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Re: Have you lost your taste for something you used to love?

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On 4/23/2014 annabellethecat said: For at least 8 years now I haven't been able to taste or smell anything. Well, actually, every now and then a smell or taste will come through, but not often. Because of that I've lost a lot of weight. Think about it, if you can't smell, you aren't interested in eating something. Just last night I was eating out with a friend. We went to Red Robbins restaurant (they specialize in milk shakes and hamburgers). She is a perfect size (weight and height). She ALWAYS finished all of her food (every bit). I NEVER finish my food. Last night I took two bites of the h... Continue Reading


Re: What brand of clothing fits your body the best?

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I have more Denim & Co than anything else and the fit is always spot on. With Susan Graver, I am between 2 sizes in tops and skirts, so I never know what to order. But I have since sworn off liquid knit, so I am done with her stuff for now. I have ordered a few items, in my D & C size, from Liz Claiborne and Issac that were too big on me. If anything, I thought the "designer" clothes would run smaller than the D & C sizes. Not knowing what size to order has surely stopped me from ordering from brands other that D & C. Guess that's why my wardrobe is a bit bland and borin... Continue Reading


Re: Maxi Dress on Q Home Page

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Why would QVC advertise an item you can not buy? Really dumb on their part. I guess you can not be "made over" to look like their models. They should always have the models wear what QVC has to offer. And here is a thought -- how about putting the item # somewhere off to the side? They have tons of clothes to choose from. Continue Reading


Re: Have You Ever Bought Any Clothing From Blair Co.?

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I have purchased a few things. I got a pair of jeans that looked so good in the catalog. They were are big and I hardly ever wear them -- should have sent them back. The quality was okay. I also got one of those knit snap up jackets that they have ads for all the time. It is warm and suits my needs for something warn to wear in the office if it gets cold. Oh yea, I also got a really cute corduroy jacket. I actually got two of them - I liked them so much. The first one I ordered was too big, so I got a size smaller. That was perfect. Ordered another color and when that came, the bag w... Continue Reading


Re: Peeps Topiary - Screams Springtime!

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There is a PEEPS store in the National Harbor area (in Washington DC). I was just there in February. The store is adorable. They have PEEPS clothes, candy, and stuffed items. I got a set of 4 stuffed PEEPS, about the size of the marshmallow treats and packaged the same way, and 2 stuffed plaid bunnies. Also got a bit of candy which was delicious. I asked about other stores and there are only a few. I think she said there is one in the Mall of America. I bet they are online though. You could make that cute flower with stuffed PEEPS just as easily I would think. Continue Reading


Re: Loved Issac's Comment!

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And OMG Albany wanted to know if anyone could spell Fair Isle? Is she serious? Continue Reading


Re: Loved Issac's Comment!

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On 4/21/2014 sam29 said: When Shawn is on with Isaac I get rattled. Isaac will be describing his design and that dodo Shawn opens her mouth and words spurt out that do not add to the presentation. Then Shawn prattles on and on about insignificant information that does nothing to interest the customer. Then all of a sudden it's all about Shawn and Joe. Enough already. This is the Isaac show and personally I buy because of Isaac's descriptions. Shawn clutters the program. I'd rather shop Isaac designs on line so I can think about the product. I cannot watch that dumb duo together. So Isaac cont... Continue Reading


Re: Loved Issac's Comment!

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Love Issac and is comment was spot on. Wish he would have said it to Shawn though, as she is the worst offender -- both in made up words and really dumb questions and comments. Continue Reading


Re: Disappointed w/ customer service

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I am one too that does not always open and check everything as soon as I get it. But I do before the 30 days is up. If you get absolutely no satisfaction from Dooney & Burke, then you know not to ever buy anything from them again. Lesson learned. Too many other vendors and places to shop. If they can not take care of their customers, it is their loss. Continue Reading


Re: Caller on the 9am Susan Graver show April 17

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I think it is sad. Sounds like she is going overboard on Susan Grave clothes, buying way more than she needs to the point that she can not afford internet or cell phone. That is fine if she chooses not to have either of those things. But if she would like them but can't due to an obsession with buying "stuff," then that is a bit out of sorts. Continue Reading

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