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Re: Easy Pay on Request

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On 10/4/2014 bluegrassbaby said: I received one about 3 weeks ago...came in a black envelope with 2 EP's good till Oct. 15th...I don't have any need to use it..wish I could give it to someone who wants it. It would be nice to have a thread like HSN where you can post codes and coupons for others to use. My daughter also received one about the same time. Continue Reading


Re: Need Bar Recommendations ... No, Not THAT Kinda Bar!

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ical I'd love to hear what you have for a good smoothie Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the August Exercise Thread

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On 8/1/2014 bopper said: Morning, hope to see more posts this month and YES "lurkers" we can see you are reading the posts as the views are high and the replies are low........so yes we know you are spying on us A beautiful crisp fall like morning here and I walked 4.20 miles using Mapmywalk.com Just so nice out...kind of heavy traffic though for a country road but not to bad. After lunch I think I'll try to start the lawn mower and mow the yard...like to have it look nice on the weekend. Anyone buying for Fashion Day? Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the July Exercise Check In

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On 7/12/2014 bopper said: Hey all, it's muggy here and cloudy but the cold front is coming tomorrow and really going to be here Monday and Tuesday. I've been cleaning and doing laundry all day. DS is coming home for 3 days during All start break so I want things nice for him although I'll be lucky to see him much at all as he'll be wanting to try and see everyone...that's the way it is for the "mom" :) Going to dinner with DH with a GC we have but I'm not feeling much like going....on a roll here and don't feel like showering and getting ready...we'll see.... Pppmint sorry DH had a bad night,... Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the June Exercise Thread

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Silly silly me. I figured it out after watching the video of rosalie's presentation. You can't remove the pulley when the board is in the down position, you have to pull the board up towards the top of machine. Now why couldn't i figure that out. Geesh :-) Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the June Exercise Thread

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I got My Total Gym yesterday . Played with it a little and I think I'm going to really like this over my Pilates machine. MickD, did you get yours? I'm having a problem trying to figure out how to detach the arm pulley cable, so if someone who has one can help me with this I'd greatly appreciate it. Ok, off to play with my new machine :-) Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the May Exercise Check In

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On 5/29/2014 MickD said: Gave my foot and body a break today. Steam cleaned my floors instead... I just ordered the Total Gym Premiere. I have had it on my wishlist for a long time....I will fold up the aeropilates and put this in its place...just need to amp up strength training....so excited!! Me too!!! I've put it off long enough waiting on free shipping. So when I saw the 6 easy pays I bit . Very excited and anxious to get it. Continue Reading


Re: Enter Our Dell Days Sweepstakes!

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I am a lover of fruit and although most is available year round, I'd have to say there's nothing like a sweet and juicy watermelon in the summertime. As for drinks I love frozen drinks in the summertime ex: slurpee, speedy freeze. I often make my own in my Vitamix Continue Reading


Re: Welcome to the May Exercise Check In

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Sooo, I have a question (as usual ).I'm looking at the Total Gym. There's two that sells for the same price of 299, F11466 with 10 attachments (shipping is 2.50 more) and F09984 with 8 attachments. I can't seem to figure out the difference between the two (attachments?). Would one be any better than the other. I know one has better easy pay and it doesn't seem as if they are going to offer free shipping anytime soon . I'm leaning towards F11466 only because I like the color. Please give me your input. TG owners is there an attachment that you wish you'd gotten with yours? Continue Reading


Re: Scents and Common Sense April Thread - Welcome!

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On 4/24/2014 Desi said: OMG - welcome back, Vonlam, and again OMG, 2.00!!! I saw some of those K cups half price because they were expired at The Christmas Tree Shop but they were 5.99! Thanks, will have to check this out, but have doubts about finding them, will let you know. Thanks so much! Yep, $2.00. I know you said that none were marked but if you come across any of the ones that I mentioned, please have someone do a price check for you. They seem to be good at not putting tags out in a timely manner at some of the stores. Apple Cider is marked down also, but it's $8. I'm waiting for th... Continue Reading

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