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Re: Did you hear the latest?

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Our TV tastes are going down the drain! Maury Povitch has two shows each day--Monday through Friday in my viewing area!!! I guess the number of viewers determines what stays on the air! Continue Reading


Re: Neurologist is referring me to Pain Management

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On 2/25/2015 Angry Bird said: As I stated in my original post, I had stroke 5 yrs ago( with no lingering results)....I have been taking care of my DH who has Parkinson's disease 24/7 for almost a year now. I have been in some pain, walking w/cane as my right foot feels like I am walking on HOT coals and is very painful....so is my Right arm which feels like I have it stuck in a vise most of the time. The neurologist who is very competent took a recent MRI and asked if I knew I had a "old" stroke which I stated I did know but what is causing my inability to walk and write...so he explained it ... Continue Reading


Re: I found a new use for argan oil

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How do you know that Argan Oil is edible? Continue Reading


Re: Neurologist is referring me to Pain Management

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Why did you get the MRI? Do you have pain in a certain area? If you don't know all the details about your condition, you may need to see another neurologist. You should know all the answers to your questions before embarking on pain management. We don't have enough info to give you any feedback. Hope you resolve your problem! Caretakers are such angels!!! Continue Reading


Re: albany & isaac. yikes!

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Good luck talking over Isaac! He's going to interrupt constantly. Very rude vendor in my opinion. Continue Reading


Re: DUST in your home

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On 2/21/2015 imaclotheshog said: I just changed the bag in my Oreck about a week ago. DH uses the Dyson in our home because it's too hard to push for me, and he cleans out the canister after he uses it. We don't even have a lot of dog hair, he's short haired. I think I will call and have the ducts cleaned again. It can't hurt. Your husband or the dog? Continue Reading


Re: ~~ For Lisa Fans ~~

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Who's Eric? Lisa looks like she is wearing her own hair! She looks great! Continue Reading


Re: I think I'm done with The View

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On 2/19/2015 Johnnyeager said: I used to enjoy Whoopi a great deal, but I agree that something has gone awry with her. She doesn't seem to be enjoying the job. I did not like Rosie O at all, so her departure doesn't bother me, and Rosie Perez seems completely out of place on that show. Time to just hang the whole thing up and start over with something completely new. I think it is odd that Whoopie isn't taking care of her looks anymore. She wears junky clothes and flip flops and looks like she just got out of bed. Continue Reading


Re: Throat Problems Could Use Some Advice

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Jubilant, there's absolutely no question in my mind that you have Thrush. The doctor probably didn't swab it because it is a mild case. Gargling with salt water will help and, as your body readjusts after the antibiotics, it probably will go away. Before taking any more antibiotics, if it gets worse, be sure to have the doctor swab it and make a diagnosis. Continue Reading

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