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Re: ? for Former Tova Signature users

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Is the scent of the new Tova actually the same, just the wear down is faster? I like the new Tova and I don't smell it when I'm wearing it but I smell it on my clothes and jackets days later. I've never tried the original Tova. Is this at least a good indicator of the original fragrance? I've always been curious but have never had the chance to try to original :) Continue Reading


Re: April Insider shows "Super Size Beauty" TSV this week, anyone know what it is?

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I hope someone else knows, but the only unlisted TSV I know of this week is that faux tanning cream by Vita something. I might be interested in it but don't have the price for it or #. Saw it announced that it was coming this week (maybe 4/27?) Continue Reading


Re: I got my Beauty with Benefits gift bag!

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That is a fantastic kit. I agree the first two items are worth whatever you purchased for the freebie! :) I love the Dr Denese self tanner. I use it on my face. Continue Reading



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I've always carried a makeup bag with a lipstick, lipbalm, a compact (with mirror) small brush, small hand cream and eye drops. I don't carry cosmetics in the side pockets of my purse. I transfer my little makeup bag when I switch purses. Continue Reading


Re: NOT HAPPY with CS on $$$ Pericone serums

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I would like it if they'd handle returns/replacements more like Amazon as well. I returned an Amazon coffee machine that was defective and received a replacement with a prepaid label within 2 days. I was instructed to return the defective machine within 2 weeks, or would be charged for the replacement as well. Amazon would not have been out of pocket because they have my credit card number and could charge it if I failed to "make good" on my end. It is funny that QVC just updated their shipping policy and practices, but it doesn't appear they adopted any of the improved practices from their c... Continue Reading


Re: Returning shoes question

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All original packaging should be included with any returns. They will resell shoes that have been tried on by a customer and returned (just as any shoe store will let you try on shoes, and doesn't just throw them away after they've been tried on!). They need the box so that they can sell them again. Continue Reading


Re: Today's TSV Ryka Sandal…..Really?

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On 4/6/2015 scatcat said: At first glance I reminded me of the shoes my girls wore as toddlers. I hope I never want to wear these. I know your comment wasn't intended to be funny, but I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing. The pink ones...I can't see them any other way than a baby shoe after I read this! Continue Reading


Re: Today's TSV Ryka Sandal…..Really?

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I have to agree, and I'm confused about where QVC is going with their fashion programming. Who are they targeting nowadays? I thought that they were moving toward a younger demographic, with trendier fashion offerings, and new hosts that appeal to the 20-30 crowd. But maybe not. I don't really know where they are heading or who their target market is anymore. 20 years ago it seemed clearer to me. Continue Reading


Re: What's the WORST food. . . that you just LOVE!

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I'm right there with the bologna sandwich on white bread. I don't think I've eaten one in 30 years but I'd eat one right now with mayonnaise and mustard, and a slice of bright orange American cheese. I also love those cheap Swanson chicken pot pies. They are so horrible and barely have anything resembling chicken in them. Continue Reading


Re: Philosophy Loveswept

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Lasts all day on me too. I think I'm going to get the $71 duo with 32 ounce gel and lotion instead of the trio. The lotion lasts all day on me, it's just the right amount of scent and I think that is the product in most interested in. I wish the TSV had Loveswelt as an option! Continue Reading

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