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Re: Get those models a burger!

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That's not fair. Would you post "get those women a salad" about the larger plus-sized models? It's not appropriate to make comments about anyone's body shape/size regardless of whether it's too thin or too fat. Continue Reading


Re: Just made an appointment for Botox

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On 4/9/2014 glitzandglam said: On 4/9/2014 chrystaltree said: Are you going for Botox injections or are you going for consultation for Botox? Granted, we all age differently but isn't 45 a little young for Botox? Nope. Most of the people I know started around 40. It does amazing things to lines. I'm 37 and I get Botox on my forehead and between my brows. I've had deep 11 lines since I was a child and was often embarrassed by them…now they are gone completely! Continue Reading


Re: Discovered great new concealer solution! Does not settle into wrinkles

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On 4/23/2014 Lanikins said: On 4/23/2014 MadamAnne said: I have been using this FOUNDATION for a year and love it. However, I need to use a concealer with it. I'm over 60 if that makes a difference. Just wanted to let you all know that this is not a concealer. Could the OP clarify what she bought? I'm interested! If you read the original post, she clearly states that she uses the Tarte 12-Hour Foundation. Her point being, that she has never found a concealer to work for her. Exactly…she is using the foundation as a concealer. Continue Reading


Re: AWKWARD......................

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I don't think you can keep going to the original for your nails (and why would you want to if she doesn't clean her tools?!) and go to someone else for your hair. Just pay the extra five dollars and go to a better place for both. Manicure tools should be cleaned/disinfected between clients or they can transmit infectious disease…gross. Continue Reading


Re: Did I Miss The Discussion About Alberti?

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On 4/22/2014 kittymomNC said: On 4/14/2014 Perkup said: On 4/14/2014 12andcounting said: On 4/13/2014 sparklestar said: I prefer not to listen to a male talk about makeup and women's fashions. I agree with you, sparkle. I'm sorry, but I have to agree with these posters. I didn't find Alberti especially effective in the sale of women's clothing - found it quite strange (but not surprising) that he commented how he would wear it. Really? I'd like to know more about this fellow. Is he married? Children? What's his past experience with internet sales? (I know he was a vendor at QVC, but I didn'... Continue Reading


Re: Has LR given up her bootcut pants for slim/skinny styles?

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On 4/22/2014 songbird said: She looks fantastic in the slim leg/skinny look! I'm 5'4" and 110 lbs. And that is solid muscle! Who asked what you weighed and who cares? The thread is about Lisa. Continue Reading


Re: what are you doing for Easter?

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Working. Recovery room nurse and we already have surgeries booked for tomorrow…but everyone else enjoy your day…weather is supposed to clear up and be nice here in the southeast. Continue Reading


Re: Horrendous prints/fabrics

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Let me just be polite and say that while the pants are not for me I'm sure that the ladies who purchased them will enjoy them. Unfortunately since they sold more than 40,000 so far we will continue to get liquid knit TSV's in many forms…I was kinda hoping for a failure on this special so maybe QVC might re-think it's fashion TSV's and offer some new, fresher choices but alas…. Continue Reading



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I like the Mineral Wear foundation from Physicians Formula. I have heard good things about a Revlon powder foundation as well but haven't tried it as they test on animals so I won't buy. Continue Reading


Re: Got new BE Serum Foundation...kinda surprised after's a perfect match & I really like it!

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On 4/12/2014 BlingQueen022 said: On 4/12/2014 peace6576 said: On 4/11/2014 BlingQueen022 said: I received mine today in the bare natural. Haven't used it yet though. Will use it tomorrow morning. I did just receive the IT Cosmetic Illumination Foundation, and I love it. Hopefully, the Bare Minerals one will be just as good or better. I'll see in the morning. I ordered the Bare Natural and it is a very good match for my light/medium neutral if it works as well for you would you mind sharing what color you purchased in the IT Illumination Foundation? I have been wanting to try this fo... Continue Reading

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