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Re: Have an excellent vet, have researched liver problems in small dogs, but

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I don't know a whole lot about this, but my first schnauzer was around 10 years old when her blood work came back with her liver enzymes 200 times what normal should have been. This was around 1990 and I don't remember much other than the vet putting her on a special Hill's diet. She died 4 years later of something else unrelated to the liver.....kidney stones that were inoperable. I wish I had something more to contribute...I hope your dog is OK. Continue Reading


Re: Amazing Mick - A Smile For Your Day

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Watching Mick run brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet little pup. Continue Reading


Re: BJ's thread about being in the hospital - malware?

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Hi, everyone! I tried to Google ohuman.net to find out what it was and I couldn't even do that with Chrome! Anyway, Firefox is working for me and I can see all the thread here now. BJ: It has nothing to do with you! It was your hospital thread where I was blocked from viewing it or even trying to sign in. Personally, I think it's some type of Chrome glitch and I'm thinking about dumping Chrome and going back to Mozilla. Continue Reading


Re: OT/ Friends I could use a prayer or 2,been in the hospital

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No, Beauty, you did nothing wrong. It must be Chrome. I have Chrome at work, and kept getting warning that there was malware in this thread. It's probably one of the uploaded images causing the warning and it's not really malware. So I went home last night where I also use Chrome and got the same warning. So now I'm using Firefox and I got no warning :) I was just checking up on you to see how you were feeling and I couldn't even read this thread at all. Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Rooney, sue52 found a kitten, no one wanted to adopt it, Sue's husband said no more cats, so she thought it may be better to euth it. Continue Reading


Re: Pet Pic's

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Well, I hope Sue52 comes back here and it would be so nice if Reiss could take the kitten, but still.....I was one of those posters not so nice (but others were worse than me!) and I do feel a LITTLE bad about what I said. I can't help myself sometimes - I'm very independent and strong-willed. Maybe someone should start a thread paging her. Continue Reading


BJ's thread about being in the hospital - malware?

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Is anyone besides me getting a malware warning about someone has injected ohuman malware into that thread? I can't even respond to it for Chrome blocking me. Any other thread here in this forum is fine. Continue Reading


Re: Recommendations for best on the neck flea preventative for cats

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I've always used Frontline for my cats when they've needed it. They are indoor-only cats but somehow fleas sometimes get indoors. Knock-on-wood, I haven't had to use any for a couple years. Continue Reading


Re: TracFone/Radio Shack

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John, your wife is a Saint doing rescue - there aren't enough people like her :) I just turned over 23,000 on my Yaris, it will probably last until I die! (unless some stupid person texting while driving hits me!) Continue Reading


Re: Help with my kittens

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Take them to a vet ASAP. Kittens can die from an untreated respiratory infection. Continue Reading

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