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Re: Rachael with George Simonton middle of the night Clearance show

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On 1/24/2015 queendiva said: ITA that Rachel was awful with GS this morning. Loud and obnoxious. Talked as if she were being paid by the word. I do not think he spoke a single full sentence without being interrupted by her. Had to put her on mute. She was a real circus barker this morning. I hope she will not be paired with him again. Well said! Continue Reading


Re: I think Alberti's getting more popular.

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On 10/25/2014 elruth said: Alberti is a pleasant addition. He always is prepared and is impeccably dressed. Very thorough in his presentations no matter what the product. I enjoy watching when he is the host. I totally agree!! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa R will be back....

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Whatever Nancy said.....I do not care if I ever see/hear Lisa R again. I have not missed her, since I stopped watching her years ago. I simply could NOT stannd to hear her say "AAMAZING" 1 more time. The thought has crossed my mind that she would return as a rep for some company. I only hope not. Too much hype about nothing.(IMO) Continue Reading


Re: 25 hour beauty day--BORING!!

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On 1/19/2015 brewhaha said: On 1/19/2015 ElvisShops said: If you didn't care for beauty day, maybe you will like gardening or cooking better. Looks like gardening day and cooking day are on the horizon. Roll out the barrel. The fun is just starting. Yep, I just noticed the gardening day, 1 of my LEAST favorites. Hopefully the weather here in TX will be as nice tomorrow as it was QVC for me!! Continue Reading


Re: Chaz said protein can break hair

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I have never used WEN (& never will), but my hair had become dry/brittle/wirey awhile back. I asked my stylist about it. She asked if I take any vitamins with kerotin. When I said yes, she said that was probably it, too much can break/dry your hair to the point of all these symptoms. I cut back on taking it & hair is much better. Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver needs something to calm her down..

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On 1/3/2015 LEXIE said: If I were you I would write to her on her Facebook page. I did and she does reply. She needs to be reminded how hyper she can come across on tv. I haven't read her FB pg in a few days, but there were several ? on the where abouts of Marilyn Torres. I didn't a see an answer. I saw on here somewehere that she fianlly said she was enjoying her daughter & that was it. A very vague answer. It's not so hard to say she has moved on, on vac, helth issues, or whatever.....her reply leads me to think Marilyn was fired, or left on her own (which I wouldn't blame her). Just ... Continue Reading


Re: monday night lori wil be getting her own slot

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On 1/12/2015 annabellethecat said: Not me. I just don't care for her clothes. The idea of putting on clothes after clothes doesn't do it for me. That's an hour I'll be watching something else. I agree. I personally think her clothing looks like Bea Aurthur on Golden Girls, layers & rags hanging everywhere. Too much fabric! There is enough of ME, without that bulk. Continue Reading


Re: what the heck is wrong with me/never satisfied with handbag...always looking

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Op, I am same way. I am not a "purse" person. I found KVZ organizer several yrs ago & have carried on that for too many yrs,lol... I did have lg bag, I bought at discount store. I carried that ONLY when I needed something very big. Last week, I decided I was gonna try a regular size bag again. I bought a cheap bag, but it seems ok so far. I started carrying the little organizer bag when I used to antique shop & was always knocking things over with a regular bag, then I felt that was all I needed. I am now 62, & felt it was time for "old lady" purse,lol.. Continue Reading


Re: Where is Marilyn Torres- Susan Graver's assistant?

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On 1/15/2015 BillyBob20 said: On 1/15/2015 ijot said: I have asked Susan several times where is Marilyn. No response. Susan says she always answers but hasn not. Where is Marilyn or where did she go? If Susan is avoiding answering your question about Marilyn more then likely something happened between Marilyn and Susan and she is no longer part of Susan's company. There are many comments & questions on Susan's FB pg about Marilyn...last I looked SG hadn't answered any of them. Continue Reading

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