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Re: Which Lipstick Color...

In Beauty Banter 1414078736.16

1995 lipstick created by Youtube Guru- Jaclyn Hill. You can purchase from Gerard Cosmetics. If you type "JACLYN" you get 20% or 25% off purchase price. LOVE THIS!!!!! It goes great with every skintone! It looks like the MAC lipliner "Whirl". Lovely shade! Continue Reading


Best highlighter for fair skin

Last Reply by DeePa 1414184837.89 | Started by Poppet1 in Beauty Banter

Anyone know of a good highlighter for someone fair like Kate Winslet or Nicole Kidman type skin tone? Continue Reading


Re: Best Mattifying Translucent Powder

In Beauty Banter 1414077819.467

I use Urban Decay's All Nighter setting spray. It is wonderful! Truly delivers. My makeup doesn't fade, hydrates the skin, doesn't make you oily. I have very sensitive skin and this does not irritate or break me out. A winner! You can get a sample size (not dinky at all) at Sephora for $14 to try it out. Urban Decay also has a setting spray called "Deslicking" that might help better to combat shine. HTH! Continue Reading


CHI Styling Iron- is it worth it?

Last Reply by momcat 1413813731.68 | Started by Poppet1 in Beauty Banter

Is the CHI flat iron any different than a regular flat iron you can get at Sally Beauty Supply? Is it really worth the price? Continue Reading


Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation - anyone tried?

Last Reply by makeup addict 1413680738.507 | Started by Poppet1 in Beauty Banter

This was featured on Beauty Report/HSN last night. Has anyone tried Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation? Is this a winner? Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- October 2014 (includes Spoilers)

In TV Talk 1413295153.223

Why is Eric only choosing between Rick and Ridge to be CEO? What about Thorne? Is he the "Forgotten Son/Brother"? What about Eric's other 2 daughters? Why aren't they being considered? The girls are both designers too. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R NuPhyllis

In TV Talk 1413294935.013

Isn't Phyllis supposed to be a redhead? Why is Jack calling her "Red" if she has brown hair? Very annoying....... Continue Reading


Makeup Geek Cosmetics - anyone tried?

Last Reply by luv2playgolf 1413413124.973 | Started by Poppet1 in Beauty Banter

Has anyone tried cosmetics from Makeup Geek? Their eyeshadows are supposed to be comparable to MAC, some say even better. They are half the price of MAC, that's a plus! This line seems to be a huge hit with the YouTube Beauty Gurus. Any thoughts? Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- October 2014 (includes Spoilers)

In TV Talk 1412170800.193

I can't see Brooke going back to Ridge. Those two actors have zip chemistry together. Continue Reading

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