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Re: Do you watch QVC more or less since the departure...

In Beauty Banter 1420673020.543

On 1/7/2015 puglet1 said: I watch less not because of any host departing but because the hosts have become increasingly annoying and the merchandise increasingly boring. I bought lots of stuff many years ago. I totally agree. Maybe that is why Lisa left. LOL Continue Reading


Re: Okay, it's official! Shawn just Announced new Monday Schedule!

In Fashion Talk 1420608318.647

Since Lisa left I have no desire to watch the " fashion shows" or should I say the lack of fashion shows. Logo in my opinion is the antithesis of fashion. I will save money! Continue Reading


Re: How long to you keep up your Christmas decorations? Outside lights?

In For the Home Talk 1419745196.483

After Epiphany and the Greek Orthodox Christmas (1/7). The house seems so bare after that. :( Continue Reading


Amazon vs QVC

Last Reply by ScrapHappy2 1419177429.047 | Started by calcgirl in Beauty Banter

Why would anyone purchase on the Q when Amazon, Sephora and Philosophy to name a few provide better pricing and free shipping??????? Am I missing something? Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn looks so nice today!

In Fashion Talk 1418757095.103

On 12/16/2014 imaclotheshog said: She is a great host and a beautiful person, well said. She looks especially pretty in reds and teals, with her hair. I didn't see her today but she has been looking very pretty lately when I have seen her. Her hairstyle and color is especially flattering. Of course we don't know the hosts in real life but she seems like such a nice person, so giving and devoted to her animals. I have a lot of respect for those that care so much about animals. I agree. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn looks so nice today!

In Fashion Talk 1418757024.4

I like CG, but the vest she had on made her look heavy and put 20 pounds on her middle! Not a good look at all, especially since she has lost weight ( good for her!). D&C needs a new, fresh designer. The clothes at present are outdated, boring, unflattering and well, frumpy! I am 66 years old and I wouldn't be caught dead in these clothes for the most part. I sometimes tune in because I enjoy CR and keep hoping they will present something cute. Have a good day ladies. Continue Reading


Re: Who Will Host PMS?

In Fashion Talk 1418320912.927

On 12/11/2014 Graciesmom said: I'll vote Gabrielle too ... She is stylish, well spoken and a bit more sophisticated. For some reason TPTB only use her over night and I think she could handle prime time. The only deal breaker for me is Jane Treacy ... That's a definite "pass me the remote" ... I would never watch! She may be a sweet lady but her high pitch voice gets to me like nails on a chalkboard. Continue Reading



Last Reply by NickNack 1418558479.483 | Started by calcgirl in Coffee Talk

First, Happy Thanksgiving to all. This morning I went to make a cup of coffee with my Keurig and it would not brew. Since I purchased the maker 2 years ago I was ready to toss it and then thought, "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and attempted with the help of the manual to fix the problem. Still, no luck, so I called customer service and a wonderful guy taught me how to fix the problem. Apparently coffee grounds can get up into the Keurig cup ( on top, a needle) holder; using a paper clip and continuing to rinse until clear my machine is working great. I hope that guy gets everything o... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa & The No More Wiggle/Jiggle Dance - PM Style

In Fashion Talk 1416979322.623

I totally agree, PM Style will not be the same without Lisa. I know I will no longer be watching and I bet QVC sees a BIG drop in sales when Lisa leaves. QVC will lose it's one and only class act host and go back to being Walmart. Continue Reading

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