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Re: That Bethanie Lori!

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I really like Bethany too....today I couldn't believe it...on Shawn's Accessorize, Shawn gave Bethany a Push! I know it was a joke...but come on Shawn, she's pregnant! Continue Reading


Re: Alberti says he has 4 bathrooms in his house!!

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Love Alberti....now I know where all my shipping fees are going to....Alberti's Bathrooms! Heehee Continue Reading


Love it or return it???? $13.00 to try something? ridiculous!!!!!

Last Reply by snoops 1429809686.843 | Started by giorgcoco in Fashion Talk

I am over the QVC "Love It Or Return It".... Do the "Host" pay $$$$$ to send something back. Even if you don't use "their " label it is tooo costly to see if something works for you. Q rocks the beauty but the clothing is for the birds!!!! Half the time when I get something home I would have NEVER purchased it in a department store! Just venting. Continue Reading


Re: It Cosmetics Build a Brow, Waterproof....love your reviews please....

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Thanks everyone for your reviews....I so appreciate it! :)) Continue Reading


It Cosmetics Build a Brow, Waterproof....love your reviews please....

Last Reply by LuluCCS 1429582020.137 | Started by giorgcoco in Beauty Banter

I was interested in It Cosmetics "New" Brow Power Waterproof...Brush with the gel pod. I would love to get your reviews. The reviews seem good or bad....mixed votes. TIA :) Continue Reading


Re: beauty with benefits question

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I get tired of all the Fundraising!!!! I would like to see where the "Benefits" really go. I suggest giving Cancer Patients Beauty products to enjoy! All this Hogwash about Careers and Cancer!!!! Coming from experience, very few Cancer patients are able to "work" let alone hold a career and Battle Cancer. It's tough! Continue Reading


I would love your reviews on Philosophy's Renewed hope in a jar....

Started by giorgcoco in Beauty Banter 1428348224.617

I was thinking about getting this new Renewed Hope in a jar??? your reviews will appreciated. TIA :) Continue Reading


Beauty BORING...I think QVC needs to hire......

Last Reply by NJ4Jays 1427624187.707 | Started by giorgcoco in Suggestion Box

I'm suggesting QVC you need to hire some real stylish people! Nothing against some of the Host, they are nice people. I think it's time for new things! Maybe hire 5 more Jill Martins....she's a "Real Stylist", love her enthusiasm on Fashion. How about Jillian Barberie very stylish and fun to watch. I don't have the interest in any of the shows...they are repeated BORING. Continue Reading


Re: New GILI designer

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Jill Martin is tooooooo much! Someone should remind her she's not on the Today show.....slow down. TOO BOSSY! Continue Reading


Re: My new favorite Brand ...Honest! Fabulous!

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I'm happy so many of you have tried or are interested in Honest! Today I used the hand sanitizer....and I was in a store thinking what smelled so good....it was the hand sanitizer..funny. Target and Nordstrom also the Honest Website for those of interested in trying. I highly recommend!!!!!! Continue Reading

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