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Re: ComPact 2014 -- September

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On 9/2/2014 beautybee said: Bee, thanks to you, my mantra for the rest of this year and into 2015 will be called stopping the flow. I recently had to pay a huge dental bill and I was so grateful that I did not have credit card debt for unnecessary frivolous items on top of what I already had to pay. I'm entering a season in my life where I desire more fun life experiences and less stuff to have to shuffle around and clean. I've also been looking at blogs about minimalism for inspiration. I really do have more than enough and it's been awhile since I ordered anything. Precisely! The only are... Continue Reading


Re: HEP (Healthy Eating Program) – September 2014

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I'm so frustrated with our current food situation that I could just cry. First world problems, right? How could someone who lives in a country like this have any issues with the food? We have variety, we have supply. I'm living in a state that is a culinary wasteland. This is where great restaurants come to die. I clearly remember that food was good here when we first arrived. Something has changed. Like I've said, I'm worn down by the grocery store chains that offer everything but food. I can buy appliances and patio furniture but I can't find a great apple. My problem isn't that I d... Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 -- September

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On 9/2/2014 SKV said: Thank you for starting this thread Just Bee! Temptation has been creeping back in for me lately and I really need to stay focused with all the fall sales and holiday sets coming out soon. This thread really helps me and I think September will be a great month! Yup! At the beginning of every season, there's temptation. We crave a big change and a new season is the perfect opportunity. But we probably have enough in our collections to pick out a few new things without having to go out and buy them. Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 -- September

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On 9/1/2014 willdob3 said: What has made the biggest difference for me? Without a doubt, ending the "must try everything" feeling and buying new products all the time. I stopped watching most presentations, delete makeup company emails unopened, avoid the beauty departments in stores. Yes, the "don't look" method! It actually works. My biggest collection is still shower gel and lotion. I rarely use lotion yet I collected gallons of the stuff. I'm convinced it will spoil before it gets used. But I'm making a dent in the shower gels because I'm using them up one by one (in the shower and ... Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 -- September

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Living in the high desert is not for the faint of heart. I've been a desert dweller for nearly 20 years now and this environment never fails to surprise me. This is not to say that all surprises are pleasant. Some of our secrets have been revealed to the masses: Film crews stationed here return home with photos and tales of 7-inch centipedes and weeds that are so vicious that even the leaves have thorns. But I must say this: Summer of 2014 has been glorious. Every year we hope for a monsoon season that never materializes. This year we had rain. And it doesn't take much rain to encourage ... Continue Reading


Re: If you eat sardines....

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My recommendation: Continue Reading


Re: Do you Eat Anchovies?

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One of my favorite pizza combos: Anchovy and jalapeno. Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 -- September

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On 9/1/2014 BExplorer said: Thanks for this monthly thread (and also your HEP thread)! I am finally being very thoughtful in my buying, asking myself how much will I actually go through before the next sale and buying no more than that. Also, I have moved from "if I think I may want/use it, I better buy it" to "if I have ANY doubt, I better not buy it". BIG improvement for me :-) It's like there's a switch in our heads that suddenly gets flipped. Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 -- September

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New month, and soon a new season. August went by so quickly -- that had to be a record breaker. So, after so many months (years?) of ComPacting, I see the most success by stopping the flow. By just not introducing new items, I can see and feel the difference. Biggest success? Resisting the urge to overbuy beauty items. I feel that I've finally reached the point where I can do without. I have assembled the items that work best and that I use most. Life is easier. Unfortunately I still have all the items I'd collected before I "enlightened" myself. Still applying the "one-by-one" rule. ... Continue Reading

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