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Re: O/T Recommendation for high quality vitamin line

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I just placed an order with Vitacost and went through MrRebates and they are offering 10% rebate. Vitacost is running a special through the 21st. Continue Reading


Re: O/T...Anyone use cast iron grill pans??

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I have one tnat I use all the time. I don't grease it. I don't think olive oil will take a very high heat. It sounds like you just need to reseason it. I use 425 temp when grilling. Continue Reading


Re: Refreshing hardened powder pallettes

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I think I saw if you put on a piece of scotch tape and then removed it, it would remove the dried out layer. Hot and Flash has a Youtube video on this, and I think this is what she thought was the best. Continue Reading


Re: Why I'm Passing on IT TSV

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Stay strong, aprilskies. When I feel weak, I only have to go check my stash. Is there something I am out of? Oh, my heavens, not for a long time. I do like to watch the applications, as they do spur me on to use what I have. Sometimes, I just forget how to use what is already on hand. Sometimes, I just want to buy something. I certainly don't need to spend $70 on additional items for the stash. Compact!! Continue Reading


Re: new computer virus protection

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Avast is all I have on my laptop and I have been very happy with it. I check for updates and do the scans. I use my laptop for shopping and surfing and Avast has blocked many sites. Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2015 -- January

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BE Explorer, would one of those scanners work for all your letters so you can have them on a disc or on your computer? I am not too tech savvy, but I see them advertised and they say you can do this with the kids things we used to keep. Continue Reading


Re: Kitchen Throw Rugs

In For the Home Talk 1421027810.89

I got mine from Kohls and really like them. They have held up well and were not too expensive with sales and extra % off. Continue Reading


Re: If I wanted to use my oven overnight like as in slow cooking,

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1420717602.1

We had pork butt on New Years, 10 lbs, went in the oven at 250 around 7:30. We had a wonderful piece of meat around 3 pm. It was so much better than the crockpot. It was in the covered roasting pan. Continue Reading


Re: ComPact 2015 -- January

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The Seinfeld monologue is priceless; He nailed it. While I have plenty of purses, I cannot bring myself to just get rid of them. I still check out handbags others are carrying and always have to look at them in the stores. I consider it a major accomplishment just not to bring another one home. I do have to change out my bags frequently just to remind myself that I do not need any more. Continue Reading


Re: Why Does Everyone Love Tile?

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I can't find one good reason to have tile. It is cold, a fall on it can be deadly, and usually the tiles crack, especially if the subfloor is not able to handle the additional weight. My neighbor just got tile and it is beautiful. However, she already hates it. I have oak flooring and I have fallen, but I have been able to get back up. If you drop something on the tile, either it breaks or the tile breaks. My best friend and sister both had tile put down to replace a vinyl, and it cracked with the floor flexing. Continue Reading

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