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Re: Imagine you are at work and have to call a neighbor to turn off the oven..

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She might be pleased to see that your home is normal and all the work that she's done to keep up appearances might have been a waste of time... ;) Continue Reading


Re: New Bareminerals radiant kit - any online swatches/reviews yet?

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Well I had to reorder it as an autodelivery item. After talking two 2 CS and getting an email response from a third, they explained that they cannot convert my one-time to autodelivery. That the only way I can get auto delivery is to place another order for this as AD, and return my first kit if I wish. Very frustrating to me, but a lesson that if you think you MIGHT love something enough for AD, order the AD up front! And worst case, cancel the remaining shipments if you decide you won't need them! Continue Reading



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The Clarisonic really helps my (huge hereditary) pores. I also use masks and peels which helps. Continue Reading


Re: New BE Bareskin TSV review

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I agree it is a nice clean product with no stickiness, dogluver3! Another thing I've noticed - e brush looks so clean after applying the foundation! I thought there would be a lot of residue, but the brush is a really great product in itself! I'll probably wash the brush every 4-5 days but with a regular foundation I'd feel I needed to wash the brush after every use. Did you get Auto Delivery? Also, I opened the shadow and blush today. They are both very wearable! I don't own any BE products with the sifter lid, so I'm glad that I gave this a try after all. What an awesome kit! Not a loser in... Continue Reading


Re: TSV's on auto..

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If your hair is course and dry, Fig seems popular. It is heavier than some of the others, so my fine hair feels weighed down by it, but I think there is a guide on the Wen website Continue Reading


Re: TSV's on auto..

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Yes! You get to lock in the price with AD. You can usually call and switch the formulations too. I've done that in the past by starting with lavender, then switching the next shipment to POM and such. It's a great deal! Continue Reading


Re: September Insider

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Forgot to add - I got mine 2 weeks ago and am in California....I usually get my magazine after other on east coast have received it. Continue Reading


Re: September Insider

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I thought that it was good. I ordered a 32-ounce Alterna Bamboo shampoo & conditioner, but full sized volumizing spray for $49 (I love that volumizing spray). There was a sample for Fresh Honeysuckle perfume (smelled just like honeysuckle to me, which is not my favorite scent) . A $265 Dooney TSV hobo with matching wallet. A GREAT Bamerminerals TSV I've already used for a week and love with Bareskin Foundation (7-piece, you can google "bareskin beauty 7-piece radiant" and it will pull up the Q item listing). There is a Philosophy $165 kit with huge Purity, miracle worker night and day cre... Continue Reading


Re: Convert to Auto Delivery? Cannot convert after first shipment has been received?

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I could have sworn I'd switched the WEN TSVs in the past. Thanks JLF for confirming this. I felt silly trying to explain to CS that I'm certain I'd done it in the last. Well, I will be very careful now to only order ADs up front, then cancel if I don't want them to keep coming. Hopefully it won't get a "too many cancellations" letter but if they can't convert a one-time to AD, that's my only option! Continue Reading


Convert to Auto Delivery? Cannot convert after first shipment has been received?

Last Reply by CAshopper2011 1409418366.583 | Started by CAshopper2011 in Beauty Banter

I thought that I've done this before, but CS told me that it isn't possible! I ordered the upcoming BAreMinerals kit as a one-time order. I love it, so I tried to covert it to auto delivery. The system won't let me do that, so I called customer service. She said that you can't covert an item to auto delivery after its been shipped. That you can only change a one-time order to auto delivery before it ships. I decided to wait a call back a few days later and talk to someone different, so called back today and was told the same thing! My only option is to reorder this using the autodelivery preo... Continue Reading

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