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Re: Marie Osmond Gone?

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On 8/27/2014 NanaS said: IM SOOOOOO TIRED OF SEEING HER NUTRISYSTEM COMMERCIALS EVERY TWO MINUTES!!!! OMG -- me tooooooooooooo! I am sure she is a wonderful person and all that, but I am starting to dislike her due to all the commercials for Nutrisystem, over and over and over again. That food may help you lose weight, but it is not very healthy, and unless you are going to eat it forever, that is not the best way to lose weight. Continue Reading



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I never liked Dana, can not say exactly why, but I just don't trust her presentations. The products are so expensive that I was never tempted to try any of them. I always wonder who does these independent "studies" and where we can find them. Continue Reading


Re: Christmas in July repulsive.

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QVC really turns me off with all of their Christmas programming, whether it is in July or December 20th. They do not offer appropriate gifts for the people I do buy for, and a lot of the Christmas decorations border on junk (or just more "stuff" which I do not need). This is the time of year when I watch less and less and slow down my purchases from QVC. I know they won't miss me, and I won't miss them. Continue Reading


Re: Manipulated "after" photos

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On 8/27/2014 Carmie said: My take on any beauty cream that melts wrinkles is that the manufacturer wants you to spend your money so they get rich. They will do anything to part you from your money. IF there was a cream that really got rid of wrinkles and made your face look 10 years younger, the cost would be out of this world and they would never be able to keep it in stock. Some creams can help and make them less noticeable or prevent, maybe, but there is no miracle cream. The fountain of youth doesn't exist, but that doesn't keep people from looking for it. I figure if there really were a... Continue Reading


Re: Manipulated "after" photos

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I totally agree that the photos are often dishonest. I have noticed many before and after shots where the "after" has more lighting. If there is more lighting, there is going to be less shadows in the wrinkles, and the skin tone would look more even. Very dishonest and dumb of anyone to think no one will notice. I will not buy any product that uses such a ploy. Continue Reading


Re: A guy on House Hunters today ...

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We moved into our 5 bedroom home in 2007. We have 4 bedrooms downstairs, including our bedroom, and one upstairs. I absolutely love coming home and going right into my room and flopping down on the bed, with no stairs to climb. That is both good and bad. Good because it is easy for me to lay down and rest. Bad because it is TOO easy for me to lay down and rest (and watch TV for too long). Continue Reading


Re: How often do you wash your windows?

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Not often enough. But due to your post, I will think about it when I get home! LOL Continue Reading


Re: Fresh cream :)

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The only reason I bought the Fresh Cream is because of the SPF. Also, because the hosts raved and raved about the scent. And YES, it does smell like cookies. Of course the hosts never said you would smell like cookies or a doughnut shop. I bought two of them and almost returned them, but didn't, and now I hardly use it. I don't want any scent that smells like food or something I want to eat, because before you know it, I will be eating that same thing. The last thing I need is another prompt to eat something that is not good for me. Why could they not put the SPF in Amazing Grace or Pu... Continue Reading


Re: Storing "Half-Clean" Clothes -- Any Clever Ideas?

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We throw our half worn clothes over the edge of the bathtub. And yes it does look messy. I gather most of the time we just go ahead and wash them after a few days without wearing them again. Continue Reading

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