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Re: When is Lisa's last day?

In Fashion Talk 1418431129.027

She will be missed! Continue Reading


Biotin and hair loss

Last Reply by QVCPhobe 1418622990.067 | Started by Swedishmiss in Beauty Banter

Has anyone ever tried biotin applied topically? I have been taking biotin for a couple years now, and really do not think it is doing anything. I started to wonder if applying it directly to the scalp might be of some benefit. I noticed some shampoos and conditioners advertise they contain biotin. The biotin I take is in liquid form (in a gelatin capsule). I might try breaking one open and gently massaging a little onto thin areas? Does this sound reasonable? Continue Reading


PLEASE--Need Advice for Super Oily Skin

Last Reply by funinthesun 1411692805.977 | Started by Swedishmiss in Beauty Banter

My DD has tried every primer out there I think, in an effort to not have her skin look very shiny within an hour or two of applying makeup. The clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets help (she probably goes through a half a dozen or so a day) I was thinking about getting her the Mally Face Defender. Does anyone have experience with both? I thought I would ask you lovely ladies first, before ordering...does Mally's work any better?\ Thank you !! Continue Reading


Help for vertical lines around lips

Last Reply by JeanLouiseFinch 1406845136.033 | Started by Swedishmiss in Beauty Banter

Is there anything (other than just a good all-round moisturizer) that helps diminish the appearance of these? I didn't even notice these a year ago, and now they are becoming quite prominent I'm sure in addition to getting older, mine have not been helped by my smoking when I was in my early to mid 20s. Thank you ladies for any suggestions you might have. By the way, I am currently using Kate Sommerville age arrest eye cream, and that seems to be maybe helping a bit...or maybe it is just wishful thinking. At any rate, I don't think it helping so much that I will be shelling out another $90.00... Continue Reading


Re: thin hair

In Beauty Banter 1406468993.007

What is SS Shampoo and conditioner?? Thanks. Continue Reading


For those who use only cruelty-free cosmetics...

Last Reply by Glittergal 1413622139.36 | Started by Swedishmiss in Beauty Banter

What are your favorite lines? Many of the lines I used to use either use animal testing themselves, or have been bought by larger companies that animal test. If you have a favorite, would you please post what specifically you like (i.e. foundation, lipstick, etc) Thanks! Continue Reading


My Review of ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Primer/Mattifier

Started by Swedishmiss in Beauty Banter 1404003429.13

I recently purchased this at Dermstore, hoping to find something without silicones that would help control the shine I get within a couple hours of applying makeup. I've used this for a few days now. I don't think this is a product that I will be repurchasing, although it did help with shine (but only for maybe an extra hour or so at most)---and it has not broken out my sensitive skin. When I applied it under my makeup (after my SPF) it really did little or nothing IMO. However, yesterday I tried a different approach...I applied my SPF and all my makeup and let it set for a couple minutes. ... Continue Reading


Warm sheer mid-tone plum lipstick...

Last Reply by glmama 1404164519.68 | Started by Swedishmiss in Beauty Banter

I was at Macy's this afternoon with a friend. We stopped by the Chanel counter (my friend is obsessed with Chanel) and the sales associate was wearing the most beautiful plummy lipstick from the Fall 2014 collection called "Aura". In the tube it looked scary, but once applied it was very wearable. I would love to find something similar, but not so pricey ($35). Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks! Continue Reading

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