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Re: O/T Who Else Finds That QVC's Long Sleeve tops Are Way Too Long?

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You may get more responses over at Fashion Talk. I don't purchase clothes from the Q. Continue Reading


Re: OT/anyone ever use the Saint Anthony prayer to find things?

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A Catholic here who is Scottish, and afterward ( saying the prayer) we make a small offering of thanks to benefit the Poor when our object is found. Continue Reading


Re: Advise Needed - Retin-a vs. Retinol

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What does your dermatologist want you to use? They have been to medical school. Retin-A is an Rx, so it demands some respect. I use retinol and like what I've been using. Continue Reading


Re: Red Hair Not Allowed in School?

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On 8/18/2014 luvthatboxer said: On 8/16/2014 maestra said: On 8/16/2014 lolakimono said: On 8/16/2014 maestra said: My school has a policy for natural undyed hair for both genders during the school year; this doesn't apply to natural red-heads (which I was). Really? No highlights even? No highlights. I'm pretty sure it doesn't apply to teachers then. No, it doesn't apply to teachers since WE are not the ones who are easily distracted. Continue Reading


Re: Your thoughts on this.

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Harper's Bizarre.-not a good look, imho. Continue Reading


Re: Red Hair Not Allowed in School?

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Tenure no longer exists in many states, your contract must be earned yearly. That is why there are teacher strikes and demonstrations in union school districts-when tenure is removed. I've never had tenure in all my years teaching b/c the districts were not union. Its pretty obvious when a poster has an axe to grind about the education system. I'm just trying to clarify the day to day. Continue Reading


Re: Red Hair Not Allowed in School?

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On 8/17/2014 Kzeks said: On 8/16/2014 KateChopin said: Wow. Charlie Brown's girlfriend better watch out! And Claire Danes from "My So-Called Life". And Rita Hayworth. Ridiculous. It will be nice when schools can get back to education and not have to worry about politicians making pronouncements, teachers carrying guns (!), and ridiculous, unnecessary testing, etc. Talk about distractions. I think it's making people a tad crazy, as evidenced by this. I believe both Teachers & students should be tested .... The worst thing you can do to students is give them a Teacher who does not know any... Continue Reading


Re: Recommendations For A Good Peel

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Ole Henriksens Power Peel available at Sephora-love this 1x a week MUAC Mandelic or Lactic acid peels-lunchtime peels. I didn't care for tingle on the 40% Lactic, but it was gentle. Ole Henriksens Blueberry Enzyme Peel-good 2-3x a week. Ren's Radiance mask./peel-very gentle When I can afford it I get a VI Peel Precision at my derm's office. But this is very pricey($400.00) Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a new scent that is a bit unique, but also fresh and crisp

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Tocca's Stella is 1 of the 2 scents I wear. It's perfect for summer. Continue Reading


Re: OT for fun: what is your ringtone?

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ringtone is Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Continue Reading

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