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Re: Your Dog is Welcome at Macy's

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On 9/20/2014 kachina624 said: Tomorrow I am getting a totally unsocialized purebred collie from a seizure of 139 dogs in the Houston area. She has never even been in a house. I will be taking her lots of places so she can meet people and have different experiences, but she won't be doing grocery stores. Thank you so much for this. This is an enormous commitment -- your courage impresses me. Best of luck and thank you again for saving a life. Years ago we saved a collie and he was -- and I'm absolutely convinced of this -- an angel. His name was Stewart. Years after his death I was still ... Continue Reading


Re: Since Fall is around the corner-

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On 9/20/2014 bluegrassbaby said: Thought about starting a new thread but don't know if I have my nerves back after the last one . Come Back, Little Sheba... Continue Reading


Re: ~ NOTW ~ (Fall Edition, Nail of The Week!)

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As usual, Albuquerque's out of the loop. I'm sad to see the rain go, aren't you? Think we'll get heavy snow this winter? It's starting to look a lot like autumn out there... But enough about the weather. I think this mani is exceptional! You were missed -- and this is a great comeback. A pair of jeans, a black turtleneck, a pair of black boots, and some bold silver pieces... yowza! Continue Reading


Re: PAGING JUST BEE and Other Nurses

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Just a quick note to tell you that I posted on your original thread (Viewpoints). Continue Reading


Re: who would you like to meet?

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I was sitting here thinking about this one and I couldn't come up with an answer. Then I thought about who I wouldn't mind sitting next to on a plane for hours. I think I'd like to meet Ben Stein. And I certainly wouldn't mind meeting Charles Krauthammer. In both instances, I would do very little talking and a lot of listening. I suspect the subject of dogs would come up. Continue Reading

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