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Re: Ever try ground buffalo meat? It's delicious!

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I had a buffalo burger at a festival and it was really good. Not greasy and had no weird taste. I'm not much for trying strange things, but I really liked it. Continue Reading


Re: Resurrection is Back

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I had thought that this show was cancelled. I am so happy it's returned. Or, Resurrected! Ha! Seriously, I think it's an awesome show! Next, I am waiting for Sleepy Hollow and can't wait for Revenge and Grimm!!!! I was not happy that Dracula got cancelled. Continue Reading


Re: I Watched Something Totally Different Last Night - and I Liked It!

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Not for me, but glad you enjoyed it. I'm not a fan of either of them. Continue Reading


Re: did they poof the thread about the person who " just wanted to die"?

In Health & Fitness 1411298530.26

I'm so sorry that you did not get to see any of our replies. We were/are concerned about you and for you. As I posted earlier, I know how it feels to have this problem and to be so very unhappy in a job situation. I truly hope that you can hang with the job for the relatively short period of time that you have until you can retire, as that will benefit you in the end. But I can very much understand how hard it is. Please try and take each day at a time and maybe things will look a little less overwhelming. Most of all, I hope you have some family members and/or friends that you can turn... Continue Reading


Re: First Ipsy Bag --- Unnnh..... :-(

In Beauty Banter 1411297987.153

I did fill out the questionnaire. I know its hard to please everyone with each bag. That's why I'm going to give it a couple more tries. I was excited too, and was hoping I wasn't on the wait list too long and I wasn't. But my first one was such a let-down, as I really don't like anything I got. I picked Ipsy because it was reasonably priced, the S&H was included, and it said some products would be full size, unlike some beauty boxes which are all samples. I remember years and years ago, there was one beauty box sampler that my mother subscribed to. My sister and I all looked forw... Continue Reading


Re: First Ipsy Bag --- Unnnh..... :-(

In Beauty Banter 1411211180.933

I guess it is. I never used any of these services before. A while back, I posted and asked people here about different services and Ipsy seemed to be pretty well received. I went on line and checked several of these places out. For the money, I thought it seemed a pretty good deal. I did not want to spend a lot. Well, you sure don't seem to get a lot either. The cutest thing was the little make-up bag it came in. Which wasn't anything too special, just a little metallic zipper bag with metal accents. As I said, I will try it for a couple of more months. Then, if I don't receive any... Continue Reading


Re: Stop it, just stop it!

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I don't like seeing all the Christmas stuff either. But at least on the Q I can just turn it off! All of this jumble of holidays and seasons in the stores --- yuck! I just hate it. It keeps getting earlier and earlier. As we've discussed before, I feel putting all of these trees up and decorations way before even Halloween is ridiculous!!!!! Christmas does not get the attention it deserves!!! It should not start until the day after Thanksgiving!!!! Continue Reading


First Ipsy Bag --- Unnnh..... :-(

Last Reply by AngelPuppy1 1411297987.217 | Started by AngelPuppy1 in Beauty Banter

Just received my first Ipsy bag. I was waiting patiently and was so anxious and excited to get it. What a let down. There was really nothing in there at all that seems decent or that I really like. I sure hope they improve. I will give them a couple months, and if they don't, them I'm out. A teensy little jar of hair conditioner, a weird almost pumpkin shade of gloss, a shocking glitter blue eye shadow, a brown eye pencil of sorts, and a little shadow brush. Phooey! Just venting!!! Continue Reading


Re: Married at First Sight - 6 months later

In Viewpoints 1411036299.55

This was awesome! I couldn't wait to watch. It was thoroughly entertaining. I love Jason & Cortney, and Doug & Jamie! I felt very bad for Monet. I think she was very hurt by Vaughn's behavior. He seems a difficult man. I think he would benefit from some counseling --- one on one. Did you notice they are having another show on them? Scenes that didn't make the show. I can't wait for this one, too. I just really love these guys! I think Monet seems a great person and woman. I am sure she would be so much fun to know and an awesome friend, as well. I wish Vaughn well, too.... Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Scholl's Custom Orthotics

In Health & Fitness 1411036030.17

When I got mine, they told me there was a breaking in period. I was only to wear them for a short period a day and gradually build up to wearing them all day. I have achilles tendonitis and nothing else seemed to be working. Since getting the orthotics, I rarely have any pain at all. As I said, I hate wearing them because it severely limits my shoe selection, but if it keeps me from being in terrible pain, I will do it. For me, it's worth it. I can't speak for everyone. But if you are in pain, I would try it. Continue Reading

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