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Re: Alterna Bamboo Volume 3-Piece Haircare Collection

In Beauty Banter 1422322014.013

On 1/25/2015 kcladyz said: Has anyone tried this? Is it a thickening shampoo? How does it provide volume? The Bamboo anti-frizz conditioner(yellow) is amazing. Makes hair very silky. "No" on the volume question. Continue Reading


Re: What's up with Manuela?!?

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On 1/23/2015 Gemspirit said: First off, I'm not bashing...I'm asking. I'm the same age and have used her products off and on without much results. She looks quite different since I last saw her. Simple question. Secondly, just because you don't know me doesn't mean I'm a newbie! I assure you I'm not. Lastly, talk about bashing! Even if I was a "newbie" why be so mean? This isn't college with sorority hazing! Peace Out! Someone brought this up (her appearance) the last time she was on SHQ. I never watch her shows, but I did tune in to see what all the chatter was about. She looked like a diff... Continue Reading


Re: Eyes burn? Allergies and moisturizers

In Beauty Banter 1422037825.217

And, apparently, I'm also allergic to Sisley eye cream. Another $100 down the drain. I'll be positive -- ANOTHER cream for my elbows. Continue Reading


Re: Eyes burn? Allergies and moisturizers

In Beauty Banter 1421931927.58

OMG! It's "fragrance"! Can it be? At this late stage in my life? I've always loved using products w/ "fragrance", but this morning I put on a mask and my eyes are burning and watering like crazy. I can't believe this! I always wondered why so many women on You-tube emphasized "fragrance-free". NOW I understand. Continue Reading


Re: My SKINN Haul

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On 1/20/2015 beautymogul said: The foot balm is not greasy at all, it does not turn into oil thank goodness. The dermapeel I think is not as minty, that may be because it is in a tube, so you dont get that minty rush when you open the jar. But it still has the same smell, just not as strong I dont think. Good on two counts: a "non-greasy" foot balm, which can be worn w/ sandals in the summer and Dimitri got rid of the minty fragrance in the Dermapeel. That fragrance used to burn my eyes. I didn't know if it was "mint" or eucalyptus, but I really disliked it. Now that it's not as strong, ... Continue Reading


Re: My SKINN Haul

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On 1/20/2015 beautymogul said: Here we go, have spent the afternoon playing around TTV I grabbed the dermapeel and tried it out. I feel like my face is twice as soft with this new version than the old, I can tell the addition of the new crystals in this formula, what a winner! Now the tube: It is not sealed so, just know that when you open the cap the product is right there. My advice is after you use it, take a cotton ball or something and go over the outside of the hole so it snaps shut, if you dont wipe it off it will be hard to close so beware. Again, very happy with this, I was afraid so... Continue Reading


Eyes burn? Allergies and moisturizers

Last Reply by rina33 1422037824.723 | Started by rina33 in Beauty Banter

I don't know what to do! Every cream I put on my face stings my eyes. I was told by a SA @ Nordstroms to only use "eye" cream around my eyes. Tried that! My eyes still burn! It seems whatever is on my face "leaks" right into my eyes. Today, I put NOTHING around my eyes, but had the same problem .. my eyes still feel uncomfortable. Anyone else have this problem? What's the resolution? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone using SKINN's NECK Products?

In Beauty Banter 1421688327.317

On 1/19/2015 beautymogul said: I have been using both of his formulas, I think I will be adding the Nectifirm next month, not sure if they are really working or not. Nectifirm is a wonderful product! R U planning on layering the Nectifirm with Chin-up? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone using SKINN's NECK Products?

In Beauty Banter 1421687803.2

Actually, I could get the combo Chin-up with the hand cream. I can always use more hand cream. Edit: Oh geesh! That's only a 2 oz. tube of hand cream? I could finish that up in a week! Continue Reading

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