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Re: What was your hair like BEFORE WEN????

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I had breakage and thinning hair which would not hold a style. It took 6 months for me to notice the difference and now on year 4 it keeps improving and has doubled in thickness. I also had to wash my hair everyday and if going some where nice in the evening I would wash my hair again. Now I wash and can go 2 days without washing. Continue Reading


Re: Finkelstein Thompson LLP Investigating Wen.....

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All I know is my hair has about doubled after starting WEN. Yes I have hair in the drain after I cleanse but no longer have hair on my bathroom floor after blow drying like I used to. Something tells me I was going to lose that hair in the shower or when it cancels itself out. Continue Reading


Re: Very Sad - Joan Rivers now on Life Support

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Thanks guys, I am now honored to have a Joan memory. Continue Reading


Re: Very Sad - Joan Rivers now on Life Support

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I have mentioned this before, hope no one minds if I tell the story again: A few years back my DH and I went to see Joan Live. She was hilarious and energetic...moved all over the stage so everyone could see her...continual motion. Anyway there were 2 women sitting in the first few rows. She teased them several times during her show. One woman was a second wife and Joan had much to say about the chintzy ring she had gotten when she married(she was just kidding). After the show she gave one woman she teased a gift I believe it was huge basket. The second woman...the one she teased about her ri... Continue Reading


Re: Friends and Family who Cut you Off

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I am sorry to hear this. It is rude of them if your description is true. Continue Reading


Re: Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis

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I can imagine pjoy...hoping you are fine and prayers to you. Continue Reading


Re: Is it my eyes or are some things fading here.............

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My nic doesn't show at all and they have done away with the members list...stalking and all. Oops I can now see my nic in fade. Continue Reading


Re: Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis

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Sorry you are facing this diagnosis, hope all goes well. I bet you will get some good advice from some knowledgeable posters. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Birthday Post Card, Tote Bag...UGH!

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Birthday gift...what??? After all the money I have spent here...I have never received a birthday card, discount or gift. Continue Reading


Re: Taylor Swift or Julianne Hough?

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Both...I will tape one and watch the other. Continue Reading

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