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Re: Got my new WP Rice Cooker Mini

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On 4/24/2015 gokat said: On 4/24/2015 gardenmiss said: Do you mean a handle on the outside, or the black cooking pot inside? That one could use a handle badly. Yes, handle on the OUTSIDE, gardenmiss. We may see that handle on the inner pot in the future, but looks like the whole unit would need to be redesigned to allow space for that. I'm not having a problem with it as is. I just use pot holders. None of his RC's have inner handles thus far. I would be interested to know which rice cookers have a handle on the inside pot? Continue Reading


Re: just for fun what inspired you.....

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just for fun I have been inspired by the Opus as it is the closest I have seen yet to a coffee brew from the Aeropress so I am inspired by an easy way to get great tasting coffee that rivals a manual method. Continue Reading


Re: AirFryer Recipes

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Love them both and for grill the T-Fal is hard to beat but for making chicken wings or similar items,, the Phillips type device exceeds the NuWave or other "Turbo" cooker yet for larger proteins such as whole Chickens/Turkeys /Roasts the NuWave type excels. One category of foods that do exceedingly well in the air fryers are frozen snacks of many sorts especially those that are coated with a breading type cover. I have not really baked any cakes or bread type products in the air fryer but from what I have seen, I am sure they would do well. The Phillips unit is one of those appliances that I ... Continue Reading


Re: Shark TSV on 4/19 ???

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On 4/20/2015 bonnielu said: I watched a bit of the presentation. I don't watch QVC often but what interested me... kinda funny.. was every vacuum is the very best... every brand, every model. And the host always has one. I am wondering where they put them all. I have a very nice Miele from a local mom and pop store. They service it when it needs some adjustment. They carry bags, whatever. But I always feel SAFE that I will have a working vacuum. Buying the latest greatest one that second does not really interest me. I often wonder when they will run out of vacuums. I also have a Miele , mod... Continue Reading


Re: Switched from Keurig to Cusinart

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On 4/19/2015 LoriMI said: I have a fancy Cuisinart that uses the K-cups. I love it! I love it for all of its features except the most important one COMPARED to the Remington Opus the coffee taste, smoothness, and mouth feel. It however is better than any other Keurig machines that I have used and when my VUE broke, I went to get the SS 700 until I just had to try the Opus and that was all I needed. Actually the Opus comes surprisingly close to what I get from my Aeropress. Continue Reading


Re: Shark TSV on 4/19 ???

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On 4/17/2015 mima said: On 4/12/2015 chihuahuaX3 said: On 4/10/2015 itsmagic said: The April Insider says Shark Rotator-Powered Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum with Attachments. Excellent! I need a new vac. I've resisted all the Dyson shows. I have both Shark and Dyson. I love my Shark and I hate my Dyson. Glad you resisted. Mima you must be my twin sister except for the fact that after getting the Christmas time special top of the line Dyson and using it I could not wait to return it to get this amazing Powered lift away. I hated driving a tank and this one is a sports car with so much power. I l... Continue Reading


Re: Shark TSV on 4/19 ???

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On 4/19/2015 Breea said: I didn't like my Shart LiftAWay that I purchased about a year ago for my upstairs rooms. I found the lift off part to be too heavy (I've had prior back surgeries)! It did a good job, it just didn't go up and down the stairs well since I couldn't lug the lift a way portion. I sold it at my garage sale last summer. I bought a cheap $15.00 hand vac, with a long handle at Walmart (made for dorm rooms) with a 30 foot cord which does the stairwell hardwood really well. So you had this model that has the LED lights for the handle and floor piece? If not what you had is nigh... Continue Reading


Re: Shark TSV on 4/19 ???

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Definitely worth your wait. Continue Reading


Re: icoffee Opus vs Cuisinart SS 700

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On 4/14/2015 SusieQ_2 said: Thanks for the review. I own the Cuisinart, love it, and especially liked that it offered a three year warranty as opposed to the one year warranty offered by Keurig. The iCoffee sounds great. I love mine too for the construction, rinse feature, brewing speed, temperature, hot water dispenser, 80 oz container, warranty, BUT after all it is a coffee maker and the brew from the icoffee is so much better in its richness, mouth feel, and smoothness. I have read reviews online about the the icoffee taste and I do not know how the conclusions were reached that said the ... Continue Reading


Re: Best Machine for Homemade Nut Butters?

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As I said, I among other things have 2 Vitamix machines but I also have a professional model VM as well but Vamp asked for the BEST machine for HOMEMADE peanut butter (Emphasis mine) and I strongly stand by my opinion that the Blendtec with Twister Jar is by far the best machine for homemade peanut butter (at least of the machines I own). Continue Reading

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