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Re: Isomers TS is up with free shipping!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1427497298.353

I am contemplating trying Isomers. I am going to be 52 and have fine lines and the elasticity in my skin is just starting to go. I was thinking about ordering the TS today because my eyes are starting to get "hooded". Should I start with the TS or start with something else? Any recommendations? Continue Reading


Re: My neck is starting to go.....mid 50's....how is your neck at this age?

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On 3/26/2015 SANNA said: I am 53 and my neck is looking good. I have been using Isomers line ( EVINE live) for 12 or more years, so my skin looks good over all. So do yourself a favor. I have been watching Isomers for a while now and even thought about purchasing the Isomers Today's Top Value the Immortal-eyez duo. Since you have been using it for over a decade, it has to be good. I am going to be 52 this year and need a little help with fine lines, starting to lose elasticity. What should I start with, any recommendations? Continue Reading


Re: Extraordinary life TSV

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On 3/25/2015 NYwoman said: The matching rings are really cute. Thanks all for clearing the sizes up. Since the bracelets will probably be too big, the rings might be an option. Continue Reading


Extraordinary life TSV

Last Reply by faeriemoon 1427390346.39 | Started by BetsyDoodle in Fashion Talk

I would love to get it but does it adjust down to a 6 3/4 size? I have a very small wrist, will this fall off my wrist or do you think it will be alright? Continue Reading


Re: Twinings tea

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On 3/23/2015 05gage25 said: Love Twinings Irish Breakfast tea! I drink it every morning. I would love to try the French press...I bet that really brings out the tea flavor! Yes it does. It has a bold flavor that I love!! Here is the link to the you tube video I watched, there are others too. I bought the larger French press like she suggested because I make a whole pitcher of tea when I make tea. Any other Twinings tea you recommend? https://youtu.be/lOQVXoJiO1U Continue Reading


Re: Waggoners Chocolate Buckeyes!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427157638.59

Your welcome!! Now I'm craving chocolate! Continue Reading


Re: Twinings tea

In For the Home Talk 1427157465.273

Yes, I use the loose tea. That is what was recommended and I did get a better flavor from the loose tea than when I used to use tea bags. ITA about tea, I was "raised" on tea and still love it to this day. If I don't have my tea, I can tell!!! Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite television house?

In For the Home Talk 1427157037.007

Michael and Hope Steadman's house on thirtysomething from the late 80's. I loved that show. Continue Reading


Re: Waggoners Chocolate Buckeyes!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427156669.393

According to what I read and posted from Waggoners website, yes Continue Reading


Twinings tea

Last Reply by marky 1427283285.25 | Started by BetsyDoodle in For the Home Talk

Ordered a French Press from JC Penney and made some Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea in it and it was delicious! Got the idea from the QVC Forums and a demonstration on youtube and thought I would try it. I always drink iced tea, not really a hot tea drinker and I love the strong bold taste this tea has. Thanks to everyone who recommended the tea and French press Continue Reading

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