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Re: Gout

In Health & Fitness 1409658314.44

My mother has this -- poor thing! It is very, very painful! She has a long list of foods, drinks, etc., which she is supposed to avoid. It is very limiting. She goes through spells where she is not exceptionally bothered, and other times, where she is in terrible pain. Getting proper care and advice from a doctor is crucial. Best of luck and I hope you find some relief. Continue Reading


Re: Need Nail Base Coat that is good for your nails -- Is there such a thing?

In Beauty Banter 1409658127.72

Thank you so much! I am hopeful after reading about some of these products. I am just so scared to have my nails get in the shape and look as bad as they did. Now, they look pretty healthy, but they are very fragile and break so easily and split, etc. I may start out with the Hard as Hoof Cream and see how that goes. Continue Reading


Re: Long haired girls what do you do with your hair when you sleep

In Beauty Banter 1409571255.913

Most of the time I do nothing with it at night and it usually doesn't bother me. Occasionally, if I'm feeling hot or whatever, I will braid it very loosely to the side. When I wake up, it is not knotted up or tangled as it usually is when I wear it down. And it doesn't really get curly that way. Continue Reading


Re: What do you remember the most about Joan Rivers?

In Jewelry Talk 1409570952.11

I did forget to mention the Joan and Kathi shows! Oh, my those 2 were wild together! They were fabulous on those shows! They seemed to really hit it off. I imagine they had so much fun together -- because it was certainly fun to watch! Continue Reading


Re: Need Nail Base Coat that is good for your nails -- Is there such a thing?

In Beauty Banter 1409570227.73

I thank you for your suggestions. Yes, I was hoping for something which was more natural. Maybe this is not possible? As in the past, I seem to have problems with nail products --- they seem to cause my nails to chip, peel, etc. I do not know what is in these things to cause me problems, but I have tried so many -- and some of the ones you have suggested. Maybe I just can't tolerate any of this stuff? I am afraid to use anything any more. It's very frustrating. I keep looking on-line and there is a lot of stuff, but most is either laden with bad stuff, or things you don't even know what... Continue Reading


Re: The Strange, Angry Woman at the Store Today

In Viewpoints 1409485345.913

Some people are just naturally mean and aggressive and like to see how far they can push people. These people for the most part, are very unhappy people and love to make others unhappy. They seem to get some kind of pleasure out of causing distress and discord. To try and retaliate or one up them, does no good. Just adds fuel to the fire and escalates the situation. Although it's not fair that these people get to act this way, it's best to just give them a wide berth and let them have their way. Continue Reading


Need Nail Base Coat that is good for your nails -- Is there such a thing?

Last Reply by KippyK3 1409672668.463 | Started by AngelPuppy1 in Beauty Banter

My nails have been in a bad way for quite awhile due to other health problems, and I have been unable to use any nail polish, etc. I sure missed having pretty colors to play with! But to more serious matters --- my nails seem to be a lot better right now and I would like to have a base coat or product that I can wear alone or under polish if I choose, that is actually healthy for the nails, without drying them out, or making the chip and/or peel, and without a bunch of nasty chemicals. Is there such a product??? In the past, I tried so many nail products, nail polishes, etc., and eventually... Continue Reading


Re: Kudo's to Puritan's Pride

In Beauty Banter 1409484715.537

This is a great company. I love their sale strategies - such as buy 1 get 2, etc. DH & I take a lot of supplements and this really saves me money. Plus, the service is so fast. Continue Reading


Re: Taylor Swift or Julianne Hough?

In Viewpoints 1409484521.713

I never watched the Voice. I am getting tired of DWTS. Too many changes for me! I know their ratings probably haven't been as good so they are probably trying to do whatever to make it work. Last season, I didn't watch that much, and I was always a faithful fan. I never missed! Julianne is not a favorite of mine. Continue Reading


Re: What do you remember the most about Joan Rivers?

In Jewelry Talk 1409484157.09

I truly hope she pulls through. She is one of a kind and no-one can replace her! I have always felt that beneath all that slap-stick, and crazy, in your face personality she puts forth to the world, that underneath, is a sweet, sensitive and kind person --- one with a heart of gold. Joan and family, please know that we love you and are praying for your recovery!!!! Continue Reading

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