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Re: Why Do Hosts Need QVC Facebook Customers Pick Out.......

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Nancy almost seems to BEG people to go to her FB page & tell her why they like something. I bet they have some sort of "internal contest" going. QVC seems to do anything to boost sales/marketing, & FB is just another marketing tool. Oops, granddi & ellephant....I sorta hijacked your answers without even reading your post. I agree with you both,lol... Continue Reading


Re: Pat seems flustered tonight

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On 3/31/2015 jump4joy said: On 3/30/2015 Karnerblue said: Pat always seems a tiny bit flustered most of the time. She may not be, but to me she just appears nervous. Agree -- nervous and a bit confused/overwhelmed at times. jump4joy- That is good description-overwhelmed. And that surprises me!! Pat has been a host long enough to be comfortable. Maybe just a bad day? Continue Reading


Re: Sharon - please let your expert speak!

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On 4/1/2015 brewhaha said: Sharon is doing a great job. Keep it up girl. I agree. I am watching JRT with QF right now, talking about talking too much!! She never comes up for air! Continue Reading


Re: I Am Noticing Susan Graver's Shorts w/Heels...

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On 3/26/2015 Jackielee said: Sorry, but i think that a heel with shorts looks cheap! Hate, hate, hate that look! As, donovan says, shorts are a casual piece of clothing. Heels should never be worn with shorts-why? I agree! Continue Reading


Re: Does Quacker Factory usually run large? Anyone know?

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I have not bought QF in a very long time, but when I have, it ran true to size on me. I find it is somewhat over priced for an embellished T-shirt. The reviews are not that great, so I have not been interested in purchasing. I still like to watch occasionally, but no purchases in several yrs. Continue Reading


Re: Nancy & Diamonique

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On 3/31/2015 jugtown said: Nancy is one of the best hosts they have . . love her. Why the obsession, TX? I don't have an obsession. I stated that she has greatly improved. She had been doing so well lately, I just noticed she was totally off the last few times I watched her. She is a beautiful lady & much improved since her beginning. I don't consider that an obsession. Continue Reading


Re: Nancy & Diamonique

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On 3/31/2015 missy1 said: Love Nancy! She is the most improved host. I agree, she has really made a huge improvement!!! When she 1st came, I complained SO much. She is enjoyabe to watch when she is having a good day. Not sure what happened the last few days, but she has been confused & not herself. I agree about Leah. I can barely watch er at times. She never can finish anything. Continue Reading


Nancy & Diamonique

Last Reply by TrailBlazer05 1427870759.33 | Started by TX-starlight in Jewelry Talk

Nancy has improved alot since her beginning, however.....the last 2-3 times I have seen her, she seems totally off. She keeps stammering thru her presentations, getting things very confused. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this?? Continue Reading



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I flipped across PMS 3/30 & when I saw Pat hosting I was actually going to watch. She started in the giggling shortly after I started watching. She was hosting alone, & usually does great alone. She was acting so silly, I just had to turn her off. She couldn't even get thru the presentation without giggling....and over what?? I never got the "joke",lol.... Continue Reading


Re: Antonella, never cover your gorgeous hair!

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Missed Antonella, but all the hosts I saw looked terrible in these wigs. Jennifer Coffey was the only 1 who looked even 1/2 way decent. This wig looked cheap!! Continue Reading

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