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Re: Do you believe that extraterrestrials have been visiting the Earth?

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Why not...why would we be the only ones existing? Continue Reading


Re: Well, it's finally going to hit us good and hard......

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We had a huge cool front come through...we were in the high 80's today. Brrrrrrrrr Continue Reading


Re: NoelSeven...

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Yikes Irsh, hope you are doing OK? Noel...not sure what is wrong with you but wishing you the best too. Continue Reading


Re: Passive ?? Aggressive ??

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On 10/29/2014 ivey said: A good example: I have a relative who is passive/aggressive about many things. He will never do anything for you the first time you ask because he doesn't like to be "told" to do anything for anyone. So, he'll get it done when he gets it done. Deliberately, he will delay action just to prove his point (silently, of course). They don't want to have a full out confrontation, but they'll get you another way. He will admit he runs from confrontation--so he's figured out how to irritate the other person. He admits he's passive/aggressive. Something to be proud of, right? ... Continue Reading


Re: Another beheading...

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Sick, this is what we have come to...copy cat be headings. Continue Reading


Re: Came across this by accident So Cute Item A260008

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Um...may as well give me a vacuum. Continue Reading

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