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Re: Talk about entertainment! Lost in Space, the old show.

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I found it interesting that Mumy and Harris remained close friends in spite of the large age difference. Continue Reading


Re: Enjoying Different Authors

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Santa has informed that I will be getting a Kindle too, but somehow I think I'll always be turning pages. We'll see how it goes. Continue Reading


Re: Kitchen Remodel - Done! Yeah...

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How long does a kitchen remodel take? If it could be done in one week, I think I could handle the inconvenience. Continue Reading


Re: !!! SUPPORT Small Business Saturday !!! - 29th Nov, 2014

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I will, and in fact, already have that day planned. Will be going to a cheese factory, a bakery outlet, a small craft shop and to an excellent coffee shop for hot chocolate and lunch. None are part of any national chain. Continue Reading


Re: Carol Burnett on Hawaii Five-O.

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I didn't think she looked too bad, but I could tell that she has had some cosmetic surgery. It was a good show. Continue Reading


Re: Do you know people who....

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Yes, especially when it comes to some of the social issues. I have religious beliefs that I won't be changing. However, I don't create an argument when people with differing views tell me with they think--my attitude is that we can still be friends and agree to disagree. Continue Reading


Re: I don't do Black Friday shopping, do you?

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Never have done early morning shopping on Black Friday. What I do like to do is catch a late dinner with my DH and then head over to the mall around 9 pm. Most people are gone by then, and since I'm not looking for doorbusters, anything I'd want would still be available. Continue Reading


Re: Thjis does not seem right to me.

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Seems like much ado about nothing. As long as the workers are not far from work, and remain in radio contact, I would not have a problem with this. I'd just call it an extended lunch. Continue Reading


Re: White Flocked Tree on Lisa's Show Last Night

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On 11/22/2014 MFitz said: I'm actually mad at Lisa. Her shows with a more formal look convinced me that was what I wanted. My cute decorations will be staying in the boxes this year, and I have just finished my formal decorating. Luckily I had many pieces that I used from the past. My house looks stunning! Wish I could see pictures of what many of the posters do. We like our decorations, but they consist mainly of burgundy and gold ornaments because I don't have the talent for decorating that many of you do. Continue Reading


Re: Post your secret, or not-so-secret shortcuts this Thanksgiving.

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Taking one dish to pass to my SIL's. The secret for a simple Thanksgiving is for someone else to host it. Continue Reading

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