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Re: Teen Acne

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When my son was a teen and suffered from acne, three step programs were not available. His derm recommended a mild face wash, antibiotics taken as prescribed and Retin A. You didn't mention if you have insurance or are just looking for some first line defense products. Paula's Choice has an excellent 3 step program that really calms my skin when I have breakouts. Unfortunately acne is a life long problem. I always wash my face after working out or doing any activities that make me sweat. Sweat and oil seem to be the perfect breeding ground for acne bacteria. Good luck to you and your son. Continue Reading


Re: Revlon Colorstay nail polish - my review

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LOVE Revlon Colorstay! It does take a long time to dry. If I use quick dry top coat the polish chips. If I use ColorStay top coat, it doesn't chip. I work in health care and when I use alcohol hand sanitizer it cracks the top coat just as you described. Cracked glass look. Hope this helps. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone had a Lexiscan stress test?

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what do you mean by "clinical data'? Continue Reading


Re: Shower curtain as window covering?

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That's a great idea Katiesmom. I will double check on the outside view as my window is in the front of my house. Isn't it great to multipurpose and save money too! I really like the 72 inch length of shower curtains. Continue Reading


Re: Shower curtain as window covering?

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Thanks for your quick response! I'm thinking of using a round rod with either traditional hooks or traditional/decorative shower hooks. I like to think outside the box. I want the ease of just pulling the curtains back and exposing the entire window when needed. Continue Reading


Shower curtain as window covering?

Last Reply by Diamonds22 1359696105.21 | Started by fultoncounty in For the Home Talk

I just recently purchased a striped shower curtain from WalMart that I absolutely love. I was thinking about buying 2 more to use as window curtains in a laundry room. Would this be too tacky? They are semi-sheer so they allow some light to pass through and don't block the view. Continue Reading


Re: TGIF, Beauties!! What did you use up this week? 1/4/13

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Finally I can post! BBW hand wash-replaced during the year end sale. Cotton rounds-replaced from stash. Degree Deodorant-replaced from stash. VS body wash-replaced with a face wash too oily for my face. J & J lavender baby lotion-replaced with another lotion from stash. MY MIA-immediately replaced. I love reading this post every week. It challenges me to use up products instead of shopping. Continue Reading


Next Clarisonic TSV?

Last Reply by willdob3 1356967629.027 | Started by fultoncounty in Beauty Banter

Oh boy, my Clarisonic Mia died this morning after almost 3 years of faithful service. I loved that little helper for my acne prone skin. Any idea on the next time it's the TSV? Is there really any advantage to upgrading to the full sized system? Thanks in advance for all the replies. Continue Reading


Re: Need Cologne for a 15 year old boy.

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Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani. I started buying it for my son when he was around 15 and at 32 it is still the scent he wears. It smells great, a little goes a long way and it's one of the few men's fragrances that doesn't have a musk undertone. Clean, fresh and citrus. Continue Reading


The best artificial Christmas tree at a reasonable price?

Last Reply by Snowbear11 1355551086.913 | Started by fultoncounty in For the Home Talk

Need advice on a reasonably priced artificial Christmas tree. I have a pre-lit Bethleham Lights tree that was a TSV a few years ago. It's an OK tree but I think I want something that is a little fuller than the one I have. And maybe something more blue/green instead of deep green. Thanks in advance for all the shopping tips that will be coming my way. Continue Reading

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