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Re: Wen or Alterna?

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Alterna, esp. the Caviar line! Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone made purchases from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

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winter coat that I've had to xchange for size. Continue Reading


Re: A poll for fun/had fillers or botox,surgery or done nothing at all

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I get botox 2x a year, fillers every 18 months and I have had a rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and Lasik surgery. I don't regret 1 red penny spent! I also have had VI Peels 2x and Efudex treatment (never doing Efudex again-ugh!) Continue Reading


Re: It's Friday, Beauties. What did you purchase this past week ending 7/25/14?

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6 pack of Ole Henriksen Power Peel. This was developed for Charlize Theron to apply when she was on location. It cleans remarkably and I use 1x a week. This does not flare my sensitive/rosacea skin. A winter coat from Nordies sale. Continue Reading


Re: This is how the European women do it or wear it or use it

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On 7/22/2014 Carmie said: On 7/22/2014 suzyQ3 said: On 7/22/2014 MalteseMomma said: I totally agree with the OP I have been saying "Who Cares" for years. We are American women ,why should anyone think women of another country are more stylish or anything else than American women. I for one am sick of hearing what fashion is in Italy !!!! btw, off fashion talk ... while in Greece and Italy I had to p in a hole in the floor which is their toilet and I was always told to make sure I bring toilet paper.They do not use it in a lot of countries. Oh, puleez. If that's true, you were either hiking a... Continue Reading


Re: Suzanne Somers - seriously?

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I have to wonder how a shampoo's chemicals can leach into and past the blood barrier of the brain, when chemo drugs are often unable or ineffective to do so. My understanding is that is why chemo is so often ineffective as a treatment for brain cancers. Continue Reading


Re: ASDM Vitamin C Serum Update

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This is the one w/MAP. I have rosacea and it hasn't flared my skin. Other Vit. C serums have not played nice w/my skin. I'm trying to reduce sun spots. Continue Reading


Re: ASDM Vitamin C Serum Update

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It is a light gel/lotion, perfect for summer use and under a moisturizer. Continue Reading


ASDM Vitamin C Serum Update

Last Reply by myshell624 1406126461.78 | Started by maestra in Beauty Banter

I had problems w/the 1st bottle of this product-felt like dried egg white on my face. ASDM sent a 2nd bottle gratis and I can immediately tell the difference and it's very positive. It isnt milky and absorbs almost immediately. It is really good (so far) for helping some of my hyperpigmentation. Just an FYI for those interested. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use Elizabeth Grant products?

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I ordered the 5 pc. Vit. C kit. Will keep the torricullum for me and gift the creams to DM. Continue Reading

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