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Re: Have you ever had a dream/nightmare but could swear you were awake when it was happening?

In Health & Fitness 1422247910.65

On 1/20/2015 kittenmine said: I've had many terrifying dreams, especially in my early teens. In the house I lived in as a child my bedroom was on the second floor. My brother's bedroom was also on that floor, but he had to walk through my bedroom to get to his bedroom. My mother was having renovations done to the house, so everything was in disarray. My brother thought it was hilarious to scare me. Late one night I saw him come from his room and walk through mine to get downstairs. It was dim and he looked like he had something pulled over his head. I was so scared and upset I couldn't get ba... Continue Reading


Re: How can I stop smoking?

In Health & Fitness 1422247546.593

On 1/25/2015 madcity411 said: How do you stop smoking? STOP buying the cigarettes!!! Does this apply to drinking alcohol, too? Continue Reading


Re: Looking for Under-eye Concealer and Brightener

In Beauty Banter 1422213871.527

Thanks, everyone, for taking the time and trouble to respond with your tips!!! I really appreciate it!! I've gotten some good ideas. You guys are the best! Continue Reading


Re: How can I stop smoking?

In Health & Fitness 1422212361.913

purrmom, so sorry you have health issues! Here is my "recipe" for quitting smoking. It's been almost two years since I stopped. 1. Limit yourself to 10 cigarettes a day 2. Have areas that you deem as non-smoking. I prohibited myself from smoking in the car, in my bedroom, and at the computer. I set rules that I couldn't have a cig before breakfast. 3. When you have areas of non-smoking, it will be soooooo much easier to quit! After you have gotten down to 10 cigarettes, go down to 5. Each step should last about a week. 4. Just stop. Have gum, snacks, even a glass of water to fill i... Continue Reading


Re: Did Amy Stran sing on air?

In Fashion Talk 1422127220.3

On 1/24/2015 Perkup said: I like Amy, but no matter how much I might like a host, the singing, Happy Dancing, giggling, dumb faces, shaking booties, Karate kicks, and all the other stuff that has nothing to do with shopping, have driven me away, probably for good. Hoping Kathy Levine does a better job. Can't these people just give us the information we need, show us the merchandise, and then shut up? If I want I Loe Lucy or The Three Stooges, Ill tune in to them. Is Kathy Levine hosting somewhere? Continue Reading


Looking for Under-eye Concealer and Brightener

Last Reply by suzyQ3 1422228896.35 | Started by fortune in Beauty Banter

I have puffiness and dark shadows under my eyes and am looking for an eye cream that will cover and brighten that area. I have very dry skin and sensitive eyes! Any recommendations? Continue Reading


Re: Courtney, where is she?

In Fashion Talk 1422126464.41

On 1/22/2015 imaclotheshog said: She just got married didn't she? Maybe she is spending quality time with her new hubby. According to her, they have been living together for some time. Continue Reading


Re: January Denim and Co TSV Duo Stretch?? Anyone Know...

In TSV Talk 1421865850.023

Looks like they fit the models like skin-tight leggings. I wish they would describe them as what they are. . . l Continue Reading


Re: Seahawks vs. Packers . . .Let's Rock!

In Viewpoints 1421642004.713

What a game!!! Total entertainment! Both teams deserve kudos!! Wonder who the Patriots would rather play? Continue Reading


Re: What Is The Best Unpopped Popcorn

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1421641518.693

I don't eat un-popped popcorn! Bad for my teeth! Continue Reading

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