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Re: Pamela Anderson removing tattoo

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There is a current picture of her in one of my Kindle magazines. She has a short haircut, little makeup and looks beautiful & natural. I wish my skin aged like hers is. Continue Reading


Re: Would you do something nice if it might make the person feel bad?

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What a nice gesture. I would send a gift if I wanted to. Everyone cannot be invited to a party, especially if your not close to them. Continue Reading


Re: Flight 370

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The plane crashed either on land or sea, and the sea is huge. I don't think they will find it for years. They did not say the co-pilot was trying to call anyone, just that it came in contact with a tower. I don't think the pilots had anything to do with it. Continue Reading


Re: Who never posts anything personal?

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I have, but never with any detail. I don't even tell my family details of my personal life. Continue Reading


Re: Make your own Solid Perfume

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A good quality essential perfume oil is not cheap, and it is too much fuss for me. Continue Reading


Re: Duchess Might Be Pregnant!

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Why do people think it's their business when couples have children. They have said they want to have their children close in age. Continue Reading


Re: I Have a Crush on Nick Chavez

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He lives with a partner ladies. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Discussion

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I don't think Leslie got married, I think she's pregnant & will disappear probably for years. I can't believe women get pregnant at the drop of a hat nowadays. They sleep around, they should know how to not get pregnant. Continue Reading

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