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Re: Too Tight Clothes

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On 5/29/2015 cah said: I constantly see the hosts trying to adjust their jackets and sweaters. They're always pulling at them to cover themselves. It's most distracting and really silly to me. Wear clothes that fit, we can handle it! I see that all the time too. Then once I see them adjust, I am always waiting for them to do it again -- and they do. There is no way some of those jackets, blazers, and sweaters are big enough once they are buttoned or zipped closed. And I don't buy the excuse of their battery pack or whatever is back there, making a big difference. Continue Reading


Re: Are Vionic shoes made for all foot types?

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I love them. I wear the slippers when I am at home and I have about 5 pairs of flip flops and a few other sandals. The slippers cured my first-thing-in-the-morning heel pain -- it is totally gone. What I don't have is a full shoe because I am unsure about the sizing. I wear a size 7 1/2. I take a size 7 in the slippers, with no toe post, but a size 8 in flip flops with a toe post. If I ever see a full shoe in a store I will have to try them. I don't really understand why they are so expensive though. That may prevent me from buying too many more pairs. But as far as the slippers, I th... Continue Reading


Re: Where/What is 'home' to you?

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I consider "home" to be where I grew up in Ohio, where my parents still live. Once they are gone, I think I will feel a bit lost. Then home will have to be my own home. Continue Reading


Re: Assistant tossed by bag on the floor

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I think I would be mad too. Hairdressers never have a good spot for their customers to put their purses. They should be put someplace safe, but out of the way of hair clippings and flying drips of color, shampoo, etc. Continue Reading


Re: Length of Jill's Pants

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On 5/28/2015 Reever said: Jill's pants looked ok to me, but my biggest pet peeve I have with Jill is she is a bit of a goody two shoes. She seems to preach to the audience. I have always gotten that feeling from Jill, like she is preaching a bit, and that it is her way or the highway. I saw her wear white pants the other day, and they were definitely too long. Continue Reading


Re: hosts , if your that old maybe you should retire?

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On 5/28/2015 surfk said: Its probably their subconscious rearing its little head on air. They're probably looking at most of the oddball Q fashions and thinking who in their right mind would wear such juvenile designs? I mean, one has to admit that the Q doesn't always offer the most sophisticated of styles. No one wants to look like Lori Goldstein in their real life. Not really. And Shawn K, the host, is a huge fashion victim. She doesn't know whose closet (and box of hair highlights) to raid next: that of a Housewife of Orange County or that of some teenager just learning that you don't wea... Continue Reading


Re: THANK YOU QVC For Regular Size Models

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On 5/28/2015 mashie said: My problem with the models and hosts of clothing shows is that they all use shapers/Spanx. How can something be called "true to size" if the person modeling it or describing it wears a shaper. I say ditch the shapers and then you can call something "true to size". To see an obviousl size XL or 1X model saying she wears something in a L is frustrating and misrepresents the size. Do your fit models wear shapers, or what? Of course this is not just something that happens at QVC, however the phrase "true to size" should stop being used by the models and hosts. This is a... Continue Reading


Re: Clearance?

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I agree -- $3.00 off is not clearance. That is not even much of a sale. The only thing that comes close to my definition of "clearance" are the last clicks prices. But QVC knows what they are doing and will get every last dollar they can. Suckers -- be warned! Continue Reading


Re: Shawn's dress during PM Style last night

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On 5/26/2015 acim said: On 5/26/2015 cah said: You are not allowed to criticize Shawn, and this won't last long!<br /> Poof and gone soon! Wow you are right! I asked a question, in a very friendly way, just wanting someone to explain Shawn's "hear my soul speak" ring. I said I didn't get it - because aren't we supposed to be quiet so we can hear the Holy Spirit speak.. and poof, it was immediately closed for commenting! WTheck?? haha ... I thought it was just me that did not understand that ring. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn's dress during PM Style last night

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The hemline looks similar, and it was black. Not sure about the rest of the dress. Shawn has a nice figure. But I don't like styles like this -- I kept looking at it trying to figure out what went wrong. It looks like a sewing mishap. Continue Reading

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