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It Cosmetics....made in Korea?

Last Reply by Nascardiva 1394466914.807 | Started by giorgcoco in TSV Talk

Wanted to know info about It Cosmetics......ingredients....read they were not paraben free??? Also, it says product info...made in Korea? Continue Reading


Josie Maran milk HOT PICK...NO EASY PAY !!!!!!

Last Reply by stevieb 1393241775.05 | Started by giorgcoco in Suggestion Box

Really disappointed to know Josie's "Hot Pick" milk NOT on EASY PAY....GET WITH IT QVC!!!!! Continue Reading


What is the Tarte TSV for Feb. 4th?

Last Reply by doglover3 1391561364.117 | Started by giorgcoco in TSV Talk

Anyone know the TSV for Feb. 4th from Tarte????? Continue Reading


Lisa's bracelets on PM Style?

Last Reply by ennui1 1390930772.423 | Started by giorgcoco in Jewelry Talk

Looks like Lisa is wearing GILI Bronzo.....maybe the knock off of Cartier's Love Bracelet????? I think they will be on her Red Carpet Show? Anyone know? Continue Reading


Re: What will the Tarte TSV for Feb. be?

In TSV Talk 1389653801.567

Thank you so much Sneef :)) Continue Reading


What will the Tarte TSV for Feb. be?

Last Reply by giorgcoco 1389653801.58 | Started by giorgcoco in TSV Talk

Notice that there will be a Tarte TSV for Feb....curious to see what it is.....anyone know? Continue Reading


Vera Bradley Show.....SHOW THE INSIDE OF BAG!!!!!!!!

Last Reply by Tissyanne 1390334739.587 | Started by giorgcoco in TSV Talk

Watching the show with Jacque....they are talking about this bag forever and NEVER showing the inside!!!!!!!! What??????? Hard to watch!!!! Just saying..... Continue Reading


Question on Josie Maran and NOT usingPetrochemicals??????

Last Reply by suzyQ3 1389200769.153 | Started by giorgcoco in TSV Talk

I was looking on Sephora Website....and the only product in the TSV that has NO Petrochemicals is the Argan Oil.....everything else must have Petrochemicals in it!!!!! Isn't this False advertising?????? Love Josie's products...but questioning her ingredients........ Continue Reading


Cheryl's Cookies....Natural Ingredients?????

Last Reply by baker 1386403230.793 | Started by giorgcoco in Cookie Exchange

They taste very artificial.......I received cookies from Cheryl's Cookies last year....maybe it's just me they were not very good......the ingredient list is long....."Natural ingredients" is really getting over used....why is the vender saying all "Natural Ingredients"? When there are preservatives used????????? Continue Reading


Re: Are there any whipped body creme's that don't smell like chemicals?

In philosophy 1385698284.32

Try Jojoba Oil....very nice. I like Josie Maran's products, they seem to go rancid if you don't use quickly. Continue Reading

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