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Re: Cinnamon Roll French Toast Bake

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This I must try. Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: What has helped with your "melasma?"..........

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My melasma was completely eliminated when I underwent a complete skin transformation using Obagi products. Mine was done under the supervision of a physician, but I believe some on this board have done this on their own. I've worn suncreen daily ever since (it's been about ten years), and I have no evidence of melasma at all. Continue Reading


Re: Trish McEvoy... JUST WOW!

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I'm still very interested in Trish's products, but it is sounding like more expense than I could or would want to do. I love my Bobbi Brown but really thought I'd try Trish's products. Is it feasible to purchase one planner and maybe another product or two? My thought was that while Trish's products were pricey, I would need less not more. Honestly, can one planner (having the right shades) do it? It seems so many are buying multiple planners and brushes. Last edited on 8/7/2013 Continue Reading


Re: Perricone Cold Plasma Sub-d

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On 8/5/2013 Jenmarieb said: Class of 59==if you just get the basic kit, it is a 30 day supply, if you upgrade to the deluxe kit for an extra $30/month or if you ad just one additional product for an extra $15/month you start with a full 90 day supply. At least that is how i understood it based on what the rep explained to me. Hope this helps. Hi, Jenmarieb, If you order the basic kit, what size jar are you receiving, and how much are you paying how often? Maybe it's just me, but I find the ad very confusing. Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Perricone Cold Plasma Sub-d

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I don't order my Sub-D from the infomercial. Can you tell me what size Sub-D you receive with each of the two options. I've looked at it but am not sure how the program works. Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Can't wait to try this scarf idea.

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Thanks. I love this - especially the directions. I'm going to try this today. I'm not usually very adept with scarves. Continue Reading


Re: Trish McEvoy... JUST WOW!

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On 8/1/2013 morganjen said: For those who do the "triangle of light" using her Eye Brightner product, I have a question. I'm very fair, and the shade of the Eye Brightner is exactly the color of my skin. When I use it, I don't see any lightening. My skin's not dark enough for it to show up. Anyone else experience this? morganjen, I am a BB Warm Ivory and I'm interested in this too. I'm now using Touche Eclat No. 2 for the "triangle". Continue Reading


Re: Trish McEvoy vs Bobbi Brown make up?

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Thanks for all your comments. I'm even more tempted now. Continue Reading


Trish McEvoy vs Bobbi Brown make up?

Last Reply by Trix 1375376973.27 | Started by classof59 in Beauty Banter

I've worn BB make up for years and have been pleased with it. However, all the excitement about Trish's products has me so tempted to try some. Love to hear comparisons and why you switched if you did. I've watched her presentations and incorporated her triangle of light technique using Touche Eclat but have not yet purchased any products. If you're someone who has worn both lines, your comments would be so welcome. Continue Reading

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