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Re: Is this the JR bracelet that Shawn wears all the time?

In Jewelry Talk 1424910190.813

Yes this is the bracelet. A few months back there was a stone missing and she didn't wear it for a while, now I see her wearing it again. It's a lot of $$$$$$for stones to fall out. Pretty bracelet though. Continue Reading


Would love your reviews on Algenist Concentrated Serum?

Last Reply by Nadine 1424536261.67 | Started by giorgcoco in Beauty Banter

I was thinking about starting to use the Algenist line. I an curious about the Concentrated Serum and the Genius Utimate Anti-Aging Cream? Dose it work....less lines etc. TIA Continue Reading


Re: No easy pay on Tarte TSV?.?

In Beauty Banter 1423845931.137

Good luck Tarte and QVC with selling TSV.....no easy pay makes their selling pitch much harder!!!!! Ridiculous! Who decides on the Easy Pay????? Maybe ask the consumers!!!!! Continue Reading


QVC.....offer more EASY PAYS!!!!!

Last Reply by stevieb 1423763095.68 | Started by giorgcoco in Suggestion Box

I would like to suggest on Beauty Events and Fashion Events offer more Easy Pays! Thanks to Shawn K for asking the Shoppers if they used the Easy Pay. Seems like the only items on Easy Pay are items over $200.00. Take a look at HSN....FREE shipping and always on flex pays. Continue Reading


HSN..Korres any suggestions on your favorite scent?

Last Reply by maestra 1423171682.797 | Started by giorgcoco in Beauty Banter

I have the Bergamot Pear, love it. Don't like Vanilla Guava, smells like Chemicals. Any recommendations on you favorite Scent. The scents I have tried are not in the TS. The lotion really works! Continue Reading


Re: Argan oil to treat rashes/irritation

In Beauty Banter 1422830782.717

YES! I have areas that I have used prescribe prednisone....comes back....I started using Argan oil and WOW, it works. I apply right after the shower when skin is still damp. Highly recommend. Continue Reading


Watching HSN Too Faced...no Toxins in products???? Not

Last Reply by LipstickDiva 1422630884.67 | Started by giorgcoco in Beauty Banter

How do most of the Beauty Lines get away with bragging about all of the ingredients are so great.... Antioxidants...Coco Powder etc...when their products are loaded with Toxins etc??? Continue Reading


Re: Reviews on Haan Steamer.....

In For the Home Talk 1422395487.587

Thanks Glmama! Sounds like you get a lot of use out of it. Thanks for helping me decided. I think I will get it! Continue Reading


Reviews on Haan Steamer.....

Last Reply by Abrowneyegirl 1422492197.423 | Started by giorgcoco in For the Home Talk

I am thinking about purchasing the Haan Steamer......the reviews are very mixed. I would really appreciate any reviews if you have a Haan steamer. TIA Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone else bothered by how much food gets wasted during demos?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422252061.95

I do wonder about all the food they waste. Africa ???? What about our beautiful country of USA!!!!!!!??????? Kids and animals starving, very sad. David V. Maybe you can do something about this problem? Continue Reading

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