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Re: Shipping Delays

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I had two separate orders that did not ship for a full week. I thought that was awful long. Continue Reading



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I have been using WEN for several years now. My hair feels good for a few hours after I wash and dry it, but that is about it. I have tried some of the other products too and occasionally use them. Every once in a great while I wash with regular shampoo and my hair is a total tangled mess before I condition it. Not sure what I am going to do once my stash is gone. I have never gotten fantastic results like others do. Continue Reading


Re: Dennis + Husband

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I just donated two spring coats of his that I never wore. One was on clearance and the other was a TSV. Shame on me for not returning them when I obviously did not like them. That being said, I won't buy any more of his items. As far as the OP, I would prefer that NONE of the hosts talk about their spouses. It is none of my business and I don't care who they sleep with and what children they are raising. Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Items Continuing to Increase

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On 2/11/2015 imaclotheshog said: Of course. And they couldn't just adjust their shipping charges to $3 and $5 for most items and not make it up somewhere. They wanted it to appear that they have reduced S&H but they have to raise prices on the clothing to offset the hit they are taking on the reduced shipping. Problem is most shoppers aren't stupid and they can see if an item has gone up in price $7 especially if it's an item they've bought before or had on their wish list. Exactly! I bought a D & Co top before the shipping price change. The top was $28.50 with $5.72 in S & H... Continue Reading


Re: Baby diaper wipes, still using them as the kid graduates from high school!

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Sorry, I only used them to wipe my boys' butts and that was it! Continue Reading


Re: Kathy Levine Back on TV - Joining Shop HQ which will become Evine Shopping

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On 2/7/2015 annabella said: Could care less. If you really do not care, the phrase is "Couldn't care less". Just sayin'. Continue Reading


Re: Requesting a price adjustment

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I too have gotten price adjustments after seeing things I bought go on clearance after I bought them. And I stumbled upon mine by accident too. I remember that one reduced item was 31 days after I bought mine. Customer service would not give me the difference, which is their right, but I asked anyway. Continue Reading


Re: Seriously, an iron?

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The only time I iron is when I sew (not too often) or to press an outfit for a special occasion. I have had my iron for years and would not think of replacing it unless it broke. The more TSVs they show that I am NOT interested in, the better in the long run $$ for me. Continue Reading


Re: How often do you put up clean dish towels/cloths in your kitchen?

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On 2/9/2015 VCamp2748 said: On 2/9/2015 Puppy Lips said: I am pulling out clean ones every other day or so. My kitchen towels and wash cloths always seem to get so stiff over time. I like the bar towels at Kohl's. They are so soft when I buy them, but after using and washing them for awhile, they end up kind of rough. Anyone else have that problem? I use dryer fabric sheets, but those don't seem to have any effect on my kitchen towels and wash cloths. I don't know if that's causing the problem you're having, but you might want to stop using them anyway. Any kind of fabric softener, even the ... Continue Reading

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