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Re: Alberti

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On 9/12/2014 hopeQ1 said: Why do people start these posts if a host takes a day of or something? So lame. I's like they can't wait to start a thread speculating their "firing" a host. The hosts have crazy schedules & rotate alot of weird hrs. There are some I never see & those I don't care if I see,lol.. my ? is why is every thread concerning Alberti either being poofed, or "comments closed"??? I posted several VERY positive staements on Alberti, almost all have been closed or poofed. Are we not allowed to make positive statements??? Continue Reading


Re: It's October 1st and Christmas at the Q is in full swing...

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Yep, I was just checking on something from "Items shown today"....there were the flashlights already starting.. I NEED a good flashlight, but after reading a few way would I purchase any from QVC. flashlights, flashlights, & MORE flashlights....3 moths of gifts!!! Continue Reading



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On 9/29/2014 kivah said: QVC can sell over-sized products --- buy "why-o-why" would someone order it???? Isn't it easier to shop at one of ur local stores to see what ur buying ---- comfort-wise, price, comparison-shop, check a variety of materials, etc. I SO agree with this. A friend of mine bought a huge tv (from QVC) Even had her entertainment center modified to fit it. I would never make an expensive electronic or large furniture purchace from QVC. I want a local retailer in case something IS defective. Continue Reading


Re: Program hosts and personal stories....

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On 9/30/2014 Krimpette said: I'm not the slightest bit interested in the personal lives of the hosts. I don't know them and will likely never meet them. I'd much prefer hear more pertinent information about what they are selling than information about themselves. And now we can even see the inside of their homes? No thank you. As someone else said, "just the facts", please! I AGREE!!!!! well said! Continue Reading


Re: Alberti and skin care/makeup shows this morning

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The other post on this now says "Comments closed"...once again QVC has stopped posters on comments about Alberti, even tho most all were very positive (mine included). I don't why they have started doing this. maybe limiting the comments, but leaving the thread so people CAN see there are positive comments about him. Alberti is an excellent host. Very knowlegable, well prepared, professional. I will watch him anyday over Lisa Robertson. Continue Reading


Comments closed for fall Martini???

Started by TX-starlight in Recipe Swap 1412063054.433

What is up with this?? Comments closed??? I wanted to tag it for future references. There were some great recipes there!!! Can we post a few more here??? Continue Reading


Re: Pulled Pork Question

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I always use a pork butt in crock pot also. Recently when my store didn't have any, I tried something totally unexpected & was DELISH!!! I had mistakenly bought some VERY think boneless chops awhile before this,(not for this & found when I cooked them they were so tough they were horrible)( I am talking about 2 in thick!!). I was in desparate need of pork, so I chose to try the thick chops again. Put them in crock pot, approx 6 hrs, they made great pulled pork (of course more expensive then the pork butt). Continue Reading


Re: Jane Brown is so rude to Angel - Quacker Factory show

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On 9/28/2014 gazelle77 said: On 9/28/2014 Tissyanne said: On 9/28/2014 gazelle77 said: I think Jayne did a great job trying to appear excited about the line.... Angel was like on drugs or something...she was acting obnoxious and loud and overbearing. Poor Jayne was trying to save face....with the odds stacked against her. Awful Halloween costumes and a vendor out of control. Saying someone is on drugs is not very nice. Is it?? You are right... But,she appeared rather out of sorts and strange...unprofessional . I didn't see the show, but have to agree about the change in Angel. I have seen he... Continue Reading


Re: It cosmetics with Alberto?????

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Lol, seems we are all in agreement, except for OP. I believe Alberti fans are out tonight!! And it IS Alberti, not Alberto. Continue Reading


Re: Jane Brown is so rude to Angel - Quacker Factory show

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On 9/29/2014 lcmel said: Jayne seems like a nice person, but I really think l she has no talent for fashion and should switch to other types of shows. She is always stumbling over her cards and her words, mistaking the colors, pairing 2 items together that the guest has to gently tell her would never work together. She is just not believable to me as a fashion authority I agree. I can take Jayne only in small doses. She seems to not care much about giving viewers the info we need/want. Sometimes she is almost arrogant. I hate when she is on with Rachel, I feel sorry for Rachel having to hos... Continue Reading

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