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Re: Guy on HSN with Colleen

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On 10/20/2014 BOYINTX said: ok so it seems Guy Yovan is a single father ? Yes he was talking one morning with Lesley Machado he said he has a 13 or 14 yr old boy at home and he is a single father. Continue Reading


Re: Guy on HSN with Colleen

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On 10/20/2014 BOYINTX said: i like Guy Yovan . He is at times so funny. And last eve poor Adam was sick. It was hard to watch, poor guy. That Brett is a talker. ITA, I like Guy Yovan too. He is really funny when I catch him in the mornings with HSN version of a morning show. I had to turn off Brett too, he is a little too much for me too. Continue Reading


Re: Guy on HSN with Colleen

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On 10/20/2014 ValuSkr said: No, not Guy Yovan. She means Michael O'Connor. He used to be on the Q. BFF with Mary Beth, if I'm not mistaken. Sorry for the confusion. Yes it was Michael who I was thinking of but could not think of his name. Must have left the Q for HSN. Continue Reading


Guy on HSN with Colleen

Last Reply by LipstickDiva 1414088984.48 | Started by BetsyDoodle in Fashion Talk

Looked just like the guy on QVC that presents the Affinity Jewelry line. He was on with her and Deb Guyot who has the Herkimer jewelry and will be back @ 5 pm est Continue Reading


Re: Lucky Magazine

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Yes it is. I received one or two magazines after I sent in the refund card. I did receive a refund for the magazine but it took a little time. Continue Reading


The last three threads I've read have been so negative/mean spirited

Last Reply by spikeysmom 1412783037.633 | Started by BetsyDoodle in Beauty Banter

Maybe this will help, maybe not but it's worth a try Continue Reading


Re: How tacky to use QVC host to vent dissatisfaction with Serta

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I certainly hope that if a product was as bad as most people are saying the Serta mattresses are, that QVC would not continue to sell them. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone with a positive experience from Serta?

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On 10/6/2014 graycatsrule said: I bought one from the q a bunch of years ago. It was a good mattress. If it's comfortable and fits your needs, I don't think I'd worry about it. I guess I won't worry! I bought a mattress at a local retailer and two years later it is sagging. I paid over $1000 for it so that is why I bought the TSV. I can't and won't invest that much every two years so I paid half the price. jaxsmom - My BFF bought a Serta from QVC over a year ago and is happy with hers. Thanks for the positive review!! Hopefully I'll get the same results. Continue Reading


Anyone with a positive experience from Serta?

Last Reply by zanna 1412742496.537 | Started by BetsyDoodle in For the Home Talk

I bought the TSV and after reading some peoples posts, I am worried about the outcome. Anyone like their Serta mattresses from QVC? Continue Reading

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