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Re: Zulily Experiences?

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No returns is a deal breaker for me. I was about to order, & found that info. I wear plus size & those sizes vary too much. No Zulily for me Continue Reading


Alberti thread closed???

Last Reply by misschristy 1406833519.063 | Started by TX-starlight in Q Did What?

The thread titled "Alberti Gone?" is now closed. When you try to post, it says comments on this thread closed (r something like that,lol). It only began 7/25-Closed 7/28 with only 30 posts...AND almost every post was postitive. There were no nasty posts at all!!! Is the topic of Alberti completely "off limits"? Can we not even say GOOD things about him???? Continue Reading


Re: Hunter Green for Fall

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It seems funny to me that each host has a different "color for fall". I have heard gray,burgandy, hunter green..."is THE color for fall".Who really KNOWS the "color for fall"??? I think it depends on what the colors the vendor offers for whatever is being shown for the day. Anything(color,lol) to make a sale... Continue Reading


Re: If you could turn back time….

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On 7/29/2014 curlywhitedog said: Oh my gosh, what a great thread. So many things I miss about the way of life from the past. Some you can carry forward, others, like kids playing in the street and having fun without fear of kidnappings, you can't. I feel so bad that my grandchildren, although living in an area that is considered safe, are relegated to playing only in their own back yard. We live around the corner from them yet a bike ride to nanny's house means either mommy or daddy need to be with them. I remember calling for my friends who lived a few houses down or across the street or aro... Continue Reading


Re: If you could turn back time….

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On 7/28/2014 Allegheny said: I miss the time when people weren't so much in a rush, when more kindness and courtesy was extended. YES!!!! I am so sick of people being rude when you try to help them. This thread is funny to see....I posted the exact same thing on my FB pg yesterday. "If you could turn back time" far back...was what I posted (just for fun). I am 61 & times WERE so much better in 50-60's, in SO many ways. Continue Reading


Re: Alberti Gone?

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On 7/27/2014 J Town Girl said: I still haven't been able to catch one of his shows. I wish I knew when he was going to be on because from reading the posts it seems like he is a good host. He seems to be on 1-3am, it's always wee hrs of the morning/night. Continue Reading


Re: Fast talking QVC Hosts/Hostess

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On 7/28/2014 stevieb said: On 7/27/2014 golfcartrider said: On 7/27/2014 Mz iMac said: On 7/27/2014 MarthaStewardess said: Yes, many of them talk too fast. Rick gets to talking so fast with his faux enthusiasm that he stutters. He's so annoying. The women don't seem to talk as fast as him, but many of them tend to get too loud. Carolyn and Jacque are the worst offenders to me. They tend to squeal. I wish they'd go back to more calming, professional and dignified presentations. Yes Rick is the one I was fonting about... The female one is Shawn Killinger... So glad I am not the only one w... Continue Reading


Re: Just checked out some of the new fall clothes coming up ......

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I wouldn't spend 1¢ on IM items. Can't stand to look at him. Much less, hear him speak. (JMO) Continue Reading


Re: Accumulating greeting cards

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I have started recycle/using them for note pads. I keep cards from family,but that is all. I have kept several pretty Christmas cards, with intentions of somehow recycling tham also. Continue Reading


Re: Former host, Lena

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Lena was a fav host of mine when she was on. I caught her on last wk, very pleasant to see her. I wish she would also return to Q. Continue Reading

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