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necklace philospohy vendor wearing

Last Reply by mtnbikegirl 1404864520.017 | Started by nursegal in philosophy

Hey everyone! I cant think of the name of the philosophy vendor that's on the one with the short brown hair. But does anyone know where you can get the necklace she is wearing on the presentation that was just on? I love it! Continue Reading


Re: Fitbit TSV

In TSV Talk 1402375065.79

I decided to go for it! I have been back and forth on should I buy it shouldn't I for awhile and for the fact it is on easy pay is what made me finally go for it. I can get this at many local stores but they sure do not offer easy pay and some want a restocking fee if returned (if will let you return at all) So there is a small pink one coming my way!!!! It will be cool to see how much I walk in Disney in July! Continue Reading


Re: What do you like on a hot dog?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1400631711.413

I like ketchup, mustard and relish or a chilidog with extra raw onion Continue Reading


Re: What was your last beauty purchase?

In Beauty Banter 1400626684.783

Made a small purchase from Sephora the other day because Ebates had 15% going and it sucked me in. Also justified it because I am going back to get my BSN (only have my associate now) and I wont be making any "fun" purchases for awhile because well I will be paying for that for awhile..... Illamasaqua blush in Lover Buxom lip cream in White Russian Josie Maran 20z size body butter in Sweet Citrus and two pairs of sunglasses from Kohls for vacation!!! (57 days but whos counting right?) Continue Reading


Re: June Insider is up

In Beauty Banter 1400003960.227

I am having a hard time navigating to get to the insider for some reason. Please help thanks Continue Reading


Re: APRIL **HITS AND MISSES** ~ What NEW Beauty Items did you try?!

In Beauty Banter 1398857427.38

HITS: NARS sheer glow foundation Real Techniques blending sponge (no more need for the actual beauty blender) NYX butter glosses (amazing!) Buxom lipgloss in Dolly MISS: Some dry shampoo it was in a orange can from the drugstore. epic fail the smell the way my hair felt everything Continue Reading


Re: Frustrated with cracking

In Temp-tations 1395894376.637

I just had my one square baker crack in the oven the other day. Only had the temp around 350 or 375 (do have a oven thermometer in there as well) and it cracked in not one but two places. The baker was at room temp not even from the freezer. I don't think I am going to be spending anymore money on temptations if this is what is going to start happen. Continue Reading


Re: Does Ulta Every Have Better Discounts Than $3.50 Off $10.00?

In Beauty Banter 1395029973.9

If there is something I really want what I do is wait for a buy one get one 50% off or even a buy one get one free then use then $3.50 coupon and it really does make a difference to do it that way. Sometimes there are 20% off ones but not very often sadly Continue Reading


Re: Paging HappyDaze, etc. about cruelty free products

In Beauty Banter 1395029755.097

Something positive today is what I needed to see Continue Reading


Re: Off Topic- Anyone own parakeets?

In Beauty Banter 1392771371.837

On 2/16/2014 annabellethecat said: Someone here also said she couldn't use non-stick pans because they put out an odor that was bad for her birds. Did I remember that right? I could be wrong. I have never owned birds but I thought I just saw that a week or two ago. YES!!!! I ALWAYS had these birds growing up and the one time my dad was making hard boiled eggs in a nonstick pit. Fell asleep all the water boiled away and the eggs exploded all over....the next morning my poor little bird was no longer with me. No problems at all in health or not acting like herself until that..... as we call i... Continue Reading

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