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Re: Just Got Back From Olive Garden Restaurant

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On 3/24/2015 Daysdee said: No longer like it either. Years ago it was good. I agree the breadsticks are not the same. That is for sure they are not even close to what they were in 80's Continue Reading


Battlefield 4 PS4 South China Sea Campaign

Started by 4uthebest in Electronics Talk 1427273435.577

I started playing Battlefield 4 on the PS4 and was doing ok up until driving the little boat trying to get to the Titan that is burning but simply cannot figure out the controller and after 45 minutes of trying I am ready to give up. Do I need a new controller or is there some thing I am missing here as I am sick of going in circles literally.. Continue Reading


Re: Fagor or Big Boss halogen ovens?

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Virtually all of them are the same and perform almost identically. Some have a bit higher wattage but they are all time savers and do a great job with roast proteins, baking, etc, just as a plain conduction oven would as well. The only differences in machines really are small but don't forget just as with most anything today from China, it may not work as expected or at all. Continue Reading


Re: iCoffee single serve coffee maker

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On 3/21/2015 tigriss I looked at both versions of it. It does have an interesting take on it but the reviews are mixed from the best coffee maker to the worst. I think you find that with any coffee maker. Both versions of what single serve machine? Continue Reading


Re: Smithfield is a Chinese company- pleas choose your Easter ham wisely

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On 3/24/2015 little boobala said: If at all possible buy your meat only from a butcher. You will never regret going out of your way to get quality meats. They usually always deal with local farmers they know. Just say NO to China. I wonder if you have bake shops where you live too as butchers here do not exist any longer either. Continue Reading


Re: Smithfield is a Chinese company- pleas choose your Easter ham wisely

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427271849.49

On 3/24/2015 Teacups said: I get stuff at Petco for my dog as they don't have things from China.....its all about money. Wow Nixon made a mistake going there years ago Clinton made a far worse one selling computer technology to them Continue Reading


Just Got Back From Olive Garden Restaurant

Last Reply by 4uthebest 1427398988.92 | Started by 4uthebest in Kitchen & Food Talk

Recently we went to Olive Garden for the Soup Salad and Breadsticks. Last time I was there regularly was about 25 years ago and used to LOVE their breadsticks,.. What in the world has happened to them now as there is no way I will return for that lunch "special" again..? Continue Reading


Re: Smithfield is a Chinese company- pleas choose your Easter ham wisely

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427215198.58

On 3/23/2015 poshmini said: I don't buy Smithfield products, even though we live not far from Smithfield. I usually buy organic products from farm markets. You know how these foods are processed. It seems to me such extremes to send the hams etc. to China then back again to the U.S. I'd be afraid of contamination from the journey and all. I don't buy chicken from big chain ware houses either, their chicken looks way to large for a "normal" chicken should be. They are full of hormones and chemicals. If you want an eye opener watch the documentary called FOOD INC. they explain where your food c... Continue Reading


Re: Ok one more VitaMix Question...

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427214882.783

On 3/24/2015 mare54 said: ....I have a Cuisinart so I'll probably try it there. We don't care too much for ground turkey and I want to make lettuce wraps like Pei Wei ... Absolutely, if you do not have a dedicated meat grinder the Cuisinart FP (or most others) is far better than using a VM or ANY blender. Continue Reading


Re: Pressure Cooker

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On 3/23/2015 laura50 said: Thanks every for your input. is the same one that Eric advertises on TV. Did not realize the reviews were so bad. Actually as others have said with the almost 250 reviews you will find most people are very pleased with the performance of this appliance. The reason for the very low reviews seems to be related to the delivery time, shipping cost, and poor customer service. It is recommended that you buy it locally at Kohls BB&B or Walmart where returns are easy and of course there is no wait time to get the machine and no shipping charge. Continue Reading

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