B. LOL. She got so much backlash they've gone to flashlights. Continue Reading


Re: Need advice for eyebrows.

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From over plucking in the 60's & beyond my brows are sparse. I have a friend who had hers done with tattoo. They look wonderful, but I can't justify the cost, plus I am scared of the needles & the pain. I can't find a product I am happy with either. Pencils are harsh & I have trouble with the arch on one brow. It takes me forever in the mornings for my brows. Continue Reading


Re: I am so sick of being insulted!

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Some people have too much time on their hands & watch too much tv. Some just want something to post about. Continue Reading


Re: Why does Judge Judy yell and be rude?

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Judge Judy is the only judge I watch. The others try to copy her, but I find their shows boring. She is one smart lady & doesn't take nonsense from anyone. Continue Reading


Re: Michigan Officer Pulls Over Mom, Takes Her To Walmart

In Viewpoints 1412779612.403

Obviously this woman has been driving without a car seat for her daughter for a long time. One hair & nail appointment would have paid for one. Kudos to that officer. Continue Reading


Re: Yummie by Heather Thomson

In Beauty Banter 1412607605.427

These pants roll at the waist unless you look like the model in the picture. Also the crotch does tend to sag. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ October Thread

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On 10/3/2014 corita said: On 10/3/2014 grandma r said: They can recast Jason, but, they sure can't replace Steve Burton's piercing blue eyes. Those eyes are hard to forget...almost like blue ice!! Steve Burton may have pretty eyes, but he is a boring actor. Billy Miller is devine & will make the role his own. Continue Reading


Re: Mid-length Skirted Leggings

In Fashion Talk 1412522041.217

They looked silly to me, like something a pre-teen girl would wear. Sorry. Continue Reading

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