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Re: Which dress gets your "yes"?!

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Congratulations on the upcoming wedding.........truly a blessing. As I know you will look good in anything.........my preferences are #3 & #4 #1.....doesn't look like a dress to be worn to a wedding as the MOG......maybe a guest #2.....although very pretty, has no life with your coloring #3......although lighter in color than #2.....makes your face "glow" #4.......probably my favorite because of the dark color, looks more elegant & more fitting the MOG Any my own personal taste, why not wear a floor-length gown? As MOG, you can certainly wear any length you want.....unl... Continue Reading


Re: I WANT YOU...................

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Hi Me...............You know I haven't been here in a very long time, but, I just heard that you've been having serious health issues. Sending prayers for your recovery & that your health returns to normal. Continue Reading


Re: Christmas Time at my Place in Pennsylvania

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David..............Merry Christmas...........may you have happiness, joy & health. You have a beautiful home (even if it's in Pa.)!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Time for Change

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Hi, to the original Ripkanista............ It goes without saying that even though I haven't gotten over & rested from your last visit (ordering on-line is NOT as easy as it sounds.........my fingers did some heavy walking & are just now un-cramping!!!).....I am so looking forward to your upcoming shows & seeing your new (& formerly new) beauties.....& you (& Beth), of course!!!! BUT, I must forewarn you though. If you should see a crazy man running towards you, with arms flailing, just move to the side & let him pass....that would be my husband insisting I don't... Continue Reading



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David, I didn't even think to see if there was a blog from you here to offer my condolences to you as well, on Joan's passing. I can only imagine how difficult this time has been for you, as well as Melissa & Cooper & the rest of Joan's family. My prayers to you, for your continued health & for your cherished memories of Joan......may she rest in peace. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Mourns the passing of Joan Rivers

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Joan was one of those personalities where you felt you knew her personally & with her passing, makes you feel as if you lost a true friend. My heartfelt condolences to Melissa & Cooper & Joan's family & friends. May she rest in peace. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn Killinger - A Personal Story

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Shawn.............No stories to share, or wise words............just be well & know that you are missed & that you are loved. Prayers to you & Joe for your health. Continue Reading


Re: Blog Chat with Liam Bourke & Steve Mabb of Vionic with Orthaheel Technology

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Hi Liam...........Like so many others, I enjoy wearing your shoes. My question is: with the new fall shoes being shown recently, I'm just a bit confused as to what size to order. Originally, with the thong sandals, I ordered a size 7 & was told that even though I normally wear a wide width, that a regular 7 would be fine.....which it was. Then I notice, you had some wide widths, which also were good. My confusion now is, in a close shoe, what size should I order? Again, normally I get a 7 wide. Please helpppppppp!!!!!!! Thanx so much. Judeye344 Continue Reading


Re: Kerr Family Photo Shoot!

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Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Continue Reading


Re: Ciao from Venice! Coundown to Vicenza Style(R)...Two Days!

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I WANT YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!! Have a safe flight & really, try to enjoy yourself!!!!! Continue Reading

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