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Re: Coldwater Creek going out of business

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As others have mentioned, their original catalogs were wonderful. Back then they did not have to pay models to show off their clothes. The clothes did all the talking. Still, sorry to see them go. I do agree about the inconsistent sizing ~ it became a struggle to find a good fit. Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone a vegetarian?

In Health & Fitness 1397095946.407

There is a show on PBS that I like called the "Jazzy Vegetarian." Here is the link to some great recipes: http://www.jazzyvegetarian.com/products.html Continue Reading


Re: Greek Recipe Please :)

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jetts_mom - yes!!! They sure do. The cookies from the festival were a little more crescent shape, but these look like them. I will check out that recipe as well. Thank You! Continue Reading


Re: Greek Recipe Please :)

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Thanks to everyone who responded. LilBitMiss­ty - Thank you very much for the "conversion." I will surely try this recipe! Continue Reading


Re: Greek Recipe Please :)

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hattrick, No powdered sugar. These I think had ground almonds instead of flour and sliced almonds on top. Boy were they good! Continue Reading


Greek Recipe Please :)

Last Reply by catlover 1373968692.067 | Started by DiamondSkiBunny in Recipe Swap

Our town just had its yearly Greek Festival. Such wonderful food & culture! I was trying to find a recipe for the "Ergolavos" cookie that was available. I bought their cookbook too, but that recipe was not included. These have a distinct almond flavor and are shapped like a crescent. They were delicious! Internet searches provided nothing. :( Can you help? Continue Reading


TSV ~ Where are these products made? IT

Last Reply by hsl64 1373727564.447 | Started by DiamondSkiBunny in TSV Talk

I checked the product description & find no mention of where these products are made. Most likely the brushes are made in one location and the "face" products another. If you know, please post. Continue Reading


Re: IT Cosmetic TSV on the 13th of July?

In TSV Talk 1373724591.297

Where are these items made? No mention of country of origin. Hope it is not China! Continue Reading


Re: O/T: James Gandolfini dead at 51!

In Beauty Banter 1371691724.29

So sad! He was one of my favorite actors. He played a great "Tony Soprano." R. I. P. A source tells the Daily News he suffered a massive heart attack in Italy. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/james-gandolfini-dead-51-article-1.1377435#ixzz2WiQZR1Vy Last edited on 6/19/2013 Continue Reading


Re: Pittsburgh Penguins

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By the way, Marc Andre Fleury (goalie) & wife just had a baby girl! Continue Reading

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