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Re: O/T looking for a memory foam topper

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I have to agree that the Costco topper was a great investment. I bought it after I was diagnosed and knew I'd be in bed for quite a period of time. So worth it! Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Graff On HSN

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The retinol exfoliating pads are very good, the body cream is a real winner in my book and I continue to purchase that and the hand cream is terrific. Yes, Dr. Graf has flawless skin-she has access to Rx peels, formulas etc. Why shouldn't she look great? Like Dr. Denise, her face (and ours) is her fortune. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone use Dr. Graf products ?

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I've used her retinol line. It's ok but there are some outstanding products that I still purchase as needed. The retinol body crème, the retinol body butter, retinol pads and the hand crème are all excellent products. I have since moved on to using Dr. Dennis Gross-more $$ but I'm seeing better results w/hyperpigmentation. Continue Reading


Re: Looking for Under-eye Concealer and Brightener

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Maybelline Eraser; 2 kinds. 1 is for circles and another is for brightening. Considerably less expensive than Laura Mercier or Trish McAvoy. Continue Reading


Re: Heather Hall is so beautiful can't believe she is 42.

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I really enjoy watching Heather, Sarah and Allison. Continue Reading


Re: ShopHQ Host

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She's an idiot. jmo Continue Reading


Re: How can I stop smoking?

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There is no incentive like having chemo (unrelated diagnosis). I smoked on and off for 40 years also and it was the side effect disguesia (everything tasted terrible, changes in smell) that did it for me. I began to notice there weren't that many 'old' smokers around and figured they had quit or were dead. I've been smoke free for over 3 years. Continue Reading


Re: Need recs for good drug store hand cream/lotion, please

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On 1/19/2015 beach-mom said: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fisherman's Hand Cream It's one of the best out there! It's got a thick feel to it and it works! Hope your hands feel better! My old favorite, great for heels too. Walgreens also has O'Keefe's Working Hands. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite facial masks for winter?

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Both of the masks suggested sound yummy, and effective. Continue Reading

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