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Re: A Tribute to My Dear Friend, Joan Rivers

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Very nice Mary Beth. I will truly miss her too. I always waited for her shows rarely missing any. Her energy was contagious. I was always amazed at her attitude and though she was not one spring chicken she exhibited such energy. I could tell how much she cared about us at home watching her. I felt she was talking to the home view as if she was right in our living rooms. I thank you for this tribute. Continue Reading


Re: "How Do You Take Your Coffee?" Keurig Sweepstakes!

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I love my Keurig. I take my coffee black with sugar. Keurig makes the best coffee I have ever had. Continue Reading


Re: Sneak A Peek At Some Upcoming Designs! Chat with Patrick on Monday, July 15th at 3 PM ET!

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory 1373916822.67

I love the snowflake sweater and the Lilly of the Valley sweater. This flower was also my wedding bouquet I also wore the flowers in my hair. Continue Reading


Re: Sneak A Peek At Some Upcoming Designs! Chat with Patrick on Monday, July 15th at 3 PM ET!

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory 1373915747.17

Hello Patrick, I so wish the design team would be back one of Jeanne's first shirt. The one that made her famous on QVC. A cotton button down shirt with the button covers. I would pay the cost of this type of shirt. So much fun. My favorite shirt was the animal farm shirt and I like the St. Patrick's day sweater. Continue Reading


Re: A Letter from QVC CEO Mike George and a Letter from Paula Deen

In Q News 1372428496.47

Please continue your relationshop with Paula Dean. Her comments of the situation satify me and I know she is dreadfully sorry for her one error. Honestly I wonder how many would discontinue buying from her. I respect your actions but I think they were premature and wrong. Continue Reading


Re: Our Hearts are with Chaz Dean & the WEN Family

In Beauty Banter, Q News, WEN 1372428171.97

Dearest Chaz, I feel your loss. The death of a beloved pet is so tramatic. Your love for your doggies was/is so evident so I know you now greive. Greive my friend and do not let those who don't understand your need to do so bother you. We have no human children and our cats became our family and children. I know you feel this way about your pets.Your Ella is waiting in heaven and know you will see her again. With my love and sympathy, Karen Kelly Continue Reading


Re: Long Story Short! Chat with Patrick Today, June 20th, at 10 AM ET and Tell Us Why You Love Our DreamJeannes!!

In Fashion Talk, Quacker Factory, TSV Talk 1371740817.33

It would be wonderful if the Qaucker team would go retro and produce the item that made Jeanne famous on QVC 50 and 50 tour. I would love to see the button down shirt with the button covers. I still have several of mine and would love to see a new ones. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers Nail Polish: Back At Last + Blog Chat 5/20 1-3 pm ET!

In Fashion Talk, All About Accessories, Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1369070327.887

How does Joan stay so energentic? Yesterday evening at Celebrity Apprentise and today at QVC. She is amazing to keep up with a busy lifestyle. Please tell her much I appreciate her joy and love for life. Continue Reading


Re: What Do You Love Most About Red Carpet Season? Enter For A Chance To Win

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I enjoyed all the clothing the presensters are wearing. Makes their products more attractive.It is so much fun to be part of the exciticment Thank you for the fun Continue Reading


Re: What Kind of Cookies Do You Make for the Holidays?

In Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities 1355076724.62

David,my favorite is a meringe peppermint delicious cookie. The only problem with them is it taked 45 minutes per batch so it takes all day to complete the baking. But dang it it is good. Hi to you Mary. I love you being on the show and David I love you too. lol. Best wished for a wonderful holiday. Continue Reading

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