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Re: People over 60

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These studies will stress moderation which I think makes perfect sense. Continue Reading


Re: Will You Watch the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

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Always want to, but find too many things that I need to do. It's easier for me to sit down and watch the New Year's parade (Rose Bowl) because I don't do much that day. Continue Reading


Re: First weekend in Dec., we're decorating!

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Yes, we will do the decorating on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Luckily, the outside lights were put up a week ago because we have had several inches of snow which isn't going to melt. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS----NO spoilers please, week of 11/24/2014

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I liked Eric's place too. Every other apartment in Salem has the same kitchen with a sofa in front of the dining area. Continue Reading


Re: Driving 8 hours - Looking For Great Thanksgiving Dish / Item

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I like the idea of a loaf of pumpkin or banana bread. Even if the menu is planned, the hostess could easily slice the bread and put it on a plate. Continue Reading


Re: Boston Market

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On 11/25/2014 ID2 said: In the later years that my parents were still alive they loved Boston Market. We'd always ordered and would have a complete Boston Market dinner on Christmas! It was actually pretty darn good! I did anything that my parents wanted near the end so if that made them happy? I did it, gladly! Enjoy yours! I'm glad you did things to make your parents happy. Seems that all the posts are positive so I hope the OP gives Boston Market a try. Continue Reading


Re: Slow Cooker Challenged

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Those problems you mention might be the reason some people don't like slow cooked meals. I often use my slow cooker for beef and pork roasts; top the meat with one can of condensed soup. They come out just right. Continue Reading


Re: Is it Normal to see scratches/marring on Vitamix Container?

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They probably will replace it, but as you use things, they will show wear. Continue Reading


Re: Sad at this time of year...

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I miss having children around for the holidays. It's so much more fun with kids. I know some people hate hearing stories about other people's children and grandchildren, but I actually enjoy hearing about what their little ones are saying and doing. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS----NO spoilers please, week of 11/24/2014

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Pretty easy to figure out what would happen once Dad told Nicole to go ahead and take a shower at his place. Love the way the shows end each day. Continue Reading

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