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Re: Just Curious

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R_R_R, it is too bad that your original post got sidetracked with comments that never did answer your question. Perhaps it is too soon in the relationship to make a judgment that this person does or doesn't like something. It may be that he wants to take things slow, and I would actually advise you to do just that. Continue Reading


Re: Any tips for getting out of a "work" rut?

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On 6/30/2014 RedTop said: I too worked for a great boss and with a department full of great people, but I was no longer happy in my job, and simply did not feel I was where I was supposed to be in life. So I took my years of service and walked out the door, and haven't looked back. Now that I'm retired, I feel I am exactly where I'm supposed to be in my life, and couldn't be happier, or more content. Sometimes there doesn't have to be anything wrong, yet it is time to go. You even see that with hit TV series. Some go on way too long, and some, like Mary Tyler Moore, decide to quit when they... Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - July 21st - July 27th

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Eve is such a terrible person. Just hate the way she acts when Dan is around. Continue Reading


Re: Where Do You Keep All Your Decor? Like Valeri's

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Basement shelving works best for my stuff. Continue Reading


Re: if your out to dinner and your food is not to your liking do you send it back??

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I've been disappointed in a meal but have never returned anything or asked for a refund. I do recall DH returning a too rare steak to the kitchen, and my sister once got scallops that actually had ice in them so they had to be taken back to the kitchen. It didn't seem to cause any kind of uproar. Continue Reading


Re: Why is it so hard to find the right mattress?

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Like AdoreQVC said, I get the best sleep on a latex mattress from the 1950's that belonged to my parents. Only thing is back then, full size beds were the norm so that doesn't give two people much room. Continue Reading


Re: Ear Worms

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Yes, mine is called "Go You Chicken Fat, Go" after hearing it on a commercial. Continue Reading


Re: Need Advice About a Neighbor

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On 7/19/2014 JamicaJammer said: Then I'd probably just do what I could when I could, but if there is more needed, contact her sons and let them know Mom could sure use more contact with them. Maybe calling her every evening for a 10-min. check-in, etc. Some of the responses have seemed pretty heartless to me, but I think JJ's advice strikes a good balance. Let her know you will do a daily phone check and run errands once a week, but if serious situations come up, she needs to contact her family. Continue Reading


Re: Read that James Garner passed last night.

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Although I know nothing about his personal life, I don't recall ever hearing negative gossip about him. Didn't know about his passing until I came out here on Sunday afternoon. Continue Reading



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Yes, I do get as many loads as the bottle says--maybe even more. My brand has three lines on the cap and unless it is the clothes used when we do yard work, I use the smallest amount. Washer repairmen will tell you that people use way too much detergent. Continue Reading

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