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Happy Thanksgiving, MistriTsquirrel!!

Started by Fortune in Beauty Banter 1417113368.49

Mistri, Jasper and I are thinking about you and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. It always makes me feel better when I count my blessings!!! Continue Reading


Re: Scam E-mail

In Viewpoints 1417028136.517

On 11/26/2014 dooBdoo said: One of many articles: Stranded Traveler Appeal Scams link goes to: Thanks, dooBdoo!! As usual, you provide such helpful info!!! Continue Reading


Re: Scam E-mail

In Viewpoints 1417027496.483

I wonder how they got my hairdresser's name so it would be someone I knew! The cyber world is a scary place!!! Continue Reading


Scam E-mail

Last Reply by chickenbutt 1417030018.143 | Started by Fortune in Viewpoints

I just got an e-mail from my "hair dresser." It said she was in Russia and someone stole her purse. She needed money to pay for her hotel and plane ticket home, etc., and would pay me back when she got home! I instantly recognized this as a scam. Just wanted to pass this along to viewpointers as a warning! Continue Reading


Anyone Ever Take Celebrex?

Last Reply by bigsister 1417142928.227 | Started by Fortune in Health & Fitness

My doctor has given my a prescription for Celebrex for an arthritic knee. Has anyone ever taken this? Did you get relief? Were there unpleasant side effects? Continue Reading


Re: Question About Total Knee Replacement

In Health & Fitness 1416793899.243

On 11/21/2014 hayseed00 said: I am having a right total knee replacement on wed. nov 26, all the info here really helps. I have been off work now for 2 weeks because the knee pain and mobility became to difficult. I'm 60 years old, I have a great surgeon, but still nervous about the surgery. It's good to read that others feel better after the knee replacement. Best wishes to you, hayseed00, with your surgery!! After being off work for 2 weeks because of knee pain should help motivate you to have that fixed once and for all!!! I never realized how painful an arthritic knee can be!!!!! I will... Continue Reading


Re: Nude man drops from ceiling at Logan airport in Boston

In Viewpoints 1416773637.843

That's why I always wear a helmet in public restrooms!!! Continue Reading


Re: Antonella on right now

In Jewelry Talk 1416512969.067

On 11/20/2014 faeriemoon said: I liked the UltraFine bracelet. I agree!! You can't get better silver than Ultrafine!! It doesn't tarnish and is extra shiny! Continue Reading


Re: Question About Total Knee Replacement

In Health & Fitness 1416422714.563

Thanks, Noon for going to all the trouble to research and post this amazing info!!! I'm going to one of the top clinics in this area for knee replacement on Nov. 25. I'll be sure to ask them if they use this procedure! You'd think that they'd have the knee thing figured out by now--since they just landed on a comet!! Continue Reading


Re: Already received the Isaac TSV cashmere scarf...... excellent quality.

In Fashion Talk 1416337777

On 11/18/2014 DiamondSkiBunny said: Thank you for the review ~ can't wait to get mine. I ordered the "cream" color. Although it states dry clean do you think I could hand wash gently? If you use Woolite and cool water and lay flat to dry. Continue Reading

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