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Re: Anybody Have the Nutri Ninja?

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I ordered the Nutri Ninja when it was a TS and never even took it out of the box. In fact I just returned it. HOWEVER, my reason for returning it had nothing to do with the Ninja or QVC. I was in Kohl's about a week before Christmas and they had a really good deal on the Nutri Ninja IQ. Even with paying the cost of return I came out $20 ahead and earned Kohl's cash ($10). Although I would have rather had the nice green from the Q. This was an upgrade from the model they offer and cheaper . I used it for the first time yesterday and I have to say I was impressed. I used kale, banana, pineapple... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the January Exercise Thread

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Happy New Year everyone. The whole New Year New You is starting to really weigh in on me. I need to get on the ball. Brush the dust off the TG which hasn't been used since before Thanksgiving. Holidays always seem to throw me off. Nomless, I was one of those that ordered the 21 day fix. Hope it helps me to get on track with my eating. Wondering if I can use it along with Dr. Ian's Shred. I was having some success with that before stopping. My biggest problem friends is staying motivated. I have the TG, Treadmill, Elliptical, Pilates machine, Bike and numerous workout DVD's and yet ....... H... Continue Reading


Re: Xmas Ideas PLEASE!!

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I just wanted to stop in and say Thanks to all of you that gave your input. I did take suggestions from many of you and I must say my daughter was very pleased. Thank You! Continue Reading


Re: Xmas Ideas PLEASE!!

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On 12/23/2014 Sablesong said: Shoes, like Nike Airmax and good sport socks ( I like Thorlo) You got a lot of great ideas . Can I just say what an awesome parent you are? Your daughter is very lucky. Thanks!!! I do my best Continue Reading


Re: 21 day fix

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On 1/3/2015 nomless said: I'm so sorry that this program was given the name 21Day Fix. No, you'll not reaxh your goal in 21 days, but you'll be on a good healthy path. I have this program and I love it because it makes food tracking/logging so easy for me. I've done other plans that require weiging portions, etc., and although that method works, it's a lot more hassle than using this container plan. This is much easier to implement, and I love it. Q's price is higher than other places, so if you're interested, shop around. But please, don't slam the program simply because of its name or becau... Continue Reading


Re: Xmas Ideas PLEASE!!

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On 12/23/2014 HonnyBrown said: I recommend Pilates DVDs over Yoga. If she is new to Yoga, she should be in a class so the instructor can show her proper technique and breathing. A novice can easily get injured doing Yoga incorrectly. Pilates for Inflexible People is an awesome set of DVDs that she can grow into. HonnyBrown, do you know if this can be picked up at a brick and mortar. Target /Walmart seem to be order only. If not are there any others that you'd recommend? Continue Reading


Re: I'm cooking collards!!! A free meal and some to freeze !!!

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On 12/22/2014 Southern Bee said: I cooked some saturday. I put them in the freezer. I have enough for Christmas and New Year's. I cook with low salt chicken broth, ham flavor packet, season salt and canola oil and sugar. We like corn bread and chow chow relish. I use my crock pot to heat and serve them How do you make the the corn meal dumplings? That sounds delicious. My grandmother would cook collards when we were sick and had us to drink the pot likker. If you don't mind me asking, What is Chow Chow? Continue Reading


Re: I'm cooking collards!!! A free meal and some to freeze !!!

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On 12/22/2014 pupwhipped said: Collards for Christmas......sounds so very good! I also like turnip and mustard greens. Absolutely hated them all as a kid, but fortunately my taste buds finally came around. Enjoy your pot likker, too! Ha!!! This is so me. As a kid you couldn't get me to eat greens of any kind. Now I absolutely love them Continue Reading


Re: Xmas Ideas PLEASE!!

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On 12/23/2014 haddon9 said: A ninja or vitamix with a recipe book for making healthy smoothies & soups. Last Christmas we got her the Wolfgang high performance blender which she absolutely loves. I however did consider getting her something that was more for the on the go protein/green drink. Continue Reading

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