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Re: Affinity Jewlery

In Jewelry Talk 1411011542.21

On 9/17/2014 T said: CRV, I just purchased the ring you are inquiring about at the QVC outlet last week. They were having a great sale and I couldn't pass it up. I do love the halo setting and there is a good amount of gold on this ring. The ring does have some sparkle to it. Of course the diamonds aren't flawless, but they are eye clean. For the price, I think it is a good value. After I bought the ring, I read the reviews on it. A few people had trouble with losing a stone on this ring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't be one of the unfortunate ones that loses a stone. I've lost ... Continue Reading


Re: Saw Jill Bauer tonight - she looks like she's had plastic surgery on eyes/maybe chin too

In For the Home Talk 1411010788.4

When I saw her today, I was thinking that she really has beautiful skin. Wonder what products she uses. I know she was a Bobbi Brown fan at one time. Continue Reading


QVC's Gold Jewelry

Last Reply by qvcfreak 1410745608.023 | Started by Fortune in Viewpoints

I've recently had a lot of QVC's gold jewelry fall apart. As a member since QVC's beginning, this hasn't been my experience until lately. Upon looking closely at the gold links in bracelets and necklaces, you can see that they are sheets of gold bent into link shapes. You can see the "seam" where the links don't quite come together! No wonder the jewelry isn't holding up! If you use the close-up feature on-line, you can see what I mean about the seams! It really is a shame, because QVC's jewelry used to be such quality. So sad. Continue Reading


Re: i can't believe my ears....

In Viewpoints 1410667945.84

Just wait until they're anatomically correct! Then it will really be a problem!!! Continue Reading


Re: Waitlist - Be Careful!

In Beauty Banter 1410406792.487

When you put an item on waitlist, you are asked whether you want to be notified first or whether you want QVC to just send it when it is available. Do you remember checking "yes" or "no" to these questions? Continue Reading


OT "Countdown to Christmas in August?"

Last Reply by vmnsc 1409179607.483 | Started by Fortune in Beauty Banter

This is the worst the Q has ever been!!! They're now starting their Christmas programming in August!!!!! It's only FOUR MONTHS before the big day!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Rachel Ray

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1409174530.573

Rachel's voice sounds so much better now!! I wonder if she had surgery? Continue Reading


OT: Nascar Sprint Cup Race

Last Reply by ReikiLady 1408843752.493 | Started by Fortune in Beauty Banter

If you are trying to watch the NASCAR Sprint Cup race, the Redskins-Orioles game is being broadcast on ESPN, ABC, and NBC!!! If Cox is your provider and you live in the Northern Virginia area, try channel 806! Continue Reading


Re: How to Fake Out a Mosquito

In Viewpoints 1408569220.357

On 8/20/2014 brewhaha said: We have to fake it for mosquitos too? You're getting good enough to be on the stage!!! There's one leaving in 10 minutes! Just kidding! You are really gifted in the humor department!!! Continue Reading


Re: Received Dooney & Bourke Sept. 13th TSV and It's a Winner!

In Dooney & Bourke 1408568753.013

Thanks for the description, Stella! I had been turned off by the lining! I thought it might look "plasticy." So, I bought the natural, based on your review! Continue Reading

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