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Re: Spritz?

In philosophy 1427665119.37

On 3/29/2015 ziggys mommy said: I have been using the spritzes for years and love them! During the warm mths. keep in your frig. the cool mist is shear heaven on a hot day for a wonderful pick me up. I have put in my ice cooler while camping . Wonderful not overpowering scent with a cooling effect. Hope that helps you. I've read of people doing this and it's one of the reason why I was considering the spritz Continue Reading


Re: Spritz?

In philosophy 1427665053.463

Thanks to everyone that commented. I appreciate it. I'm going to go ahead and place my order. I was going to go for the upcoming TSV but don't need the shower gel AND olive oil scrub. I do however need the 32 oz lotion that comes with A267025, but was hesitate to order because of the spritz, so Thank You all for helping me out. Continue Reading


Re: Spritz?

In philosophy 1427625546.35

Thank you Sweetbay, I really appreciate your feedback. I am out of FIL and thought the spritz would be nice for the warmer weather. I always spray my clothing but will have to try the hair. Thanks for the tip Continue Reading


Re: Spritz?

In philosophy 1427624053.39

No one?? Continue Reading



Last Reply by luvpoos 1427666037.84 | Started by vonIam in philosophy

I've read were it is being said that the philosophy's spritz has little to no scent or staying power. I'd like to hear some opinions from those that have tried it. Please and Thank You. I'm considering an order of A267025, which has the 16oz spritz. Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the February Exercise Check In

In Health & Fitness 1423188356.06

On 2/5/2015 PpprMintPatty said: Hi everyone! Rain held off so I feel fortunate to get 5 miles in. Will take Lucy again too...wind is picking up though. My legs are sore...I felt my butt cheeks right away, even last night and when I rolled out of bed...but after running I can now feel my calves. Jumping rope and a lot of box-jumps in the same day will do that to them. Wow, dh was telling me about their "training" yesterday, 5 guys threw-up! They're loving it, dh said they're soaked and all feel like they're getting a great work-out and look forward to seeing how this will increase their all-ov... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the February Exercise Check In

In Health & Fitness 1422839943.437

Sounds like everyone is getting dumped on (snow). We are expecting 7" here. Schools have already been closed. Be safe in your travels. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody Have the Nutri Ninja?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1421241599.377

I ordered the Nutri Ninja when it was a TS and never even took it out of the box. In fact I just returned it. HOWEVER, my reason for returning it had nothing to do with the Ninja or QVC. I was in Kohl's about a week before Christmas and they had a really good deal on the Nutri Ninja IQ. Even with paying the cost of return I came out $20 ahead and earned Kohl's cash ($10). Although I would have rather had the nice green from the Q. This was an upgrade from the model they offer and cheaper . I used it for the first time yesterday and I have to say I was impressed. I used kale, banana, pineapple... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the January Exercise Thread

In Health & Fitness 1421002006.93

Happy New Year everyone. The whole New Year New You is starting to really weigh in on me. I need to get on the ball. Brush the dust off the TG which hasn't been used since before Thanksgiving. Holidays always seem to throw me off. Nomless, I was one of those that ordered the 21 day fix. Hope it helps me to get on track with my eating. Wondering if I can use it along with Dr. Ian's Shred. I was having some success with that before stopping. My biggest problem friends is staying motivated. I have the TG, Treadmill, Elliptical, Pilates machine, Bike and numerous workout DVD's and yet ....... H... Continue Reading

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