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Lancome's Hydra Zen Cream & Advanced Genefique Serum - are these worth it?

Last Reply by RedConvertibleGirl 1398194849.11 | Started by Poppet1 in Beauty Banter

Are these worth the expensive prices or are their more economical versions of these products? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone have the TWO WAY TOTE?

In Vera Bradley 1398091105.37

My aunt rec'd hers and absolutely adores it! I got another for my mother in law today. Couldn't pass up the free shipping and handling on the website. Continue Reading


Re: What VB handbag to you carry around the most?

In Vera Bradley 1398091003.833

On 4/20/2014 lovestoteach said: Mine is an "old-style" Villager. I have many of these. In the colder months, I carry a Vibrant Black pattern. This style has a handy-dandy key fob attached to one of the outer pockets. I love me a key fob! My summer bag is Bermuda Blue large villager in the old-style. This style of bag just doesn't run out of room! LOVE! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Villager! My fave tote. Wish they'd bring this back permanently. Continue Reading


FREE S&H on all online orders at VB site today

Started by Poppet1 in Vera Bradley 1398090080.897

Happy Shopping Ladies! Lots of items on sale as well. Great deals going on. I just got a "Two Way Tote" for my MIL, a "Euro Wallet" for my Mom, and a "100 Handbag" for my cousin. Continue Reading


Anyone know when next show will be?

Started by Poppet1 in Vera Bradley 1397765319.24

Has anyone heard when VB will have a show on again on Q? Continue Reading


Re: Villager

In Vera Bradley 1397765258.443

You just can't beat this bag. It's beyond me why on earth they'd discontinue it when it is loved by so many. Continue Reading


Re: Are you tired of Temp-tations?

In Temp-tations 1397763538.143

I'd like them to offer more items in FLORAL LACE and especially VINTAGE GRACE. Continue Reading


What VB handbag to you carry around the most?

Last Reply by Peg55 1398112672.417 | Started by Poppet1 in Vera Bradley

Is there a particular handbag by VB that you seem to carry most of the time? Lately I've been carrying my Little Mandy in Folkloric everywhere. Continue Reading


Re: My New Favorite, What's Yours?

In Vera Bradley 1397654621

On 4/15/2014 deercreek said: On 4/15/2014 Poppet1 said: It's not a "new bag" but I've been carrying my LITTLE MANDY around a lot lately. This is so roomy but not too big. Organization is fabulous. Hope they never retire this. Poppet, the Little Mandy is being retired. The good news is that you might be able to get some good sale prices and stock up on them. I did that with both the Betsy and Villager and haven't regretted it. HTH DRAT! I cannot believe they are retiring this bag. What is going on? This is an amazing bag. I see this everywhere here where I live. What will this be repla... Continue Reading


Re: Villager

In Vera Bradley 1397654403.733

On 4/15/2014 pgdark19 said: I wonder if it didn't sell as well as they anticipated when they re-released it. The pleated tote was also re-released at the same time and they just brought it out in the new summer colors- maybe the pleated tote did really well? If that's the case, it is probably because the print/pattern selection was so skimpy. Not much choice there. Why isn't it offered in the Breast Cancer Foundation pattern, "Ribbons"? That print should be offered in all bags to help. I bought one in "Plum Crazy" for my cousin who loves that print. If they offered it in Ribbons, Flower Sh... Continue Reading

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