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Re: Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker

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On 2/27/2015 gloriajean said: I will. It's ordered on line. But I do think I'll miss the Bunn - have had 3 Bunns already, like the back part with hot water. We can always send this back if we don't like it, and get another Bunn. The price of the Bunn is about 20.00 higher. Well for only $20. there is ZERO chance that I would get anything other than the Bunn if you "like the back part with hot water" and its ability to not only make a pot of coffee in 3 minutes, but also its flow head and very consistent 200F brew temperature. Also where can you get the Bunn for $99 ? Continue Reading


Re: Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker

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I do not know of any drip machine that makes a good as cup of coffee as a Bunn. let us know what you think of it. Continue Reading


Re: 4uthebest - A question

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1425087493.883

On 2/27/2015 NYwoman said: What "steam oven". I can't find any on the website. Did it sell out? Possibly but it is available on Amazon and Kohls and ...It has a 3 yr Cuisinart warranty and I have discussed it quite a bit on this forum. Continue Reading


Re: Oh I am so through with Dyson

In For the Home Talk 1425087187.843

I really like the cordless Hoover Linx but I noticed the other day that Walmart has another Hoover cordless that comes with two batteries that should last 50 minutes each and charge in 3 hours. I was thinking of trying it to compare with the Linx and then I can return the one that does not work as well. Has anyone tried this Cordless Air 3.0 ? Continue Reading


Re: Oster Extra Large Convection/Toaster oven

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Wow they raised the price at Walmart $20 in the last couple of years. It is one of the very few ovens that will fit a 16" pizza and actually you can fit 2 of them (one on upper shelf, one on lower). Continue Reading


Re: 4uthebest - A question

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1425082020.823

Txblond, do you have any more questions re the Steam Oven? Continue Reading


Re: No More Honeybells For Me

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1425060730.52

On 2/27/2015 fthunt said: Pray tell....what are you trying to say? see post #2 Continue Reading


Re: No More Honeybells For Me

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1425044642.12

On 2/27/2015 Mothertrucker said: So mature trees don't produce fruit? Here in California, all my citrus trees that are mature produce fruit..is it because it is a hybrid? Sorry for the misunderstanding..The pics I have shown are of a blood orange which tastes so much better than the honeybells I bought. Continue Reading


No More Honeybells For Me

Last Reply by ValuSkr 1425072830.393 | Started by 4uthebest in Kitchen & Food Talk

Now that tree has matured no more honeybell when I can have honey Continue Reading


Re: How Do I Post Picture Of My Kitties Here

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On 2/26/2015 beastielove said: Those boys of yours are too cute! And I love their names...Butters (like from South Park???) and Frito. How old are they? ------------------------------------------------------ All of my children have paws =^..^= They are 5 years old Continue Reading

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