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Re: Disappointed w/ customer service

In Dooney & Bourke 1397751467.05

I am one too that does not always open and check everything as soon as I get it. But I do before the 30 days is up. If you get absolutely no satisfaction from Dooney & Burke, then you know not to ever buy anything from them again. Lesson learned. Too many other vendors and places to shop. If they can not take care of their customers, it is their loss. Continue Reading


Re: Caller on the 9am Susan Graver show April 17

In Fashion Talk 1397746048.137

I think it is sad. Sounds like she is going overboard on Susan Grave clothes, buying way more than she needs to the point that she can not afford internet or cell phone. That is fine if she chooses not to have either of those things. But if she would like them but can't due to an obsession with buying "stuff," then that is a bit out of sorts. Continue Reading


Re: Guthy Renker/QVC/ChazDean.com

In WEN 1397666736.517

Well how does WEN manage to have different formulas of the same product, sold through different venues? Doesn't that get awfully confusing for them, and the customers too? Continue Reading


Re: And they wonder why the malls are dying

In Beauty Banter 1397659608.61

The mall closest to where I live has been dying a slow death for years. It is nice enough, but the foot traffic is just not there, even at the holidays. It was recently sold to a company that buys dilapidated malls and turns them around. It will be interesting to see what they do with this one, as the big anchor stores pulled out. I never really enjoyed mall shopping. Now I buy a lot of stuff right from QVC. Say what you will -- the prices may be a bit higher than B & M -- but it is convenient for me and most of the time, the quality is good. QVC fits my needs, for now anyway. Continue Reading


Re: If you could have any luxury - what would it be??

In Beauty Banter 1397597173.057

Someone to bring delicious and healthy dinners to my home whenever I request it. Don't like to cook and am a failure and providing meals for my family. Every man for them self!!! Continue Reading


Re: 10 all-american foods that foreigners cant stand

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397502622.03

Well the foreigners can just stay home and leave the salty, sugary, processed foods to us. Continue Reading


Re: Isaac Mizrahi moccasins

In Fashion Talk 1397502181.257

I was thinking of posting the exact same question! It looks like there is no support at all. The soles look so thin. Continue Reading


Re: Thinking ahead

In WEN 1397265493.133

Thank you so much bebe777 !!! Continue Reading


Re: Lifelock

In Electronics Talk 1397260293.273

I have thought about signing up for LifeLock. But I hate the thought that I have to pay for a service because other people are out to rip me off. My credit card number was stolen a few years ago -- I had my card the whole time. The bank caught it and put a stop to it. I was not responsible for any of the charges. So I guess the only thing I would really worry about is someone somehow taking money out of our accounts. We don't use debit cards, so I don't know how they would do that. I guess they could open up accounts in our names too. I would hope that would be easy to prove that it w... Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1397258427.86

I have to agree with the OP. Too many D & B shows. But I am not a fan and would not pay that much for a handbag -- fine for those that do. But QVC needs more variety. They need to give some other brands a chance to sell. Continue Reading

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