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Re: St. Tropez TSV anyone

In Beauty Banter 1424963572.5

What is it? I bought the St Trpoez tanning lotion from Ckstco and wasn't that happy with it. It really left my skin looking tan but when I look a shower 5 hours later it mostly washed off and left little color. I know that I should have left it on overnight but I was afraid it would stain my white sheets. Maybe the Costco product is not as good quality? People rave about St Tropez and I could we a nice tanner! Continue Reading


Re: Foreo Luna clone for $20

In Beauty Banter 1424497762.313

Nice. The one that I ordered looks like the mini sized Foreo and it looks identical to the real deal, but I really wouldn't know otherwise anyway. Continue Reading


Re: "New" Mally Natural Beauty kit tonight

In Beauty Banter 1424497145.873

I've never tried her lipsticks before either. And personally do not care for her lipshine/lipgloss. But I I reeeeally like this palette nice for a neutral set. I wear a lot of these shades regularly, and when I saw this set I felt like it was priced at a TSV price. Quite a few are matte shades. I should put in a little disclaimer - I haven't tried any of these items other than the palette and the eyeliner. But for $44, I personally would have picked this up in a heartbeat if I didn't already own two of the items. :) Continue Reading


Re: Foreo Luna clone for $20

In Beauty Banter 1424494587.03

Pink. I'm excited. I own a Clarisonic (two actually) and wanted to try the forea but didn't like the idea of spending that much for another skin cleansing gadget. For $17...I'd spend that much at Target on who knows what. If I love it, I'm getting more as gifts. But I figured I'd start with one and try it out for a while. I've wanted a Foreo since I first heard of them, but already had the Clarisonic and the Mia. Continue Reading


Re: T-3, Drybar or ?

In Beauty Banter 1424494083.347

On 2/19/2015 MarenSeattle said: I haven't tried a T-3 but got the Drybar when it was a TSV - I like it. It's my first high-end dryer and although I don't see THAT much difference between that and a cheapo, I just blast my hair to smithereens to dry, I don't even try to style or smooth. I like it because of the variety of settings, it's not heavy, and you can remove the end cap thing to remove hair (if that makes sanse). I probably would have gotten a T-3 if that had been the TSV at the time, but I'm happy enough with this. T-3 looks cooler, though. :-) Same here. I just like it. I like the c... Continue Reading


Re: Foreo Luna clone for $20

In Beauty Banter 1424493559.95

I just ordered one. For $17, I don't really care if its a dud - just hope that my credit card isn't compromised. ;) Continue Reading


Re: "New" Mally Natural Beauty kit tonight

In Beauty Banter 1424493077.017

A268162 - but I think that you already have this palette from when it was a TSV HappyDaze. I really like it a lot. But personally would have preferred this configuration since I only use the brown eyeliner that came with the TSV! Continue Reading


"New" Mally Natural Beauty kit tonight

Last Reply by cuddlesmama 1424614335.103 | Started by CAshopper2011 in Beauty Banter

I just have to recommend this kit. It is $44 plus $3 shipping. I have the "in the buff" palatte from a TSV last year and I just love it. The TSV was $49 with three eyeliners and a mascara and I felt that it was a great purchase, the configuration looks even better to me, and with the $3 shipping, costs a heck if a lot less than I paid for the TSV. Continue Reading


Re: I promise ... I rinse

In Beauty Banter 1424411415.203

On 2/19/2015 Drythe said: On 12/12/2014 lisrobreib said: MY hair has never looked greasy after washing !!!! It is grossly dirty after using Wen. YES, I Rinse, over & over . Ugh an expensive mistake. Wong! According to you your hair hasn't felt clean since at least September / 2014. lisrobreib Started 09/12/2014 at 8:53 AMin Beauty Banter My hair wont stay clean . Is it the season changing ?? I wash and just doesnt feel clean !! any recs for good shampoo ? Thx -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... Continue Reading


Re: The worst of the best , lets vote.

In Beauty Banter 1424410703.663

Wow, another vote for dermapeel. I didn't like it at all for the reasons mentioned. It left a residue in my face from the thick oils. Then I left the tub in the shower where it got a little water in it, and became unusable. It balled up and separated, crumbling off my face. So if you hate it, let a little water get into the tub and you will hate it even more! Lol. This was years ago so perhaps the new formula is a little better? Continue Reading

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