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Re: DWTS - New Fourth Judge

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I don't care for her. Yes, she is a great dancer. But she is too cutesy and full of herself. And how can that possibly be fair, her brother dancing, while she is judging? This show has gone down hill so badly. I used to love it so much, but now --- not so much. I think they should just let it go!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Comfortable shoes

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Try the Easy Spirit slip-on mules. They are similar to the Merrells but they come in many colors, and fabrics. Most major department stores sell them. These have been a God send to me! I have terrible achilles tendonitis in my ankles and it's so painful to walk. Plus I have hammer toes to add to the misery. When I wear these shoes, I am smiling and feel so much better. Continue Reading


Re: I think I'm done

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Maybe your moisturizer is a problem. Try an oil-free one. And do you use a setting powder after your foundation? This might help. If all of this doesn't work, why not just try one of the mineral foundations which are a powder? With your skin being oily to begin with, it doesn't sound like you need any heavy or creamy type foundations, etc., to add to it. I have not dry and not oily skin. But if I try to use more, or a heavier moisturizer, I break out and kind of experience what you do. But I definitely need some coverage --- broken caps and redness. I have just been using a conceali... Continue Reading


Re: we all have our favorite Robin Williams movie...do you know what his was

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What Dreams May Come was a beautiful, haunting and poignant film, which I have always loved and been drawn to. He was so known for being a comedian, but as you look back, he played many wonderful, serious, and sensitive parts. And did them beautifully. I still can't believe this happened. I really liked him so much. He was one of those people that even though you never knew them, you just feel something special for them. Continue Reading


Re: R.I.P. denim? Why yoga pants might be to blame...

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If jeans are dropping in sales, I don't really know why that is. However, I do see so many people when I am shopping wearing stretchy type pants. Whether they be yoga pants or what. But I have to say, that this is not a trend I am fond of. The majority of people that I see wearing this type of thing do not look nice at all. I hadn't realized that I was seeing an absence of jeans until this topic caught my eye and then it hit me. How true! At least around here it is. I think for the most part yoga pants and similar garments are best when they are worn for physical activity --- exercis... Continue Reading


Re: Does your home give you a sense of contentment?

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I am always so relieved when I come home -- from work, from visiting, from shopping --- wherever! It's relief I feel! Like -- this is my little piece of the world. And no-one else can tell me what to do with it or how can I be, or feel, etc. However --- I would not say I am totally content with it. Don't get me wrong -- I feel blessed to have it, as I did not acquire a home until rather late in life --- but it is not the home I would have liked --- nor is it in the location I would have liked. But, it's a very nice little home and is doing DH and I quite nicely!!! (P.S. - Not nearly e... Continue Reading


Re: Do you save magazines or toss them after youn read them?

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I am terribly behind on my magazine reading and the are piling up! I seldom keep one though after it is read. I will occasionally keep one if I purchase a decorating or yard one. I pass the magazines on to family and friends. They cost enough and I feel it is wasteful to just trash them. Plus, others enjoy reading them. I have a friend also that gives me some of hers when she is done, so it works out well! Continue Reading


Re: Almay Makeup

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The Almay mascara in the fat white tube is the only one that really doesn't make my eyes feel like they have "bugs" in them! Plus, the formula really coats the lashes well and doesn't smudge. I don't use waterproof as I feel it is terribly hard to get off. Continue Reading


Re: what do you do if your mate doesn't like/want you to wear makeup?

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You have to do what makes you feel comfortable and happy. If makeup makes you feel more confident and attractive, then why shouldn't you wear it? I wear very little these days and since I have gotten older, less seems to be better for me. Since I have started wearing less, DH said he likes the way I look much better with less. He says I look younger and more approachable. ????? I appreciate his comments and I just smiled when he said this. But if I wanted to wear more, I would! In any event, I would take his opinion into consideration about it and then I would do what I felt was best ... Continue Reading


Re: Robin Williams has died

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I just loved him. I felt so much sadness when I heard about his passing. His humor was so crazy and zany, but underneath at times you could see the sweet and gentle side to him. He seemed to live to make people laugh and to make them happy, but sadly enough, I guess he could not make himself happy. A great tragedy and a great loss. Continue Reading

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