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Re: Has anyone ordered Judith's necklace extenders?

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Hi Pepper, I ordered the toggle extender in ss, and I am really glad to have it. It has taken many of my beautiful necklaces and made them more wearable. I had the lobster claw one in my cart and didn't follow through on it, and wished I had...hopefully it'll come back. They are very pricey but extend your wardrobe!! Continue Reading


Re: REVIEWS: Please post Judith Ripka November 2013 REVIEWS here... :)

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Hi there, I just rec'd the GG ring with all the pave...it's striking!! The gg color is deepa nd rich almost green onyx-like, and the pave is beautiful, VERY small stones but twinkles like crazy. I had my eye on this one, and when it went to clearance, I decided to go for it. The reviews were great, thanks for all the encouragement ladies!! Merry Christmas to me! Continue Reading


Re: I Highly Suggest...

In Judith Ripka 1384881640.667

Thanks for the heads up! I like to be able to think about what's coming up before the shows...helps keep me logical! Appreciate it! Continue Reading


Re: Question Ladies

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google"ripka sisterhood....it leads to above...good luck Continue Reading


Longer heart bracelet in amy just popped up again!!!

Started by em14k in Judith Ripka 1377821161.99

I kept trying to order this during the show, and couldn't get it. I knew someone would bail on it or the Q would miscount...either way the large one is back in stock!!! Got mine hope if you missed out you can grab one!! GOOD LUCK Continue Reading


Re: Check Out Q Cuts!

In Judith Ripka 1375304917.167

Thank you Whitelinen, I never knew it existed!! Is this new or have I been missing out for a while? Really appreciate you sharing the info!! em Continue Reading


Re: Older gold clad question

In Judith Ripka 1374531866.56

Thank you ladies, I appreciate the info. Continue Reading


Older gold clad question

Last Reply by sfbabe 1374535088.797 | Started by em14k in Judith Ripka

Hi Ladies, I recv'd my 2 TSV chains and they match my gold pretty closely. I am wondering if they patina? Most of my gold is at least a few years old, and therefore it has mellowed, if that makes sense, I wonder if the clad will do this as well or does it stay super bright?? TIA em Continue Reading


Re: Some pictures.............

In Judith Ripka 1374181175.54

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the setting on the Milky...cannot wait to see what other stones she uses, I'm hoping for a black onyx! And the all diamoniques ring looks like one from Harry Win*ston that I've seen advertised in the Journal, just spectacular!!! Wear it all in the best of health! Thanks for sharing your pics!! Continue Reading


Re: Green Goddess Cuff-Picture!!!!

In Judith Ripka 1374149355.97

WOW!!! Spectacular!!! What a beautiful suite...wear it in great health!! Thanks for sharing, it's always better to see it in the "real world". Continue Reading

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