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Re: Consult Beaute....Dr Terry Dubrow and Heather

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On 4/19/2015 MidNight said: Have not heard her deny fillers or botox so that is probably all she has had done..Plastic surgery is going under the knife,and at her age i can believe she has not done that..Now days they can do facelifts with fillers which am sure she has done. So, are fillers what could make her cheek bones look so huge? Sorry, I don't really know the difference between all these things. Continue Reading


Re: Consult Beaute....Dr Terry Dubrow and Heather

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I feel a little deceived. On this evening's presentation, Heather Dubrow stated that she has NEVER had plastic surgery. It is obvious that she has had something done with her cheeks and eyebrows. I have watched her since day one on the RHOC and she looks very unnatural. Also, isn't Botox considered plastic surgery? She has openly admitted to Botox on the show. For that reason alone, the dishonesty, I will not be ordering. Continue Reading


Re: What’s the Best Holiday Gift You've Ever Received? Share Your Story for a Chance to Win!

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Three days before Christmas 24 years ago our apartment was burglarized. Being a young couple with a 1 1/2 year old son and pregnant with my second child, we didn't have much, but everything of monetary value was taken. Microwave, TV, etc. Gifts wrapped by the tree were opened and taken. The burglar even used my son's red wagon to carry the items to the street, as we found the red wagon by the curb outside the complex. I was so touched and humbled when on Christmas my entire family...parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles all contributed to replace everything that was taken. It tou... Continue Reading


Re: O/T "We're Pregnant" How Did that Phrase get started?

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On 7/14/2013 kittymama said: I think if this phrase gets someone uptight, then they are too uptight! I agree......so many other more important things in life. I can't believe I just wasted my time reading about this topic! Continue Reading


Re: Andrew Lessman

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I am not a doctor, but his Hair, Skin, and Nails have done more for me than what it states.....I have been using these for 7 plus years. Three weeks ago, I ran out and put off ordering. I ordered right before the TS (didn't know he was having one). I hadn't taken them for three weeks and was extremely fatigued with low energy. I was also losing more hair than usual. Now, I have started taking again and within three days I felt more like myself......higher energy level. Luckily, I ordered 100 caps, so I was able to purchase the largest size TS. I will never go without these vitamins aga... Continue Reading


Re: How many of you tried wen and had bad results?

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The only scent that worked for me was the summer mango coconut (don't know if I got name right) I want to try Pomegranate. However, using it mainly as a shampoo conditioner does not work for me. I use my Pureology shampoo then the wen conditioner. The key for me is to NOT leave in for two minutes. I put in, emulsify quickly with water then immediately rinse out. When I massaged and left in, yes, I did lose more hair. I cannot use as a conditioner every day, but use twice a week. Continue Reading


Has anyone tried IT Vitality Flush Skin Color Sticks? New duo online!

Last Reply by Persephonel 1372523946.617 | Started by mendaheart in Beauty Banter

Multi use for lips and cheeks. I just saw this new online. I wanted to order the Laura Geller Pink Cake Pops kit, but now I am on the fence. Which one do you think you would like better? I love the idea of cream blush, but not happy with Tarte, Josie Maran's and others I have tried. Thank you! Continue Reading


Re: Blush that actually LASTS???

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Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee!!!! I finally found a blush that is easy to put on, doesn't get too thick and show my pores, and the last factor......wow! Lasts all day without changing color! I love them! Continue Reading


Josie Maran SPF 40 four ounce size not discontinued!

Last Reply by SilentDance 1367762942.19 | Started by mendaheart in Beauty Banter

I am on auto delivery for the special super size offer of the Josie Maran moisturizer spf 40 (four ounce size). Because of the last available 1.7 size being sold and discontinued, I emailed customer service at QVC to see if my auto delivery of the 4 ounce will be no longer available. They emailed me back and said, no.....the 4 ounce size will still be available. I think it will only be available for those who jumped on auto delivery, but should still be available elsewhere! Yay! Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran SPF 40 moisturizer

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For those of us on autodelivery for the super size spf 40 (nontinted), I wonder if they will cancel autodelivery? My next shipment is in July. I guess a question for customer service. I did look at the bottle I have and it says with physical sunscreen. Continue Reading

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