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Re: Sneaky Petes

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414078530.443

Here is the one that I use. It is great to have on hand for the holidays. 2 cups cranberry juice 1 cup powdered sugar 1 12-oz can frozen lemonade 1 12-oz can frozen orange juice 1/5 vodka or gin (I have only used the vodka) 39 oz 7-UP Mix all ingredients together and freeze. Stir before serving. Continue Reading


Re: Dukan Diet Anyone

In Health & Fitness 1413891968.037

I made the cauliflower pizza crust yesterday, and my husband really enjoyed it. I have made great strides in changing my bad eating habits with the help of Dukan. However, in order to sustain a lifelong change, I have modified to include vegetables. I watch the fat content of foods, but the carb craving is pretty much non existent. I do enjoy a glass of wine when I want it. I am still at the 10 lb loss, but I am quite happy with that. I plan to go back on the 'attack phase' in the near future to see if that gets the scale going again. Dukan has been the only thing to get me past day on... Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1413848495.707

I have the Starfish also, but I am still liking the new GV's I just purchased even better. Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1413847237.99

I just got 2 pr of Gloria Vanderbilt knit pull-on pants from Sears for $25/pr. I love Women with Control, but I like these better. Continue Reading


Re: Horrible surprise when I removed the softener cup in my washer...

In For the Home Talk 1413631228.133

I have a front load, however, I only add pure white vinegar to the softener dispenser. You may want to do that and, I would think, that alone would also clean out your machine. Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 -- October

In Beauty Banter 1413552336.237

I can so relate to all of you. I have had to use the 'there will always be another sale' mantra so many times in the last few days. First, I thought I needed the IT tsv (are you kidding?), and now I think I need those boots. I don't know what is up with this strong desire to buy something, even when I don't need it. I organized my closet yesterday, so I know I need nothing. Perhaps I shall have to recheck all the stash and the closet. Is it the weather? Continue Reading


Re: Clarks shoes falling apart

In Clarks 1413499210.557

I just lost another pair of Clarks. I was at the nearby mall and noticed a funny feeling when I walked. I looked down and, sure enough, another pair of my Clarks were crumbling as I walked. Because I have had such a problem with this, I had another pair of shoes in the car and switched, throwing my Clarks in the trash. The pair I changed into are Dexters and they are so much older than my Clarks. It will be a long time before I purchase more Clarks. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone order from Mountain Rose Herbs?

In Beauty Banter 1413483687.05

I have purchased my rosehip seed oil from them. I did not have sny problem and have been happy with my purchase. Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2014 -- October

In Beauty Banter 1413331317.713

Still working on it here, as well. I dropped off 2 prs of new shoes at the women's shelter, that I will never wear. I was so glad to drop them off. I have also talked myself out of the IT TSV. I don't need any cosmetics, at all. I can only assume that I felt the need to buy something, so I went grocery shopping and made a great pot of chicken soup. JustBee, you are really amazing. In addition to all your school work, you keep us all on track. Continue Reading


Re: What perfume did you wear today?

In Beauty Banter 1413319847.05

I wore Philosophy's Divine Illumination. It lasted almost 2 hours. Even though I put on quite a lot, it did not stay 2 hours. Continue Reading

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