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Re: rude posts

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On 8/18/2014 mustbuyless said: Alberti is terrific and I totally agree with the OP. I'm glad QVC brought him on as a host. He's knowlegeable, enjoys his job, and seems to work hard. Good luck to him! I also agree. Alberti is (IMO) one of QVC most well prepared hosts. He IS very knowledgable on ALL products. He never misses a beat on his presentations, unlike several "seasoned" hosts who stutter/stumble thru their shows. I was a little hesitant when I 1st saw him(his 1st 2-3 shows), but he is great! Continue Reading


Re: big mess trying to use a brush to apply liquid foundation.

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I can't even imagine using a brush for liquid foundation. You would have to wash the brush after every use also. I can't even imagine going back to liquid foundation!! Continue Reading


Re: Leah's right hand ring

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On 8/16/2014 expatgal said: Now the next question ... do u think we should size up? Just wondering how much the band tapers in the back? I have the ring very similar to this. I ordered my normal size & it was fine. I know you usually do size up with the wider bands tho.(at least I do) Continue Reading


Re: Leah's Ring

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On 8/10/2014 lmt said: Here is the side by side comparison: Oh tk u for posting this!!! I have a similar ring, also from QVC. I love it, & have worn it to death (literally). I needed another & really liked the look. It is no longer available. Mine doesn't have the bands of stones, only the scattered, but I do like this. I will be watching for it. TKS! Continue Reading


Re: Leah's right hand ring

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I am so glad to see this post!!! I was going to ask her on FB. I have noticed it several times lately. Tk y'all!!! Continue Reading


Re: CarolynG, You Look Marvelous, Dahling!

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On 8/16/2014 twopeas said: On 8/16/2014 RUKIDDINGME said: I don't think it's an improvement, sorry don't slam me..lol. She's a big girl and the shorter style emphasizes her large head and body. She looks heavier with the shorter hair. R-U-Kidding-Me ??!!! Carolyn looks absolutely gorgeous and I actually think she looks more slender !! twopeas, I agree completely. Carolyn looks beautiful in this style. I wish I had seen her on air today. I only saw the pics on FB & these posted here. Continue Reading


Re: CarolynG, You Look Marvelous, Dahling!

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On 8/16/2014 expatgal said: Some pics from CG's blog: Another shot... Before and After... I love it!! I only saw 1 pic on FB, but thought it is very flattering. I think CG is very pretty lady, but this takes 10 yrs off her. I like CG, she is down to earth!! Continue Reading


Re: Vera Bradley

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I bought 2 pcs. recently from ebay. Seemed like good price to me anyway. Continue Reading


Re: Alberti and Jim Shore :-)

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On 8/13/2014 blueroses47 said: Alberti has such a genuine niceness to him, at least it seems genuine to me. Right from the start, I noticed that the other hosts and all the vendors who worked with him seemed to like him so much. He just seems sweet. I think for a relatively new host, he's doing extremely well. I enjoy his presentations. I agree. I was hesitant at 1st about him. Of course, he was new & seemed slightly uncomfortable. He is turning into a wonderful host....very knowledgable about the products, very professional, gives excellent details. He is much better than some of the "s... Continue Reading


Re: How important are your eyeglass frames to you?

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I got rim-less light weight last time & I love them. I never know I have them on, except I can see,lol... I was very hesitant, afraid they would break or just not hold up, The lady who helped me talked me into them & I am so glad she did. I have an old pr. just slightly heavy that I wear when working outside & sometimes just around the house. I can definatley tell a difference in the feel. After yrs. of wearing work safety glasses(w/side shields), the light weight makes a huge difference. My very 1st glasses were purple plastic rims. I still have them & put them on a few days ... Continue Reading

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