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Beauty BORING...I think QVC needs to hire......

Last Reply by NJ4Jays 1427624187.707 | Started by giorgcoco in Suggestion Box

I'm suggesting QVC you need to hire some real stylish people! Nothing against some of the Host, they are nice people. I think it's time for new things! Maybe hire 5 more Jill Martins....she's a "Real Stylist", love her enthusiasm on Fashion. How about Jillian Barberie very stylish and fun to watch. I don't have the interest in any of the shows...they are repeated BORING. Continue Reading


Re: New GILI designer

In Fashion Talk 1427409962.057

Jill Martin is tooooooo much! Someone should remind her she's not on the Today show.....slow down. TOO BOSSY! Continue Reading


Re: My new favorite Brand ...Honest! Fabulous!

In Beauty Banter 1427405158.777

I'm happy so many of you have tried or are interested in Honest! Today I used the hand sanitizer....and I was in a store thinking what smelled so was the hand sanitizer..funny. Target and Nordstrom also the Honest Website for those of interested in trying. I highly recommend!!!!!! Continue Reading


My new favorite Brand ...Honest! Fabulous!

Last Reply by momma2three 1427486286.303 | Started by giorgcoco in Beauty Banter

I love the Honest Brand by Jessica Alba! I have tried the Body Oil....FABULOUS! Sorry Josie Maran...1/4 of the cost! Also love the body wash and the Cleaning products. I have purchased Josie Maran's I'm really loving Honest! Continue Reading


Re: Gabrielle

In The Q We Love 1426878259.28

I agree! I love Gabriel! She is the real deal. She's not a "bragger"....she could be...with all the luxury she has. Never brags about her GREAT husband and cute kids....Gabriel is a Classy Lady! Continue Reading


I think the Q should change their name to the 49.00 channel....

Last Reply by Daysdee 1426643348.177 | Started by giorgcoco in Suggestion Box

Seems like every item is right under 50.00.....making everything 49.00.....soon everything will be 59.... Etc. I have noticed Susan Graver and now Lori G. All of the Tunics are $$$$$$ soon they will be pushing 70.00 for a shirt!!!!!!?????? Continue Reading


Re: Why is Amy wearing Vince Camuto Shoes?

In Fashion Talk 1425536897.44

I know where to buy the Vince Shoes.....and why she's wearing them...there cute and very stylish. I don't understand why she is wearing them and trying to sell a "Clark" shoe...just saying. Continue Reading


Re: Fashion night In

In Fashion Talk 1425342976.063

I think Amy should be wearing QVC attire. Loving her Seven Jeans, and Vince Camuto shoes. She needs to wear the Clarks Sandal and Denim & Co Jeans......the selling gimmick is CRAZY....when all the Host shop the High End Stores... Continue Reading


Why is Amy wearing Vince Camuto Shoes?

Last Reply by Vamp 1425565435.067 | Started by giorgcoco in Fashion Talk

I love Vince Camuto shoes.....QVC, WHY DONT THE HOST WEAR THE SHOES THEY SELL????? Continue Reading


Re: Is this the JR bracelet that Shawn wears all the time?

In Jewelry Talk 1424910190.813

Yes this is the bracelet. A few months back there was a stone missing and she didn't wear it for a while, now I see her wearing it again. It's a lot of $$$$$$for stones to fall out. Pretty bracelet though. Continue Reading

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