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Re: Please I need advice - stomach issue

In Health & Fitness 1398055797.803

You've really gotten some great advice. See a doctor soon! Another thought as to what could be causing night stomach pain is worms. As a child, I kissed my doggie right on the mouth and got worms. I only had pain at night when I was trying to sleep. The doctor will take a stool sample to rule this out. Please keep us posted on what actions you take to help you feel better soon!! Continue Reading


Computer Technical Problem

Last Reply by judgejudith 1398021532.07 | Started by Fortune in Electronics Talk

Unless I keep my volume on "mute," I hear assorted voices--like my computer is picking up a variety of garbled radio transmissions. This just started recently. I can't listen to YouTube, QVC videos, or any other audio source. Does anyone have any ideas about what this could be? I've done a complete virus scan and deleted browsing history. Continue Reading


Re: Get ready! Dr. Phil's son has a new business..

In Viewpoints 1397947189.263

I was surprised to find out that Jay McGraw also produces The Test-- the "baby momma" talk show! Continue Reading


Re: My GD's Friend Sierra is Missing, please help

In Beauty Banter 1397772807.583

Thanks, Shoekitty, for letting us know! I wonder if it will be televised. Continue Reading


Re: Old host -- Judy Crowell Deasy

In Q News 1397703903.877

Now she and her husband, Paul, work there. I saw him the other night presenting turquoise jewelry. Continue Reading


Re: Would You Be This Vain

In Beauty Banter 1397435801.103

On 4/13/2014 myshell624 said: I have been known to take my dog out in pjs with no makeup and my hair not fixed. I do live in the country and I don't have people just dropping by. Being seen without makeup doesn't bother me and I would never be that rude to a neighbor. Now on the off chance someone did pop by and I was walking my dog in my pjs, I would simply ask them to give me a minute to change. You take your dog out in pjs with no makeup??? Continue Reading


Re: Oh Crud, 80+ today going to 24 degrees Monday

In In the Garden 1397435573.93

I'm hoping all the mosquitos came out today. Then, when the cold front hits, they'll be frozen in their tracks!!! Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Phil's show today - a commercial for Robin's new beauty line

In Viewpoints 1397262149.7

On 4/10/2014 shorelady said: The Dr. Phil Show has now become the "The Promoting of the McGraw Family". It was bad enough listening to the constant reference to son Jay's publishing company, The Bird Nook or some such thing. Then the Doctor App. where for only, yes only $40, some physician can diagnose your problem without really ever seeing you or touching you or giving you any sort of an exam. Then we had to have the younger son on the 2,000th show to promote his rock band. Now we will have his plastic wife promote her new line of skin care. Wonder what that costs? At the end of every show ... Continue Reading


Re: Robin McGraw To Bring Skin Care Line To HSN

In Beauty Banter 1397163561.017

Anyone watch today's show? (4-10) She presented an infomercial for her skincare line right during a so-called regular show!!! Very sneaky! Continue Reading


Re: Velveeta Cheese

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397163257.947

I can't STAND Velveeta cheese! For me, it's right up there with Spam!!! Continue Reading

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