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Re: Our new neighbors

In For the Home Talk 1419017118.867

Sorry you are dealing with this. It is a very common problem. Yappy for a few minutes is tolerable. But all day is totally unacceptable. Are they home and in the house while the dog is outside all day or are they both at work? Either way, if it is not resolved, I would talk to the HOA or even register a complaint with the police if I had to. Dogs can be trained not to bark. Continue Reading


Re: $51.72 for sweatpants!!!!!

In Fashion Talk 1418920674.05

On 12/18/2014 sidsmom said: Just for giggles, I checked Lands End. Their Starfish pant is $39 for reg & $45 for plus. Have to remember all sizes are the same price on QVC. I tried those Starfish pants once years ago. They were horrible. Very lightweight and thin. I returned them. There are only a very few things I will buy from Lands' End anymore. That being said, I am on the Lands' End email list and they often have sales with a big discount. No such thing at QVC. Continue Reading


Re: Is this weird??

In All About Shoes 1418753268.307

I too have multiples of the same style shoe and clothes, in different colors. Sometimes this is a good thing, and sometimes not. I ordered four pairs of a Ryka shoe -- two in the same color (for one back up.) By the time I was done with the first three pairs, I no longer wanted to wear the extra brown pair I bought. They are still sitting in my closet, brand new in the box. I think it is a good thing to buy more than one of something you really like. But there has to be a little bit of faith that something similar or better will come along too! Continue Reading


Re: Favorite Nighttime Moisturizer

In Beauty Banter 1418235113.677

I am on my second jar of Oil of Olay moisturizer. I think the first jar was called Night of Olay, but the one I am using now is called Age Defying. I don't really see any difference between the two. It is a jar of pink thick moisturizer that you can find at the drug store. It is not expensive, smells nice, and makes my face very soft until I wash it off in the morning. It feels really nice when I put it on at night. I have become very skeptical of any night time treatment that promises anything but moisture -- such as reducing age spots & wrinkles. Continue Reading


Re: What changed?

In The Q We Love 1418148818.19

On 12/9/2014 Perkup said: So I suggest what I did - give yourself a break from QVC. I've been doing this for weeks now and It is very "freeing". No more concern about product variety, S&H charges and hosts that drive you up a wall. Loving it. That is what I am doing -- taking a break. I have only ordered one thing in the last month. I am looking forward to getting a credit card statement with no QVC on it once all the easy pays are done with. Whenever I am out of town and not watching QVC, then go home to watch it, I wonder why I ever got sucked into it in the first place, because it ... Continue Reading


Re: "And I will tell you"....."But I will tell you..."

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418065372.867

"Well I will tell you" .... all the hosts' phrases bother me too. So am watching less and less. It is "literally" getting to the point that I just can't stand it anymore. It is like when you hear a song over and over and over again -- you just get so tired of it! When I watch, I buy. I rarely go look for something online, so my not watching will be good for our budget. That being stated, I do think that the hosts use all the extra phrases and words as just space fillers. They have to continually talk, at a fast pace, and just need more words to take up time, even though they do not add... Continue Reading


Re: Christmas Junk

In TSV Talk 1417987708.37

On 12/7/2014 Cinder63 said: This year it is clear QVC isn't even trying to compete in the gift realm. They are just selling the same old tired housewares to people who are purchasing for themselves, not others. The thing is, QVC has the infrastructure to be a really intriguing, entertaining and innovative shopping venue -- and instead it's like tuning in to an endless loop of the same 10 items. It's like being in a Walmart aisle -- microwave chowder mugs as gifts, really? Oh you are so right! Every time I flip to QVC it is either some electronic thing, or that darn flash toy. This is the... Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone given up Wheat and lost weight?

In Among Friends 1417544920.23

Our UPS driver and his wife gave up Wheat and both lost weight. It sounds very hard to do -- wheat & gluten seem to be in everything. Good luck! Continue Reading


Re: Whipped Argan Oil?? Total lie about ingredients.

In Beauty Banter 1417033112.82

I too understood her presentation to mean that it was just pure whipped Argon Oil. I "assumed" that they put the oil into blender or something, although that sounds rather silly. She needs to watch what she says in her presentations. I like her Argon Oil and use it everyday. Hers is the first oil I have tried. If I can find something similar for less $, I will try it. I don't know what the differences are supposed to be, between different brands of oils, if some are really better than others. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn, you swore up & down D&C leggings don't stretch! WRONG!

In Fashion Talk 1416856788.673

Unfortunately, that is not the first or the last time a host said something that was not true. Continue Reading

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