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Re: Speaking of boots -- how do you keep them smelling fresh when...

In All About Shoes 1416746054.173

Great ideas, everyone!!! I was sure hoping I wasn't the only one dealing with this problem. I also have to wear insoles, so this also makes my feet hot!!!! Thanks!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Forgivness

In Viewpoints 1416745837.783

happyhousewife --- Boy, you sure hit the nail on the head! And thank you for posting this and at such an appropriate time. The holidays can be very difficult when family members gather and not everyone really gets along. It is very hard to put past hurts behind you. Probably one of the most difficult things ever. I certainly don't see eye to eye with many things that some family members do and say. I love them but can't always get along with them. At times I feel like no matter how hard I try to make peace, there's just no pleasing them. Not forgiving, puts a led weight around your he... Continue Reading


2 Ingredient Cakes - Anyone have recipes to share?

Started by AngelPuppy1 in Recipe Swap 1416745386.183

I recently tried a 2 ingredient cake. Spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin. Delicious!!! I wanted something which had less fat, cholesterol and was easy to make. This certainly fits the bill! It is so delicious and moist! I would never have thought it would come out so good. Any way, does anyone have any other 2 or 3 ingredient cake recipes? Also, would pumpkin be good with any other kind of cake mix --- such as yellow or white? Thanks for your replies! Continue Reading


Re: Sharp looking jean

In Fashion Talk 1416745050.21

If you really like them, and can afford them, go for it!! I could never afford to pay that much for a pair of jeans. I don't even really want to. But that's o.k., we all like different things If you get them, enjoy!!! Continue Reading


Re: Speaking of boots -- how do you keep them smelling fresh when...

In All About Shoes 1416677314.55

Thank you for these great ideas! I would think one of them should help!!! Continue Reading


Re: Flip Phones are Making a Comeback

In Viewpoints 1416656602.353

I have a very old tracphone which I love. It is so basic. I feel kind of fuddy-duddy when I use it in public though. Remember a time when the smaller the cell phone, the better? If you had a tiny phone, you were just it! Now, everyone is carting the IPhones around and it's like all that. I have not succumbed. If I had a lot more extra cash that I didn't need, I'd probably try one out, but since I don't, the tracphone will serve my purpose! Continue Reading


Re: Dryness around eyes

In Beauty Banter 1416656366.023

Maybe you are suffering from some allergies or maybe something you are using on your face is causing your eyes to water. I would try some nice lubricating eye drops - morning and night. I use Boots eye creams - they have never caused me any problems and I have very sensitive skin and eye issues. L'Oreal has some good ones too. I have used these in the past and never experienced issues. They moisturize well. Continue Reading


Re: Speaking of boots -- how do you keep them smelling fresh when...

In All About Shoes 1416655556.47

I don't wear them every day but since they are like a foam inside, and I'm thinking they are not like shoes which are open, it's hard to get them all the way open inside to really dry and air out! I have to wear knee high hosiery with mine because otherwise I get too hot. Charcoal --- you mean like the kind of stuff you use in a grill? Thanks, lolakimono, you're very kind to reply!!! I always enjoy your nice fashion posts and your pictures!! Continue Reading


Re: Is there anyone here that has no drapes or curtains in their home?

In For the Home Talk 1416655134.37

I have blinds and no drapes. At first I wasn't sure because I have always had drapes. But I like the look and so does DH. Less things to mess with. Continue Reading


Re: best foundation for age 50+ women

In Beauty Banter 1416655055.84

How about Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Foundation? It comes in a pump bottle and is a creamy, mousse type foundation. I find it is creamy but not greasy. Covers very well and really evens out the skin. I add a dab of concealer where I had need and then finish off with the Advanced Radiance compact. It's not perfect but so far, it's worked the best for me. I am 62, very sensitive and my skin is fairly normal, but veers toward dry and I have redness and broken caps to cover. Good luck on your quest! Continue Reading

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