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Re: ComPact 2014 -- July

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On 7/24/2014 Oshare-girl said: I just hit the big digit+0 bday and am having so much clarity! I finally donated several Coach and Dooney purses to my local Dress for Success. I have been hanging onto them for a few years because they no longer fit my purposes but I wanted to make sure someone got good use of of them. After all, they were not cheap. Duh! DFS was the perfect solution! They also take unused cosmetics so I took the plunge and donated my backups from the stash. Why was I even holding onto backups when I can't even finish the one?! I am learning that having a stash is not security.... Continue Reading


Re: Music video that most moves you.

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Gotta go with a couple classics. Gene Kelly "Singin' in the Rain" Donald O'Connor "Make 'Em Laugh" Continue Reading


Re: I always thought Jessica Walter was a pretty lady, who do you think is/was?

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I can't argue with any of the lovely ladies mentioned here, but I must add Kim Novak. I don't think I ever really appreciated her until I saw Vertigo on the big screen. Continue Reading


Re: Which Jung Archetype Best Describes You?

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On 7/22/2014 Topaz Gem said: I am also The Child. Did anyone notice the typo on about the third question? Loosing instead of losing, LOL. Yup. I noticed it... because I am The Sage. Continue Reading


Re: What is your best piece of relationship advice?

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On 7/22/2014 nutmeg3 said: On 7/22/2014 just bee said: Separate bathrooms. Great idea. You know those big master bathrooms with the huge mirror and the two sinks side-by-side that have been so popular in homes for the last twenty, thirty years? I swear that bathroom is responsible for the spike in our divorce rates. Couples need to retain some privacy and they need a place to get away from one another. Yup. Separate bathrooms. Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 -- July

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I'm drinking all my old teas. I have all these "stray" teas in the cupboard but I'm determined to use them all before I buy more. Right now I'm drinking Italian almond tea. This might be a good thing. When I was drinking my sturdy British teas, I was adding heavy cream to them. Now that I'm drinking teas that are expired and somewhat insipid, I haven't used any cream. Same story with shampoo and conditioner. I'm working on using up every one before I invest in another. One bottle at a time... And now that I have new frames (the modified cat's eye in pale gold) I'm wearing all the gold... Continue Reading


Re: Spirograph For Me

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On 7/20/2014 LadyBug77 said: I broke down and bought me the Spirograph. I'm so excited! This one is the deluxe version. I didn't have this fancy kind when I was a kid. My 26 year old daughter has a high pressure job as an insurance supervisor underwriter. She relieves stress by coloring. She has a ton of coloring books and the big box of crayons (remember that smell of a new box of crayons?) Art therapy. I loved my Spirograph, too. Enjoy! Continue Reading


Re: turning 50

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On 7/20/2014 Wen Woman said: I am 47. My life isn't what I expected. As I am heading towards 50, yes, I am trying to perfect my routine and look the best I can....but I agree with the poster who said to stay limber! Avoid the aches and pains. Make sure you are getting enough Calcium! Take care of your whole body, eat more raw fruits and vegetables! Consider taking Biotin for your hair to keep it young too (this has worked wonders for my head of hair, it looks 20 years younger). Most importantly, be comfortable in your own skin. Accept who you are, where you've been, and where you are going.... Continue Reading


Re: I'm exhausted from our gnocchi fiasco!

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Oh, you'll treasure this memory one day. I still remember making gnocchi with my mother. Continue Reading

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