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Re: Has anyone ever have a scalp biopsy?

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I'd have it since it is more information on your hair loss or scalp condition. Continue Reading


Re: Need help with basic cosmetics, please.

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Agreed Maybelline makes some great products! Their mascaras are pretty good, as is the Rewind concealer; I don't think you want to spend 23 dollars on 1 concealer, when Maybelline is about 6 bucks. Maybelline also has new eyebrow gell w/a brush that colrs and fills in, so look at that as well as brow pencils. I appreciate how you are feeling having also had to recover from a serious illness and extended bed rest. Good luck! Continue Reading


Re: Sephora VIB Rouge Discount

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I'm Rouge and had not been notified-thanks for the info. Continue Reading


Re: Mascaras you have tried and love?

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Lancôme Hypnose Drama, YSL Volume-false lashes, BB Smokey or Lash Glamour. I'll have to see someday about trying Dior Show. Continue Reading


Re: after chemo did your hair grow back completely?

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Thinner on top and sides, but I had quite a head of hair. I take Biotin, b/c if I don't my hair falls out again. Finished chemo 2 years ago. Continue Reading


Re: Hi Beauties, What did you Purchase this past week ending 10/24/14???

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Quite a haul from Skinn last week: Pretty in Pink kit, which I'll be breaking into smaller gifts Cleansers and cleaning cloths, Stem Regen Elite kit and Plasma kits color TTV. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Help Finding Shoes for Daughter

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I think black patent will look lovely and will go w/any other outfits she may like when she is past wearing the purple dress for Christmas. I cant help you in any other way but to give some encouraging words-my DD is a grown woman. Continue Reading


Re: Wow. Almost didn't recognize Dana.

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Dana is a beautiful woman, agreed! Continue Reading


Re: Which Makeup Items Do You Splurge On?

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I'll spend $$ for a good foundation but it must perform: lightweight on the skin, medium coverage, not a flat, matte finish. At this time I like Chanel Vitalumiere and Koh Gen Doh. Continue Reading

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