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Re: 25% OFF On Line only at Talbot's Today Only

In Fashion Talk 1395670011.94

Thanks! So nice of you to post this! Continue Reading



Last Reply by Goldie76 1396921501.38 | Started by Swedishmiss in Linea

I am on waitlist for the necklace in silver. For those that were lucky enough to get one already...do you find this piece is versatile? Does it easily go with lots of things in your wardrobe, or do you need just the right top to "pull it off"? Continue Reading


What's your favorite highlighter for the "triangle of light"?

Last Reply by 4fatcats 1395626818.33 | Started by Swedishmiss in Beauty Banter

I've used Trish's and although I really liked it, I was hoping to find something less expensive. Anyone have something they love?? TIA Continue Reading


Anyone tried Paula's Resist Finishing Powder?

Last Reply by HappyDaze 1394214729.44 | Started by Swedishmiss in Beauty Banter

I just ordered the foaming BHA 4% and decided to give the new finishing powder a try. I will post a review after I get it :) In the meantime, is anyone else using this? Continue Reading


Re: Full length bathrobe...

In Fashion Talk 1391449349.083

Thank you to all who took the time to offer suggestions! Serenity--I'm going over to the Nordstroms site and take a look :) Continue Reading


Re: Full length bathrobe...

In Fashion Talk 1391449249.217

On 2/3/2014 BootLvr said: Most women's robes are what you see here - mid-calf length. I've looked all over for one that hits my ankle but they're impossible to find. A lot of times I just wear night shirts instead of pajama bottoms, and my legs are cold if they're not covered. Why won't manufacturer's give us a full-length robe?? Ok, rant over .. Yup---that's the problem I am having. I really want to find something that comes down to my ankles. I don't know why it is so hard to find :( Continue Reading


Full length bathrobe...

Last Reply by maddiecat 1391449352.59 | Started by Swedishmiss in Fashion Talk

Years ago I had a flannel full length bathrobe that has finally worn out. (I think it was from Land's End). I've been looking to replace it, but can't find anything I really like. Do any of you ladies have a suggestion?? I'd like to find something light-weight, that has a sash (tie) closure, but WITHOUT a hood. Also-I'm tall (5'7") and would really like something that is almost to my ankles. TIA Continue Reading


Re: Peter Thomas Roth - Animal Testing??

In Beauty Banter 1391278164.1

Very disappointing. I will be looking for a new sunscreen :( I won't throw out what I have, but will certainly not be purchasing anything more from them! Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Nurses vs. MD -- when you're sick, do you have a preference?

In Beauty Banter 1391094033.963

When I make an appointment to see my doctor, I want to see the doctor---not an RN or NP. Continue Reading


Re: paula's choice listed as questionable for animal testing on NAVS

In Beauty Banter 1390154776.243

This is so disappointing! I have been using some of Paula's stuff for years. Looks like I may be done ordering from them :( Continue Reading

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