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Re: Susan Graver shows .......just a suggestion...................

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I have never understood why SG has been allowed to continually interrupt the hosts and or why she won't even be quiet long enough for the host to go through the colors of the garments that are being sold. I have attempted to watch enough of her shows to know that I could/would not purchase any items from a person who is so disrespectful. To me, that means she does not respect the host(s) or the customer(s) and I've always been told that one must respect oneself before one can respect others. Is that the problem, then? Continue Reading


Re: Guess I am the only one who thinks the TSV maxi dress looks like a nightgown

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If the dress/shrug fits like the D&C TSV from roughly a year ago, I would imagine there will be alot of returns. I ordered two of them and they did fit like a nightgown and the fabric was very heavy. I don't recall if those had spandex or not. Naturally, I had to return them as they would've been too hot to wear in the South. I also read alot of the reviews and that is why I think there will be alot of returns judging by what was said in those reviews. Continue Reading


Re: O/T anyone getting the Clarks TSV?

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I have worn Clark's for 20+ years as I prefer clogs. However, in the last year, six pairs have come apart, the top comes away from the bottom so I am now hesitant to buy anymore of their shoes, particularly the ones made in China. I did call Clark's roughly a year ago about the first pair that came apart and when I described what had happened, the woman with whom I spoke knew exactly what I was talking about. She did assure me that they would send me a new pair at their expense, but they just haven't had any on their website that I thought I wanted. I can now only wear a 1 1/2 inch heel d... Continue Reading


Re: O/T Sorry Sean Let AshLee Go :(

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I couldn't get over the fact that he told the girls from at least the last two weeks that he was crazy about them. To me, that was just "leading them on" and I thought it was very unfair for him to do that. And, he told Chris Harrison the morning of the last rose ceremony that he knew exactly what he was going to do and then tried to make it look like he wasn't sure of what he was going to do up until the last minute. So, technically, he did to AshLee what Emily did to him, blindsided her. I agree with one of the poster's. I really enjoy viewing the beautiful scenery shown on the show. ... Continue Reading


Re: + 60's ladies....Chat

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SHORELADY-I guess you saw who Sarah was tonight when Sean had her dog brought for a visit. The way it had been presented on another show was that he had gotten her a dog. If you didn't see it, Sarah is the young woman who was born without an arm from the elbow down. I do think that he made a wise decision tonight to go ahead and send Kacie home rather than "string" her along for a few more weeks. Am sure she really regrets trying to talk to him about the two women, obviously he's not into listening to gossip and that probably also affected his decision to let her leave. I have decided to... Continue Reading


Re: Suggestions for skin care while going through Chemo

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As a former oncology nurse(I am retired now), I want to wish you all the best as you travel the road to wellness once again. The oncologists where I worked ordered specific lotions and creams for the patients receiving radiation and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, it has been 10 years since I worked so cannot remember the names of those products, but I would suggest that you consult with them before you use any creams or lotions. I also agree with the people who said that taking supplements must be cleared by the oncologist as some do interact in the wrong way with the chemo. You will be in ... Continue Reading


Re: JACQUE: please do not scream and interupt during JOAN's show tonight.

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Like some of the others, I do not watch when she is hosting. Cannot handle the screeching. Continue Reading


Re: + 60's ladies....Chat

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NANA-Has your oncologist ordered you a mild tranquilizer to assist you in dealing with the claustrophobia? I just love it when Dr's think they can be stern and unrelenting when they want a patient to do something that the patient has problems doing. I must admit I always hope that one of these days some of those ideas they push off on the patients will come back to haunt them. I sure thought about you when they said that today was to be a Beauty Day. I thought you could find something you needed or wanted. BOBBISUE-Apparantly someone saw something on the other thread you started that they... Continue Reading


Re: + 60's ladies....Chat

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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. BOBBISUE-No, I don't work anymore. I had to retire at 62 because of the fibromyalgia. As far as the MC and SS being cut, I personally don't think that at this time they we have anything to worry about. However, I have vowed to myself to curtail my spending and just not buy things I really don't need and especially things I don't need, but think I want. I definitely have enough household items, clothing(way too much of that) and my cabinets are filled to overflowing with food items and there are some in there that I really didn't need. They've b... Continue Reading


Re: + 60's ladies....Chat

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MIZMOLLY-Fortunately, I've never had a problem with the lengths of any pants unless they were too short. I agree with you, though, I wouldn't want to have to shorten anything much less jeans. I've never been able to cut straight no matter what I do to try to make that work and am sure you've had to deal with that, too. Thanks for recommending the LL Bean site. I never think to look for clothes there. LOVES-I do hope that your one day at home was enough to take care of your problems. I loved the Cat Scan. WILLB-I like reading about your purchases for baking, but baking has never been of ... Continue Reading

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