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Re: Do you buy the same type of clothes over and over again?

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I gravitate toward the same type of tops and same colors! I guess they must be ones I feel most comfortable in. I try to step out of the box and then afterwards I usually don't wear the stuff much. Best to stick with tried and true! At least for me! Continue Reading


Re: If you want to look better, what do you tackle?

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Mirrors are tough reality, that's for sure! Cameras, also! Yuck! I have days occasionally where I think -- the old girl doesn't look too bad! Most days --- I just figure, well, I'm o.k. for my age, but nothing to crow about! Continue Reading



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I had thought this show was cancelled??? I am happy to hear that it hasn't been. Continue Reading


Re: If you want to look better, what do you tackle?

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Love reading all your responses! I get so caught up in running around, having to do this, that and the other thing -- I sometimes don't pay as much attention to myself - appearance-wise - as I would like! I'm sure many here feel the same way. There are only so many hours in the day and unfortunately, we often put ourselves last!!! Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a new cleanser

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CeraVie creamy cleanser gets my vote! It is so soothing and really does the job! Continue Reading


Re: If you want to look better, what do you tackle?

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Thanks so much for all your candid and interesting replies! I see we share a lot of the same concerns! Do men care about how they look as much? Hmmmm... some do. I know some men who take more time to get ready than I do! But for the most part, I think they are more accepting of their appearance and are not real concerned about it. It's hard to come to grips with the idea that things just aren't the same as we grow old. I mean - I should say -- nothing is the same. We just, I think, have to adjust our minds more than we adjust our routines! If we don't, ain't nothin' gonna make us ha... Continue Reading


If you want to look better, what do you tackle?

Last Reply by AngelPuppy1 1406545482.043 | Started by AngelPuppy1 in Viewpoints

If you look in the mirror and you think ---- hmmm -- I could stand to spruce up my _______________ (fill in the blank) What would you be thinking about improving? Mine is -- my makeup routine. I have gotten lazy. I want to find a few key things that I can dash on in a hurry and make me look more alive and well rested, but not over-done. Such as a great eye shadow to light up my eyes! If there are too many steps or too many products, I will not take the time -- I want to be done in a snap! Continue Reading


Re: Need help with long lasting lipstick

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Try some of the big fat lip coloring pencils out now. L'Oreal has them and most major brands. Some of them say they are part stain and part gloss. That should be sort of what you are looking for. They look like a pencil only they are very large. Continue Reading


Re: If You Like Watches With Smaller Faces Let QVC Know Here

In Jewelry Talk 1406290103.823

I look ridiculous in large watches! They look good on other people, but not me. I have very small wrists and hands and most watches just fall off of me. I like expansion watches but they never fit --- way too large. Even the watches that say you can take some of the links out -- they are still too large. I like to be able to see the face and the numbers, but I do not like a huge face and I think they should make the bands smaller also --- or give you a choice in size!!! Smaller, please!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Toner for the Face

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I hadn't used a toner since I was about 30 - and that's a long time! Sad to say! And I used Clinique's and they were fine. I recently decided I wanted to try one again but wasn't sure what to try as my skin is so very thin and sensitive. I found one by Boots which I am quite pleased with. It has hibiscus in it and says it brightens. After using it for a couple months now, I feel it has clarified and smoothed my skin somewhat. It's not a miracle worker, but I like the way it feels on my skin and it has not irritated me at all. Continue Reading

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