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Re: Do you ever shop at Goodwill thrift stores? I just got the nicest surprise....!

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I go occasionally and it's hit or miss. I have gotten some very nice tops and a couple of really great pairs of jeans in there. I do not know if they still do it but I have seen all kinds of clothes from local stores which still have the tags on. Perhaps, if they have a large supply of certain items and they do not sell after being marked down many times, then they donate them??? I don't know. I just know that in the past I have gotten some really nice things this way, when I just happened to be there at the right time. Continue Reading


Re: What one thing could you do to enrich your life in 2015?

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I would somehow like to learn to not be affected so much by other people. Their negativity, their criticisms, their rudeness, etc. I tend to let things bother me way too much. I tell myself that I don't care, but then I really do. I know that in the end, what the majority of people think of me or say about me does not matter, but it's hard to remember this. Most of the time if someone doesn't know what you are all about, or if you keep to yourself, they make up stuff about you or form preconceived notions about you. Most of which are not accurate at all, and many times are even unkind. ... Continue Reading


Re: Jeans for Over 40's

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I buy any kind that I like that fit well. I don't go too trendy or for ones that are overly decorated. I do like some of the ones that have a little tasteful bling on the back pockets. I think really faded out jeans and/or ones that are all shredded or holely look silly on older people. These are best left to the youngsters. As for very straight leg jeans, I see no problem with wearing them at an older age as long as the fit is good and you wear an appropriate top with them. Continue Reading


Re: "you smell good! What is that?'

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It's been several months. A woman asked me what I was wearing. It was Beautiful. I do think this is a lovely scent. Very calming and reassuring fragrance. Sweet like but not overly so. I am afraid to ask people what they are wearing. Number one, I am afraid they will think I am creepy. Number two, some people may think you might run out and buy their signature scent and they wouldn't like to be copied. This wouldn't apply to strangers such as someone you passed by in the mail. But if it's someone you work with or are around all the time, this might not be good. Continue Reading


Re: Adult breakouts --- I could use your recommendations!

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I have read about Rosacea in the past. Does Roascea give you large red hard bumps under the skin which are very painful like someone punched you? And there are no heads on them and they do not it*ch. Thanks so much. And yes, I am using the bare bones of product. And I am not using anything else until I see the doctor. I am going to be very curious as to what they say. If they will do anything for me or just fluf*f it off as they have in the past with me with other skin ailments saying "non-specific dermatitis." Which, tells me like --- nothing! Continue Reading


Re: Adult breakouts --- I could use your recommendations!

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Thanks, everyone! I will try and read up about all these things. And I did not realize that about the hormones and how they changed. Perhaps this is what is happening to me. Sheesh. It's always something! Wrinkles and acne at the same time. Yuck!!! Continue Reading


Re: Adult breakouts --- I could use your recommendations!

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Such wonderful and lovely responses! You are all the best. Thank you so much for commiserating with me. I know with this kind of thing there are so many variables. Since having very reactive skin for as long as I can remember, I have eliminated over time so many things which people with normal skin give absolutely no thought to. I am sure there are things in my diet, in the environment, etc. which are definitely not my friends, but getting to the bottom of it all seems rather a huge undertaking! I will certainly look into and further research many of the things and ideas which you have ... Continue Reading


Re: Adult breakouts --- I could use your recommendations!

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Thank you for your suggestions! I went through menopause like 12 years ago, so I don't think it could still be hormonal?? But I really don't know. It is disgusting though that you get to be this old and still tormented with this type of skin problem. Blessings, all! Continue Reading


Re: Peach Fuzz - Which Gadget

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Those of you who use a dry razor, doesn't it burn your skin or irritate it? Just wondering. I'd like to try this but am afraid of problems since my stupid skin is so easily irritated. Thanks. Continue Reading

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