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OT/Landlords, Good Source to Get Tenant's Credit Score

Last Reply by debcakes 1432832347.403 | Started by fortune in Electronics Talk

I have a rental condo. Each time I screen a new tenant, it's really confusing to get their credit scores. I'd appreciate any recommendations or suggestions for a reliable, legitimate credit service company. Thanks!! Continue Reading


Re: IT cosmetics bye bye pores pressed powder

In Beauty Banter 1432761571.72

Since I first use this--maybe once or twice--I got a rash on my face that acts like poison ivy. I've stopped using Bye Bye pores and have applied Cortaid to the rash. It's not getting much better either. Anyone else have this reaction? Continue Reading


Re: Plantar Fasciitis Pain - compression sock? Help Please

In Health & Fitness 1432749147.723

Here's how I got rid of my plantar fasciitis. Make an appointment with a highly recommended podiatrist. The doctor will fit you with an orthotic and refer you for physical therapy, and the proper shoe for support. You will need to follow their instructions carefully and faithfully. It will take months to get relief, but shortcuts aren't the answer. Extra weight, non-supportive shoes, and pronation are a recipe for plantar fasciitis. I'm now free of this scourge and can take my regular walks again. Forget wearing flip flops, heels, platform shoes, or going barefoot from now on! Best of... Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Phil Today

In Viewpoints 1432686280.953

I think the anger issue that he has is a separate problem. I think the parents are clueless. He needed to be hospitalized a longggggggggggg time ago. He sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic to me, and they sometimes can be very dangerous. As I've said before, mental illness is so sad. If it were a broken leg, the young man would have received treatment right away!! The whole family is affected with his illness. Did he say that he just got married? Continue Reading


Dr. Phil Today

Last Reply by gameon 1432693098.23 | Started by fortune in Viewpoints

What did you think of the guy with electrodes in his brain telling him what to do? Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone know what the BIG SURPRISE is tonight at 8PM??

In Fashion Talk 1432573701.253

If it is an Easy Pay event, why don't they give us 5 or 6 easy pays so it would really make a difference in paying for an item! Continue Reading


Re: Dr.Phil today5\22\2015 mentally Ill or monster

In Viewpoints 1432484242.137

Mental illness is so sad. This young man never got the help he needed growing up. Everyone failed him--parents, school, community. When will we treat mental illness as we do physical illness? If the stigma stays where it is, these people will never get the diagnosis and treatment they need. Continue Reading


Re: Does turquoise have to be stabilized?

In Jewelry Talk 1432353490.207

On 5/22/2015 Kachina624 said: I wouldn't trust Paul Deasy or anything he says as far as I could throw him. Agree!! Continue Reading

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