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Fall Tuscan Pear- good for baby fine,color-treated hair?

Last Reply by LyssaLynn519 1416747044.93 | Started by Poppet1 in WEN

Will FTP give me body but not strip my color? Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- November 2014 (includes spoilers)

In TV Talk 1416496115.783

Caroline needs to stop groveling to Rick. He's the one who TRULY broke their marriage vows not her! Rick needs to grow up and stop acting like a 2 year old. Maya is a snot! Since when does a model/jailbird with no education get a say so in board meetings and call the shots on top execs in a company? Beyond ridiculous! Continue Reading


Lancome Genifique skin care line - thoughts?

Last Reply by FATCATinCT 1416589488.59 | Started by Poppet1 in Beauty Banter

Has anyone tried Lancome's Genifique Night Cream, Eye Cream, and Concentrate? Did you find that they delivered terrific results? Continue Reading


Re: Stock up on Seasonal CC?

In WEN 1416427394.01

Does anyone have a favorite Seasonal? Continue Reading


Wen Must Haves

Last Reply by sueinsf 1416693020.39 | Started by Poppet1 in WEN

What are the products in your Wen collection that you just cannot live without that you use on a daily basis or weekly basis? Also, if you are just starting out with Wen what are the essentials you must have? Continue Reading


Do you think Chaz will come out with a hairspray?

Last Reply by tiamaria 1416668381.1 | Started by Poppet1 in WEN

Sorry, I'm an 80's girl and I LOVE my hairspray! I have baby-fine hair and nothing holds my style in place like hairspray so I hope Chaz does create a hairspray for Wen. I know anything he makes will be terrific. Thoughts? Continue Reading


Re: Nourishing Mousse

In WEN 1416325971.477

Do these all basically work the same its just a difference in scent? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use Bamboo Tea Tree?

In WEN 1416324236.953

I have baby fine, color-treated hair. It can be a touch dry but volume is what I mostly need. Continue Reading


Re: Besides Lavender what CC gives volume?

In WEN 1416323522.9

Anyone tried mixing or combining Pomegrante and Bamboo Green Tea? Is this a winning combo to achieve maximum volume and body? Sorry, can't stand the smell of Lavender. Too strong. Continue Reading

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