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Your Local Post Office

Last Reply by kachina624 1406177773.29 | Started by Puppy Lips in Among Friends

Anyone else have complaints about your local post office? Our local post office in my small town is a joke these days. I have to go there after work, 5 days a week to mail things. And yes we do click & ship and other methods of shipping, but some items have to be mailed at the post office. They used to always have 3 windows open. Then they cut back to 2 due to their cutbacks or downsizing. Many times the line is out the door and I have to wait a long time to be waited on. On top of that, there is one mail clerk there 4 days a week who is the SLOWEST person ever at the window. I s... Continue Reading


Re: The UPS Man just told my husband that I needed help!!

In For the Home Talk 1406141627.753

The UPS man should have keep his opinion to himself, but I would not complain to management unless something like that happens again. My husband & I run a small business with a lot of UPS deliveries of heavy boxes. When we were at our previous location, the first day there the UPS driver came to deliver boxes and he complained about the amount of boxes and the weight. Then he asked if it was, "going to be like that every day." He did not like our answer when we said "Yes." He eventually went on some sort of medical leave and then retired, I think primarily due to us. It is a tough jo... Continue Reading


Re: O/T What is you earliest childhood memory?

In Fashion Talk 1406141036.68

I definitely remember being in Kindergarten. I remember sitting on the floor for story time, and a boy in my class had to use the restroom, but he was too afraid to say anything. He wet his pants and made a puddle of pee right there on the floor next to me! I have memories of getting my tonsils out, falling off a swing, and having chicken pox, but I don't know how old I was. Those who believe in reincarnation say that when we are born, we have memories of our previous life. But by the time we can communicate, we have forgotten everything, or at least suppressed it. Continue Reading


Re: Too Hot To Walk!!

In Health & Fitness 1406126743.447

Since moving from Ohio to Florida, I have come to the realization that there is no perfect place to live. Every location has something about it that is not good -- earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, reptiles, bugs, extreme heat or extreme cold, humidity, snowy winters, sinkholes, wildfires, floods, and so on. Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1406047450.14

I don;'t like it either. Did not watch. Did not buy. Continue Reading


Re: What have you found to help get rid of sun/age spots?

In Beauty Banter 1406046855.397

On 7/21/2014 Clover29 said: On 7/21/2014 Dazlin said: Nadolina is very good, and cheap In drugstores). Also, fresh lemons applied to the skin. Both take a few weeks, 2x a day...then a high spf. Nadinola. Just in case anyone wanted to look it up and can't find it. Is there supposed to be a link in there? I have looked for Nadolina and can not find it in my local drugstores. Continue Reading


Re: What have you found to help get rid of sun/age spots?

In Beauty Banter 1406046741.383

I have tried about 6 different products, giving them ample time to work, and none did. I went to the dermatologist about 3 weeks ago and had some age spots frozen. They scab up, and the scabs have all recently fallen off. I am left with skin that is slightly pink, and I think over more time that will fade. I am very happy with these results. The doctor charged me $10 per spot. However, the doctor would not do this procedure on my face. She gave me a prescription that I have yet to fill because she said it would be about $120 and insurance will not cover it. She said that the product do... Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Summer is through with me.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406046436.133

On 7/22/2014 wagirl said: Nope--if I could live somewhere that was always warm and sunny, I would move in a New York MINUTE!!! I live in WA state where we have 9 months of winter until July 5th and then we get some nice weather. Last summer and this one has actually been pretty decent. No way do I want dark early or gloom and wet, rainy weather for days on end!!!! Well, I live in Central FL and think that I would like cool, dark, gloomy weather, and I love rain. We get our share of rain here, but that just makes it that much more humid. But I have to admit that when I go home to visit Cl... Continue Reading


Re: Love Isaac, but the presentations.....

In Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1405973231.92

What is so great about The Hamptons, and why would I want to go there? Continue Reading


Re: Who's got the time, skill, storage space, and $ for this type of Christmas decorating???

In Beauty Banter 1405965481.76

On 7/21/2014 12andcounting said: Lisa has the time, the storage space and the money to decorate this way because she only has herself to think about. And this is not a slam -- it's just a fact. If she had a family I would be surprised if she went to these lengths to decorate. I agree with you. But I am sure others will be offended by your comment, true as it may be. There is only so much time in a day for everyone. Husbands, children and pets require a lot of time, as well as one's job, and they should come first. Personally, I don't have the time (or energy) for this kind of decorating.... Continue Reading

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