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Re: When you color your hair at home is it dirty, clean, product, no product?

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I wash my hair, wait two days, then color. I wait two more days before shampooing again. It should be product free when coloring. Continue Reading


Re: Found Most Gorgeous Lipstick in My Stash!!!

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I need to throw my stash out so much of it unused. I have been wearing Benefit Sugar Bomb for 6 months, but received a Cargo lip gloss in my Ipsy kit this month. It is so nice, not sticky and lasts. Continue Reading


Re: Kendall Jenner

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I think Kendall is the prettiest of the bunch. They all inherited good genes and North West will be a looker too. Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Police Future?

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Fashion Police died when Joan did. Continue Reading


Re: Kelly threatened to quit Fashion Police...

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Why is Kelly a celebrity. No talent, fat and lives off her dad's name. No one will miss her. Zenday is lovely, talented and around 20. Kelly is 30ish, and a known druggie. I doubt they are close friends. Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Police????

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What's a Rastafarian? Continue Reading


Re: Guilliana's recent comment

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Omg, why start another thread on this. Continue Reading


Re: Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, confusing!

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Skimming the comments everyone heard & read what they wanted to into it. Continue Reading


Re: Question Re Shopping With HSN

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Korres, Wolfgang Puck. Continue Reading

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