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Re: How to Fake Out a Mosquito

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On 8/20/2014 brewhaha said: We have to fake it for mosquitos too? You're getting good enough to be on the stage!!! There's one leaving in 10 minutes! Just kidding! You are really gifted in the humor department!!! Continue Reading


Re: Received Dooney & Bourke Sept. 13th TSV and It's a Winner!

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Thanks for the description, Stella! I had been turned off by the lining! I thought it might look "plasticy." So, I bought the natural, based on your review! Continue Reading


Re: O/T - How about Alberti and Amy as new hosts of the Morning Show?

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On 8/18/2014 ROMARY said: I have to lower my voice when talking on phones. For whatever reason that I can't figure (out), I sound very, very young and high-pitched on phones....... Do you ever get asked, "Is your mother there?" I used to get that all the time!! Continue Reading


Re: O/T - How about Alberti and Amy as new hosts of the Morning Show?

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I like Amy. She does need to lower her voice, though. When she speaks in that little girl voice, she lacks credibility and sounds like Minnie Mouse! Continue Reading



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On 8/14/2014 Sunshine said: To FORTUNE: thank you for offering to help. My cancer is Lymphoma in my spleen. I'm seeing the Oncologist tomorrow for the results of my bone marrow test and to find out when my chemo will start. I'm still kind of in shock that I was diagnosed with cancer b/c I don't have any symptoms. I'm glad that you are a breast cancer survivor. Did you have chemo too? Sunshine, I just had 6 weeks of radiation. My internist had lymphoma and he was treated and recovered. He practiced several more years and then retired. I think they have really come a long way in the treatme... Continue Reading


Re: Spiders

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On 8/14/2014 brewhaha said: They are beautiful creatures. And I like to admire them from a distance. How far? Two or three miles??? Continue Reading


Re: OT: Computer Scammers At Work

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The caller ID said John Roswell from a 917 number. I Goggled that name and found that a LOT of people are getting calls from this name from MANY different 917 phone numbers. Continue Reading


OT: Computer Scammers At Work

Last Reply by glmama 1408053770.237 | Started by Fortune in Beauty Banter

I've been getting a rash of phone calls- from cell phones and land-lines in various states. In each case, it's a non-English speaking male that claims to be from a Microsoft security service. He says that your computer is downloading malware and that it will crash if you don't let him help you. He then asks you to get on your computer and follow his directions. I didn't fall for it, but I've been getting these same calls daily--sometimes several times a day. Each time, they're from a different phone number. It's a scam, obviously. The last one I talked to, I said I didn't care if my comp... Continue Reading


Re: Forrestwolf

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Great big hugs to you, Forrestwolf! You are very strong and have a great attitude. I know you'll be better soon!!! Will be thinking about you!!! Keep us posted! We are here for you!! Continue Reading


Re: Tony Stewart Kills Race Driver

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E.T.A. To the OP. I think the word "kills" in the title of this thread is a bit harsh. Sure, it is an attention getter, but I think most everyone that watches the national news knows he hit the other driver and that driver died. The word "kills" many times is taken by some the same as "murders", and that in and of itself is a tragedy. Yes, I know, John. I wanted to change it after it was up there, but couldn't. Several people pointed this out to me. Continue Reading

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