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Re: Neighbor's Vicious Dog

In Health & Fitness 1429322071.57

Maybe in the next life, the neighbor will come back as the dog's pet! Continue Reading


Re: Ulcers

In Health & Fitness 1429320039.603

Ulcers are often caused by an infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). The person should see a doctor and probably be on an antibiotic. Continue Reading


Re: Mrs Sweetie Bear...Has anyone seen her?

In Beauty Banter 1429319770.913

She posted on What perfume did you wear today? on April 13! Continue Reading


Re: "free range" family debate

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I know some women who have "free range" husbands!?! Continue Reading


Re: How well do you handle criticism?

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Who me? Who the $%^**(( wants to know%&*%*((^)? Continue Reading


Re: Neighbor's Vicious Dog

In Health & Fitness 1429318744.553

OP here. The dog snarls, hisses, and foams at the mouth while pulling on the leash to get to me. I was taking my trash out the other night and the neighbor brought the dog out of his front door. He could barely contain the dog as snarled and tried to attack me in my own yard. There's no doubt in my mind, that if the dog ever gets to me, I'm going to be mauled. I'm a dog lover and have never had this kind of experience with a dog before. I agree with the posters who say the owner is at fault. He's had three vicious dogs--the last one bit my son. The neighbor doesn't pay his bills. The... Continue Reading


Re: Am I The Only One?

In Electronics Talk 1429317997.37

Well, since I'm the only one who lost the product presentation videos with QVC's new homepage update, I have news. I found the videos. They are now on the QVC Search page. This means you have to search for the item first. When you find items listed on the Search page, "Video" is to the right of the item number. Click on this and it will go to the product page and play the video. This is the only way it works on my computer! Continue Reading


Am I The Only One?

Last Reply by fortune 1429317996.783 | Started by fortune in Electronics Talk

Ever since the Q did it's latest "fix," I haven't been able to get the product presentation videos. I can get the on-air product video, YouTube, and HSN videos. The Customer Service people are fed up with me and say it's my computer. Anyone else have this problem? Continue Reading


Re: Vicious Dogs

In Health & Fitness 1429135492.9

Thanks again, guys!!! Continue Reading


Re: Neighbor's Vicious Dog

In Health & Fitness 1429041717.38

On 4/14/2015 bonnielu said: How did they respond when their other dog bit your son? What was the result of the situation? You might want to approach them and tell them your concern. If it goes nowhere you might be able to seek help from animal control. They gave my son $50 to buy a new pair of pants. That was it. Continue Reading

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