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Re: Clarisonic Mia 2 TSV Cancelled this morning?

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On 11/26/2014 ccassaday said: My understanding is that they do not hold things for a check order. Cc come first. So if it sells out before your check is cleared you won't get your item. But they do owe you a.refund if they cashed it. agreed. The site says that they cannot process your order if you pay by check, and if check is not received within 10 days the order will be cancelled. I don't believe they hold onto any items that are being paid by check - when and if they receive your check, you get whatever is left. "When will my order be processed if I pay by check? Your order cannot be proce... Continue Reading


Re: O/T Lesson learned at the Post Office today

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On 11/21/2014 Q4u said: Yes, actually I did know this but only because I'm in there every day or two mailing eBay packages. ALSO.... I print my postage out from the eBay/Paypal site and get a discount. . I've noticed eBay is a LOT cheaper than post office prices. I can mail a beauty item in a small padded envelope with tracking and insurance for $2-$2.50. Without insurance for something like $1.70 with tracking. I feel like I go to the post office and its never less than $5 to ship anything with tracking. I don't have a lot of experience, but its always "felt" expensive at the self-service k... Continue Reading


Re: BE TSV 11/24??

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It is a candlelight glow illuminator. I'm not sure how that compares to a radience. It is a oressed powder illuminater. It comes with a synthetic soft glow face brush, and a double ended plush blush and eyeshadow brush. A blush, eyeliner, moxie lipstick in a nice gold case, two eyeshadows and a gold clutch (which really is pretty cute for a bag with kit) for $49.99. I've been tempted by the kit over and over, but I don't need it. It looks very pretty. Continue Reading


Re: Sephora VIB - what are the real advantages?

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On 11/21/2014 ChynnaBlue said: The advantage is the sales, but they do not have many. I think they real key is just being a smart shopper and using ALL your tools to your advantage. I have the Nordstrom triple and double points events on my calendar and will buy from them more often on those days. I also do stock ups or buy larger ticket items on those days. I have several Sephora and Ulta stores in my area and shop at both of those depending on sales and what's available. If I need to get something shipped because it's not available locally, I'll choose the site with the better shipping (Nor... Continue Reading


Re: Sephora VIB - what are the real advantages?

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A discount is nice. I'll look forward to getting that. I've never been a VIB before. I purchased a few fragrance gifts and a nice blowdryer for myself this past week and bam, got an email saying that I'm a VIB! So I thought that would be something special, but found nothing that excited me about the status at first peek. I wish I'd gotten the 20% discount before I purchased my Drybar Buttercup kit, but I suppose that's what made me a VIB lol ;) Continue Reading


Sephora VIB - what are the real advantages?

Last Reply by Kokathy 1416620430.303 | Started by CAshopper2011 in Beauty Banter

I'm now a Sephora VIB after spending a ridiculous amount of money there, but am not clear on the advantages. The samples I received at check out were nothing different, I will apparently learn about "new products" sooner....not a big deal as I don't like buying anything until I've read reviews....are there any material advantages to being a VIB? Freebies or discounts? Continue Reading


Re: Drybar Buttercup TSV

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On 11/16/2014 midori said: The TSV looks good, but it comes with the half pint brush. I have long hair, and Sephora has a Big Hair kit for the holidays with the full pint and detangling brushes. I purchased that instead after reading the great reviews on this hair dryer. I've never spent this much money on a hair dryer before! I hope it's worth it. I'm tired of frizzy hair. thank you! I have lomg hair too, and wasn't thinking the half pint brush was very appealing to me. The hairspray looked good, and I was half-interested in the rollers but not sure I'd use them. I cancelled my Q order and I... Continue Reading


Re: Beautiful products, beautifully packaged

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It looked like such a nice kit. I didn't need it so couldn't justify it, but agree that it was a beautiful kit and I do love the Astarte products. I probably should have just purchased it.... Continue Reading


Re: Insider Magazine

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Lindy, I also get the paper copy and recently started getting the email announcement. I went into my settings and changed them so that I would get emails about specials and promotions. Now, for the first time, I received an email link to the electronic version. S I guess it was my fault by disabling all emails from Q before lol. Once you have the link, you can scroll through all months so dnt need to get the email announcement any longer. Continue Reading


Re: Drybar Buttercup TSV

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On 11/14/2014 TwinsMom said: I got the Buttercup Dryer last November and I LOVE it - my only issue has been the air intake 'cover' (the part that has two parts that lock to keep the piecce on) had one of the locks break. It was my fault, I had dropped it a number of times but apparently when it hit my toe, that was enough to knock one of the locks off. It still works and locks, just not sure how long it will keep on working or if it'll cause an issue with what comes in on the unlocked side. Unfortunately, I am just out of warranty. My hair stylist got one about a year and a half ago (also fro... Continue Reading

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