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Re: Lucky Magazine

In Fashion Talk 1412794646.247

Yes it is. I received one or two magazines after I sent in the refund card. I did receive a refund for the magazine but it took a little time. Continue Reading


The last three threads I've read have been so negative/mean spirited

Last Reply by spikeysmom 1412783037.633 | Started by BetsyDoodle in Beauty Banter

Maybe this will help, maybe not but it's worth a try Continue Reading


Re: How tacky to use QVC host to vent dissatisfaction with Serta

In TSV Talk 1412641739.347

I certainly hope that if a product was as bad as most people are saying the Serta mattresses are, that QVC would not continue to sell them. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone with a positive experience from Serta?

In For the Home Talk 1412641262.363

On 10/6/2014 graycatsrule said: I bought one from the q a bunch of years ago. It was a good mattress. If it's comfortable and fits your needs, I don't think I'd worry about it. I guess I won't worry! I bought a mattress at a local retailer and two years later it is sagging. I paid over $1000 for it so that is why I bought the TSV. I can't and won't invest that much every two years so I paid half the price. jaxsmom - My BFF bought a Serta from QVC over a year ago and is happy with hers. Thanks for the positive review!! Hopefully I'll get the same results. Continue Reading


Anyone with a positive experience from Serta?

Last Reply by zanna 1412742496.537 | Started by BetsyDoodle in For the Home Talk

I bought the TSV and after reading some peoples posts, I am worried about the outcome. Anyone like their Serta mattresses from QVC? Continue Reading


Re: Are there no more NFL shows?

In TSV Talk 1412195665.62

HSN is selling NFL merchandise right now, been on for 2 hrs. Todays TSV is a zippered hoodie for around $35. They are also having another Football Fan show tonight 10/1/14 at 8pm eastern/7pm central Continue Reading

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