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Wanting your thoughts on this grill pan configuration.

Last Reply by KristeninChicago 1431576657.55 | Started by Beauty$Junkie in TSV Talk

This looked good and am contemplating ordering. However, does anyone have this, have you found other less expensive ones in B & M. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Lauren Hutton Cosmetics

In Beauty Banter 1430181212.493

I think I saw where SAVE10 code saves 10%. I apologize if this doesn't work, as I was not really interested in this set, and just stumbled upon it. Continue Reading


Re: Looking to replace Purity...Help!

In Beauty Banter 1430071754.17

I still have quite a stash of cleansers, but if I ever run out, I will be looking at the Cerave', as I have heard nothing but great reviews on this skin care line. Continue Reading



In TSV Talk 1430071583.023

I think so many B & M's have pants similar to WWC, and you can try them on. I love my WWC, but it seems so many are experiencing sizing inconsistencies lately. I have a lot of the from prior years so I have not been ordering from the Q. I have found some nice alternatives at Belk and Sears. Continue Reading


Re: What do you use to get your eyelashes to grow?

In Beauty Banter 1430071384.16

Ithink rosehip seed oil has made a huge difference in my eye lashes, and also around the crowsfeet area. IMO Continue Reading


Re: Price of Tshirts on QVC

In Fashion Talk 1430071200.49

I got some really nice ones from jcp for $3.99; free pick up at store. I like the pickup so I don't have to walk all over and check out all the racks. I was wanting to get some shirts at the Q, but when I was getting 3 shirts in the cart and I was at $80, had to look elsewhere. A tshirt is a tshirt, so I could not justify the purchase at QVC. The ones I got were tall V-neck and tall crew necks, St Johns Bay. Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2015 -- April

In Beauty Banter 1429915733.99

Aprilskies, I received my Forneo dupe today. Have you used yours yet? I have mine charging now, so I hope I like it. I cannot read the instructions that came with it, so I did check out Youtube to see basic instructions. I hope I like it. On another note, I did find some nice clothing items at Belk and used my gift cards to make some nice purchases. I have some things that will be purged. I really do feel like a different shopper with the help of Compact. I do find that, since joining the Compact thread, I am more mindful when I shop for everything. I feel like I am making progress so... Continue Reading


Borghese on Zulily

Last Reply by w84WEN 1429377159.273 | Started by Beauty$Junkie in Beauty Banter

If anyone is interested, Zulily has a lot of products on their site. This line seems to have quite a following from what I have read on the boards. Continue Reading


Re: Foreo Luna clone for $20

In Beauty Banter 1429190672.217

Well, just saw your post, April, so too late for me to cancel. I checked on my shipping of the item, and it shows it has already shipped, so I shall see. Hoping for the best. I, too, was intrigued with this device. I hope it does not become part of my stash. I did not realize the Amazon fulfilled option, so thanks for educating me for future purchases. Continue Reading

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