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Re: Man oh Man look at the price! J295462

In Judith Ripka 1409697370.503

I don't watch, or buy JR jewelry, but the title made me want to comment here. I have noticed ALOT of QVC jewelry has become extremely expensive!!! I can't remember the last time I bought jewelry here.....& don't plan to at these $$$$!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Rude or Overexcited.....not sure?

In Susan Graver 1409697212.763

On 8/29/2014 magicmoodz said: On 7/17/2014 StuffyBug said: On 7/17/2014 TX-starlight said: I like SG clothing(most anyway) & I can tolerate her at times. I caught the end of her show today & I have to say....she was OVER the top today. I honestly don't know how the hosts manage a whole hr. with her. Her 90mph talking makes me nervous!! She is too busy gushing over her items to give any details. RedConvertibleGirl: I have read her FB pg, people there are horrible to her. I feel bad when reading some posters comments. After reading them awhile back, I don't know how she faces the camera... Continue Reading


Re: Compound W on Skin Tags?

In Beauty Banter 1409696755.697

On 9/2/2014 RedTop said: I prefer to tie thread around mine and let them shrivel up and fall off within 24-48 hours. I just started a thread on skin tags a wk or so ago.....I tried the above & it worked great!! Mine was just below my breast, so it was slightly difficult to get to, but I did it!! Mine was gone in 1 day. Tie it very tight. Then I applied A & D ointment to the spot, no problems at all. Continue Reading


Re: The over-night dude

In Q Did What? 1409554711.907

On 8/31/2014 kittymomNC said: You must be talking about Alberti - and I think he is SO ready for prime time. He's a breath of fresh air in a sea of the same old same old..... He makes sure he's knowledgeable about the products he is presenting, whether it's kitchen equipment, jewelry, or ladies' clothes. He's funny with a great sense of humor, doesn't take himself too seriously, works very well with the vendors (letting them talk), and doesn't talk about his personal life constantly. Just enumerating some of the things he does and doesn't do that so many people complain about with other host... Continue Reading


Re: It comestics host clothes

In Beauty With Benefits 1409553793.917

I noticed her wearing the TIGHT dresses last wk. More than that is her hair style. (I know I am gonna bashed get it for saying this, but...) I wish she would wear her hair in a softer style. The slicked back bun thing looks matronly. She is very pretty lady & very well prepared on her presentations. Soften up the hair & she would be stunning!! Continue Reading


Re: What is Susan's obsession with turtlenecks ?

In Fashion Talk 1409531826.73

On 8/31/2014 luvingit said: I have a long neck with scars on it. Would like to just wear all turtlenecks. I have friend who had throat cancer & surgery. She wears turtlenecks every single day. We are in Texas & it's HOT, but she wears them. She cuts the sleeves off for summer. Continue Reading


Re: Neem Oil???

In Beauty Banter 1409347188.953

Someone recommended Neem oil for my eczema. It did absolutley nothing for it. I used it in my bath water, just to use it up, after seeing no results for eczema. It stinks it high heavens!! but was good moisturizer, that's about it. Continue Reading


Re: Poor, Leah

In Fashion Talk 1409330001.05

On 8/29/2014 Portia said: I have these: I do not find them "hideous". And they came in narrow! WooHoo! I agree!! This is my stlye completely. I do not wear any type of heel, I go strictly for comfort, not to please what someone else thinks is stylish. I can't believe OP went the trouble to post all the pics of what SHE didn't like. OP has no idea what others like. Continue Reading


Re: New Carolyn Pieces

In Carolyn Pollack 1409329744.613

On 8/28/2014 Bird mama said: This bracelet is nice (J296640). I probably won't order though because I don't like the initials on the clasp. I ordered a piece similar to this is, it looked cheap with the glass beads on it (the brass looks very cheap mixed with glass). I am not seeing anything at all that I would even think of purchasing. CP has changed her designs too much. Not my style at all. Continue Reading


Re: Is it just me, or are the threads the same for weeks at a time?

In Beauty Banter 1409285272.863

On 8/28/2014 HappyDaze said: no, I thought the same thing! I was offline for about 3 or 4 days and came back and it seemed to essentially be the same threads as when I left! It has been pretty slow on the boards for awhile now. Maybe because of summer holiday? same here. They are same old boring things being discussed. Continue Reading

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