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Re: hosts' pitch of who to give gifts to- seriously?

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On 10/24/2014 jonbon said: On 10/24/2014 ValuSkr said: My garbage collector makes it easy for us. They come around a few weeks before Christmas and tuck an envelope inside everyone's front door. We're supposed to put money inside and leave it with the next trash pick-up - taped or otherwise attached securely to the garbage can, they helpfully note. The whole thing turns me off. Next thing we know, the mail carrier will be leaving gift envelopes in our boxes? Our newspaper delivery person did this too. Our newspaper person does this too. I don't participate. I will tip waitresses and haird... Continue Reading


Re: Look at Renee Zellweger - What do you think?

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She looks so different to me, so much so that I would not recognize her. In the news reports I saw, she responded to her new look without saying she had work done. It is so obvious. Why not own up to it? You just look like a fool when you try to deny it. Continue Reading


Re: PAGING GAZELLE77--Someone poofed your comment on the Alert! Albany is on with Isaac discussion...

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On 10/23/2014 corita said: On 10/23/2014 hopi said: Shawn had a Q bit on Talk Soup, she was talking about buying her ring and to buy it for a dying person so they would have something to hold on to and grasp it until their knuckles turned white. There was nothing funny about it, it was a shocking and desperate sales pitch was very disturbing. Most other TV personalities would have been suspended for doing something that crass. Exactly my point!!! See post #5... Some hosts do/say some things that are truly astounding!! The Q managers/supervisors should be made aware and stop those behaviors!!... Continue Reading


Re: TSV Oct 23

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I am a recent Vera Bradley convert. I don't like these new prints either. Makes me glad I got what I did of the older prints before they are long gone. As for the solids -- maybe some day. You can find solid bags anywhere -- however they may not be washable. But I don't feel the need to buy solid color handbags now -- the prints are what makes Vera different. Continue Reading


Re: Isaac Mizrhi

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On 10/21/2014 lucymo said: On 10/21/2014 Puppy Lips said: On 10/20/2014 seaside shopper said: Isaac and Shawn were showing his menswear print pumps and Shawn didn't know what a pump was. Perhaps an illustrated fashion lexicon would be helpful to her. Well last night she didn't know what a "fawn" was either (a young deer). Honestly, she asks the dumbest questions! I have seen it over and over again. If she doesn't know something, she should just shut up and ask off the air. She makes herself look really stupid at times. Fawn, the Free Dictionary.To exhibit affection or attempt to pleas... Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear the remark about Lisa from Dennis Basso last night??

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I can't watch Dennis Basso. He creeps me out for some reason. Years ago I bought two coats of his. I wore one of them for about 10 minutes. It is time to donate them -- it will be the first time I have donated items that got so little wear. Continue Reading


Re: Opinion on this desk...

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He may be due for another growth spurt, and I think his legs may hit the horizontal support below the desk. I don't think this is a desk at all -- it is really just a table. It is nice, but I think you can find something more practical. Have fun shopping! Continue Reading


Re: Don't think there's a place to post about hobbies here, but I'm getting interested in

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My father in law did water color for years, right up until he died. He took lessons for awhile. He made beautiful paintings that we will cherish for a long time. Not to diminish his skill, I don't think it can be too hard to do. He was still making beautiful art, even when his hands were shaking from old age. Go for it and good luck! Continue Reading


Re: You go away for two days . . . . the earth has shifted in orbit

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Ha -- me too! I was out of town for the last few days and came home to find out the news this afternoon. I like Lisa and wish her well. I think she does need to move onto other things. 20 years is a long time to stay at one job, especially one with the crazy hours she had to work. Continue Reading


Re: I am so sick of being insulted!

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I am 5', 5 1/2 " and am happy with my height (about the only thing I am happy about with my body). But it does bother me when hosts and some vendors say they are envious of the tall models. Height, unlike weight, is something you can not change. So why can't these women just accept their heights? It is what it is. It is a waste of time, energy, and emotion to complain that you are short, or be envious of the tall models. The job of the hosts is to sell clothing and convince us that the clothing will look good on us. For them to wish they were taller gives the impression that all short... Continue Reading

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