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Re: Pearl TSV

In TSV Talk 1416580397.573

There is another thread on this TSV concerning the pricing. Apparently, they were offered at a lower price and lower s/h and now the price has been increased. They were previously in the Insider for $19.98 and $3 s/h. Continue Reading


Scott-Vincent Borba on Hsn

Last Reply by ashleigh dupray 1416540393.723 | Started by Beauty$Junkie in Beauty Banter

It looks like he has a lot of new products at good prices and free s/h. Continue Reading


Re: Winter boots

In Fashion Talk 1416433381.383

I am sorry, I just went to the LE web site, and those boots are no longer available. Continue Reading


Re: Winter boots

In Fashion Talk 1416433065.31

I have a nice warm suede boot that I got from Lands End a few years ago. They have a nice flat rubber sole on them. They work great for me stomping threw a light snow. They hit me mid calf. Continue Reading


Re: Wanted to know about hams

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416180115.36

Years ago, one of my husband's aunts served a spiral ham. We were all shocked that she had gotten a Honey Baked Ham. She finally fessed up that it was an Aldi spiral ham. We have gotten Aldi hams ever since. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Robertson's kitchen

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1415919331.607

I have a couple of them, different sizes, but they are not as thick as Lisa's. I found them at one of the kitchen collection stores at one of the outlet malls. I have had them for years. I use them constantly. Continue Reading


Re: OT-Progressive Lenses

In Beauty Banter 1415886716.127

I never was able to get used to these. I use them for distance and readers for upclose. My next pair will not be progressive lenses. After reading all of the replies, I have tried to move my glasses every which way, and cannot see to read a book in them. I have found that my distance vision has gotten better as I have aged, and my closeup vision has gotten worse, so I just have readers everywhere in the house, and use my progressives to drive. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite Method For Removing Facial Hair

In Beauty Banter 1415884695.917

I have been shaving mine with the little pink 'forever' shaver that I got from the q. My fuzz is light color, however. I have never told hubby, and he has never mentioned any stubble. I do it every couple of weeks. My mother did it this way, she had beautiful skin, so I have just done what she did. I cannot bring myself to use a regular razor, as I fear cutting myself. I will look forward to seeing how others handle this. Continue Reading


Re: 50+ Beauties Do You Prefer Powder Or Cream Blush

In Beauty Banter 1415830539.867

I like the JM argan blush sticks in the winter weather. I guess I feel they are more moisturizing. In the summer months I still use the BE blushes. One thing to remember, however, as we age, we need to forget the apple as the placement for our blushes. With the help of gravity, the apples are also falling. I find this is more important than the cream or powder. Continue Reading


Re: Amy's sweater on Great Gifts

In Fashion Talk 1415640380.217

I hope I don't have any issues with this refusal of the shipment. I did an online chat with them and I have kept the dialogue, as documentation that it was their people that instructed me to do that. She told me to just refuse the shipment. I will take it to the post office and have them do the acceptance/refused for me. The sweater is so cute, I do hope I like it when I finally receive it. Sorry you had such an experience with them. It will be lesson learned for sure. Continue Reading

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