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Re: REVIEWS: Please post Judith Ripka April 2014 REVIEWS here... :)

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DonnaLuby, not recuperated fully due to falling through the cracks at our HMO--will have to redo tests they lost, but the garlic is keeping me functioning, thank goodness. And thanks for the well-wishes. That Cognac Monaco bracelet is very nice, so glad you are enjoying it! Fuji, I love the criss-cross ring and cuff, too! So wearable and timeless. Nice picks! Just wanted to shout out to Judith's Vice President, Beth, who is taking the late-night shift with a two-hour show as I write this. Doesn't she look great in the black, sleeveless dress? Lovely shoulders and arms Beth--you are givi... Continue Reading


Re: REVIEWS: Please post Judith Ripka April 2014 REVIEWS here... :)

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REVIEW: J276934 Smooth oval Onyx bead dangle omegas with Moonstone cabochon Grade: A Yea: all the right elements--quality, wear everywhere, strong posts Boo: my bead cap is just a hair off center Value (1=low;10=high): 9.5!!!! Beautiful sleek earrings really go "from blue jeans to black tie" It is hard not to gush over such classy and classic earrings when all the perfect Judith Ripka design elements merge with strong posts, no Diamonique, rich black Onyx that reflects the light and a marvelous price. So, I'll just have to gush over these wear-everyday gems, set off with a neutral pale gre... Continue Reading


Re: Kim Novak did hear the cruel comments

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On 4/18/2014 Rainbows and Roses said: People are so mean and she still is beautiful........she is goodness.......most people will never look as good as she does not when they are 55 and 65...........bullies no doubt and I can't believe Donald said anything..........for sure money does not buy class and shame on people who speak bad of anyone. I am glad she came out and talked about it. Rainbows and Roses, I have to agree with you about Kim and the rest of what you wrote. ~Peach Continue Reading


Re: REVIEWS: Please post Judith Ripka April 2014 REVIEWS here... :)

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REVIEW: J269259/J269258 Monaco bracelet in Cognac Quartz, brown Diamonique Grade: B+ Yea: Saturated, well-matched gemstones Boo: light gram weight Value (1=low; 10=high): 6 Quality gems take center stage in Monaco-styled soft link bracelet If this lighter weight, gem-intensive bracelet had been at a better price point, it probably would be adorning every Ripkanista's wrist in at least one of the choices of Turquoise, Onyx or Cognac Quartz, perhaps more than one. Either price point or gram weight should have to "give" but not both at the same time! Still, this 3/8" wide at each of the six ova... Continue Reading


Re: REVIEWS: Please post Judith Ripka April 2014 REVIEWS here... :)

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On 4/7/2014 oceanviewTL said: Hi, Peach - Monaco watch: I bought the brown version and it is a beauty! My only concern is the usual for those of us with tiny wrists - it's loose even on the tightest hole and the strap wraps all the way around to the top (not a good look). I was torn, and then saw that the brown version of the last watch (the one with 3 straps) is now available again. I ordered that, since I have and love the black Spinel version and will return the Monaco watch, even though it is gorgeous. Lesson - I have to have the willpower not to order any watches unless they come in size... Continue Reading


Re: REVIEWS: Please post Judith Ripka April 2014 REVIEWS here... :)

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Haca, thank-you. Did you go with Judith's Country link? DonnaLuby, I have to tell you, you really have me thinking about those Amazonite earrings! Have been out for the last week with the same repeated pneumonia but am on a major upswing THANKS TO ME2ME . She suggested something as simple as garlic cloves and that sent me on a great deal of online research. There are issues with much of the new garlic in stores as it comes from China and has been irradiated so the center (the Allicin part which is the miracle worker) is dead and no good to anyone. Garlic was a main line of treatment in WW... Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka Sold

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On 4/9/2014 samigini said: Because nothing has changed. Judith Ripka still will be designing/making her jewelry for her own site and for for the Q. She still owns her stores and her website. That part is not going away. You can still order (if you have her recent catalog of items) from her reps or purchase from one of her stores/online at She just sold her "name" to expand her "line". I remember when some Ripkanistas said Judith should make sunglasses, purses etc. This deal is going to let her do just that. That's why she's only getting $22.5 million for this right now plus s... Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka Sold

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On 4/8/2014 smarty said: On 4/6/2014 LuckyPeach said: On 4/5/2014 smarty said: On 4/5/2014 LuckyPeach said: On 4/5/2014 ennui1 said: On 4/5/2014 LuckyPeach said: In short, it's AN ART THING! Yes. The art of the deal. Ripkanistas: This quote was taken out of context from post #105 where I was speaking in detail about Judith's artistic creativity and use of materials, not business. ~Peach Lucky Peach, I find the "ignore user" button to be priceless...and I might add, that I can only see this particular user when they are quoted in a response (like yours here within). I have found this threa... Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka Sold

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On 4/7/2014 motherinlaw said: On 4/6/2014 LuckyPeach said: Favorite Son, I'm betting you are correct! Thanks for bringing up the role of the world marketplace which JR and Brian both spoke about exploring for some time now. ~Peach On 4/6/2014 motherinlaw said: Favorite Son: Those are very good points. I had not thought of things in that way. It could totally explain the disappearance of the 18k from her website. Even was fun to look at that price range of jewelry. Remarkable things!!! :) I will miss not being able to gaze at them. Motherinlaw, I'll miss perusing the 18K on her webs... Continue Reading



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Hi Poppet~ I like Physician's Formula, too, but also nominate Milani, Rimmel's Stay Matte, and good old Coty in the old-fashioned round powder box container (now plastic instead of cardboard). I have oily skin and have worn them all with good result. Best wishes in your search! ~Peach Continue Reading

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