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Re: rude posts

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I wish they had a schedule of when he'll be on. I just love that guy. Would love to see MORE of him! Continue Reading


Re: rude posts

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Oh! Alberti is selling products? I LOVE HIM! I must watch! Continue Reading


Re: Skin tags???

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On 8/21/2014 dperry said: Why do these forcible skin tags occur? Some people have them so bad it looks like a disease. I could not just leave them there. Mine are getting like that. In fact, I DO CONSIDER IT A DISEASE. I've seen people with so many skin tags on their faces, they look like monsters. I've done everything I could think of to get rid of mine, but they keep coming back. Now, I've got them on my back, neck and face, AND MORE KEEP COMING. It's horrible. It IS like a skin disease. It's like cancer. It spreads. I hate it. Also, mine are FLAT, so they're even harder to get ri... Continue Reading


Re: Can we talk HOT FLASHES? These are new to me :(

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On 8/19/2014 Sandgirl said: and I'm about done with them already. Just started noticing them about a month ago, right now I get about 2-3 a day and I go into a full on sweat, SOAKED - it's awful, my last one was today in a meeting, I HAD to excuse myself, could not sit there with my shirt soaked any longer, bra wet, they are crazy. What has helped you with these? anything? Please tell me there is hope? Get a portable FAN. I LOVE mine. Sits on my nite table by the bed. Love having it blow in my hair and the "white noise" makes me sleep like a baby. Continue Reading


Re: Tuesday night beauty

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Oh no! I didn't know Shawn was preggo. I had a miscarriage when I was 39 and was devastated. If Shawn's already in her mid-40's she must feel inconsolable. That is a horrible loss to have to experience. Continue Reading


Re: Hey Shoe experts! Help please! Suggestions ...

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On 8/14/2014 NYwoman said: Dansko and Fit Flops (rocker action) Oh poo! Those Fit Flops don't come in 1/2 sizes. Continue Reading


Hey Shoe experts! Help please! Suggestions ...

Last Reply by rina33 1408137260.927 | Started by rina33 in All About Shoes

I need a shoe with a super thick sole. Something like Skechers Fitness, Earth shoes or Easy Spirit Anti-Gravity. Anything else you can think of? TIA! Continue Reading


Re: UPS....can't believe what they did!!

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On 8/14/2014 henny said: I ordered something from the Q & they shipped, it came into my town early this morning, UPS scanned it, THEN they sent it to another town!! About 100 miles away!! Now by the time they find the package, send it back, I wont get it till next week! That is if they find it!! Geez who do they hire in these places. Lets see, the address is in the town you are in, about 2 miles from where you are standing, & you send it to another town 100 miles away!! What idiots!! I had a similar experience recently. My package went from UPS in Utah to USPS. Then to New Jersey, t... Continue Reading


Re: Owning Multiple Tablets - Reasons?

In Electronics Talk 1407539866.367

On 7/31/2014 WIlliam Joseph said: Because I am rich and I buy what I want. Lucky you! Continue Reading


Re: Are You Falling Apart?

In Health & Fitness 1407530561.383

Yep. I AM falling apart. Knee problems, sleep problems, back & neck issues, foot problems. The worst part is, I want to quit my job, but then I'll lose my HEALTH INSURANCE. Continue Reading

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