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Re: Who uses a very cheap facial cleanser BUT expensive serums/moisturizers, etc.

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What is the consistency of Albeline? I'm curious about if for makeup removal if it also removes eye makeup. I like the Neutrogena makeup removal clothes a lot but I wouldn't mind something else. Continue Reading


Re: Question for those who currently use the new liquid BE foundation.

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I have oily skin and I think this is a little oil absorbing (which is good for me, but might be drying to some). I use a moisturizer under it, and it works well. I also apply it directly to my skin but in my dry areas (cheeks and a few places where my skin gets flaky from retin a) the serum looks drying. So if you have true oily skin with no dry patches, I don't think you need anything under it. Continue Reading


Re: Alterna TSV Question

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These products have become my favorite hair product in the past month since I purchased the TSV early. I've used the volumizing spray for a year and it is the only product on the market that gives my baby fine hair volume without making it sticky, stiff or tangled. It feels like it conditions but makes my hair fluffy and thick looking instead if flat. Wen works for my hair only WITH the Alterna volume spray, otherwise WEN leaves it too flat and limp. The shampoo and conditioner in this set are amazing. they are extremely concentrated so will last a lomg time which is good because my husband l... Continue Reading


Re: I have finally figured out that I break out from Dimethicone

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I figured this out a few years ago and my skin has been thanking me ever since. Check ingredients religiously - anything ending in "cone" should be avoided. I've never found a primer that I can use, but I use several BB and CC creams from natural brands which have no cones, and dust lightly with a cone-free powder. Be sure to check your pressed powders and bronzers (and blushes!) as many of those contain cones too! Continue Reading


Re: The Debate on Vaccines - on PBS, Wednesday night (tomorrow) 9/10 8 PM

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This show sounds like it will be interesting, thanks for the heads up! Continue Reading


Re: Volumizing Treatment Mist...Is it drying?

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I just used it for the first time yesterday. I've used Alterna Bamboo volumizing spray and it goes on like water and doesn't feel drying. But the WEN VTM seemed stickier to me, and seemed to have more of a "firm" hold in places whereas the Alterna just gives me volume. I thought the Wen felt drying and made my hair feel a little tangled (I sprayed it onto my wet roots before blowdrying, and fingers got caught as I was blowdrying my hair.) I will use it as a hairpspray - to give it a little hold - but will use my Alterna Bamboo spray for bouncy volume. I have fine straight hair but a lot of it... Continue Reading


Re: Most expensive is not always best.

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On 9/7/2014 sidsmom said: Many, many, many years ago, I read an article in Allure. The reporter was undercover & reported her findings while in a manufacturing plant in New Jersey. Out of one vat of a certain color, 4-5 companies used the same lipstick formulation. From drugstore to department store, same lipstick, but different packaging. After that article, I've always viewed $$$ products with raised eyebrow. overheard something similar, but I've never known which brands these are! I think that Lancôme and Loreal may be two two share formulas but I don't really know. I don't alwa... Continue Reading


Re: New Bareminerals radiant kit - any online swatches/reviews yet?

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On 9/2/2014 Tribefan said: On 8/31/2014 CAshopper2011 said: Well I had to reorder it as an autodelivery item. After talking two 2 CS and getting an email response from a third, they explained that they cannot convert my one-time to autodelivery. That the only way I can get auto delivery is to place another order for this as AD, and return my first kit if I wish. Very frustrating to me, but a lesson that if you think you MIGHT love something enough for AD, order the AD up front! And worst case, cancel the remaining shipments if you decide you won't need them! I just converted my one time order... Continue Reading


Re: Question About Pressed Powder That Is Too Dark

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Use it for contouring instead of a bronzer! I bet that it would look really nice and natural as a contour powder over your regular foundation. Or use it as a blending shadow for your eyeshadow. Use it to lighten and neutralize a too-deep eyeshadow. I use a too dark powder on my lids as a natural all over daytime shadow. Continue Reading


Re: Imagine you are at work and have to call a neighbor to turn off the oven..

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She might be pleased to see that your home is normal and all the work that she's done to keep up appearances might have been a waste of time... ;) Continue Reading

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