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Re: The Voice 9/29/14 --spoilers maybe

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On 10/1/2014 colliemom3 said: On 9/30/2014 magicmoodz said: I think Gwen and Pharrell are great additions to the show. The bantering between Adam and Blake is so fake and getting very tiresome. I agree. Also, I watched a show where Oprah interviewed Blake and they were discussing how much he drinks. He and Adam both act like they are drinking or on something. Adam getting up and moving all over the place is annoying to me. What did Blake say? Continue Reading


Re: Memories - a "must-see".....

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Excellent!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Continue Reading


Re: Today's special value rope bracelet

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Next is Bronzo with a resin core filled with silicone! And, the piece will weigh 50 grams!!! Continue Reading


Re: MRI of Breast ? ? help...worried

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Moonstone, if it were me, I'd schedule an MRI ASAP so that I could find out exactly what's going on. I wouldn't be able to go socialize being so worried. I think you'll be able to handle whatever they find, if anything. It's not knowing that can send you over the top with worry! HUGS from all of us!!! Continue Reading


Re: The Voice Chat 9/22/14 ~ Spoilers

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On 9/23/2014 ivanatrump said: Pharell is an interesting and articulate young man. They say his net worth is $80 million! Continue Reading


Re: Ok, what's a good gift idea for someone who has what is called, "everything"?

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On 9/23/2014 brewhaha said: security dog silent alarm I'll add one myself--Poopourri! Continue Reading


Re: The Voice Chat 9/22/14 ~ Spoilers

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On 9/23/2014 depglass said: Pharrell really surprised me. So much dimension, he's going to add a lot to this show. I was expecting him to be sort of blah. I do miss Shakira, though, I hope Gwen grows on me. And knock off the booze, Blake. I'm starting to think he's an alky. I've picked two of tonight's crop for the finals, the first guy and the one whose shirt matched his mother's. I agree, depglass! This is a family show, and he shouldn't even be pretending to be drinking alcohol! If he really is drinking on the show, he should be fired! Continue Reading


Re: Reconnected w old friend, how can I help her?

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This "old" friend has too many problems to be believed. I wonder how many other friends she's been tracking down! Continue Reading

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