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Re: November Insider is Up with Lori Greiner on the Cover

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On 10/1/2014 hopeQ1 said: I've had mine for about 12 days. I always receive it about the same time, anyone else ? are you talking about the paper magazine or the link online? I get the paper copy of the magazine around mid-month each month. So I got the October magazine around 2 weeks ago and will get November in about 2 weeks I'd guess. But I don't know how to access it online. I can't find anything linking to it in my account. Did you get an email alerting you of it? Continue Reading


Re: Nov Insider

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How do you access the online edition? I get the paper magazine but don't expect it for another couple of weeks. They don't email me a link to the online magazine. Is there a link in my Account? Continue Reading



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On 9/24/2014 JBinRWC said: On 9/24/2014 HonnyBrown said: On 9/24/2014 CAshopper2011 said: Mayonnaise, salt/pepper, curry powder, sliced grapes or minced apples. Some people add raisins, celery and/or pecans to their chicken curry salad but I like to make it what I have on hand. Love it! I love curry powder in chicken salad as well as dried cranberries and lemon juice. Must use really good mayonnaise. I did use cranberries once, and that was great. I think the "authentic" chicken curry calls for raisins, but I'm not a fan of raisins....but the curry chicken seems to go well with something sw... Continue Reading


Re: Adult Acne..HELP!!

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For ME (and this isn't true to everyone) but I learned much too late that I am sensitive to dimethicone and any silicones or "cones" in products. And I've eliminated them from my moisturizers, night creams, foundations, powders, blushes....cones sure are in a lot of products. proactiv contains dimethicone. So do many Serious Skin Care products. I could never figure out how I could put on Proactiv at night and wake up with my chin broken out. Now I know. I purchased a set of cone-free acne products from which work great when I need them, but now that I've elimated dimethicone and othe... Continue Reading


Re: I value the opinion of my QVC friends here....advice needed

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On 9/27/2014 Colonel Meow said: On 9/27/2014 Andreatoo said: On 9/27/2014 KayinMN said: On my last day at old job, one of them told me he was starting too! And he is trying to get his buddies jobs there too! he may be feeling out the new place too and he won't have his friends there for backup so I say go in with an open mind and a smile and see what happens but don't quit before you start! and maybe, if it starts up again, you arm yourself with a small discreet recording device that way you have evidence of the harassment when you go to the new HR..just a thought Just a note - many workplac... Continue Reading


Re: What to do with (barely) used makeup (It Vitality Matte Bronzer)

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On 9/27/2014 Poodlepet said: Uh huh,if I had to shop at Goodwill, I would never buy used makeup...I have a feeling it would be tossed by the employees: they have pretty high standards. Just toss it. Poodlepet . I don't think they will actually try to sell it, but maybe one of the gals working there will take it? But you are right, I should probably just toss it. Continue Reading


What to do with (barely) used makeup (It Vitality Matte Bronzer)

Last Reply by JeanLouiseFinch 1411848667.753 | Started by CAshopper2011 in Beauty Banter

I know this has come up before, but I'm stuck. I have a barely used IT Matte bronzer that I don't want. I already have two palettes containing the same bronzer, and it contains dimethicone anyway, which if recently stopped using. Tried to give away to friends but no one uses bronzer. Tried too sell on ebay for $2 just to cover a few bucks for shipping cost, but not allowed to list a used cosmetic. I know that I can toss it but it sells for $34 on its own and I feel like someone could wipe the whole palette off with a paper towel and have a fresh start with it. I literally used it 2 times, may... Continue Reading


Balance and Brighten ingredients - have they changed?

Started by CAshopper2011 in Laura Geller 1411827509.223

I have used BNB for quite a few years I suppose and have 3 compacts of them around. I know that they are older compacts but one was unopened until recently and the other two are just in places like my desk at work and on rotation with other powders (i know - u should probably toss them). Anyway - I just looked at the ingredients for BNB and noticed it contains dimethicone. I could have sworn that I'd checked the ingredients a her or two ago and there was no "cones" in BNB. Is this a new ingredient, or is my mind playing tricks on me? Continue Reading


Re: It Cosmetics - TSV on 10/18?

In Beauty Banter 1411698428.333

Oh, I definitely want this one. Any word on what its called? I want to try to preorder it :) the blush looked like an ombré blush. I could use a new eyeliner and mascara. Continue Reading


Re: WARNING - Apple Pulls iOS Software Update

In Electronics Talk 1411606116.443

On 9/24/2014 adoreqvc said: This is why I never update or upgrade as soon as it is released and available. I rather wait a while to ensure all the kinks have been reported and updates have been issued, which should have resolved all those issues. Then I do the updates/upgrades. I have maintained this safe practice for all of my electronics, and it works well for me. same here! I never, ever update my devices until a couple weeks after the release (or longer!). I've never been sorry. Continue Reading

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