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Re: O/T Where To Draw The Line For Tipping

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Last yr, the owner of the nail salon I use gave her customers a gift. It was just a small bottle of cuticle oil but the thought was wonderful and unexpected, She thanked everyone as they left for their business and said without her customers, she would not be in business, so she wanted to thank us for helping her business grow. Such a nice gesture and she is correct, without customers, NONE of these service jobs would be around. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Where To Draw The Line For Tipping

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I was just curious, ALOT of people say they tip the UPS driver because he brings the packages to the door and rings the bell. THAT is what they are suppose to do, they are NOT going over and above. Same with the trash guys, they do the service I ALREADY pay for (and get paid well) So I was just wondering why that justifies a tip? Alot of people do their service jobs and do not expect or get a tip, just curious as to why some are tipped and some not. Continue Reading


Re: Any upcoming TSV from Laura?

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Anyone get the early email on this yet? I am patiently waiting Continue Reading



Last Reply by sunshine45 1407709725.51 | Started by wowee in Viewpoints

Has anyone received their Sept insider yet? Continue Reading


Re: Lipsurgence Opinions

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I like the ones that dial up. They are moist and stay true on my lips Continue Reading


Re: Tarte Amazonian Clay liners being discontinued

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On 5/25/2014 Beejene said: Which eyeliners are being discontinued? I use the waterproof eyeliner in the pot and absolutely love it. Someone else mentioned BB's products but her eyeliner in the pot is horrible. It dries up within a couple of weeks and it doesn't stay on long like Tarte's. I used BB before discovering Tarte. I know some have had a problem with BB liners. I have never had one dry up on me and I have a couple that I have had for a couple of yrs. I just put the lid back on tight right away. BB pots last FOREVER, especially if you have a couple different ones. Continue Reading


Re: Will You Be Watching - Miss USA

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On 6/8/2014 Still Raining said: I am very glad I live in a country that is free to broadcast this show, but no I will not be watching. It is one of many shows which seem to show women or girls being prized for attributes that are superficial. I did not watch either, for the same reasons, There are PLENTY of other ways for a young lady to get money for school than doing the pagent circuit. JMO Continue Reading


Re: Will You Be Watching - Miss USA

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On 6/9/2014 Love Roses said: Well, I have to agree about Guiliana and her lack of looks. I wonder how she is allowed to have exposure to the public with her unattractiveness. I think it's because other unattractive females won't feel threatened by her. I know she comes across as nice and she does have intelligence, but just not looks. Her pumpkin shaped head with a receded hairline and thin hair are not something that will never be considered lovely. WOW!!!! What an upbeat person you are. Are you this critical of everyone? Continue Reading


Re: Help with dealing with a "Helicopter" Mom who also dislikes boys.

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seems like today most parents want to interfer in all aspects of the childs life...And any kind of picking on is now "bullying" SAD> good for you for letting your boys be boys!!! Continue Reading

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