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Re: I Don't Know If I Can Ask This, But....

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Bare & clean. I am in California & chrystaltree is right, the girls start young. And, my man loves it. I have read that the numbers are as high as 60-80% that shave. I think the other 20-40% must be over 50. Continue Reading


Re: George Strait fans......

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He's on just about all day & evening on Directv. His concert & Pure Country alternate all day. Yum!! I still have the crew jacket my ex was given when he drove one of his rigs to the east coast. Continue Reading


Re: L. Robertson

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On 8/24/2014 pommom said: Frankly, the whole bucket of ice thing is so unnecessary. No connection to ALS at all. No connection except it's raised over $70 MILLION as compared to $2 million only donated last year. That's the connection. What an idiotic statement. Continue Reading


Re: NOEL--- You Okay?....You Must Have Felt The Quake

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I have relatives just north of Sacramento & in Redwood City too that felt it. Continue Reading


Re: Recent Temp-tations Post

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It was removed because they want to continue selling them, duh. Continue Reading


Re: Jill Duggard (Of 19 Kids and Counting Is Pregnant)

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I think it's great news, and she IS married. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R GC is a Buzz with Various Reunions...

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Just google, it's all on the internet. Continue Reading


Re: Serta TSV for Sunday

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I have a Serta from a year ago. Would recommend & their delivery is awesome. Continue Reading


Re: Iman had surgey??

In Fashion Talk 1408897934.557

I would say that's her business. Continue Reading

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