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Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 01/26

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Was just reading my TV Guide and they said Days is taped six months in advance. Hope this isn't considered a spoiler, but it said the guy who plays the baseball player Paul, is still reporting to work on the Days set. Continue Reading


Re: Just put on The Ten Commandments

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I was looking for a movie about Pearl Harbor and some of them are really long. Continue Reading


Re: Watching Jimmy Stewart in "Spirit of St. Louis"

In Movies 1422234888.123

I just picked out the movie Shop Around the Corner which I believe he stars in. I want to start watching older movies and that one sounded good. Continue Reading



In WEN 1422234475.077

OP, you make a good point. When I watch old movies from the 1940's I'll see actresses with beautiful hair. That leads me to wonder what magical product they used on their hair back then. It sure wasn't WEN. Continue Reading


Re: KIND bars

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422234357.797

Never heard of some of the stores in which you get them cheap. We do have a Sam's Club but I don't have a membership. Continue Reading


Re: Have You Noticed a Change in a Favorite Food Product?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422234159.173

On 1/25/2015 wildcat fan said: We're noticing differences with milk going sour way before the date on the carton. I checked my refrigerator temp, and that's not the problem. I bought milk from another store last time, and it seems to be lasting longer, so maybe it's the store's refrigerator. I've had that problem too. Our last carton of milk had an expiration date of 1/24 but it wasn't smelling right on 1/21. I always thought milk was good for a few days past the expiration date but that's not true even in the cold of winter. Continue Reading


Re: I fell and fractured the ball of my humerus OT, I know

In Beauty Banter 1422233923.643

Hang in there. This makes me think about the storm that will be hitting the northeast and how many people will have to visit the ER because of falls. Continue Reading


Re: FOUND IT! Sketchy instructions, but sounds good.

In Recipe Swap 1422147019.513

Wish I could see a picture of these because I'm not quite getting it. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers, week of 01/19

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I liked the ending on Friday where Dan was left waiting in the shower for Nichole. Continue Reading


Re: Kindle Users: Did you at one point think you could never read on an E-reader? And preferred a 'real' book?

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If I only knew how to operate the Kindle Fire I got from QVC as a Christmas gift. I managed to download some books, but my screen gets darker and lighter while I read which is very annoying. Then, I'll try to 'turn' the page when a dictionary pops up. When I would like to look up the meaning of a word, I can't figure out how to make the dictionary come up. I also noticed that some of the downloads from the library have markings that say 'six highlighters' which distracts from my reading. Sure hoped it would be as easy as they showed on the QVC presentations. Continue Reading

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