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Re: School Considered Canceling Nutcracker Trip to Protect Kids From Christmas Tree Exposure

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so if one is near anothers religious symbol it is traumatizing? Continue Reading


Re: sitting on my pity pot

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Lions? Tigers? and Bears? Oh my. Continue Reading


Re: Cosby's Right Hand Man speaks out.....

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On 11/25/2014 Tinkrbl44 said: On 11/24/2014 Tinkrbl44 said: Gals, if you missed it, here's the timeline of Bill's bad behavior going back to 1965 ...... from This summary is for any "doubters" still left here. If you STILL think all the women are gold diggers and poor Bill Cosby is the victim here, I am bringing up the link to the TV Guide article that lists Bill's activity ....... I DARE you to read it, in its entirety and still say he's innocent !! Continue Reading


Re: Nurse who had Ebola asks bridal shop for refunds

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On 11/25/2014 lulu2 said: On 11/25/2014 occasional rain said: The shop owner should counter sue to get reimbursed for her losses. The nurse knew she had been exposed to Ebola and, just that alone, had it become public that she had been in there trying on dresses would have harmed the business. That she did contract the disease made it even worse. Because of the nurses actions, the store had to close and lose business. The store's loses were the fault of the nurse and no other reason, nothing the store did wrong. They should recover those losses from the nurse. Not a bad idea. I agree!! Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone seen the poster SydneyH lately?

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On 11/25/2014 Topaz Gem said: It sounds like she must be taking a break from Viewpoints as she has been posting in other forums. Good to know TY TG. Continue Reading


Re: Cosby's Right Hand Man speaks out.....

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ETA: Jerry Sandusky's wife was racked over the coals for staying with HER husband and accused of having to have known all along...yet stayed with her husband? Continue Reading


Re: Cosby's Right Hand Man speaks out.....

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Another good question Gooday. Gato, These accusations have gone on for many years...I as a wife could not have sat there with a plastic smile on my face as my husband was asked those questions and then witnessed him(Bill) saying to contact the reporters boss for daring to ask the question which any good journalist should ask. If you watch the Wendy Williams show she too was racked over the coals for even mentioning the accusations on her radio show. She no sooner got off the air....that she was not called into the office of her boss and Bill was on the line demanding she be fired for even men... Continue Reading


Re: She just loves it...

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On 11/24/2014 ROMARY said: Always wishing her well. She seems to be a genuinely nice person. I agree... Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone seen the poster Kellin lately?

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On 11/23/2014 september said: On 11/23/2014 croemer said: Kellin and RR&R are the same poster?? Oh no...we were just talking about missing posters, and the rrr name came up. I think Kellin was victoriagirl at one time, and piper before that. Whoa really??? I and VG had our differences when I first started here but I think we worked them out. We had some very...well VG did... harsh words(LOL) but with time we got along and posted with no further problems. Continue Reading

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