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Re: (OT) Really Kirsten

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On 2/28/2015 TrailBlazer05 said: And not only did Kerstin pull her wayyy too tight pants down a bit too much while showing off the toning belt, she couldn't help herself and had to make sure she showed us her back side too! So inappropriate. Kerstin is all about being seen. That's all she cares about. I can't stand to watch her at all, & I don't! Didn't like her the 1st time I saw her, but gave her a few more chances. She is now on my "do not watch" list,lol... Continue Reading


Re: Candle Impressions

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I got my 1st CI set before Christmas. I love them!!! I am wanting another set. I was wondering if anyone has them in red?? I boufght a cheap set from Wal-Mart, but returned them immediately. They looked orange when "lit". I want a true red flameless candle (with timer)!!. Reviews on the (CI) red votives said they were more of a faded red or rose color. Continue Reading


Re: Does Anyone Else Find This on the Posts to be Annoying???

In Suggestion Box 1425119473.113

What is annoying to me is when there are SEVERAL threads on the same topic. I try to scan the board before starting a new post, just to see if it is already being discussed. Wish I had a dollar for every "Lisa leaving" thread & "Susan Graver talks too much" thread,lol!! Continue Reading


Gabrielle -minus Dennis

Last Reply by circles 1425121210.77 | Started by TX-starlight in Dennis Basso

Gabrielle was hosting wee hrs. (2/28) without Dennis. She isn't my fav host, but she was TOTALLY off tonight. She kept pausing so much. I think they were "talking in her ear". She drives me crazy saying "right,right,right", after EVERY sentence. She has always seemed unprepared as a host. Continue Reading


Re: Ants

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1425118607.663

I haven't read everything here yet, but I have also had ants this winter. I mean they have been everywhere!! I tried every "home remedy" I could find, nothing worked. I finally got some borac acid & that seems to have them under control for now. It is powder, I will use spray at times, but they come right back. Mine are coming from behind my stove, so it is hard to treat the direct incoming area. Continue Reading


Re: Ants

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On 2/25/2015 ChynnaBlue said: Ants are common during extreme weather - hot, cold, or wet. I like the Raid Double Control Ant Traps. If you can find the spot where they are coming in, you can also sprinkle the area with ground cinnamon. Ants won't cross cinnamon and smells nice for you! Cinnamon doesn't work, at least it didn't for me. Neither did the ant traps. Continue Reading


Re: Alberti Popaj hosting with Nick Chavez was pure perfection! (in my opinion)

In The Q We Love 1425004748.413

On 2/26/2015 spud188 said: I agree with you..Nick was much calmer. I noticed a calmer Nick also. I enjoyed the show alot. Alberti is wonderful asset to Q. No matter the product, he does an excellent job. I heard Nick say to him something about him being a prior beauty product rep, or something like that. Anyone else catch that??? Continue Reading


Re: Shawn hosting PMStyle...oh my!

In Q Did What? 1424941605.797

On 2/24/2015 CalmInTheHeart said: I'm with you, OP. I'm with both of y'all!! I do not watch Shawn at all. I didn't like her when she 1st appeared on QVC. I have tried to watch her a few times, but just can't take her. Continue Reading


Re: Kudos to Jennifer Coffey!

In The Q We Love 1424941425.41

I liked Jennifer in her beginning, but she seems a bit phony to me now. She is professional, but has changed in the last few months. Continue Reading


Re: Model Stacy

In Fashion Talk 1424941112.043

On 2/13/2015 Lotus~ said: I don't think any of them know where to go....the Q is trying to make this a little runway-ish and it's not working. The girls are all over the place. I doubt it was done on purpose. I agree. I didn't see the show, but Stacy has always seemed polite & professional. All the models & camera people seem somewhat lost on the set these days. They are always showing the wrong thing than what the hosts are talking about. The set looks so spread out, they also seem far away from the host. It (the set) just appears odd to me. OP: Stacy is human, she may have had ... Continue Reading

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