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Re: Dump Cakes and Dump Meals

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On 10/21/2014 Remee said: I was making dump cakes as a young teen back in the 60's as my Grandmother taught me. Yes, they are fine for a 1 minute quick dessert. Assume the meals are as well. Great for a beginner cook. To me the "dump dinners" are basically like "skillet meals". I don't know what the big deal of calling anything "dump". I don't associate it with anything like what people are saying on this thread. I make a 1/2 dump cake for my mom alot. The regular size is too much for her(it spoils). I measure 1 cup of the cake mix 1-2 cans drained peaches, sprinkle with sugar & cinnamo... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone been taking Biotin for awhile?

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On 10/26/2014 pinkberry said: I have taken it for a few years now and don't honestly notice any difference in hair loss. I've even tried different brands and higher strengths, and seem to lose just as much hair now as before I started taking it. Perhaps I'll try just 3x a week. I had noticed after taking it awhile, my hair was "wiry". Not really thinking what could be causing this, I mentioned it to my hair stylist. She asked if I was taking biotin. When I said yes, she said I might want to not take so much. I was taking it for my nails, & never noticed any major hair growth. Continue Reading


Re: I am so pumpkined out this year..

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On 10/27/2014 Bluegrassbaby said: On 10/27/2014 Rustys mom said: I have not had near my fill of pumpkin. Have yet to have any pumpkin pie, will wait for Thanksgiving for that. I made a pumpkin dump cake for our family reunion in Sept. and I have occasionally been buying pumpkin donuts (Krispy Kreme) but other than that, I have not had a lot of pumpkin yet. I rarely tire of pumpkin. Love pumpkin...we had some pumpkin donuts from DD this some pumpkin fudge over the weekend. I need to find the recipe for that pumpkin dump cake you speak of ~Rustys mom..sounds tasty. I would love ... Continue Reading


Re: I am so pumpkined out this year..

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On 10/27/2014 JYWilliams said: On 10/27/2014 brewhaha said: I'm still pumped for pumpkins. Same here. me 3!! Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver please stop talking over host

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On 10/26/2014 LadyQ said: I agree, Susan Graver makes me nervous. Sometimes I even feel sorry for her because she makes a fool of herself. I am sick of hearing about "micro fibers" and watching her play with the item on sale. I liked her old line of clothing much better - more "down to Earth". Well said!! Sometimes, I just can't watch!! I am also embarrassed for her, at times. Continue Reading


Re: Come on Web Team - How on EARTH can QVC

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On 10/27/2014 Krita said: Same thing here -- the link to items recently on air results in a message indicating all products have been sold out -- even those that were just presented where the host did not indicate a sell out. Hope the powers that be are taking note -- QVC is losing sales by the second. Yep, same here. Continue Reading


Re: Why so many changes at QVC? I'm getting that "bad feeling" as too many players are leaving the game (so to speak).

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On 10/24/2014 TN Girly Girl said: I'm not going to miss the prima dona either. Maybe now some of the other hosts will be able to grow and showcase their talents. I'm sure they hate being in her shadow, as well. Bye bye's about time. I agree. I haven't watched Lisa in 3-4 yrs. AND I will not miss her, since I don't watch her,lol.. Her endless use of the word "AMAZING" & "practically free" did me in. It was constantly used. She couldn't speak a sentence without saying 1, or both. I finally had enough & stopped. I never really saw the "hype" about her anyway. There are many ho... Continue Reading


Re: PM Style

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On 10/21/2014 bewise said: I don't know what is is about her,but I cannot stand listening to her talk,so when ever I do watch{which is not often] I turn her off. I agree. She tries to be too "cutesy" (IMO). Continue Reading


Re: Funny this morning (10-23) Susan Graver

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On 10/23/2014 Remee said: Susan has been on enough years and has received enough posts even on her blog and Facebook page from consumers to know we ALL want her to shut up ! I'm convinced she is aware of it, just decides to ignore it because she is so everlasting in love with herself. If she only knew exactly how many sales she is killing and how many dollars she is keeping from her pocket, maybe she would finally shut up. She's never cute, funny, clever or has anything worthy to say. I so wish she would move on from QVC so I would never run into her, but I'm sure she is here to stay. I agr... Continue Reading


Re: Please share your haircut horror story

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After me telling the hairdresser exactly where NOT to cut...that was the 1st cut she made. I stopped her in the middle of cutting my hair, she had already ruined it. I wouldn't even let her finish, I cried all the way home. Went home & finished it the best I could. I was 55 when this happened,LOL!! Continue Reading

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