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Re: Time for Change

In Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka, Hosts & Personalities 1411638471.33

Hi, to the original Ripkanista............ It goes without saying that even though I haven't gotten over & rested from your last visit (ordering on-line is NOT as easy as it fingers did some heavy walking & are just now un-cramping!!!).....I am so looking forward to your upcoming shows & seeing your new (& formerly new) beauties.....& you (& Beth), of course!!!! BUT, I must forewarn you though. If you should see a crazy man running towards you, with arms flailing, just move to the side & let him pass....that would be my husband insisting I don't... Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk, Joan Rivers Classics Collection, Hosts & Personalities 1411035959.727

David, I didn't even think to see if there was a blog from you here to offer my condolences to you as well, on Joan's passing. I can only imagine how difficult this time has been for you, as well as Melissa & Cooper & the rest of Joan's family. My prayers to you, for your continued health & for your cherished memories of Joan......may she rest in peace. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Mourns the passing of Joan Rivers

In Joan Rivers Classics Collection, Hosts & Personalities, Q News 1409889207.78

Joan was one of those personalities where you felt you knew her personally & with her passing, makes you feel as if you lost a true friend. My heartfelt condolences to Melissa & Cooper & Joan's family & friends. May she rest in peace. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn Killinger - A Personal Story

In Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1407858182.073

Shawn.............No stories to share, or wise words............just be well & know that you are missed & that you are loved. Prayers to you & Joe for your health. Continue Reading


Re: Blog Chat with Liam Bourke & Steve Mabb of Vionic with Orthaheel Technology

In Fashion Talk, All About Shoes, TSV Talk 1407643610.077

Hi Liam...........Like so many others, I enjoy wearing your shoes. My question is: with the new fall shoes being shown recently, I'm just a bit confused as to what size to order. Originally, with the thong sandals, I ordered a size 7 & was told that even though I normally wear a wide width, that a regular 7 would be fine.....which it was. Then I notice, you had some wide widths, which also were good. My confusion now is, in a close shoe, what size should I order? Again, normally I get a 7 wide. Please helpppppppp!!!!!!! Thanx so much. Judeye344 Continue Reading


Re: Kerr Family Photo Shoot!

In The Q We Love, Mom to Mom Blogs 1403756669.39

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Continue Reading


Re: Ciao from Venice! Coundown to Vicenza Style(R)...Two Days!

In Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, Hosts & Personalities 1402721250.2

I WANT YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!! Have a safe flight & really, try to enjoy yourself!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Peek Behind the Scenes of My Photo Shoot!

In Q Did What?, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1396655241.56

I L O V E the last picture...............completely shows your bubbley personality!!!! Good luck with your own show!! Continue Reading


Re: Happy Birthday...March baby...Judeye

In Judith Ripka 1394427339.107

I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes & what a wonderful surprise to see this, as you know I've not been here in quite a while. I truly miss my time spent here & miss everyone........unfortunately, time is not much my own as I've been taking care of my dad. glad you also love the milky aqua ring. I was hoping JR would add some "stuff".......still waiting patiently! And "thank you" for starting this thread.......believe me, it was so appreciated. Thank you all for your kind, thoughtful touches my heart more than you can know. Happy Sp... Continue Reading


Re: Our Family's Five Year Anniversary

In The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends 1393018313.537

Just beautiful. Many more happy & healthy anniversaries & years of love.............. Continue Reading

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