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Re: Diamonique before Christmas

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On 11/26/2014 annabellethecat said: I saw a lot of their Diamonique on sale. Here's a hint. Check out the pages carefully. I even called C/S to check on the price difference. I wanted some Dimonique earrings for my granddaughters (they're only 11 and 12 years old, so I didn't want to spend much). Every time they toss over their long hair, an earring flies out! Anyway, I found in several cases the 100 facet was CHEAPER than the other cut. I called C/S and she said it was because the 100 facet was a little older. I thought maybe they'd had trouble with the 100 facet; but she said, no they were ... Continue Reading


Re: Diamonique before Christmas

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They hardly had any Diamonique shows last yr. before Christmas. I used to always treat myself to a Diamonique gift for Christmas, but not last yr. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa & The No More Wiggle/Jiggle Dance - PM Style

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On 11/25/2014 spiderw said: On 11/25/2014 silkyk said: On 11/25/2014 Sunshine Kate said: On 11/25/2014 Junebug54 said: There are those of you that will stop watching PMS but then there are those that will now begin to watch it again. Me being one of them. I am looking forward to a new host!! Me too! Me three! Silly me...I watch Q for the items presented not for the hosts. They are JUST salespeople to me. Thank you, I agree. It doesn't matter who is selling the items, I buy an item because I like it not because of the person selling it. I agree with all of you! I have not watched LR in sev... Continue Reading


Pine/Christmas tree scent???

Last Reply by Lizzie 1416897660.553 | Started by TX-starlight in For the Home Talk

I want something (not scented candles) that make the house smell of a real Christmas tree. I can't stand any type floral scent....Any suggestions??? Continue Reading


Re: Didn't think there could be less tissue paper on the roll but every time I buy it, the roll gets smaller.

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Lol!! I have just noticed this also. I thought my holder was sprung out, I was about to buy a new 1. Then I decided it IS the paper. Now I read this...too funny!! Continue Reading


Re: New PM Style host??

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Sandra, Sharon, Amy, Pat, Alberti, would be my choices (& not in that order). I have not watched when Lisa hosts in over 3yrs. If I hear/read that she is going to be off, I will tune in, otherwise I never watch anything she hosts. And YES, she can be replaced!!! And I will not miss her, at all. Continue Reading


Re: How many jackets will you buy when the body is one fabric and the sleeves another?

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On 11/22/2014 lolakimono said: On 11/21/2014 Goldengate8361 said: None. I don't care for the look. Me neither! Me 3, I personally think it cheapens the look of the garment. Like they didn't have enough of the best fabric, lol...I saw several things I liked, til I noticed the different fabric sleeve. Continue Reading


Re: July Insider peppermint cake recipe

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marking to save & follow Continue Reading


Re: Crock Pot White Chicken Chili

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McCormick also has a spice pkg for White bean Chili. I have also made it & mixed in sliced Eckrich sausage. Great with cornbread also!!! Continue Reading


Re: Do you put raw eggs in your cornbread dressing???

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Nothing to do with eggs but......another little trick I have just started..... I never use the seasoning that comes with Ramon noodles, (my G-kids love Ramon mixed with cream soups)... I use those little season pks in alot of chicken dishes, chicken & dumplings, mix with water for broth. Continue Reading

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