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Borghese on Zulily

Last Reply by beautybee 1429374649.267 | Started by Beauty$Junkie in Beauty Banter

If anyone is interested, Zulily has a lot of products on their site. This line seems to have quite a following from what I have read on the boards. Continue Reading


Re: Foreo Luna clone for $20

In Beauty Banter 1429190672.217

Well, just saw your post, April, so too late for me to cancel. I checked on my shipping of the item, and it shows it has already shipped, so I shall see. Hoping for the best. I, too, was intrigued with this device. I hope it does not become part of my stash. I did not realize the Amazon fulfilled option, so thanks for educating me for future purchases. Continue Reading


Re: Todd English Cookware

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1428846555.017

I have 2 of his grill pans that I got from hsn, several years ago, and have no problems at all with them. They continue to be my favorite cook items. They clean up beautifully, and the finish still looks brand new. They are the hard anodized with the light grey inside. If I find more items like this, I would not hesitate to purchase. I did not see any of these on Evine. Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2015 -- April

In Beauty Banter 1428844207.83

I have not purchased any makeup/skincare items for quite awhile now. I did purchase a Forneo dupe this morning. I still have so much stash/crazy stash that I may never get to. However, I have a real fear of getting rid of it. My fear is that if I don't have it smacking me in the face, I may be tempted to start buying again. I had been trying to use up open containers of stuff, mixing different lines together, and I am done with that. I am using my DD line, exclusively now, until it is gone. I like it, and there is no use leaving it sit to age while I work on the other stuff I don't lik... Continue Reading


Re: Foreo Luna clone for $20

In Beauty Banter 1428843263.823

fitnessfreak, thanks for your review. I just ordered one for myself. I appreciate your posting your experience with this seller, so we shall see in about a month. Continue Reading


Re: Haute Look

In Dooney & Bourke 1428013406.15

I just posted this; I never seem to see duplicate posts until after I post. They did have lots of selection. I posted rather than buying, as I don't need anything Continue Reading


Dooney on Hautelook.com

Started by Beauty$Junkie in Fashion Talk 1428013290.53

Just in case it has not been posted, Dooney is on Hautelook. I did not see it posted, but if so, I apologize for a duplicate post. Continue Reading


Re: Tracfone - what kind of minutes do I need to buy and where

In Electronics Talk 1425730237.327

I have had a tracfone for years. I purchased my first one from Walgreens as an emergency phone for me to travel when my mother was ill. When the minutes ran out, I started shopping around. I found that when they have a tsv on tracfone, you can actually just upgrade the phone cheaper than going through tracfone to have minutes added to the phone. If you have any unused minutes, transfer them to your new phone during activation. I have actually also bought minutes from ebay. Ebay was actually the easiest as you did not loose your phone contacts. I know there is suppose to be some way to ... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone near Forest Park GA and can pick up my QVC order?

In Q Did What? 1425596725.81

Finally, just got my order from 2/16. I hope I never have to go through this process again. The weather is worse than ever, and still they got my reorder from 3/3 delivered today. I won't be returning them either. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone near Forest Park GA and can pick up my QVC order?

In Q Did What? 1425558544.22

I should finally get my 2/16 order today. I had to wait until 3/3 before they would ship a replacement. They expedited delivery so I would get it today. I have no idea what happened originally. I don't think I can order items as gifts any more, however, as I needed this for 2/28 and shipping is not timely. Continue Reading

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