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Re: ComPact 2014 – April

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I am voting also to keep this thread going. It has been my lifeline when it comes to mindless vs. mindful shopping. I am still in recovery. Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 – April

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Happy Easter, Compactors. I wanted to share such a wonderful feeling I had yesterday. I went shopping with my coupons that had been calling my name for several days, as the expiration dates were coming so fast. I can't have unused coupons expire without being used. I am visiting my best friend next week, so I used them all for thank you gifts for her. I do have to admit, at first, I immediately went to items for myself, until I had a conversation with myself that I don't need anything at all. It just made my day to use my coupons, have beautiful gifts for my friend, and not bringing any... Continue Reading


Re: Trend Micro E225456 -- Recommend or Not???

In Electronics Talk 1397648962.87

My computer tech told me to use the free Avast. I have had it on my laptop for a couple of months now and really think it does a great job. It blocks a lot of sights which I needed because I do a lot of surfing on my laptop. They offer other premium packages, but he said all I needed was the free version. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite eyeshadow primer for oily lids?

In Beauty Banter 1397648798.477

I just tried the Avon's light beige primer and I was very impressed with it. It is being discontinued so I thought I would try it. I have very oily lids and it did a great job keeping my shadow in place for an entire day. $2.99/pot. Continue Reading


Re: Ready to take the plunge and color my own hair !!!

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Just make sure you don't go too dark, as the color always seems to be darker than what they show on the box. My hair is what I would call a med brown, but I have just gone to a dark blonde to blend in grey hairs. Also, the golden, will give you reddish color. Ash shades will give you a truer brown. Good luck. I use the Revlon Colorsilk and get it when it is on sale for $3/box. Continue Reading


Re: Best Primer??

In Beauty Banter 1397561060.12

When it gets that hot, that is when I really like my BE. I like the way it looks when it just morphs into my skin. I don't use a primer with it. Looking forward to just using my BE over sunscreen. Continue Reading


Re: I'm convinced that I should

In Recipe Swap 1397395989.49

Another vote for the spiral ham from Aldi's, but I do not use the glaze as we do not like the sweet ham. My brother was a HoneyBaked person and even he was very impressed with my Aldi's ham. Their ground beef is also very good quality. Continue Reading


Re: Way OT: I thought I overslept. My Smart Clock reset itself to an hour later. I unplugged it and replugged

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397395651.553

I think it is out of date programing, as mine has the same issues. It is a not-so-smart clock now. I don't rely on it to reset correctly so I just set it manually. Continue Reading


Re: Constipation stemming from medication - suggestions, please

In Health & Fitness 1397395249.707

I do not add any ice because the frozen banana creates a consistency of soft serve ice cream. I use my food processor and I cannot use ice in there. My cranberries are frozen, as I always stock up at Thanksgiving time; and I am almost out now. Continue Reading


Re: OT Blood thinners and bruising

In Beauty Banter 1397394898.323

Blood thinner will definitely make you bruise very easily. I was on them and, when I started a new job, my new coworkers were concerned that I was an abused woman, and actually went to my boss with their concerns. I would definitely keep an eye on it and watch any cuts, even paper cuts were really bad bleeding. Good luck with your medical health. Continue Reading

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