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Re: o/t need words of wisdom and calmed down...fam./xmas

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I can not imagine anyone imposing enough to bring pets along. I am not a pet person, so I guess I just don't understand. I would ask if they brought a crate along to keep the dog in. If not, suggest they go purchase 1. I didn't take time to read ALL the lengthy posts on here, the pet thing got me right off. Sorry, they are asking too much (imo). Continue Reading


Re: 82 yr old mother and dementia/very violent...

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On 12/21/2014 LoriMI said: See an Attorney to petition the court for guardianship. You can have the state be the guardian. The court appointed guardian can legally place the person in a facility to benefit her needs. If she leaves, the police can legally take her back to the facility. You have to be safe yourself. I agree with this & also POA. There has to be some help somewhere. Please stay safe & keep us posted on what happens. My mom also has Dementia, but not to this degree. I have heard it can turn into violence. Continue Reading


Re: Drop PM Style - create a new show!

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On 12/21/2014 insomniac said: I wasn't obsessed with Lisa, so I won't think of her at all. Me either!! Continue Reading


Re: QVC - What Happened to You?!

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I was so happy that my cable co. picked up HSN this yr. BUT I can not stand to watch it. It seems like cheap made p. o.* n. movie,lol... I can't tell who is the host & who is a vendor. Not my "cup of tea" at ALL. I am also watching much less QVC this season. Tk goodness for Hallmark channel!!!! Continue Reading


Re: What one thing could you do to enrich your life in 2015?

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On 12/21/2014 Bluegrassbaby said: Just relax more and stop worrying about every little thing. I agree. I somewhat did this in 2014. I didn't stress about things as I usually do. I am soon to be 63, stress just isn't worth it to me. I am concentrating on myself & keeping peace of mind. Relax, breath & enjoy life.... I have a friend who is much more financially secure than me, yet she keeps working. Her health is not great & I keep telling her to stop & enjoy herself more. Life is too short to stress & kill yourself working. Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone else sick to death of "gift" shows???

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On 12/20/2014 hulagirl said: I'm sick of everything Q right now......too much Wen, too much Philosophy, too much "Christmas junk gifts", too much Denim and Co. and Susan Graver........I want some classy clothing lines (not big name designer with c rappy quality mystery fiber material that someone else actually designs and they slap their name on).....also would love some more shoes that are not comfort shoes.....I'm not saying that shoes shouldn't be comfortable, but not all high heels are uncomfortable.....I wouldn't buy them if they were. I'd also like some different cosmetic lines and I'm ... Continue Reading


Re: Be Courteous Please and Acknowledge responses to your posted questions

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On 12/21/2014 Plaid Pants said: If I offer a bit of advice to someone, and they don't thank me for it, it doesn't ruin my day that they didn't. My ego isn't that big that it needs to be stroked with a "thank-you". I agree!!!! If I post a question for others to respond to, I do usually post a "thank you ladies" meaning anyone who took the time to answer. If it is a general post, I don't care if anyone responds. I only answer/respond to what interests me. Continue Reading


Re: Order Status ??

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Received all mine 12/20 late mail. Tk goodness!!! However the last pkg I received, had been opened, re-taped & still had huge tear in the pkg. Not sure if I should report to post office, or QVC, maybe both??? I am shocked the item was still inside, since I was able to reach thru the tear & remove it. Continue Reading


Re: Order Status ??

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I have ordered 2 items this last wk, they show immediately "shipped". As of today 12/21, I have only received 1 item. I suspect the last couple days, everything will show shipped, just to make us HOPE they will arrive 12/24. Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone else sick to death of "gift" shows???

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On 12/20/2014 brii said: The hosts are on auto-pilot. With every item, they go into their gift-giving spiel. This has been going on since July. I AGREE!!! JULY!!! Enough already!! And yes, I can use my remote. It's just that everytime I switch to see what is showing it's the same ole thing. Today has been THE worse!!! How many cameras can they sell??? I haven't even watched, I just checked to see what had "been on air" today........ camera,camera, AFTER camera!!! Continue Reading

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