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Re: Tracfone - what kind of minutes do I need to buy and where

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I have had a tracfone for years. I purchased my first one from Walgreens as an emergency phone for me to travel when my mother was ill. When the minutes ran out, I started shopping around. I found that when they have a tsv on tracfone, you can actually just upgrade the phone cheaper than going through tracfone to have minutes added to the phone. If you have any unused minutes, transfer them to your new phone during activation. I have actually also bought minutes from ebay. Ebay was actually the easiest as you did not loose your phone contacts. I know there is suppose to be some way to ... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone near Forest Park GA and can pick up my QVC order?

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Finally, just got my order from 2/16. I hope I never have to go through this process again. The weather is worse than ever, and still they got my reorder from 3/3 delivered today. I won't be returning them either. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone near Forest Park GA and can pick up my QVC order?

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I should finally get my 2/16 order today. I had to wait until 3/3 before they would ship a replacement. They expedited delivery so I would get it today. I have no idea what happened originally. I don't think I can order items as gifts any more, however, as I needed this for 2/28 and shipping is not timely. Continue Reading


Re: ceramic tile flooring

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Ceramic tile is cold and also is very heavy. Your subflooring has to be able to support the weight of the tile. If it cannot, your tile will chip and crack up almost as soon as it is put down. If you fall on it, it is a lot harder than wood flooring. I have wood and my neighbor just put in tile, and she is not happy. Just my thoughts. Continue Reading


Re: What to do about a torn ear lobe??

In Beauty Banter 1425432966.457

If you needed stitches, you only have so long to get that done. You might want to put those bridges on it to get it to heel. I have never had that happen, so I wish you the best. Continue Reading


Re: What Facial Cleanser Do You Use For What type of Skin?

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Harpa, I try to check out when you post, as I respect your skin care opinions. If you would not mind, could you please post your skin care daily regimen. I would so appreciate it, as I am trying to minimize what I am using. TIA Continue Reading


Re: Horrible CS & QC

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Well, I guess when we are all done shopping there, they won't need a CS Department. Continue Reading


Re: Slow shipping

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Not sure, but the ebay package I ordered Thursday from NY arrived via usps today. I guess, the weather is not a factor. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone near Forest Park GA and can pick up my QVC order?

In Q Did What? 1425152015.263

Update, no package today. I think Circles might be on to something. Perhaps I am just doing early Christmas shopping and will have my package soon. Can I just say, Ridiculous? Continue Reading


Re: Slow shipping

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Still waiting for my order of 2/16 to arrive. I keep checking tracking and there has been no update since 2/18. CS says I must wait until 3/3 before they can do anything for me. My order was suppose to be gifts, so I had to purchase other items elsewhere and get them sent on their way. CS immediately blamed the PO; they could not admit that maybe their facility and shipping have a problem. They are definitely helping my resolve to not order from them, so thank you, QVC. Continue Reading

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