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Re: LORI! Please stop saying "again" when it isn't attached to anything!

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On 4/13/2015 maximillian said: Please, QVC, make Lori and LOGO go away. I agree!!! I turn her off as soon as I see her. Continue Reading


Re: A little more warning and you would have made more sales!

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I agree, I had no idea & yes, I would have ordered a few things!! I was gone & completely missed out!! Continue Reading


Re: Suscan Graver

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On 4/18/2015 Mtnbikegirl said: I caught the last 10 minutes of her 4 pm show. Jacquie Gonzalez sort of reprimanded Susan, and Susan said sorry. The hosts are getting more assertive with her. I liked the ankle Chelsea stretch pants. I didn't see anything else-didn't check "items recently aired," yet. "The hosts are getting more assertive with her." I noticed a couple hosts doing that also. I hope she takes this to heart, along with comments on her FB pg. She usually just gives a "generic" answer when someone comments negatively to her. Continue Reading


Re: The Rachel/Pat combination....

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On 4/17/2015 brii said: Rachel and Sharon are a complete disaster together. I just don't like the combination of any of the hosts, to be honest. One stands there to describe the item and then the other one goes through the sizes. Pat or Rachel could do it alone and it would be fine. I thought the same thing!! Rachel completely took the show from Sharon. I felt sorry for Sharon, it was like she wasn't even there. Sharon is 1 of my favorite hosts & Rachel is hit/miss. ANY/ALL host is better ALONE!!! Continue Reading


Re: Do you like the lace and crocheted overlay looks? Own any?

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I love it ALL....lace/crochet/eyelet..... However, I am leery of what I buy in lace/crochet. It snags on everything!! Recently had lunch with a friend, she was wearing a crochet top with tank underneath (all white). She looked stunning!! Continue Reading


Re: I Had to Give Up on Graver tops......

In Susan Graver 1429366497

The prices are going up too much. Just lately she seems to be adding a lot of gawdy embellishments, which only adds to the cost & cheapens the garment. Please stop with the beading/stones!!! Continue Reading


Re: I learned a new way to line my eyes today.

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On 4/16/2015 suzyQ3 said: That seems similar to using a eyeliner brush and shadow, doesn't it? Have you tried that, and is there a difference from this method? That is how I do my liner. I have never used a pencil. It seems to tug too much & the line is too thick. I use shadow with a thin flat brush for my liner. I have been doing this for yrs. Continue Reading


Re: Vionic sandals with bumpy plastic footbed

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I just received my 1st Vionic thongs. Not sure I am keeping them. They fit ok, but they are NOT comfortable. I have not written a review yet, wanted to give them a few more days. Right now, they do not seem worth the $$$. Maybe I was expecting too much,lol... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason is the epitome of class and professionalism

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On 4/14/2015 handygal said: On 4/14/2015 insomniac said: She's one of those amazing women who is elegant and a bit sassy at the same time. I think it's her lovely Southern accent that allows her to be both at the same time, while still being classy. Agree with both!! I am not watching Qvc as much as I used to.Wish the hosts could post their schedules somewhere. Maybe she will post on FB. I love Lisa Mason, classy & sassy! Continue Reading


Re: Loved seeing Lisa Mason Back on the Q!

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I missed the show, but can't wait to catch her another time. My ALL time fav hosts has come home!! Continue Reading

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