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Bobby Chez Crabcakes

Last Reply by Shelbelle 1425249634.327 | Started by rina33 in Kitchen & Food Talk

OMG! Those look good! (If you missed the show, then watch the video. Mouth-watering!) Continue Reading


Re: Neck creams

In Beauty Banter 1425176891.943

On 2/28/2015 BeautyAddiction said: Skinn Chin Up. I use the blue under my chin and the yellow on my neck. I wrote SKINN Customer Service last week and suggested Dimitri do a combo chin package for his next TSV. I hope he does so. Continue Reading


Re: DDP Yoga

In Beauty Banter 1425176184.463

I just posted a DDPY inquiry on the Health & Fitness thread. Hopefully someone is doing the program. I'd love to hear about what it's done for them. Continue Reading


Does anyone here do DDP Yoga?

Started by rina33 in Health & Fitness 1425176130.04

If so, pls. tell me what it's done for you. Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: DDP Yoga

In Beauty Banter 1425176074.247

Well, I just went on YT, unfortunately, he doesn't really have a lot of yoga demos. Continue Reading


Re: DDP Yoga

In Beauty Banter 1425173741.167

On 2/27/2015 tiamaria said: On 2/27/2015 tigriss said: Where did you get your workout from? DDP Yoga has its own website. I purchased it from them. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa! I just watched the video. WOW! I might have to get this. I've been thinking of removing the bed from a spare bedroom and making it a "yoga" room. After watching that video, I might do it. Maybe I won't have to get a tummy tuck afterall! Continue Reading


Re: I wonder why qvc doesn't invite isomers and skinn over

In Beauty Banter 1425172555.463

On 2/28/2015 evelomaddict said: you want the prices to go up? Uh ,, helloooo? Continue Reading


Re: Iman? Don't Forget Your Target Roots!

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1425172126.227

On 2/14/2015 Tinkrbl44 said: On 2/10/2015 Starbucks said: Isaac.... there is no question that you are ADORABLE.....and Shawn has been my favorite from the first day she was on the air.....together you are such a PLUS to QVC....... BUT.....Please don't insult our intelligence nor our savvy regarding fashion and clothing. We want to believe you and love so many of your things.....but then sometimes it feels like you take advantage of our trust in you?! Quit lowering the quality of your garments and raising the prices. Greed will result in failure. We cannot and do not want to and won't continue... Continue Reading


Re: March 1st in 6 1/2 Hours.....Hooray!!!

In Fashion Talk 1425171980.493

On 2/28/2015 perryp said: Thank Goodness!!!! Uh? It's not MAY yet. I'll be shoveling snow until mid-April .. just like I did last year. Continue Reading


Cosmetics & Safety Seals

Last Reply by RedConvertibleGirl 1425006936.23 | Started by rina33 in Beauty Banter

I was just reading some cosmetic reviews and I can't believe some manufacturers are still sending out cosmetics with no safety seals. One particular review said, quote: "How do I know this isn't a return item?" (Apparently, the reviewer had received product that had leaked out of the bottle.) That is just ridiculous. (sigh.) I can't imagine getting a mask or a face serum with no safety seal on it. The nerve! How cheap! I always check anything I'm putting on my face to make sure it's properly sealed. Don't you? Continue Reading

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