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Re: Bare SKin serum foundation review

In bareMinerals 1397420495.483

Thanks for the photo Margie! Based on your picture, I will order the Natural. I can tell we have very similar skin tone. I'd been torn but that photo seals the deal! Continue Reading


Re: styling cream feels plasticky

In WEN 1396651530.61

I'm not clear on what plastic would feel like coating hair (I think of plastic as hard, not rubbery or oily) so jus not following. But I know wen styling creams all have silicone/dimethicone which will coat the hair with a slick silicone layer. I personally love the way the wen styling creams work for me but hasn't tried the 613 to understand how it differs. My hair does feel a little "slick" when I use the styling cream on the wet hair but it dries beautifully so the slickness doesn't bother me. So far my favorite sc scents are tea tree and lavender. Pom is a little too heavy it seems. Continue Reading



In Mom to Mom Forum 1395267862.853

On 3/18/2014 occasional rain said: On 3/18/2014 jojo12 said: ITA - The "no problem" response bothers me too, however it seems to be pretty standard these days. I especially don't like it when a server at a restaurant says it or a clerk in a store. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way and I still write out thank you notes! What they are saying is that it was no problem for them similar to 'Don't mention it' that was popular in the past. yes, forgot that one. I see the "no problem" and "don't mention it" as appropriate when someone thanks you for doing them a FAVOR. For example, say ... Continue Reading



In Mom to Mom Forum 1395267523.28

I use both depending on the circumstance. If someone drops something and I pick it up for them, they say "thank you" and I say "no problem". I give someone a gift or complement and they say "thank you" and I say "you are very welcome". Continue Reading


Re: Lipstick Queen Question?

In Beauty Banter 1395267211.033

Not a fan of the lipstick for the price. I've found nice tinted balms at whole foods for a quarter of the price that felt just as smooth and looked as nice. Unbelievable that any adult would assume that because someone has "money" they should have plastic surgery? I don't understand that logic at all. Continue Reading


Re: Women giving birth in their mid to late 40's. Is it a new trend?

In Beauty Banter 1395263885.57

Women are more educated now too. A women who graduates from medical school isn't typically going to go get pregnant right away in her late 20s. Many professional PHD and Masters graduates will start their careers, start paying off student loans and be well into her 30s by the time "family" is a consideration. Continue Reading


Re: OT - Washcloths- what to do with them after shower?

In Beauty Banter 1395167184.073

On 3/18/2014 denisemb said: Wow, I'm surprised to find I'm not the only one who likes thin cheesy washcloths...the expensive thick ones are used on the snooty "for show" towel bar! I like the thin ones too. I use a fresh one every day. I start with my face, and end with the bottom of my feet, so I would not reuse that to wash my face the next day. I did not know this thread would get some many "looks" or comments, but it seems we all deal with our used washclothes similarly LOL!! My laundry room hamper is wicker and fabric, and I think that is a part of the problem. It looks nice, but ... Continue Reading


OT - Washcloths- what to do with them after shower?

Last Reply by PinkSugar 1395247700.81 | Started by CAshopper2011 in Beauty Banter

I tried to make my subject line as informative as I could so that no one would be annoyed with my OT thread! My husband and I take showers each morning and we each use a washcloth. Then we each drape the washcloth over the edge of the bathtub to dry since I don't want to throw a sopping wet rag into my hamper. Then I have wet wash washcloths hanging on my bathtub every day and I hate it. What do the rest of you do with them? I feel they need to dry before I can put them into the hamper to prevent mildewing, but there must be a better way to deal with them after the shower. Any ideas? Continue Reading


Re: L'Wren Scott (designer and Mick Jagger's Girlfriend) Has Committed Suicide

In Fashion Talk 1395079814.31

On 3/17/2014 gotogal said: Please don't refer to it as "committed suicide". She did not commit a crime. My 17 year old son "died by suicide" and suffered from depression. :( I am very sorry for your loss. Continue Reading


Re: O/T. Do customer reviews sway your thinking......

In Fashion Talk 1395063578.683

On 3/14/2014 goldenretriever said: I read the reviews, & they sometimes effect my buying...but not always. If reviews consistently say things like the item fades or shrinks after washing, I'll make a note of that. The reviews I disregard are about sleeve, hem, or pant lengths being too long. Come on, really? Some people say the item is beautifully made, then give it 1 or 2 stars because it doesn't fit them exactly on a particular part of their body. Thats what tailoring is for. I agree, but I also find those reviews helpful. If someone says "I'm 5'7 and these pants were well above my ank... Continue Reading

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