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Re: Roasacea - can you use serums, oils, etc.?

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Rosacea is different for everyone; I used the Clinique line when I was 1st diagnosed. Keep up w/Metrogel-it should help some. Only introduced 1new product at a time so you know right away where the flare came from. No scrubbies for me-big time flares. I've had luck w/Erno Laszlo line (soap, oil, light controlling lotion), but it is expensive; the bar of soap lasts me 6 months. Crème de la Mer moisturizer is my go to during the cold winter months. It is frustrating; keep a little notebook to keep track of potential triggers. Good luck! Continue Reading


Re: Totally O/T....need recs on a good mid-sized SUV

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We had Foresters and had real issues w/the engines. No problems w/Jeep or Rav4. Continue Reading


Re: Totally O/T....need recs on a good mid-sized SUV

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I purchased a Jeep Patriot and feel very secure w/out it being too big. It really hugs the road and is very good in inclement weather. Continue Reading


Re: TGIF Lovelies! what were your lovely purchases for week ending 02/27/2015?

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La Mer concealer-light, luminous, CDLM foundation in Crème-feels weightless w/lovely, medium coverage and buildable, Erno Laszlo white marble soap, and rec'd gratis some deluxe sizes of CDLM products. My new weakness...sigh. Continue Reading


Re: What perfume did you wear today?

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Blackberry and Bay-Jo Malone Continue Reading


Re: Hydroshield is not at all like I expected!! Question for experienced Hydroshield users please.

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On 2/19/2015 santorini said: On 2/19/2015 Crisso said: On 2/19/2015 bunnypink said: Sassenach1--You're scaring me! If it contains a lot of 'cones I'm now worried I'll start breaking out!! betteb--Yes, I exfoliate on a regular basis so unfortunately it's not that. I appreciate the help though :) As far as the amount I'm using, I'm just following the directions that came with it so I don't think that can be the issue either. SILICONES WILL NOT BREAK YOU OUT. THAT IS A MYTH. YES I AM SHOUTING! THEY BREAK ME OUT! AND YES, I'M SHOUTING BACK. SILICONES BREAK ME OUT ALSO! I'm dealing w/this now... Continue Reading


Re: Need a New Mascara!

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Lancôme-the best and many different types, all excellent! Continue Reading


Re: OT - What is everyone giving up during Lent??

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On 2/19/2015 fitfuninformed said: On 2/18/2015 BellaCarro said: I will fast today. Getting up and making it to 7:30 am Mass on time was a good start. Not rolling my eyes at the co-worker who told me I had dirt on my forehead I thought was pretty good too. (Really, you've lived over 40 years and never seen a Catholic on Ash Wednesday- there I said it).<br /> However, rather than give up I will add. Several years ago our parish priest spoke about mindfully adding prayer to your daily life. That really resonated with me. You don't have to be one particular religion to do that. Take some ti... Continue Reading


Re: T-3, Drybar or ?

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I have the Drybar Buttercup and really like it a lot! I have below shoulder hair length which is fine-makes quick work although I don't do any fancy styling in the cold. I bought it as a TSV. Continue Reading


Re: I have the worse case of shingles..............

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I had the vaccine, paid for by ins. since my DB contracted shingles. We both had chicken pox at the same time and we are 'Irish' twins-my poor DM. Continue Reading

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