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Shoes - Health problems & lamenting not being able to wear cute ones!

Last Reply by violann 1398252854.5 | Started by AngelPuppy1 in All About Shoes

I hope some of you will commiserate with me!!!! I have been suffering with tendonitis (achilles) for nearly a year and have had to wear terribly ugly shoes and a brace. Winter wasn't as bad because you are covered up and wearing socks, heavy slacks, clogs,etc. But now that the weather is starting to warm up, I so very much want to wear my capri pants and my cute sandals!!! I am due to get orthotics for my shoes and don't know yet whether I will have to wear the brace also. This will make it impossible for me to wear any of my sandals and capris. I am so bummed! Anyone out there who has had to... Continue Reading


Re: Lindsey Lohan; Who Believes Her?

In Viewpoints 1398250787.81

No, I don't believe anything she says. I think she was running out of stories to tell and excuses to blame her bad behavior on. So, as a final straw and one which would garner her sympathy (she hoped), she made up this story. I really have a hard time when people start out by saying --- no-one knows this --- and then blurt out a terribly personal story to the whole world on t.v. I feel sorry for her in many ways because I feel she has mental problems --- possibly drug and/or alcohol problems, but people just keep aiding and enforcing her bad behavior and her harmful habits and lifestyle... Continue Reading


Re: What beauty item/line do YOU stockpile.....?

In Beauty Banter 1398250273.61

I have quite a large supply of Rimmel lipstick - the Kate Moss line. I doubt that this particular line will last forever and for the money, I think this is an outstanding lipstick. I love her colors and formulations. I especially like the matte formula. You can wear it as is or as a base and add a more moisturizing lip or gloss on top. I have a ton of her lipsticks and they are my favorites!!! Continue Reading


Re: Baking Soda as exfoliant -- how to do it and would it be o.k. for sensitive skin?

In Beauty Banter 1398250009.557

Thank you for all of your replies. Very different opinions. After careful consideration, I think I am going to skip the baking soda. I don't want to chance a bad reaction. I guess you always think simple ingredients --- simple products --- what could happen -- right? Not always so. It just is such a drag having such picky skin. I mean, we want to have nice skin, too, but so many things that could possibly make our skin look better, we have to avoid. I am glad I asked this question and got your opinions. I think it's great that it works for some of you. It's cheap and easy. With all ... Continue Reading


Baking Soda as exfoliant -- how to do it and would it be o.k. for sensitive skin?

Last Reply by SeaGal 1398269832.65 | Started by AngelPuppy1 in Beauty Banter

I need a mild exfoliant to use on my sensitive, picky skin. I've heard that one can use baking soda to exfoliate. Anyone here use this who has sensitivity issues? If so, how do you use it exactly? Just wet some with water and apply? Or add it to a particular cleanser or what? If you do not think this would be suitable for me, what do you think would be better? Thanks so much for your help! Continue Reading


Re: I want to stop eating out !!!

In Health & Fitness 1398076184.077

DH and I used to eat out a lot when we were both working full-time. He loves eating out. I only like to occasionally or on a special occasion. Now that he is on disability and we both have many health problems, we have a lot less money to spend and we try for the most part to eat a lot healthier. We find that if we eat at home, we avoid temptations of over eating so much. I would say --- just start planning your meals. Plan your menus and go to the store and buy all the ingredients at once. I think this will help you a lot. Then, just go out -- say once a month. Or, if you have a special occa... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone still carry a pocket calender?

In Viewpoints 1397992673.62

I have used a pocket appt. calendar for years and would be so lost without one. I must mark down all my doctor appts., notes about medications, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It clears my head of these things. I am not much for gadgets. I think they are fascinating but I have neither the money nor the inclination to mess with them. Continue Reading


Re: Would You Have Spoken Up?

In Viewpoints 1397992344.983

That's a really touchy situation! I'm not sure what I would have done, to tell you the truth. I would like for everyone to be as safe as possible, but I would never want to call undue attention to someone and embarrass them. It's true that she was an adult and should have said to the attendant that she needed an extension. I would not have alerted the attendant myself. I think first though I would say to the woman, do you need help with your belt because the first time I flew, I felt really silly because I could no get mine fastened! Then, perhaps, the line of communication would be open... Continue Reading


Re: Head to toe outfits- THE TOTAL LOOK

In Fashion Talk 1397991473

I just love your posts! You come up with the best things! Continue Reading


Re: I'm a cupcake! Which dessert are you? Take this quiz if you want to know :-)

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397905720.367

It said I'm a brownie! I don't agree with mine! I think I should take it again! Ha! I can't even eat brownies since chocolate gives me migraines! Oh, well! Continue Reading

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