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Re: A question for those of you who don't wear white metals

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The pearls are a beautiful color. That is a stunning bracelet. But I agree the gold is not complementary of them, nor are the pearls of the gold! They almost mute each other. I love the warmth of yellow gold. Warm gold doesn't (to me) look best with cool colors like grey. I have a beautiful black and grey burnout scarf that I wear with grey slacks and a black tops and I always put on silver jewelry with that outfit. Continue Reading


Re: IT TSV from Last Week

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Great review ChynnaBlue - I too am keeping the kit but canceling my future shipments. I got a good match with the medium fortunately. Continue Reading


Re: A question for those of you who don't wear white metals

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On 10/22/2014 Jersey Born said: On 10/20/2014 lulu2 said: On 10/17/2014 esmeraldagooch said: What doesn't look good with yellow gold? I wondered the same thing? Well, ladies, I don't particularly like wearing yellow gold with shoes that have silver embellishment, or with handbags that have silver hardware, or with a sweater that has silver thread woven throughout. I also don't like wearing grey clothing with gold jewelry, and I particularly dislike grey colored handbags with gold zippers and gold hardware, even though some bag designers use this combination. But, truthfully, other than those... Continue Reading


Re: It Bye Bye Under Eye regular vs. waterproof

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I haven't looked at the ingredients to compare, but the neutral medium seems identical to the first version (which was originally touted as "waterproof" as well). I own both and side by side, they appear the same to me. There must be an ingredient or three that are different, but I cannot tell. I don't know about he other shades, have only used medium or "neutral medium" as labeled. Continue Reading


Re: IT TSV from Last Week

In Beauty Banter 1413995183.103

I like it. I'm keeping it. The first day I used the foundation I did not like it. It felt shiny and fake, but surprisingly looked not-bad in outdoor natural lighting. Today I tried it with a different brush and the results are much better. I do no like the brush that came with this kit to apply this particular powder. It seems to pull up too much powder for me. Love the liner, used it on my inner lashline and it stayed really well. Haven't tried the mascara but decided to give the blush a try and I love it. I prefer it over an other It blush I own (I own 3 others) so the blush is a keeper. Ot... Continue Reading


Re: New IT ombré blush/matte sweet apple

In Beauty Banter 1413901829.783

On 10/21/2014 lyn in MI said: You're welcome for the swatch, CAshopper2011. Isn't it interesting how the same product can work so differently on 2 people? I prefer the Illumination to the Original. The Illumination gives my skin a very subtle glow. I will admit, it looked better to me outside than in the bathroom mirror, so I'm going to keep experimenting with it. I personally have an oily t-zone, so I am generally trying to reduce the shine on my chin and forehead with powders. When a powder doesn't give me a matte finish, It is subliminally unappealing to me even though it may not look bad ... Continue Reading


Re: New IT ombré blush/matte sweet apple

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On 10/20/2014 makeup addict said: I loved everything but the foundation. Mascara has not bothered my contacts which is huge plus for me. Foundation was too shiny, but love all the other items. I may need to open the blush to compensate for my disappointment in the foundation. I too felt shiny. I may use the illumination foundation lightly over my nor al foundations for an "illuminated" effect rather than all over as a full coverage foundation. I like the regular celebration foundation a lot, and am going to cancel the AD for this. Continue Reading


Re: New IT ombré blush/matte sweet apple

In Beauty Banter 1413862926.11

Lyn, thank you so much for swatching this! I just got my kit today and am debating selling the blush on ebay. But I do own the peony and like It a lot, but I actually prefer the ombré! A now I think I might keep it and pass along the peony to my mom or someone, I haven't tried the mascara yet, but love that liner. I wore it on my inner lash line today and it stayed really well. I'm having a tougher time with the illumination foundation than I'd hope I would. It really looks good on my nose and cheekbones, but on my forehead and chin it looks shiny to me. It used the regular foundation ... Continue Reading


Re: Serum or BE serum foundation breaking me out?

In Beauty Banter 1413692490.317

I think you've got the right advice already. Everyone's skin is different, and it may be one, or the other, or both that we having this effect on you. I can tell you from my personal experience that the BE serum foundation does not break me out. I read the ingredients on the Ukta serum, and can guarantee it would give me cystic acne. I cannot use dimethicone or any silicones, and he Ulta serum is filled with them. I know BE has none. Cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone are both cones and in the top ten Ulta serum ingredients. Good luck experimenting, I know you probably don't want to go throug... Continue Reading


Delay in shipping rant

Started by CAshopper2011 in Q Did What? 1413575200.353

I have had this issue for years, but finally felt the need to rant about it (just a teeny rant really). I live on the west coast, so I understand that it will take USPS or UPS longer to bring my package to me than if I lived on the east coast. I have no issue wi this. However, it seems to take Q longer just to get my order TO the UPS facility or USPS than east coast residents. For example, I ordered the It Cosmetics TSV on 10/11/14 before it aired. By the time it aired on 10/14/14, many east coast customers had received theirs already even though we'd ordered them on the same day. Mine was in... Continue Reading

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