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Re: A Note From Lisa

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I have to stop reading the responses,I am crying too much and it is hard to read through the tears. Continue Reading


Re: To All of You, My Good Friends: Thank You

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With tears in my eyes I simply want to thank you for all the laughs you have given me. You are like a friend. I so enjoyed watching you and you quirky style. I will miss how much you love,love items. You will be the only host who can "strip" to put items on to show us how items look. Your "friendship" will be missed. I wish you a future that will be all you wish for. Lisa, good luck. Continue Reading


Re: Patrick’s Pick Of The Month – October 2014! Chat with Patrick on Wednesday, 10/29 from 1 – 3 PM ET!

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Hello Patrick. Living in the Florida Keys it is hard to get into the Christmas mood. Without winter weather it is sure difficult. But I love watching the Q because you are in the Christmas mode which makes me like Ellen Degeneres saw Holldie. I have been shopping at the Q for toys for my great nieces and nephews. The Frozen dolls will be loved I am sure. Shopping at the Q makes life easier. Thanks QVC. Happy day Patrick. Continue Reading


Re: 3 Days / 60 Miles

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Dearest Nancy. What an accomplishment. I know you are rightfully proud of yourself. After reading this blog and watching you on FFANY I have found the encouragement and strength to have the mammogram I should have had two years ago. Fear and worry have caused me the delay. Some three years ago I had a questionable mammogram. Your words have brought me peace and I promise I will make my appointment at the Miami Breast Institute tomorrow. With love I thank you Nancy. Continue Reading


Re: Friendship and Sharing Memories

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David I am so pleased the line will continue and you are the one carrying the torch. You will do just fine and do I need to say this but Joan will be watching over you. Continue Reading


Re: I Think It’s Time for a New Adventure

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With tears in my eyes I say goodbye. I hope you know how much we all will miss you. You got me through some dark times as you say we have for you. I wish you well in your new adventure and if it is for GILI then I will buy. Christmas will never be the same without you offering us your love for Christmas. Now after a box of tissue I wish you well and hope we can follow you through social media. Let us know where you will be online. All my love my tv friend. Continue Reading


Re: A Tribute to My Dear Friend, Joan Rivers

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Very nice Mary Beth. I will truly miss her too. I always waited for her shows rarely missing any. Her energy was contagious. I was always amazed at her attitude and though she was not one spring chicken she exhibited such energy. I could tell how much she cared about us at home watching her. I felt she was talking to the home view as if she was right in our living rooms. I thank you for this tribute. Continue Reading


Re: "How Do You Take Your Coffee?" Keurig Sweepstakes!

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I love my Keurig. I take my coffee black with sugar. Keurig makes the best coffee I have ever had. Continue Reading


Re: Sneak A Peek At Some Upcoming Designs! Chat with Patrick on Monday, July 15th at 3 PM ET!

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I love the snowflake sweater and the Lilly of the Valley sweater. This flower was also my wedding bouquet I also wore the flowers in my hair. Continue Reading


Re: Sneak A Peek At Some Upcoming Designs! Chat with Patrick on Monday, July 15th at 3 PM ET!

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Hello Patrick, I so wish the design team would be back one of Jeanne's first shirt. The one that made her famous on QVC. A cotton button down shirt with the button covers. I would pay the cost of this type of shirt. So much fun. My favorite shirt was the animal farm shirt and I like the St. Patrick's day sweater. Continue Reading

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