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Re: O/T SPOILER: The Voice Winner

In Beauty Banter 1418839938.643

On 12/17/2014 Scooby Doo said: On 12/17/2014 jordan2 said: The rollers he had in his hair reminded of perm rollers. It really doesn't matter who won because for some unknown reason no one has made it big from The Voice. The same goes for American Idol. Besides Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood no one else has been too successful Disagree. Lots of success stories from American Idol. Besides Kelly and Carrie - Jennifer Hudson, Kelli Pickler, Jordan Sparks, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, Scotty McCreery, etc. And, Clay Aiken!! Continue Reading


Re: Webbie

In Viewpoints 1418702391.287

On 12/15/2014 santaslittlehelper said: Kenny looks like a squinty chipmunk. Please don't insult my chipmunk, Chap!!! Continue Reading


Re: The Bears stink

In Viewpoints 1418702172.71

The Redskins are trying hard to be the worst team in history, and they've succeeded!!! 11 losses 3 wins. Continue Reading


Re: The Voice --Spoilers

In Viewpoints 1418701907.633

I think Chris should win! He killed all of his songs, including that smashing duet with Adam!!! I liked Matt, too. It's too bad he screwed up the ending of Over the Rainbow with that off-key last note! I'm not a country music lover, but Craig most certainly has a bright future! Continue Reading


Re: Just curious....How many

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418506367.127

Forrestwolf, so good to see your post!!! How are you doing these days??? I'm so glad to hear from you. My best wishes to you and great big HUGS!!! Continue Reading


Re: Janice Dickinson with Nancy Grace

In Viewpoints 1418159128.883

I think she is on something pretty heavy duty. She did an interview on CNN and was clearly looped! Continue Reading


Re: What changed?

In The Q We Love 1418158479.877

I think the Q used to try to please its customers with a variety of interesting products that were good quality. It used to be the place where I would spend most of my dollars. You could get unusual collectors items, such as carved wooden duck decoys to beautiful decorative Victorian items for the home. Its gold jewelry selection was second to none!!! Now, it seems like they will air hours and hours of the same lame stuff--whatever brings in the bucks. They basically have said to heck with the viewer!!! I never watch anymore! Continue Reading


Re: PINK gel coat ..a yay or a nay?

In Beauty Banter 1418158054.26

I found my nails broke more often with Pink Gel Coat. Continue Reading


Re: How Long Does It Take for Celebrex to Work?

In Health & Fitness 1417559708.923

On 12/2/2014 Favorite Son said: Lots of side effects with Celebrex, and the NSAIDs (naproxen, ibuprofen), etc., aren't much better. They are very hard on your kidneys, among other things. Please be careful. Thanks, Favorite Son! I appreciate your advice. I guess I should plan to have regular blood work done. Continue Reading


Re: How Long Does It Take for Celebrex to Work?

In Health & Fitness 1417558747.087

On 12/2/2014 betteb said: It's different for everybody and can take up to 2 weeks to get the full effect. If you Dr is ok with it, you can take Tylenol with it. You can also use ice for temporary relief. Did you get a cortisone shot? Thanks, betteb! I did get a shot three weeks ago and it did help a little. I took your advice and just took two Tylenol. Continue Reading

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