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Re: Muffin top on over 50 in shape gal!!

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I started walking 2-3 miles a day briskly. After 3 weeks the inches started dropping from my waist. First thing that has ever worked on my waistline. I went from 33 to 31". Continue Reading


Re: Spin to win on HSN. I won $25 GIFT card!!

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First I've heard anyone winning anything. Congrats! Continue Reading


Re: o/t the bachelorette?????

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Nick was probably a dud in the sack. Continue Reading


Re: The Bachelorette/After the Rose Discussion - Possible Spoiler

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Maybe Nick was no good in the sack. Josh's comment was no better, they must make like rabbits. Continue Reading


Re: Host Bobbie on HSN

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Wondering if there is a Mr. gazelle. She knows everything about hosts, products and tv shows and posts negatives about them all constantly. Don't see she has time for anything else. Continue Reading


Re: John Walsh Does It Again

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I admire John Walsh. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney Getting Married

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Courtney is cute as a button & will be a darling bride. I wish her the best. Continue Reading


Re: The Bachelorette/After the Rose Discussion - Possible Spoiler

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Josh was perfect. He's from Atlanta, so Andi won't need to move. He's an ex-athlete, her cup of tea and good looking. There is already buzz he's been seeing his ex. I wonder if she'll keep her job as Asst Dist Attorney after this airing. Celeb Laundry reported weeks ago she had slept with both, she confirmed it, so why such a shock. I was delighted to see Drew return last night. Chris's face when the host was talking about the new bachelor gave it away I think. I also noticed he is not on that new show Paradise. Continue Reading


Re: SKINN Intellitint CC Cream

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Gee, I really like it. Mine is a nice consistency, definitely not like water. I hate thick goopy foundations. I apply mine over sunscreen lotion. I don't require much coverage so it works for me. The other foundation I like from Skinn is the cotton minerals. It's flawless & has no talc. On the Skinn website it describes the Intellitint as a SHEER, LIGHT FORMULA WITH A HINT OF COLOR which is what it is. Continue Reading


Re: What did everyone get from Skinn this weekend?

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On 7/28/2014 Minneygirl said: This is my first time ordering SKINN...I ordered both TTVs and then went a little wild and bought some other kits on sale....rationalized that with a lot of different products I will be able to evaluate SKINN fairly. LOL. I'm tired of spending a fortune on creams and potions with little effect, and so many women love SKINN. I'm excited to try it. And the shipping was free, I used my new shopHQ card. Lately I've really hated paying so much shipping! I have never used my ShopHQ card because their interest is 26.99%. Continue Reading

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