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Re: My Hubby Is Jobless

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On 8/18/2014 terrier3 said: On 8/18/2014 Ms X said: Katey: That ONE manager decided not to hire your husband means exactly N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Please remember that. Has your husband considered consulting or working on a 1099 basis? I'm not in IT, but I've always worked that way. You make a higher hourly wage to compensate for the lack of benefits, which you then buy on your own and get some nice tax deductions to boot. Perhaps he could consider other ways of working in his field. Certainly, in the future he might be offered employee status with another job. He knows his field and what he can do to... Continue Reading


Re: TSV Pant

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Where does the waist band hit you in these pants? At natural waist? Iman's pants on HSN hit a little below the natural waist, just wondering about these. Continue Reading


Re: Drug Store Deals this Week

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On 8/17/2014 glmama said: Thanks for this post, tigress. :) I have another CVS coupon and perhaps I'll check out the Shea Moisture. Anyone have anything that they like from this line? I would like to check it out too for that deal. What products do you like and why?? Continue Reading


Re: Beautiful reminder to all

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On 8/13/2014 Save the Whales said: BetsyDoodle.........THANKS SO MUCH! I would like to add this: "Negativity" of any kind is never productive, it drags a person, a community down. Its easy to be negative and its human nature to be negative. But, it does no good to be that way! It only brings hurt, anger, frustration, nasty comments etc. and fosters the worst of human nature and in the end, tears down rather than builds up! "Positivity" is never mindless!! It is a difficult thing to attain and takes focus, determination and hard work but the payoff is big when we are hit with disaster. Positiv... Continue Reading


Re: Price of Bacon??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1407199955.33

On 8/4/2014 NanciJ said: It's running $6.98 a pound here, too. Same here, but some brands like Cracker Barrel is $8.98! It is crazy. Continue Reading


Re: Prayers for all those so inclined for my nephew

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I don't consider it strange to pray for a stranger. We should all pray for each other. My dad had colon cancer 20 years ago and we had him on all kinds of prayer lists and through the prayers of strangers he got through it and just turned 83 last week. I will pray for him and all your family too. It will be my honor to lift you all up. Stay strong! Continue Reading


Re: Tea Tree Oil

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I use it around my scalp line where I was very dry. After two days, dryness is gone! Continue Reading


Re: Review on Tea Tree oil & Tea Tree CC

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On 7/14/2014 Aeon said: Thank you for giving us an update, I'm glad that you and your husband are getting great results with the TT and SAM I love how you feel the difference as soon as you start using Wen and like Beeches said; the more you use it, the better it gets If you're hair is extremely dry or damaged, you may also benefit from the Fig CC. Fig is the most hydrating and many use it mixed with either the TT CC or SAM CC. I just wanted to suggest this, in case the SAM doesn't give you quite enough moisture over time Happy Wenning! Thanks Aeon-- I have been seriously conside... Continue Reading


Review on Tea Tree oil & Tea Tree CC

Last Reply by BetsyDoodle 1405375708.003 | Started by BetsyDoodle in WEN

On 7/1/14 I started a thread about Tea Tree and asked if it would help my husband's extremely dry scalp. I received many good tips and responses. I ordered the Tea tree and Sweet Almond Mint CC duo and the Tea Tree oil as recommended by many WENNERS here. The TT oil arrived day before yesterday, and my husband applied it twice so far and it has really helped the dryness, redness and the big dry patches (almost scabs) he had from being so dry. His scalp looks hydrated now. The CC came today and he will cleanse his hair for the first time tonight with the Tea Tree CC. I used the SAM and eve... Continue Reading

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