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Re: April Exercise Thread

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Bopper Wow, 8-15 inches. Really! Continue Reading


Re: April Exercise Thread

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Hi everyone! Well today I'm checking in with 30 minutes on the Pilates. Didn't follow any routine, just kind of did my own thing. Waiting for my DH to dig my treadmill out. It's in the basement and I have daughters furniture..... Long story but it's on it's way back to where it belongs, the furniture that is :-) Spent most of my day with Mother who had to have a heart cath done because Dr. suspected a blockage (9 hours). Good news is there is no blockage. However her heart is not as strong as it should be but he said that is expected because she has had issues for some time now. Did say that... Continue Reading


Re: Scents and Common Sense April Thread - Welcome!

In Beauty Banter 1396980766.297

Doglover, do you not have a wireless connection to connect to Netflix? Hi everyone, i have not posted here in quite some time :-) Continue Reading


Re: April Exercise Thread

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Well bopper, I think you pushed me over the edge :-) . I'm going for the Total Gym. I've wanted one for some time now but @ the time the Pilates was cheaper (also hubby wasn't working out) and thought I would get the same results. The more I see the TG presentation the more I regret not getting it from the start because I think my hubby would appreciate the TG as well. I'm going to wait for just a bit to see if the next airing has free shipping. I've got to commit to posting here more often. Accountability!! Continue Reading


Re: April Exercise Thread

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HI EVERYONE!!! I know i've been a stranger to the board, but I do still follow. I have question for bopper and nomless. With the TG dvd's, do you think those workouts can be done on the pilates machine or no. I do have the workouts that came with the pilates but don't care much for them, the instructor seems so robotic. I have thought several times about ordering the TG but don't know if it would make much sense seeing how I have the pilates. Almost bit when the Q was showing the new one with the green on it (my favorite color). Continue Reading


Re: 10 mins. left on YBF!

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I am not a true makeup wearer, so I have a question for you all. I only wear lip glosses, eye liner and I use an eye brow pencil. My question is can her eye shadows be use as a liner? The price of this kit is awesome but not so much if I can only use the glosses. Guess I could gift them :-) Continue Reading


Skechers TSV

Last Reply by magicmoodz 1394555748.273 | Started by vonIam in TSV Talk

Received email to preorder and it shows easy pay when I click. However it goes away during checkout. What gives, anyone else have this problem? Continue Reading


Re: Smoothie Recipes

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On 2/18/2014 GrannyDea said: Thanks for the info, Nightowlz. Sure appreciate it. Trying to decide on whether to invest in a Vitamix since I have the Ninja Master Prep. I know it can't do all the Vitamix can do but still wonder if the cost would be worth it? It would if I would use it enough I'm sure. Thanks again. GrannyDea, If you are not wanting to invest in the Vitamix you may want to try the Nutibullet 900. I have the Vitamix and absolutely love it. However i also use the nutribullet and while it doesn't give the exact consistency as the Vitamix, it does come close. I use it for the morn... Continue Reading


Re: Smoothie Recipes

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Thanks, Will be giving some of these a try. Continue Reading


Re: Nutribullet 900

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1391268291.903

On 1/31/2014 ilovedaisies said: What do those green smoothies taste like? Do you have to force yourself to swallow them? They just look dreadful to me, and I love veggies. If made right they taste a lot better than they look. Continue Reading

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