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Re: # 17 speaks out...

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Juror #17 had a grudge against Juan for prosecuting her ex & hubby. I wish Jodi was sitting in solitary confinement on death row, but I have moved past her. She is a waste of a human. Continue Reading


Re: So I emailed the Q a suggestion.

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You can buy any of the makeup brands elsewhere online. It's not like they are obsolete. Continue Reading


Re: Ipsy Beauty Bags - Just got a really nice one!

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My March Ipsy bag included a Chella highlighter stick, Skyn eye gel pads, Petra mineral duo, Acure day cream & NYX lip butter. The bag is a cute floral. I love the surprises each month & what can you buy on the shopping channels for $10. My favorite product so far as been the Bye Bye Undereye from Benefit. The tube is trial size, but will last me a long time because you use so little. I have never received anything in a bright color. Continue Reading


Re: Arthritis in Finger

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I crochet to keep movement & take Naproxen. Continue Reading


Re: Joy Mangano TS air purifier?

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Junk. Those forever fragrant sticks were the worst item I ever purchased and the little steamer next. I doubt this product is any better. Continue Reading


Re: Kelly Osbourne Quits Fashion Police

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On 2/27/2015 ROMARY 1 said: I thought that Zenday's hair was a work of art. I'd probably continue wearing it that way, if at all possible. Maybe a less intricate and less time consuming style with the same overall look. My guess is that it probably took hours/days to create the style. A work of art! Zendaya is beautiful & that hair overwhelmed her. Continue Reading


Re: Kelly Osbourne Quits Fashion Police

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What is Kelly's claim to fame anyway. Even worse, it's rumored Nene Leakes is taking her place. Ugh! Continue Reading


Re: When you color your hair at home is it dirty, clean, product, no product?

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I wash my hair, wait two days, then color. I wait two more days before shampooing again. It should be product free when coloring. Continue Reading


Re: Found Most Gorgeous Lipstick in My Stash!!!

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I need to throw my stash out so much of it unused. I have been wearing Benefit Sugar Bomb for 6 months, but received a Cargo lip gloss in my Ipsy kit this month. It is so nice, not sticky and lasts. Continue Reading

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