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Watching HSN Too Faced...no Toxins in products???? Not

Last Reply by suzyQ3 1422579236.887 | Started by giorgcoco in Beauty Banter

How do most of the Beauty Lines get away with bragging about all of the ingredients are so great.... Antioxidants...Coco Powder etc...when their products are loaded with Toxins etc??? Continue Reading


Re: Reviews on Haan Steamer.....

In For the Home Talk 1422395487.587

Thanks Glmama! Sounds like you get a lot of use out of it. Thanks for helping me decided. I think I will get it! Continue Reading


Reviews on Haan Steamer.....

Last Reply by Abrowneyegirl 1422492197.423 | Started by giorgcoco in For the Home Talk

I am thinking about purchasing the Haan Steamer......the reviews are very mixed. I would really appreciate any reviews if you have a Haan steamer. TIA Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone else bothered by how much food gets wasted during demos?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422252061.95

I do wonder about all the food they waste. Africa ???? What about our beautiful country of USA!!!!!!!??????? Kids and animals starving, very sad. David V. Maybe you can do something about this problem? Continue Reading


Re: Logo Hooded Sweatshirt Jacket I receive should of "As Is"

In Fashion Talk 1421966624.607

CS advised me to send it back....they said for the amount of money for that item. $$$$ it's not worth the bother to try and wash someone's disgusting perfume out of it. Maybe it would not even come out. I don't think I will be buying clothing from QVC again. Continue Reading


Re: I received my It! Cosmetics TSV today - woop!

In Beauty Banter 1421903778.53

Just be careful ladies with the SNAIL SECRETION.....I had a sample,of the IT CC 50 SPF...LOVED it until someone wrote a review about the Snail Secretion....2nd ingredient. yuck!! I don't want snail anything around my face. Sorry. Continue Reading


Logo Hooded Sweatshirt Jacket I receive should of "As Is"

Last Reply by kimsu1 1422065839.69 | Started by giorgcoco in Fashion Talk

Today I received Logo Sweatshirt Hooded Jacket. I took it out of the plastic and it was doused with cheap Perfume! I called CS they said to return it.....there are no more in my size/color I want. I asked for a deduction, first CS said we give you $ 10.00 Gift Card and wave shipping if I want to keep it. I thought about it, called back again and CS said just send it back, they not do anything for me. I said this should have been in the "AS IS" section! I call back tomorrow and see what the 3rd CS has to say. I like the jacket, I guess I wold have to wash it anyways....it's allot of money to s... Continue Reading


Re: The Story, Lisa

In Fashion Talk 1421737369.83

Looks like Lisa is Enjoying her life for a while. She worked hard, probably paid for her home, $$$$ in the bank. Now she can sit back and watch the other Host start pushing the envelopes. I think she got tired of selling items she just wasn't into. Continue Reading


Please explain Josie's Milk.....Argan Oil and Water make Milk??

Last Reply by champagnepoodle 1421605428.433 | Started by giorgcoco in Beauty Banter

I'm questioning Josie's Argan Milk......I want to purchase, but she says it's only Aragn oil and Water with no chemicals turns into Milk?.....the list of ingredients go on forever. How do they get away with saying things that are not the true facts? I love Josie's products, I'm just wondering. Sephora gives the True facts. Continue Reading


Re: Josie SPF 47 Argan Daily Moisturizer

In Beauty Banter 1421597910.073

I love a lot of Josie's products. I have noticed they seem to get rancid....QVC had a great kit that including Argan Oil, the Milk, Cleanser, SPF 45 and color tube....$72.00...on the "Beauty Event" they pulled it! BTW Beauty Event was not an event! Continue Reading

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