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Re: NEW SKINN ITEMS UP-I WANT IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just ordered the 3 lips 6x balms and the desert glimmer eyeshadow palette. It looks so pretty for Spring and will be gifting boysenberry to DD and mango to BFF. Santa15 code worked also! Continue Reading


Re: Anyone tried the Doll 10 line (Doris Dalton)???

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On 11/26/2014 BlingQueen022 said: Just received her oto eye shadow kit yesterday and I don't even wear eye shadow anymore, but this kit is fabulous!!! Love the colors, and you look so natural with them on. Also, I finally found a great nude lipstick combo from Doll 10. They're the ones that you break apart and one end is gloss and the other is lipstick. Comes in two colors, nude and a nice nude/pink color. The best!!! Not sticky or tacky and lasts for a while too. Thank you Doris Dalton. I just purchased the nude set and waiting for it to arrive. I'm glad that these don't have a taste or sce... Continue Reading


Re: For those who get Botox...

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8-9 months; I get 50 units from crows feet and forehead. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Name three things that are YOU thankful for this Thanksgiving

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* I am thankful for being an American; I am proud of my country and the opportunities this country has afforded me (with lots of hard work and support). * I am thankful for my faith and the foundation it has provided me, especially during dark and desperate times. *I am thankful for my family, even the ones that give me heartburn: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Continue Reading


Re: Teacher Gifts??? Got good ideas?

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On 11/23/2014 Reever said: These people have very good jobs, pensions and an inordinate amount of days off. I do not give them any gifts. Sorry if I sound like an old tim curmudgeon but they make more money than I do and no one gives me a gift for doing my job. I'm sure your little ones were real pips-the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Continue Reading


Re: Skinn Candlelight Powder

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I would love this with a lips 6x balm! Continue Reading


Re: Weigh In On Lipgloss For Women Over 50 - 60

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I'm wearing the Skinn lips 6x balm more w/lipstick, but will use gloss as long as I like it. Rules are made to be broken Continue Reading


Re: What Contour is Everyone that Contours Using?

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I am using and loving Charlotte Tisbury's Filmstar compact. Best news you can go overboard, it just a subtle inner glow. Continue Reading

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