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Re: Funny this morning (10-23) Susan Graver

In Susan Graver 1414213590.89

On 10/23/2014 Remee said: Susan has been on enough years and has received enough posts even on her blog and Facebook page from consumers to know we ALL want her to shut up ! I'm convinced she is aware of it, just decides to ignore it because she is so everlasting in love with herself. If she only knew exactly how many sales she is killing and how many dollars she is keeping from her pocket, maybe she would finally shut up. She's never cute, funny, clever or has anything worthy to say. I so wish she would move on from QVC so I would never run into her, but I'm sure she is here to stay. I agr... Continue Reading


Re: Please share your haircut horror story

In Beauty Banter 1414213152.93

After me telling the hairdresser exactly where NOT to cut...that was the 1st cut she made. I stopped her in the middle of cutting my hair, she had already ruined it. I wouldn't even let her finish, I cried all the way home. Went home & finished it the best I could. I was 55 when this happened,LOL!! Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver please stop talking over host

In Suggestion Box 1414149242.227

On 10/23/2014 baker said: This behavior has been going on with SG for quite a while and many have complained to her and the powers that be and nothing changes. If you want to buy her things then you'll just have to deal with the behavior. This topic is like Jayne & Pat....why can't they do a show without giggling ALL the way thru it. Both have been discussed over & OVER.... Continue Reading


Susan's color burgandy??

Started by TX-starlight in Susan Graver 1413948259.167

I was wondering if anyone has received anything in this color?? I ordered something in burgandy, (can't remember if it was SG), but it was very off color. Almost a brownish. I haven't seen that much SG has offered in that color. Continue Reading


Re: Fashionably early this morning.

In Fashion Talk 1413937230.523

On 10/20/2014 lovesrecess said: I watched Pat and Jayne for a while but it seemed they wanted to talk about everything except whatever they were presenting so I just stopped watching. AND!!! I JUST don't get why TPTB can't see/hear all this non-sense?? It dricves me crazy, so I just have to turn them off. Continue Reading


Re: A81973 "Susan Graver Faux Leather Washed Metallic Zip Front Jacket"

In Susan Graver 1413865705.513

On 9/27/2014 MT Mom said: I just can't purchase anything from Susan Graver because her presentation is so obnoxious; she continually talks over the host and the callers. When she comes on air, I turn QVC off. Sometimes when I am searching or browsing the web, I see an item that looks nice, like this one, but I just can't purchase because of the vendor. Would someone please teach her basic manners. DO NOT TALK WHEN OTHERS ARE TALKING! Try late nights, when her assistant Marylin presents. There is a world of difference in them, or watch with sound off. Susan has some great clothing, but she I... Continue Reading


Re: Capes, Capelets & Ponchos...are you wearing something from your closet or purchasing a new one?

In Fashion Talk 1413865540.823

I have always loved the cape/poncho style, since I hate feeling bundled up. I can never find just that perfect one tho. I purchased a Dennis Basso cape (NWT) from E-bay. unfotunately it is wool, & I can't stand to wear it. It was "no returns" & I never took tags off. Hoping to sell it at consignment shop somewhere. Continue Reading


Re: Isaac Mizrhi

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1413865340.473

Can't stand IM, Shawn, or the lady who stands in for IM. I do not watch any of his shows. I thought I could when I saw he has assistant, but I can't stand her voice/accent. Continue Reading


Re: Rachel

In The Q We Love 1413864992.65

On 10/19/2014 BOYINTX said: I did see David early in the day and he put Dennis Basso to shame. David who?? Continue Reading


Re: Where is Lisa going?

In Fashion Talk 1413864909.427

On 10/20/2014 metrogal said: On 10/20/2014 BillyBob20 said: About a dozen threads on this and no ones knows. She's just moving on to new adventures needs a change etc. Not my favorite but I wish her well in her next career move. She's good at what she does.....but I won't miss her.....too caught up with herself. Agree with both here. I have not watched her in 3-4 yrs. I won't miss her, but wish her well. I believe she will be somewhere "behind the scenes" @QVC. Continue Reading

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