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Re: What is the Best Lip Balm for Florida heat in June

In Beauty Banter 1397601419.453

Derm Store lip Quench-great for FL warm weather. Continue Reading


Re: Paula's Choice NEW 365 self-tanner -- anyone tried?!?!?!

In Beauty Banter 1397583891.657

I prefer Clarins self tanners and I'm not a big self tanner all spring and summer. I like just enough not to scare children and animals away w/my neon paleness on legs and arms. Continue Reading


Review of 2 Products: Dr. Graf Retinol Body Butter and

Last Reply by myshell624 1397515689.78 | Started by maestra in Beauty Banter

Dr. Graf Exfoliating/Firming Pads. The body butter has a faint scent of vanilla, goes on very smoothly and is easy to spread w/out using the whole jar-about 8oz. It has helped a small spot on my left elbow w/roughness and excema; I can feel the smoothness even after bathing. I'm still trying it on my heels. The Dr. Graf pads has lactic acid as the 2nd ingredient, which I like. I'm hoping just for an improvement in brightening. I cannot use Vitamin C w/my rosacea. Lactic acid doesn't bother my rosacea and lactic acid peels make my face feel like I have ants biting me. These pads have had no st... Continue Reading


Re: INSOMNIA is driving me INSANE!!

In Beauty Banter 1397418554.63

On 4/13/2014 TootyJane said: I used to use Ambien. However, I suffer from chronic back, and now neck, pain and see a pain management doctor. He switched me to Lunesta because of a possible drug interaction with the pain medication I take. Lunesta works just as well as the Ambien. The only thing about the Lunesta that I can complain about is the terrible after taste and dry mouth it causes. Other than that it works well and I don't wake up feeling groggy as I did some times with the Ambien. HTH Lunesta aftertaste is very bitter, but it works and is non addictive. On chemo I a had to take it ev... Continue Reading


Re: Bobbi Brown Art Sticks

In Beauty Banter 1397418325.59

I have 2-Dusty Pink and Rose Brown. Of the 2, I prefer the shade of Rose Brown, much more natural. The Dusty Pink seems to oxidize on me to a florid pink shade fairly quickly-within minutes. They are dry b/c it's supposed to be a matte lip. I add Dior Lip Max before applying it and it's convenient. It has it's own sharpener, which is a big help. I would purchase the Rose Brown again. Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a Pink Polish for fair skin (blue undertones)

In Beauty Banter 1397347028.487

I'd also recommend Essie's Eternal Optimist-hg status for me. Continue Reading


Re: ~ NOTW ~ (Nail of The Week!)

In Beauty Banter 1397329525.797

My nails were doing well until I used Naitiques #2 and they all began to break and peel halfway down the nail bed. It's been 3 or more weeks and I'm still having issues. Using Crème Abricot has helped, but I guess I'm allegic to something in the formula. It only took 3-4 days for my nails to fall apart. I used Nailtiques #2+ w/no problems-go figure. I may try #2+ again jst to stop the peeling. Continue Reading


Re: What Did You Get From The Sephora Sale

In Beauty Banter 1397329350.31

BB Art Stick in Rose Brown-beautiful shade and perfect for all year all the time-love Phyto Citrus Shampoo-I like this line much better than Alterna Phyto balm for frizzies control-humid southern weather coming Lancôme Cils Booster-hg Continue Reading


Re: ~ NOTW ~ (Nail of The Week!)

In Beauty Banter 1397329099.82

Essie Eternal Optimist is my hg shade-beautiful shell pink, perfect for spring and Easter season. Very light and feminine this week! Continue Reading

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