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Re: Any Opinions on the TSV: HP Envy 5660 Wireless Printer?

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I have this printer and love it. I've had no problems with it at all. I love HP printers to print wirelessly with. I print mostly from my iPad or my iPhone and this printer has not failed me yet. I paid more than this at Best Buy several months ago. If I didn't already have this printer I would buy this from QVC today. I like their return policy and they make it so easy. Never had a problem with them. Continue Reading


Re: My Pillow upcoming TSV

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It does seem people either love them or hate them but I think the loves outweigh the hates. I for one and my entire family and many friends love them. I have them in every bedroom and have given as gifts many times. Everyone who got one loved it. It is important to throw them in the dryer upon receiving for several minutes. Love the fact that they are machine washable and dryable on high heat, comfortable and supportive, and made in USA. .. I say go for it especially since you have 3 months to return if you don't like. This price is outstanding! I've not ever seen them lower in price than thi... Continue Reading


Re: New Fall Favorite!

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On 10/6/2014 SunnysMom said: Lori....PLEEZE where can I get the DENIM LEGGINGS you are wearing today with Pat and Nancy????????????? I've also been searching for these all morning. I'd love to have the denim leggings in this exact same color that Lori is wearing in this mornings presentation of the TSV. Love them! Will they be available here soon? Continue Reading



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Your so welcome LIGIRL. I ordered the Missy last year and it was good for both myself and my daughter. I'm 5'2" about 127lbs. She is 5'4" and about 140lbs. I ordered the Missy again this year for her. I hope I didn't make a mistake because according to measurements given it is 6" less wide this year than it was last year but I thought the Plus would be to long. I hope they work out for her. Continue Reading



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LIGIRL The insider says: Missy 44" wide by 41" long Plus size is 55" wide by 44 " long Last years model they said if your color sells out in Missy don't be afraid to order the Plus size because there was not much difference but this one may be different this year. Last years model is #A227720. I'm not sure I would trust the measurements though. Lasts years model says it was 26" long! 50" wide in the Missy and 60" wide in the plus. It is more like 41" long minus the fringe in the Missy. So not sure the Insider has correct measurements either. Ya never know. Continue Reading


Re: Upcoming tsv sold out already?

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I've been trying to order this as well ever since I received my insider with no luck saying sold out. However I just got an email link to order through and noticed that the shipping charges were lowered to 3$ from $5.97. Not on evil pay though. Ha! But that is Ok. I appreciate the savings in shipping. That's a good savings especially if you order more than one at $1.50 each S&H. I ordered 5 for Christmas gifts. I ordered last year and loved them. So stylish and just the right weight for our Texas weather. I've noticed lately that some (key word some) of the TSV's have a more reasonable S&... Continue Reading



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Golden Karen. This same thing happened to me. I Ordered at the stroke of midnight 2 BGT TSV's on AD. 1 for me and 1 for my daughter. It went from processing to Backordered. It did not sell out till hours and hours later. I ordered with a Credit card as I always do. I pay off balance monthly if I have one and I order a lot from QVC including quite a bit of Wen. I'm usually pretty happy with service from QVC but on this occasion Not so much. What happened to my order was not right. So many of my friends ordered BGT hours later and they have received their orders. I have talked to customer servi... Continue Reading


Re: TSV order already shipped?

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So glad all your orders have shipped. I can't figure out what happened to mine. I ordered 2 32oz Tuscan Pear early and have received. Love everything about it! I also ordered 2 BGT TSV's at the stroke of midnight. Got an email the next day saying it was backordered. My order still says backordered but the EDD still says 9/8. Very strange because it did not sell out till much later that day. Oh well. I'm in no hurry and I'm sure I will eventually get it. At least I hope I will. Continue Reading


Re: My Janine Madras

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I'm so happy that you all love your new Dooney Janine Madras bag. I can't wait to get mine. I'm so glad I ordered it before it was unavailable. I kept going back and forth telling myself I didn't need another bag for summer but so glad now that I ordered it when I did. I would have so regretted not getting it when it became unavailable. Enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: q-insider

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Thanks knc. I appreciate you! The funny thing is I got the hard copy of the insider and I still couldn't find it. Since they didn't give an item # I guess I will hold on to the FloorMate deluxe that I have and not open it till I see what the Q offers it for. I don't care about easy pay but thought they might include extras with it that aren't offered in the stores.. Thanks again so much! Continue Reading

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