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Re: ~ NOTW ~ (Nail of The Week!)

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On 4/20/2014 WhateverLolaWants said: On 4/20/2014 just bee said: Have a <em>wonderful</em> Easter! (We got what I wished for: RAIN!) Who's the Easter Bunny? I'M The Easter Bunny!! How cute is that?! We did get a lovely, soft, soaking rain last night, didn't we just bee, and I'd estimate quite a lot (which reminds me, I need to get out my rain gauge). Perfect timing, too! I wanted to be sure my front yard got a good soaking because I have a shipment of ladybugs coming this week. Everything needs to be nice and moist before they're set free. All 2000 of them. Continue Reading


Re: Singed my eyelashes! Will they grow back??

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There are so many online articles about castor oil for lashes and brows but I always forget to use mine! Sounds like oil might help. Continue Reading


Re: Maybelline Eye Shadow

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On 4/19/2014 champagnepoodle said: Also I would never wear anything but the red eyebrow pencil from Maybelline as well. That's my HG eyeliner! I still swear by Full 'N Soft washable mascara. My lashes don't end up on my cheeks. Continue Reading


Re: what are you doing for Easter?

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Better-half prepared a simple Easter dinner yesterday (ham with red currants, mashed potatoes, steamed asparagus) so we can enjoy leftovers today. We'll take the world's greatest dog to the bosque so he can sniff everything after last night's rain. (Our holiday plans are always low key.) We might take that ham and make some breakfast burritos to keep in the freezer. Many thanks to the pig who gave his all so that we had ham for the holiday. Continue Reading


New 3-in-1 options

Last Reply by graycatsrule 1398013706.867 | Started by just bee in philosophy

Exclusively at Ulta: star fruit kiwi martini berry lime martini Not for me -- I like my vodka martinis dirty. But if you happen to be at Ulta, check them out. (Got the catalog this week. No more shower gels for me -- I have enough to last 'til 2022.) Continue Reading


Re: True Confessions

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My concept of fashion, hair, and makeup was and continues to be influenced by the British Invasion. Continue Reading



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On 4/19/2014 Burnsite said: I have fond memories of the family pets: the dogs (Ruffles and Cookie), the cats (Sam, Tige, Smokey and Augustus), the rabbit (Rob Roy), the chickens, the lovebirds and the hamsters. My favorite of all: Daisy the horse. What a gift it is to kids when the parents are willing to have the responsibility of a lot of pets in the house. (Well, the rabbit was in a hutch nearby and the horse in the barn.) It's not as if their child-responsibilities were light. Our family was large. My dad was a country doctor and came home with sick animals all the time. Those became our p... Continue Reading


Re: ~ NOTW ~ (Nail of The Week!)

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Have a wonderful Easter! (We got what I wished for: RAIN!) Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 – April

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On 4/20/2014 aprilskies said: Happy Easter everyone!!! Ditto! Continue Reading

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