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Re: What a Price Jump!

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On 3/27/2015 namealreadytaken said: Well, golly. You all have not been looking at clearance. LDO had a skirt marked down from $40 to $39.87 on clearance. That's hard to beat. Hahahaha !!! A savings of .13 ???? NOW I will buy it. Continue Reading


Re: Stop with the umm.....

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On 3/26/2015 MarthaStewardess said: I agree with OP. Jill isn't the only offender when it comes to the constant, annoying ummmmmmmms. Shawn is just as bad, if not worse, so is Pat. Lisa R was also really bad about it too. For people that make a living talking on television, they should be able to speak in a much more professional manner. The annoying habits make me want to change the channel, not watch and purchase. Ummmmmm... I agree. The Ums are very annoying. What is wrong with a moment of silence until they can think of what to say next? Maybe they are afraid we will change the channel... Continue Reading


Re: Prom attire.

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What I don't understand is the really short short dresses. When picking my son up from the HS Homecoming dance, all the girls' dresses were really short and they were constantly pulling them down. How much fun can that be, to be tugging at your dress all night? Continue Reading


Re: Which host/hosts do you enjoy watching the most?

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I really like Jayne Brown. She does not talk too fast, she has fun but is not over the top, she gives just a bit (not too much) of personal information , and she describes the products really well. Continue Reading


Re: What a Price Jump!

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On 3/25/2015 dex said: I checked it out and you got it right!i thought q didn't raise prices and an item was not reordered if it couldn't be made at the same price. I thought this was the policy too. But I have noticed many price increases on QVC items, so I thought I was wrong, but maybe not. Maybe they changed the policy and are just raising prices to see how much they can get for each item. There is no way they were going to change the shipping pricing unless they had an overall plan that brought more money their way. I have still been clothes, but I really need to stop. The prices ar... Continue Reading


Re: GILI is Lisa Robertson line end of story

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I never saw anything in the GILI line that I liked (for my anyway) and I thought it was way overpriced. Continue Reading


Re: Why not be nice and give Lisa Robertson respect she deserves?

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I thought Lisa was great on QVC. But I honestly don't get the whole following thing on Facebook or anywhere else. Why does anyone really care what she is doing, where she is going, where she eats and sleeps? I think she continues to post on Facebook to keep herself in the "public eye" and maybe make herself more valuable to her new employer. It is nice to support each other when it is needed, but overall I think people need to live their own lives and stop obsessing about the lives of other people. Continue Reading


Re: Lens after Cataract surgery

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This has to be one of the benefits of getting older. I have been wearing glasses for distance since the 2nd grade. I moved to contacts in High School. I have an extremely strong prescription. Now, of course, I use reading glasses over my contacts. I do have the beginnings of cataracts. I am looking forward to some day being able to see clearly with no glasses at all. Continue Reading


Re: I Am Noticing Susan Graver's Shorts w/Heels...

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Never wear shorts with heels. I see young women do that, and it looks okay if they have nice legs. Otherwise, I think it looks silly. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason confirms return to QVC

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Always liked her as a host. No constant UMSSSSSSSSSS and AHHHHHHHHHHHS like the other hosts. Continue Reading

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