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Vionic w/ Orthaheel Zen Sneakers

Started by BetsyDoodle in Fashion Talk 1421876827.91

Anyone have these? I like the idea of all leather because in the colder months my sneakers with make my feet cold. These are also a good price, but the reviews are all over the place on these. The reviewers either love them or hate them. Anyone have these or can recommend another Orthaheel sneaker? Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1421711266.47

Quote from Flower website: Continue Reading


Re: M Asam Magic Finish Foundation

In Beauty Banter 1421708100.867

On 1/19/2015 3redheads said: I love it! It's now my go to foundation. Great! Do you use their skincare? I used it a few years ago. I bought a kit of the vino gold I think for next to nothing, free shipping during their anniversary show. I didn't see amazing results but I also didn't dislike it. Can anyone review their skincare and what is the best line. I am 51 and have a few lines and some elasticity problems just starting, nothing major. Continue Reading


Re: M Asam Magic Finish Foundation

In Beauty Banter 1421702182.64

I have light skin but usually the light is too light and medium is a little too dark for me. I do better with a foundation that is light/medium. I would like a foundation that didn't emphasize my fine lines the way that the Celebration foundation did, it really made them stand out. Does the M Asam? The reviewer I read said that it hide her lines. Continue Reading


M Asam Magic Finish Foundation

Last Reply by doglover3 1421743555.963 | Started by BetsyDoodle in Beauty Banter

I was looking online for M Asam magic finish foundation (I know they are on HSN) but thought I might find it elsewhere. Their site had a link to HSN but also QVC Italy. It is amazing how Diane Gilman, M Asam and others from HSN as well as Elizabeth Grant from ShopHQ are on QVC Italy. Anyway, I got off track for a minute! Someone on this forum was praising M Asam foundation and wanted to know if anyone else has ever used it. I'm not sure I want to try the IT CC cream, if I do I will get it locally so I won't have to pay shipping. I tried her Celebration foundation and it was no celebration ... Continue Reading


Re: Perlier Today's Special

In Beauty Banter 1416886341.473

bichon_emma I saw that too! Maybe more surprises will come. Continue Reading


Re: Perlier Today's Special

In Beauty Banter 1416884245.563

On 11/24/2014 lavenderjunkie said: The honey fragrance is hard to describe... it's a sweet scent, not floral, and light. After a few days of use, you probably won't notice it anymore. It's not overpowering. And it doesn't linger on the skin. I use the honey when I want something very neutral. I rotate about 6 different Perlier shower gels/creams, changing every day. I've used many of the Perlier shower gels/creams including honey, shea butter, shea butter with lavender, white almond, and lots of the florals. I like the honey and most of the shea butter fragrances, but I dislike the white almo... Continue Reading


Re: Perlier Today's Special

In Beauty Banter 1416866603.267

On 11/24/2014 aggravated said: I have the huge one from last year in Honey. It is very nice, skin feels great and I really like using it. My husband, however, couldn't use it because he didn't care for the fragrance (he is really picky and is easily offended by a lot of perfumes, room deodorizers, etc.). I have to confess that the fragrance took a little while for me to appreciate too - now I love it. Can you describe the honey fragrance?? Continue Reading


Re: Perlier Today's Special

In Beauty Banter 1416865011.413

Yes, it had been around for 70 years, I think Skip said. Skip said he washed his hair with it but I was doubtful too. Last night they had 3 & 4 piece sets of I think 11 different flavors and honey was one of them if you wanted smaller sizes. I have dry skin, but not extreme so I think the honey would be fine and wouldn't need the shea butter, right? Continue Reading


Perlier Today's Special

Last Reply by susan25 1417266264.193 | Started by BetsyDoodle in Beauty Banter

Has anyone used the honey? They were saying you could wash your hair with it too. I have dry skin but not extremely dry. Continue Reading

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