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On 5/4/2015 brandiwine said: I recently changed to Persil (only sold at WalMart). Costs more, but I use less. Clothes are super clean & bright. There are several different varieties including sensitive. One of my women's magazines had a coupon for this brand. I should give it a try. When you say it costs more, is it more expensive than Tide? If so, I'll probably not get it. Continue Reading


Re: I just found out one of my tenants is a ghost writer. Cool!

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There are some authors who are so prolific that I don't believe they write all their own novels. James Patterson comes to mind. Continue Reading


Re: Melissa's New Book About Joan

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I hope she talks about future ventures that Joan had already planned. She seemed in great health so I'm sure Joan had many irons in the fire at the time of her death. Continue Reading


Re: Iconic McDonald's?

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I'd eat breakfast there any day. They are fast and efficient and the coffee is great. Continue Reading


Re: Forgiveness for Murderer who Killed Their Son

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If that is what is needed to let go of a situation, it should be done. We just had a case of a random shooting in one of the Fox Cities in WI, and the last words a father said before he died was to forgive the shooter. The shooter took his own life, so there won't be a trial, but in order to move on and not become bitter, forgiveness might help the survivors. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 05/04/2015

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The baby should keep the name he was given. Continue Reading


Re: Days SPOILERS, week of 05/04/2015

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Rafe needs someone closer to his own age - not a great grandmother. Continue Reading


Re: When Did It Become Open Season On Police Officers

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The show Blue Bloods does a good job showing the dangers officers must face, and how things can go awry when something isn't as it had originally appeared. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers, week of 04/27/2015

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It sure seems like Kristen died. One hundred foot drop over the cliff into water with a current that washed her away. Continue Reading


Re: Straightening the house vs Cleaning the house

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I totally understand the difference that the OP mentions. Sometimes my house can need a good cleaning, but if everything is straightened up and put in its place, I'll hold off and just do what I call a quick clean. I set the oven timer for 20 minutes and use my Swiffer on the hard floors, vacuum the carpet and wipe down the bathroom. DH always washes the dishes so I don't have to worry about the sink or counters. Continue Reading

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