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Re: What's the WORST food. . . that you just LOVE!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427076612.627

I'm right there with the bologna sandwich on white bread. I don't think I've eaten one in 30 years but I'd eat one right now with mayonnaise and mustard, and a slice of bright orange American cheese. I also love those cheap Swanson chicken pot pies. They are so horrible and barely have anything resembling chicken in them. Continue Reading


Re: Philosophy Loveswept

In philosophy 1426901791.19

Lasts all day on me too. I think I'm going to get the $71 duo with 32 ounce gel and lotion instead of the trio. The lotion lasts all day on me, it's just the right amount of scent and I think that is the product in most interested in. I wish the TSV had Loveswelt as an option! Continue Reading


Re: I finally got my "free" Le Creuset Dutch oven! Now how do I care for it?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1426859162.54

Congratulations. I love le crueset. I have only a couple of suggestions. First, I've never had any trouble with the black handle, and it stays cool to the touch when cooking on the stovetop. The handle will withstand any temperature the enamel will. Replace if you prefer the look, but don't worry about it melting. Second, do not put cold water into a hot pot. I learned this the hard way with an inferior brand, but would never risk it with my le crueset. Say that you have sautéed onions and want to add chicken stock- either add the room temperature stock slowly (never cold) or heat it u... Continue Reading


Re: Philosophy Loveswept

In philosophy 1426739477.253

On 3/18/2015 birkin baby said: I really like this perfume. It's clean and unique my nose at least. I agree. I've had the sample lotion for quite some time and finally used it this week.. It is really pleasant and clean smelling. Not too floral but definitely feminine. The lotion has a really long lasting scent which is unusual for fragranced lotions I've tried. I applied it this morning and can still smell it on my arms. Continue Reading


Re: Philosophy Loveswept

In philosophy 1426739288.697

The two Im debating are A265556 which is the supersize Duo with a 32-ounce bath gel and 32-ounce lotion for $71. Then the trio is A262224 which has only a 16-ounce bath gel and lotion, but contains a 2-ounce EDT spray. I love this lotion, so I like the idea of a 32-ounce lotion rather than the 16-ounce in the trio is appealing, but if the EDT isn't overpowering, a 2-ounce fragrance should last me quite a while. I think I'll try the trio. Continue Reading


Re: Philosophy Loveswept

In philosophy 1426731630.723

I received a small sample of the Loveswept lotion and am considering purchasing the lotion. the trio seems like a better value though. Is the perfume very strong? I love the lotion and the scent lasts all day on me. I don't like overpowering perfumes. The set seems like a great price though. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Turbo Tax vs. CPA

In Fashion Talk 1426653372.753

On 3/17/2015 AGV said: I'm concerned that I may be missing something that may reduce the amount that I have to pay. A refund? I'm facing a huge tax bill, so not even thinking of getting a refund. I think that I read her comment a little differently. Millieshops can correct me if course, but rather than looking year to year at refund versus additional taxes paid, it might make more sense if you look at your income (including earnings) from one year to the next. Then different out what "rate" you paid last year and that probably hasn't changed much. If you withdrew money from an IRA and didn't ... Continue Reading


Re: Slightly OT: Dinner invitation conundrum

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1426651791.733

On 3/17/2015 FunkyHulaGirl said: Well, it's going to be just the two of us (unless her son doesn't have to work and joins us), so I can't really hope she'll get distracted while I feed the food to her dog. Frankly, boiled potatoes and cabbage don't appeal to me either; I think I might just go with the suggestion that I tell her I "can't" eat corned beef, tell her I'd love to spend the afternoon with her, and ask if she didn't mind if I brought something else for me to eat - I could pick up a sub or a pizza or something. I figure if she already has the corned beef she's going to cook it anywa... Continue Reading


Re: Forum members seeking medical advice

In Health & Fitness 1426603972.893

On 3/17/2015 Krimpette said: I've always felt that anyone who posts here seeking medical advice already knows that s/he needs to talk with a doctor. I believe they come here for additional information or life experiences with a similar situation. I agree. I also think that it's helpful to hear people say "go see a doctor" over an over because it does alert them that it needs medical treatment. It is no different than asking a friend or family member (or coworker) about the ailment and whether they should see a doctor. Continue Reading

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