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Re: Carpet cleaning: Hire a service or buy a machine?

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harpa: Thanks for responding to my inquiry! Would you mind posting what type of machine you use? I am very interested in the steam cleaning method and think this might be just the thing for me. DH & I have a lot of health issues, too, and would like to do the best thing possible. We cannot use a bunch of things with scents, either. I just want plain old clean!!! Continue Reading


Re: If you saw Shark Tank last night..........

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Regardless of whether a person gets a deal or not, it is wonderful exposure for them, and I am sure they are happy about that! I keep wishing I could come up with something but I never can! Dang it! Some things you see on the Shark Tank seem so simple - you think why haven't I, or someone else ever come up with that before? Other things are just simply brilliant and no way would I ever have the knowledge or expertise to think up these things. I applaude all people who strive for this and who do make it on the show and/or get a deal. I just saw one show where the man and woman were so n... Continue Reading


Re: Carpet cleaning: Hire a service or buy a machine?

In For the Home Talk 1422800538.093

I have seen dry carpet cleaning stuff that you can buy. Anyone know if this works, and if so, what kind? If it works, this would appeal to me. I am not a fan of getting the carpet saturated because I feel after this, the carpet is never the same. And if you have problems with allergies, sinus, lungs, etc, and the carpet is not drying properly, etc, I feel this could cause problems. Plus, the last time I had the carpets professionally cleaned, they did an o.k. job --- not great. And it seemed as though the carpets started picking up dirt even faster. I have a Little Green Clean Machine... Continue Reading


Re: I am still smiling

In The Q We Love 1422800263.177

When you have class, you can handle pretty much any situation with style and grace. And I really think that he fits this description. Continue Reading


Re: Something to remember!

In Fashion Talk 1422800169.603

I am in agreement about kids. They are brutally honest. Sometimes it hurts, ya know? But they don't know any better, so that's o.k. As for leggings, I guess it is pretty hard to lie or hide things when you are wearing them. Of course if you wear a tasteful top over them (i.e., long enough to cover things) then you should be able to leave a little mystery!!! As for drunks, hmm, I do think a lot of times it makes people more bold and they come out with things that they are maybe a little fearful of saying when they are sober. But, I also agree that if a person is truly a drunk, or to p... Continue Reading


Re: What color eye pencil should I buy?

In Beauty Banter 1422799818.783

Thank you so much for these ideas!! They really sound so pretty!!! I am just dying to find my go-to pencil and eye shadow colors. I am tired of messing about and not being pleased with the results. I am at the point now where I just want to have "my" colors and my look. The things which will flatter me and make the most of what I have. Not accentuate my bad parts. Ha! Who needs that, right? Continue Reading


Re: Yes Hair Removal Tool - Anyone try this??

In Beauty Banter 1422747945.447

I did read these reviews. It didn't sound anything like it is portrayed. It is shown as some kind of light removal system. It makes no mention of a razor type removal. It doesn't sound very promising at all. I figured it was too good to be true! Thank you both for replying! I believe this will be a thumbs down!!! Continue Reading


Re: What color eye pencil should I buy?

In Beauty Banter 1422747736.837

Thank you, Bigpro!!! Those sound really pretty! I will have to look at the Rimmel eye things. They have a really nice selection at Walmart. Continue Reading


Re: What color eye pencil should I buy?

In Beauty Banter 1422705781.86

So you think pastels are better now? I always thought maybe they would look too washed out on me since I am so pale any way. I am in a quandary about colors these days. Not enough, too much, too glitzy, not show enough, etc. Your colors sound really pretty, MissJillie! Thanks so much for replying! Continue Reading


Re: Who drives an old car?

In Viewpoints 1422705420.033

My last car was about 16 years old. I loved that car - a Toyota and it was the best car I ever had. I have always tried to keep my cars as long as possible. Paying for a little something here and there is so preferable to having car payments. Unfortunately, I am in that rut now!!! Continue Reading

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