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Golden Karen. This same thing happened to me. I Ordered at the stroke of midnight 2 BGT TSV's on AD. 1 for me and 1 for my daughter. It went from processing to Backordered. It did not sell out till hours and hours later. I ordered with a Credit card as I always do. I pay off balance monthly if I have one and I order a lot from QVC including quite a bit of Wen. I'm usually pretty happy with service from QVC but on this occasion Not so much. What happened to my order was not right. So many of my friends ordered BGT hours later and they have received their orders. I have talked to customer servi... Continue Reading


Re: TSV order already shipped?

In WEN 1410183935.247

So glad all your orders have shipped. I can't figure out what happened to mine. I ordered 2 32oz Tuscan Pear early and have received. Love everything about it! I also ordered 2 BGT TSV's at the stroke of midnight. Got an email the next day saying it was backordered. My order still says backordered but the EDD still says 9/8. Very strange because it did not sell out till much later that day. Oh well. I'm in no hurry and I'm sure I will eventually get it. At least I hope I will. Continue Reading


Re: My Janine Madras

In Dooney & Bourke 1399813511.36

I'm so happy that you all love your new Dooney Janine Madras bag. I can't wait to get mine. I'm so glad I ordered it before it was unavailable. I kept going back and forth telling myself I didn't need another bag for summer but so glad now that I ordered it when I did. I would have so regretted not getting it when it became unavailable. Enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: q-insider

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Thanks knc. I appreciate you! The funny thing is I got the hard copy of the insider and I still couldn't find it. Since they didn't give an item # I guess I will hold on to the FloorMate deluxe that I have and not open it till I see what the Q offers it for. I don't care about easy pay but thought they might include extras with it that aren't offered in the stores.. Thanks again so much! Continue Reading


Re: q-insider

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On 4/12/2014 knc said: plow and hearth adjustable soar star lantern Laura Geller 6 piece Tuscan sun summer color essentials chi volumizing styling iron with hot iron holster mia 2 sonic cleansing system oryany hobo bag with accessory piece clarkes bendables leather sandal Craft hour May8th dyson oscillating fan hoover floormate with powerscrub 2piece swimsuit knc, I'm so glad I saw your post about the Hoover Floormate..I just bought one from Bed Bath and Beyond. It came yesterday but haven't opened yet and I could return to my local store If I need to. QVC usually has a better deal with ... Continue Reading


Re: Keurig TSV 11/17...

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Susan I agree with you about the reviews. I thought the same thing. Ha! I do think this looks like a good deal though especially if you want a specific color. I am thinking about upgrading ours. I bought my first one at Sam's Club for 129$ but it is not programmable nor does it have the rinse feature or hot water on demand. I think these are nice features. Our Unit is pretty old and would hate to go even 1 day without it if it would quit on me so I will more than likely order this new one. I love my Keurig no matter what the model would be. So convenient. Continue Reading


Re: TSV on 11/17 -Keurig?

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On 11/16/2013 Susan Louise said: On 11/14/2013 dw123 said: If you look at the program guide on the website there is also a Keurig TSV on December 11 So now I don't know whether to wait for the next TSV or not...would hate to get the one tomorrow only to find out on Dec 11th I like that model better The one for the 11th is the smaller one..The personal size..Hope this helps..69.99 I think. Continue Reading


Re: IPAD Mini Question

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On 11/13/2013 priusgal said: Thanks BogeyGirl - I'm pretty old, so this is new to me . Ha! Me to priusgal but age means nothing. You will get it..I think I was editing my response as you responded in case you did not see it. There is an app called scotutor for ipad that you should download and watch on your iPad. It is excellent for those that are new to Apple devices.. It is very helpful and It is free. Enjoy Continue Reading


Re: IPAD Mini Question

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On 11/13/2013 priusgal said: On 11/13/2013 BogeyGirl said: If you have CD's of your music you can load your music to iTunes via your computer and then you can load it from iTunes to your iPad mini. I've done this many times. I hate re buying music that I already have. However if I buy something new now I prefer to download from iTunes. It is just less time consuming. I also have the Nook, Kindle and Overdrive apps for reading. No need to have an ereader when you have the iPad mini. The reading apps work great IMO. OK - so, do I open up an iTunes account on my PC, then download the music into ... Continue Reading

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