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Where is the best place to purchase airline tickets?

Last Reply by Kati 1419395615.063 | Started by DiamondSkiBunny in Among Friends

I've been checking domestic flights for the past week and each day the price for the same exact flight increases. I used, priceline, orbitz, expedia and the airlines own website. Any days/times better to look? Also, would I get a better price by going through a travel agent? I won't be leaving until March, so I would think that far in advance I would be able to get a good price. Continue Reading


Coldwater Creek????

Last Reply by september 1418609148.023 | Started by DiamondSkiBunny in Fashion Talk

I think they're back! Just got an e-mail from them & their web site is up and running. Thought they would make another appearance. Let's hope they resolved those sizing issues! Continue Reading


Re: this mirror is EVERYTHING!!!

In For the Home Talk 1417058160.043

How about this one for your bedroom & jewelry from "" Continue Reading


Re: Black Friday

In Beauty Banter 1417057813.923

Now that's a great deal! Continue Reading


Re: Already received the Isaac TSV cashmere scarf...... excellent quality.

In Fashion Talk 1416337505.23

Thank you for the review ~ can't wait to get mine. I ordered the "cream" color. Although it states dry clean do you think I could hand wash gently? Continue Reading


Re: Tracfone LG 41C TSV - Did Anyone Get the Right Case?

In Electronics Talk 1416328767.357

No problem here. Love that phone!!! There are several on ebay you could pick up & would probably arrive in a more timely fashion. Don't send the phone back because of the case ~ this phone does everything! Continue Reading


Re: Tarte "Sweet Indulgence" TSV!!!

In tarte 1415638384.747

Are the products really made in China? Continue Reading


Re: TSV 10/30

In Electronics Talk 1414789924.83

Many Thanks "Tgbtb & Stargazer" Bluetooth worked like a charm! Got to love technology. Sure saved a lot of time :) Continue Reading


Re: TSV 10/30

In Electronics Talk 1414769579.66

My phone was just delivered today!!! Charging it as I type. One question, not sure if anyone has answered this yet, but here goes. Can I transfer my "address book/contacts" without having to manually input each one? I sure hope so! By the way ~ looks like this will be a really nice phone! Well made! Thanks all! Continue Reading

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