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Re: Applying lotions and creams to back - what's your solution?

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Sorry I haven't responede before now. My computer is on the fritz and I just now had access to one! I really appreciate all of your suggestions. I need to apply a prescription cream to my back and I don't want to waste any, as I only get so many refills! So, I don't want to use anything that will absorb the product. DH does this for me, but sometimes he is not available. I just wondered how others of you handled it. Plus, I tend to get very dry and itchy and it is such a relief to have a nice lotion applied to the back and shoulders. And it is very hard to reach all of the spots! I am n... Continue Reading


Re: Just a curiousity/opinion sleeves in winter

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For me, I always equate a sleeveless dress with a much more dressy occasion. I guess its because you see all of the ladies in entertainment and going to events and they are for the most part wearing a sleeveless type dress. I always thought more casual type sleeveless tops were for summer or to be worn under a cardigan or blazer or jacket of some type. And I think to just wear a sleeveless top or dress for every day - this to me seems like something you would wear strictly for the warm weather months. Perhaps, the t.v. studios are hot with the lights, etc., and that is why the newscaster... Continue Reading


Applying lotions and creams to back - what's your solution?

Last Reply by HUENEME GIRL 1413865863.53 | Started by AngelPuppy1 in Beauty Banter

I have to apply regularly a prescription cream to my back and have to depend on DH to do it. At other times I just want to apply lotion and don't want to bother him. How do those of you who live alone or have no-one to help you with such things, manage applying lotions, etc. to your back? Sounds like a stupid question but this can be very troublesome. I have seen those kind of cheap like appliances that sort of look like a long handled bath brush but they have a little cup thing on the end that you supposedly fill with lotion, etc. to apply to your back. This doesn't seem like a very good... Continue Reading


Re: Coach launches new "Peanuts" line

In Fashion Talk 1413281623.6

I adore Peanuts -- Snoopy and Woodstock, especially! I love them and think they are precious. I, however, do not buy expensive bags any more as they are not in my budget. If I were going to though, I'd seriously consider these. A little fun and whimsy -- why not? Continue Reading


Re: Makeup Eraser Cloths

In Beauty Banter 1413194494.14

These types of cloths you are referring to, they clean all the makeup off your skin - eyes and all -- without the need for any other cleanser? I would feel as though my skin weren't get deep down clean and worry that I would get clogged pores. Continue Reading


Re: A little "perspective" re Lisa's resignation

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The reasons for Lisa leaving are between her and the QVC people, I guess. And we can speculate all we want, but I guess that is just part of how it is when people on t.v. leave and move on. I think for the most part, a lot of times, people think the grass is greener and then they find out it isn't! She was never one of my favorites but I know that she did a good job and whatever she does, she will excel at. Continue Reading


Re: NYX Cosmetics - Are these products worth trying?

In Beauty Banter 1412934712.33

CVS has buy one get 1/2 half off right now. So, I am going to try some of your suggestions. At least they are not costly, and if I really don't like, I can return. I appreciate very much your suggestions and input! Have a good day all! Continue Reading


Re: Body Lotion - Need Recommendations for a good unscented one

In Beauty Banter 1412934558.037

I appreciate all of these wonderful replies! I have very weird skin. It is fairly dry, but if I put something heavy on, I become very hot, sticky, itchy and uncomfortable. I like a lotion that somehow seems to go deeper into the skin and once you apply it, you know it's there because your skin has a nice supple feel, but yet, there's no greasiness left. For me, this has been really hard to find! Thanks again. I will mull all of these suggestions over! Continue Reading


Body Lotion - Need Recommendations for a good unscented one

Last Reply by AngelPuppy1 1412934557.72 | Started by AngelPuppy1 in Beauty Banter

I need a light but very effective body lotion which is unscented. I keep trying different ones and they are either too heavy and sticky - yuck! -- or they are nice and light but aren't really effective. Does anyone have any recommendations for a lotion that is both light and non-sticky and that really softens the skin? I must use an unscented one though. Thanks so much! Continue Reading


NYX Cosmetics - Are these products worth trying?

Last Reply by Roni18 1413237674.43 | Started by AngelPuppy1 in Beauty Banter

I just saw that my local CVS is now selling this line. The items are really reasonable in price and I see several things I wouldn't mind trying. The have eyebrow kits, many different kinds of lipsticks and glosses, lots of different eye shadow formulas. Anyone use these and if so, what products do you like? Thanks so much!! Continue Reading

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