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Re: Happy September 11? Will this Ever Become a Holiday?

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No, it won't be a day like Memorial Day. I'd say it will be more along the lines of Pearl Harbor Day when you can't help but hear it mentioned. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Does Easy Does It Day Mean All Day Easy Pay?

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I've purchased a few items on my wish list each June when they have this offer. Continue Reading


Re: Who likes to focus on one author at a time?

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Generally I don't do that, but Victoria Houston writes the Loon Lake mystery series which is set in northern Wisconsin. After I read a few, I decided to read them all in the order in which they were released. Continue Reading


Re: For some odd reason, I feel like pulling out all the Star Wars movies and having my own marathon.

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We watched the whole Planet of the Apes set. I think your idea is great. Continue Reading


Re: Romantic movies

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On 5/12/2015 lulu2 said: I'm a fan of love stories from the 50's and 60's with epic theme songs. Friendly Persuasion I just read that many believe this was Gary Cooper's best movie so I put it on hold at the library. Continue Reading


Re: Garage sale DVD's finds

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I'd love to be able to watch an old movie from the 40's and 50's daily. The costumes and décor are just what I love. There's not many new releases that interest me. Continue Reading


Re: What is your fav/preferred piece if chicken?

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Chicken strips from KFC dipped in honey mustard sauce. They look like all white meat to me. Continue Reading


Re: Crustless Mashed Potato Chicken Pot Pie

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This one is a winner. I make shepherd's pie with many of the same ingredients, except with ground beef. A chicken version is even better. Continue Reading


Re: Egg casserole recipe

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Well, I'd think you could leave the cheese out of any breakfast casserole with no problem. The only recipe of mine that doesn't have bread cubes, uses frozen hash brown patties as the base. Continue Reading


Re: Saw a new coffee creamer flavor today

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I've started to see flavored pancake syrups too. There was a one called cinnabon and a butter pecan flavor. Continue Reading

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