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Re: Days NO Spoilers, week of 12/15/2014

In TV Talk 1418951818.2

Eve must walk around with copies of JJ's criminal records to hand out to people. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. Continue Reading


Re: cheryl's cookies

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418778555.447

That's a big set to gift someone without trying them first. Continue Reading


Re: Best K Cup Recommendaton for Milder Coffee :)

In Coffee Talk 1418778467.333

A lot of people like a milder roast. Amazon has a lot of brands available and I found some good reviews for the milder flavors, but I never did order them. Continue Reading



In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418732636.973

I saw him last year selling cookware on one of the other shopping networks. What I recall about him is his love of music. When he was on QVC, he mentioned having a CD player that held something like 100 CD's. I couldn't get that much music listened to in a year if I tried. Continue Reading


Re: what main dish do you make for Christmas/New Years

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418732445.313

Probably a stuffed tenderloin with baked potatoes. Continue Reading


Re: Lifted up area rug and found...

In For the Home Talk 1418731806.8

Apparently wood does darken as it ages, so a person better be sure they really want a rug on the floor because they aren't going to be able to remove it much later. Continue Reading


Re: Need a new vacuum. Do you like your Shark?

In For the Home Talk 1418731649.24

I'd take a light weight Shark over the Dyson any day. QVC occasionally has them as TSV's but not nearly as often as they do with Dyson's. Continue Reading


Re: Problems with Wreaths?

In For the Home Talk 1418731520.9

I hope your elderly relative still put them up, even if they no longer light properly. That's too much money to go to waste. It is a shame that things don't last like they once did. Continue Reading


Re: What is the name of the long narrow table that goes behind a sofa if your sofa sits out in the room?

In For the Home Talk 1418731405.283

The store where I bought my tables called it a console. I only purchased the end table and coffee table however. Continue Reading

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