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Re: vitamix dry blade container and cookbook. k43107 $50

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I paid $99 for mine from Costco. Great deal here for $50. Continue Reading


Re: I'll Never Wear Judith's Ice Cube Bracelet to a Party Again

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On 5/23/2015 TallulaBelle said: On 5/23/2015 kittyloo said: Looks like a very pretty piece, but I surely wouldn't put a 21 carat bracelet into the believable Category. As for the wrist grabbers and squeallers makes me wonder what age group they were in. You must live in a conservative area. Where I live many people wear the real deal that size and larger. I will be the first to admit that I don't see many women wearing $90,000 tennis bracelets where I live, but I do think that BlingQueen rocked that JR and it looked gorgeous on her! I personally own a pair of 1 carat studs (that are CZ) and t... Continue Reading


Re: Stariway....need recommendation for new floor covering

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I'm in the same boat, and considered doing hardwood and a runner or just replacing the carpet on the stairs. I like that the sound is muffled by carpet (we have stomping kids and pets) but it does get dirty. I am probably just going to replace the carpet on the stairs personally. Continue Reading


Re: IT Cosmetics - Jamie

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I think that her hair and clothing are perfect for demoing cosmetics. It reminds me of the gals at the MAC counter. If she wasn't demonstrating on her own face she could wear her hair however she wanted, but she acts as one of her own "models" so needs her hair pulled back to demonstrate. Continue Reading


Re: Kids or no kids invited to the wedding?

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On 5/18/2015 BornAgain said: My mother in law asked us if we could have a little birthday party for her grandchild at our wedding. My husband said NO. Can you believe the nerve?? Crazy Wow. I would have been so annoyed at an already stressful time. Hope someone helped nip that idea in the bud right away! Continue Reading


Re: Kids or no kids invited to the wedding?

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Either way (kid friendly or no kids) is COMPLETELY appropriate and acceptable. I've been to both kinds, and they are both fun and lovely. No one should feel surprised or outraged by either choice as they both quite commonplace.... Continue Reading


Re: Fresh Cream mega set - undecided

In philosophy 1431804408.373

Well I'm definitley keeping the set because I love the body butter and bath gel. I wish that I loved that spritz, but I dont. It is growing on me though, so I'm going to keep trying it as a layering item and under another perfume to see if that works. I will experiment with it as a layering fragrance only when I'm not leaving the house because I could see this getting ugly lol. I really didn't think that I would like the lemon spritz at all, so this set is probably the better choice if the two. Just wish that it came with something else instead of that spritz to make it a more phenomenol valu... Continue Reading


Re: New brush

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I don't think that it is necessary, because I use many different types of synthetic brushes that work the same way. However, I do think that it is an improvement over the old goat hair brushes that were very scratchy and irritated my face. I think that if you need a deluxe foundation and could use a new applicator brush, this anniversary set is great. But if you already have a nice brush that you enjoy and aren't really in need of foudnation, I'd pass. I purchased this only because I needed the powder, and the brush is fine but I have others that I like as much. I really enjoy the IT cosmetic... Continue Reading


Re: Do you like Fresh Cream or Lemon Custard shower gel?

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I have the fresh cream set and am considering the lemon too. I am on AD, but I'm afraid there won't be a second shipment considering it is a "while supplies last" set. I do not care for the fresh cream spray, but I don't think that I would like a lemon spritz either. Are others wearing this lemon spritz as a fragrance? It isn't like a lemon pledge, strong lemony citrus? It appeals to me and so many other love it, I'm thinking about biting the bullet. Love the consistently of this body butter, and as always like a large yummy bath gel! Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone ever gone back to Bare Minerals after using liquid?

In bareMinerals 1431720480.947

I too used the BM original foundation for years, and stopped using it maybe 8 years ago when I got caught up in other brands. I also thought that it gave my skin a weird sheen and accentuated pores and lines. Well, I found a small old container in my makeup stash and used it last week. The jar showed an expiration in 2008 LOL. I can't believe that I used it....anyway, it looked great and my skin was happy all day. So I used it another day, and ordered the deluxe size. I thought that I remembered a funny looking "sheen" but now it just looks a little dewy and lovely. And it does not acce... Continue Reading

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