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Re: SKINN Intellitint CC Cream

In Beauty Banter 1406654530.893

I loved the finish on the CC cream but it made me breakout, so I cant use it. Continue Reading


Re: Help for vertical lines around lips

In Beauty Banter 1406654476.407

I really like Dr. Jeanette Graf's retinol cream for around the lips. It has softened my lines quite a bit. It is sold thru HSN. Continue Reading


Re: Dermstore?

In Beauty Banter 1406567786.513

exceptional customer service and good discount promotions w/a wide range of products. Continue Reading


Re: What did everyone get from Skinn this weekend?

In Beauty Banter 1406566581.65

1 Lips 6x kit, w/sugar lips scrub and a nude lipstick. That's all-I am using Dr. Graf and trying some of Elizabeth Grant in an effort to introduce more retinol and Vit.C in my skincare that wont be even more expensive. I use lips 6x daily. Continue Reading


Re: SKINN (Sunday) TTV- thoughts?

In Beauty Banter 1406478943.233

The Power Peel by Ole Henriksen is the only product of that line I have used. Love it! I feel so clean after! Continue Reading


Re: SKINN (Sunday) TTV- thoughts?

In Beauty Banter 1406472949.78

If the peel alone is $60.- then using Ole Henriksen is less expensive. Continue Reading


Re: OT/do you see the glass half empty or half full?

In Beauty Banter 1406472863.093

I feel the same way you do on occasion (like when I hear about animal abuse or a friend getting ill/children being ill or hurt), but I try to remember that life's short-it's ok to eat ice cream. This really came home to roost when I was seriously ill. Continue Reading


Re: ~ NOTW ~ (Nail of The Week!)

In Beauty Banter 1406396349.41

Love it! So feminine and subtle. A nice break from hot colors or in your face styles that are also attractive, but still I like this even more, jmho. Continue Reading


Re: It's Friday, Beauties. What did you purchase this past week ending 7/25/14?

In Beauty Banter 1406381266.44

Just ordered Skinn lips 6x balm, scrub and lipstick in nude. I have used lips 6x for 2-3 years and really like the results. Continue Reading

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