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Re: Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation

In Laura Geller 1422304276.123

Certainly sounds intriguing but I think I will wait until its presented on Feb 2nd. Her foundations do tend to run a bit yellow so would like to see it on the models. Continue Reading


Re: Flakey mascara......

In Beauty Banter 1422190678.473

I have had very good luck with Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumizing. No flaking is the main thing I look for in a mascara as I hate to look in the mirror halfway through my day and see black specks all over my cheeks. The Bare Minerals does not flake at all and is not clumpy either. Continue Reading


Re: Received the IT TSV - Fast Shipping!

In Beauty Banter 1421802039.36

Let us know how you like it. I didn't order because I just couldn't decide on a shade but I'm still intrigued by the new CC eye....Can't wait to hear the reviews on that product. Thx. Continue Reading


Re: anyone catch the oops on the 3/4am it presentation? I almost spit out my coffee

In Beauty Banter 1421791105.49

On 1/20/2015 crush said: On 1/19/2015 myshell624 said: On 1/19/2015 suzyQ3 said: Once while teaching, I combined two words like that. Unfortunately, my new word started with an "F." Fortunately, I taught adults. When I was student teaching, one of the girls in my group was calling out the class roll for attendance. The teacher was not in the room. She came to a name spelled Shi*head and didn't know what to say, so she called the child's last name and asked her to pronounce her first name. The "th" is pronounced together but at first glance your eyes go to Shi*. Why someone would spell a chi... Continue Reading


Re: Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick Review

In Beauty Banter 1421007151.51

Thanks for your review. This foundation gets awesome reviews and I am certainly intrigued by it..just not sure about color. Natural looks a bit dark for me but I don't see a shade in the lighter options that will work either. My skin is a true "light"...not fair or medium but right in the middle. My undertones are neutral to slightly yellow. In your opinion do you think the Natural would be workable for me? Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Who the heck figures shipping rates at QVC ? Look at this Josie Maran item !!!

In Beauty Banter 1420235749.367

I think the OP point is that the shipping/handling on two items is less than the s/h on one of the exact same items. Regardless of whether or not you think QVC's rates in general are fair or not, it just makes no sense that something exactly double the weight would ship for $2.00 less. Continue Reading


Re: Leggings Ladies - ShopHQ Legging Special Today

In Fashion Talk 1419365683.267

To the ladies who have tried the leggings, do they collect lint the way the WWC do? I have a pair of WWC boot cut leggings in black and they are like lint magnets. Always covered with fuzz, hair etc. Something about the WWC fabric is "sticky"...that sounds crazy I know lol. Continue Reading


Re: Found A Long Wearing Lipstick

In Beauty Banter 1417646313.63

Thanks! I'll check it out. Continue Reading


Re: Skin Care Line for teenage with acne problems?

In Beauty Banter 1417359993.76

I really like Paula's Choice Clear line. When my hormonal breakouts get out of control this line helps clear and calm my skin. Continue Reading


Re: Curly coarse hair

In WEN 1416255724.977

I have not tried the Deva products but I am loving Wen Tuscan Pear for my coarse, curly hair! I was hesitant to try the pear as I had read that it wasn't very moisturizing but I am so glad I did. My hair is soft, shiny and frizz-free with beautiful well-defined curls. For me personally the pear outperforms the Fig and is my new fave! Continue Reading

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