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Re: New/recent posts here?

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I never see any "Viewpoints" topics listed under 'view all categories'. I always have to select it separately and I don't understand why. Continue Reading


Re: My boozehound neighbors...part deux

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I hope no fights break out if she is unpredictable and has yelled at you. Continue Reading


Re: Sneak Peek - Draped Front WK Cardigan!

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The drape looks so much better than those on most cardigans. They are all beautiful but I like the blue the best. Continue Reading


Re: Best corn on the cob ever. She added sugar to the water.

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Never heard of any of these tips before and we grew a lot of corn in the garden over the years. I'm going to try adding the pack of sugar next time. Continue Reading


Re: Confused about reviews on Black & Decker pivot vac

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That's the thing about reviews. One of most recent purchases was a CD player and some reviews were terrible. In this case, I'd pass simply because it seems too costly. Continue Reading


Re: Honest discussion about VPH quality.

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Would like to see more furniture items from VPH, along the lines of what Linda Dano used to offer. More things likes clocks, tables, lamps and storage pieces would be nice. Continue Reading


Re: My boozehound neighbors...part deux

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They must spend a lot of money on food and drinks in order to be able to party all weekend long. I think you should fill us in on why you don't like them considering their partying doesn't seem to bother you too much. Continue Reading


Re: Has your home decor preferences changed drastically overtime?

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We are not rough on our furniture so things tend to last a long time. Over the years, I've had pieces of antique furniture restored and they are interspersed throughout the house. My only stipulation when it comes to antiques is that they have to have been in our family and not purchased at antique stores. Continue Reading


Re: In tough economic times, where are your first line cuts made?

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Travel would be the first thing I'd cut back on. For me, a day trip is just as nice as a couple days traveling to another part of the country. I know people who follow a careful budget and they can pretty much live on their social security. Of course, their house is paid for and they don't live in a high tax area. One thing I would do before retirement is any home maintenance items before the fixed income kicked in. Continue Reading


Re: Paula Deen's New Product...Yes, It's Real!

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On 7/26/2014 RedHeadedWench said: Soooo, let me get this straight. A person who hid her diabetes from the public (for her image and food product sake), and then came out (so to speak) as a diabetic, because she was a PAID spokesperson for a diabetes medication........is now selling chocolate candy bars. I know there is a point here but I'm not sure I get it. A lot of people like a good chocolate bar and if Paula markets one, that wouldn't bother me. I'd hate to see a diabetic discriminated against because they bought a donut at the bakery or had a piece of wedding cake with buttercream fr... Continue Reading

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