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Elizabeth Grant anyone?

Started by BetsyDoodle in Beauty Banter 1397780703.283

I am currently trying the Peter Thomas Roth discovery kit. Love the face wash, the eye serum and face serum, have only been using it for two days so no real results yet. Just wondering if Elizabeth Grant is as fantastic as they say. Will use the PTR till it is gone, because I do think to see results you have to use a product longer than a few weeks. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else's skin burn after applying Josie Maran's argan milk?

In Beauty Banter 1397262291.623

That happened to me and I wasn't using a sample. I ordered it the first day it was presented on QVC. I got it home and used it several times. After a while I noticed that I had a sunburn feeling on my face. Since I used argan oil from Josie and had no adverse effect I thought it was the color stick I was using from Josie. It has menthol in it and I thought that was causing the irritation. I used that bottle and ordered another. I started using the Milk again and once again I had a sunburn feeling on my face and I hadn't used the color stick since the last irritation. I sent the second bot... Continue Reading


Re: Best flat iron that won't "break the bank" & what to look for when purchasing

In Beauty Banter 1397082301.393

Looks like Remington wins!! Thanks to everyone who responded. I always get such good feedback here Continue Reading


Re: Best flat iron that won't "break the bank" & what to look for when purchasing

In Beauty Banter 1397075168.97

On 4/9/2014 Dusty1 said: Remington Ulta Pearl Pro 1" Flat Iron is perfect. I got mine from Ulta (It's $29.99, but goes on sale or you can use a coupon). I have had more expensive flat irons & this works just as well. The only thing that I am really careful about is that there is not any thing at the base of the iron to pinch my hair. I had one that did. Ouch! This one gets hot in seconds, smooths my hair easily (my hair isn't very curly, so I don't know about that.). Dusty1: Thanks for your reply. my hair is not curly at all. This sounds like what I was looking for. Tried an expensive f... Continue Reading


Best flat iron that won't "break the bank" & what to look for when purchasing

Last Reply by RedConvertibleGirl 1397082356.163 | Started by BetsyDoodle in Beauty Banter

Please help! Want a flat iron but don't know which has the best features and what to look for in a flat iron. Plus one that is not hundreds of dollars too! Thanks Continue Reading


Re: 50....need makeup help!!

In Beauty Banter 1396737025.983

On 4/2/2014 sassykitty said: oh lawd!!! turned 50 in nov. menopause in dec. my undereyes recently went to heck overnight. i'm a type that won't go out w/o makeup. now i really need to embrace a less is more look because w/o makeup the wrinkles aren't so noticeable. my skin isn't too bad. i've used philosophy skin care & baremineral makeup for years. but i feel i need good coverage makeup around my eyes because of darkness & redness. i seem to always have allergy eyes - itchy, watery. for some reason the skin on my upper eyelids gets very itchy & irritated. always dry, dry, dry und... Continue Reading


Re: Serious Skin Care..yes or no?

In Beauty Banter 1396735248.267

On 4/5/2014 croemer said: I am a huge fan of the C line. Did you see a difference right away or did it take some time? Continue Reading


Re: Need recommendations for skincare

In Beauty Banter 1396727754.487

On 4/5/2014 Katluvr58 said: On 4/5/2014 BetsyDoodle said: What about this kit?? That's a good place to start. I've used all these products except for the body lotion. The Laser Free and Retinol are two of my must have products. Thanks Katluvr58. It has a lot of great reviews and it is pretty reasonable in price. Most of his products have great reviews. I can rule out Perricone, prices too rich for my blood, but I think this is worth the try. Glad you have had luck with it. Thanks for the reply!! Continue Reading


Re: Need recommendations for skincare

In Beauty Banter 1396724403.77

On 4/5/2014 myshell624 said: I recommend Paula's Choice. Sorry I haven't tried Peter Thomas Roth so I don't know about the kit you pictured. Paula's Choice has excellent customer service and offer samples sizes. If you call or email them, they can guide you to the products that would benefit you the most. So they can "customize" the skincare you get from them to address what is your specific issue? The sample sizes would be helpful so you wouldn't have a big size of something that you might not like. Continue Reading

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