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Re: Frustrated with cracking

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I just had my one square baker crack in the oven the other day. Only had the temp around 350 or 375 (do have a oven thermometer in there as well) and it cracked in not one but two places. The baker was at room temp not even from the freezer. I don't think I am going to be spending anymore money on temptations if this is what is going to start happen. Continue Reading


Re: Does Ulta Every Have Better Discounts Than $3.50 Off $10.00?

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If there is something I really want what I do is wait for a buy one get one 50% off or even a buy one get one free then use then $3.50 coupon and it really does make a difference to do it that way. Sometimes there are 20% off ones but not very often sadly Continue Reading


Re: Paging HappyDaze, etc. about cruelty free products

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Something positive today is what I needed to see Continue Reading


Re: Off Topic- Anyone own parakeets?

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On 2/16/2014 annabellethecat said: Someone here also said she couldn't use non-stick pans because they put out an odor that was bad for her birds. Did I remember that right? I could be wrong. I have never owned birds but I thought I just saw that a week or two ago. YES!!!! I ALWAYS had these birds growing up and the one time my dad was making hard boiled eggs in a nonstick pit. Fell asleep all the water boiled away and the eggs exploded all over....the next morning my poor little bird was no longer with me. No problems at all in health or not acting like herself until that..... as we call i... Continue Reading


Re: Who has the best/worst make-up brushes? (In your opinion)

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I LOVE the real technique brushes that you can find at Ulta or right on the real techniques website. Very reasonably priced and you can often get them at Ulta buy one get one 50% plus use a $3.50 off coupon on top of that. Very very soft do NOT shed in the least and are synthetic if that is a concern for you. I also like the ECO tools brushes but the only thing I do not like about them is that I have not had luck with the metal part coming apart from the handle :( soft and not expensive and synthetic yes but felt like I needed to invest in a hot glue gun...... Continue Reading


Re: Bronzers

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I am VERY fair and my favorites are Hoola by Benefit with a very light hand Milk Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced I have also heard good reviews on Makeup Forever matte bronzer in #20 but I have not been able to see this in person where I live Continue Reading


Re: OT/ flu shot. Do you get it? or Not? why

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I have been getting the flu shot every year because I am a nurse and with my job if you do not get the shot you must wear a mask all the time for months.....Sorry not wearing a darn surgical mask for months. Plus I work with pregnant women and newborns and they need me to be protected. Also I have asthma and other lung issues and even when I get a cold sometimes I end up on prednisone because then I have breathing issues. I cant imagine having the full blown flu......at least if I would still get the flu hopefully it would be less severe. Continue Reading


Re: Buxom Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation?

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I saw this the other day on Sephora website and was curious about this one. I used to love the bare minerals original foundation but gave up on that when my skin changed . The reviews seemed pretty good not sure if I want to try this one or not. Hopefully someone here has tried it and can point us in the right direction Continue Reading


Re: cruelty free skin care

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Thank you so much. You all have given me some great ideas of where to start looking. Also to be aware of a parent companies that still do animal testing. I am glad to say some of these brands will be easy for me to find and not just online as well! Continue Reading


cruelty free skin care

Last Reply by ednapsych 1388268857.367 | Started by nursegal in Beauty Banter

Hey everyone! So for the New Year I want to revamp my life, get my health in better shape, everything. I want to get away from brands of skin care and cosmetics that are not cruelty free. Now looking into cosmetics this has not been hard for me to do there are some really good brands out there. But skin care I have been finding hard. What are some good skin care brands out there that are cruelty free? My skin is normal/dry breakout prone(sometimes more sometimes very clear), and can get sensitive. Please someone help point me in the right direction Continue Reading

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