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Re: Carolyn, you swore up & down D&C leggings don't stretch! WRONG!

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Unfortunately, that is not the first or the last time a host said something that was not true. Continue Reading


Re: What's happened to Honora?

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I went through a phase of buying a lot of pearl necklaces in different color patterns, and some earrings too. But I rarely wear them. So I have enough and I am kind of "over" it. But I agree that the stuff I saw online from today's shows did not interest me in the least. I also was a bit suspicious of when the vendors (very nice gentlemen) kept repeating things like, "Oh, I don't know if we will ever get another harvest like this one again." and "Oh, we can't do these prices again," and things like that. That may be true, but it kind of turned me off. Continue Reading


Re: This is a bit much "Dana" The rep for Dr. Perricone Products

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On 11/21/2014 Colonel Meow said: On 11/21/2014 MFitz said: What bothes me is that Dr. Perricone has never made an appearance on any of the shows. I'm sure he is busy developing new products, but for all the money he has made from the Q customers I feel he should show up at least once in a while. Many other beauty product developers do. Many folks are not public speakers and choose to pay professionals to represent them. I don't have a problem with this. In fact, I would much prefer watching a "rep" with well-honed presentation skills,rather than a developer who is obviously flustered or uncom... Continue Reading


Re: Please no pockets on the chest

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Re: O/T Lesson learned at the Post Office today

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I did not know that. But it does not surprise me. The US Post Office will do anything they can to make extra money. What bothers me is their customer service. For example, we will sometimes use the online postage. If I take it to the post office and they reweigh it and they determine we do not have enough postage, they will charge me for more. BUT, if we put on too much postage, there is no getting it back. Also, I sent a letter to a PO Box. It came back as non-deliverable, when in fact it was the right address. I sent it again to the same address, and it was delivered. Think the P... Continue Reading


Re: Sizing - why has QVC stop posting the sizing of the clothing

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On 11/17/2014 brewhaha said: Don't they know that size matters? Ha Ha! Yes it does! Continue Reading


Re: O/T Is Christmas over yet?

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On 11/21/2014 joannecha said: What is really sad is that with all the commercial hype, pressure to give the perfect gift, to spend more money, and have the perfect holiday, everyone is forgetting what this season is all about. The first 6 letter of Christmas, and I'm sorry if you're offended, but that would be the birth of Christ. That's why we celebrate this day. Ok, bring it on. You are right. I am not offended by your comments. It is just so hard (for me anyway) to shut out the rest of the world. But it IS very easy for me to laugh at QVC when they tell me I should have a "gift" closet... Continue Reading


Re: O/T Is Christmas over yet?

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Well I, for one, am always glad when Christmas is over. All the hype, build up, expectations, shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking, cards to write, money spent, your children's events you have to go to (and want to), etc. It makes me exhausted to just think about it. Guess I have a hard time taking it one day at a time. Or maybe my expectations for myself are too high. Every year I feel like I failed at something and vow that the next year I will do better. Continue Reading


Re: Nestle Toll House "DelightFulls" filled chocolate chips

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I had not seen these before. They look delicious! Just what I need -- more sweets! LOL Continue Reading


Re: Wish Susan would quit saying, "I'm only five feet four"........

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I am 5' 5 1/2" and I am very happy with my height -- about the only thing about my body with which I have no complaints. I do agree with the OP that when Susan says she is only 5'4", she makes it sound like that is really short, and it isn't. Continue Reading

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