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Re: Hometown Parades

In Viewpoints 1410734526.293

Being a band member, I always had to march in the Memorial Day parade. So often, it was hot and humid which was miserable because we had uniforms that I swear must have been made out of wool. Continue Reading


Re: Bob Mackie

In Viewpoints 1410734398.987

I like him and many of his fleece pieces. Continue Reading


Re: 3 separate comments from Kathy Levine on Joan Rivers - consolidated

In Viewpoints 1410658455.617

Oh that sheep was so funny. I remember thinking that the QVC bigwigs probably hated it when the ladies started laughing because they weren't selling anything, but it made for such good TV. Continue Reading



In Recipe Swap 1410658025.957

I wish there spices were available in containers that just held a tablespoon. I needed some allspice for an apple crisp and even the small bottle will expire long before I can use it up. Continue Reading


Re: Graham Pudding Dessert

In Recipe Swap 1410381134.12

I'm making this over the weekend using chocolate instant pudding. My cookbook calls it an éclair dessert. Continue Reading


Re: Question on American Girl Dolls

In Among Friends 1410380654.54

I would not substitute. In fact, I would find out which ones she wants. Continue Reading


Re: how good is josie moran line

In Beauty Banter 1410351724.557

I gave the whipped body butter as a gift. Other than that, I've not purchased from the line. Continue Reading


Re: Fall seasonal shower gels and lotions

In philosophy 1410351323.107

Just saw a fall favorite set, but I wasn't sure I would like the one called Apple Cider. Continue Reading


Re: Philosophy Holiday Fragrance TSV

In philosophy 1410351215.72

It's the 3-in-1 bath products that I like. Would love to see a TSV of their five piece 'build a gingerbread man' set offered for the holidays. Continue Reading


Re: The Joan Rivers Memories Collection

In Joan Rivers 1410259514.74

It's a nice thought although I'm sure Melissa will be the one to decide if the line continues. Continue Reading

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