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Re: walk vs argue

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I used to try and dispute things a lot more than I do know. Most of the time no matter how much you would try and defend your position or try to clarify how you felt, it just seemed to escalate. I will totally avoid a lot of subjects that upset, anger, or perturb me because I know if I throw my two cents in, it will just snow ball. Continue Reading


Re: Snow marks on shoes and drive way, garage floor???

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terrier3: Good ideas!!! I just hate seeing wet, bedraggled, soiled pant legs!!! Yuck! Can't stand it. My husband and I use a mixture on our driveway for the ice, but we will not use salt on our sidewalk because of the mess it drags in. We just clean them well and scrape them. Continue Reading


Re: Did You Have A Diary When You Were Growing Up?

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Yes, I did. I went through a period where I wrote in one faithfully. In a way I wish I would have kept them. I am sure I would be so shocked or even amazed at what I wrote! However, after awhile I started thinking -- what if someone got ahold of these --- I would be so embarrassed ---writing down all my personal thoughts and ideas, etc. Good and bad! So, I destroyed them all! I know people journal all their lives. They find it very therapeutic. I haven't done it in a very long time and doubt that I would again. But I see the value in it. Continue Reading


Re: How to instantly break-in your new pair of jeans.

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I would be afraid what all that Coke would do to my washer? I did hear that Coke is extremely caustic and has so much acid. I used to drink a ton of that stuff and Pepsi, too. Maybe that it what happened to my stomach!!! I haven't had a glass of either in years. Continue Reading


Re: Daylight savings time...

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Even though I hate that you have to keep switching the time around -- I think its ridiculous --- I am happy because I know that spring is not too far away! I was so happy this morning when I got up --- because it is now March! Even though we got snow and are still getting more, I still felt happy because I know in less than a month it should be mostly over!!! Oh, happy day! We have not gotten the huge amounts of snow that NE got (thank goodness), but we have had the most and worst cold weather that I can remember. The ice is just terrible. Oh, and the last few days - in the mornings - I... Continue Reading


Re: Snow marks on shoes and drive way, garage floor???

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That's another reason that winter is so messy! I end up wearing these high snow boots a lot with my slacks tucked in. I look stupid but you know what? It keeps all my slacks from getting ruined and/or getting those wet, dirty, white rings around the bottoms of my trousers. It is hard to get out, looks bad, and even at times stains, bleaches, or will not come out. In my experience, it is caused by the slush --- melting snow, dirt from the streets and salt or whatever the mixture is they are using on the streets and roads to melt the snow and ice. Continue Reading


Re: Kelly Osbourne Quits Fashion Police

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Fine with me! I didn't care a lot for her any way. I heard somewhere that she and Guilianna did not get along - don't know if that was true. I think that gig was probably the only real job she ever had, wasn't it? If she quit over that, then she was wanting out any way. I also heard that the powers that be were not happy with her any way, so maybe she figured her release was coming and just beat them to the punch. I wish her well though in her next endeavor. Continue Reading


Re: Dry eye

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I have this, too. I feel like there a bugs in my eyes all the time. Seriously, I just feel like pulling all my eye lashes out at times! My eyes get very red, dry, scratch, irritated, etc. The doctor said take a fish oil cap. Also, use drops at least 3 times a day or more. He suggested Refresh Optive Advanced, which I use during the day. Before bed, I used Refresh Liquigel. Occasionally, I will use Refresh P.M., but this is an ointment and you really can't see much after you use it, so apply right before bed. If you use the very warm compresses 2ce a day and use the eye drops faithfully... Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear the latest?

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So ridiculous! That people actually watch this. But obviously they do or it wouldn't still be on. So sad, that everyone is making them filthy rich. And they are such --- oh, I can't even say the words. But, seriously, they just all get under my skin and I find them atrocious and offensive. Yuck. Continue Reading


Re: Cream type facial cleanser - unscented - need recommendations

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I have not tried that cleanser from Clinique. Right now my head is kind of spinning and I am sort of mulling this all over. I thank each and everyone for your kind tips and recommendations! It's very much appreciated! Continue Reading

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