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Strawberry Shortcake Recipe Request

Last Reply by sylviahomeatlast 1397628764.223 | Started by calcgirl in Recipe Swap

Good Day Everyone! I was at a restaurant in Cavecreek Az and had the best shortcake. It was a shortcake baked in a pan, very moist. Anyone have a delicious recipe to share? Thank you! Continue Reading


Re: Isaac's TSV Today

In Fashion Talk 1396308043.987

Hello Ladies, A good friend of mine owns every color of these capris and loves them. They do not bag at the knees and although it has elastic in the back, they lie flat! I am not a seamstress so I do not know how they construct them to do so, but they do. The fabric is lovely and they wash well. I am afraid to order them because they run narrow in the thigh area. I am not overweight, but have always carried my weight in the hips and thighs. My friend is very slender and tiny so they look awesome on her. Hope this helps. Continue Reading


Rachel's Knit Top

Last Reply by Junebug54 1395770412.84 | Started by calcgirl in Fashion Talk

On Q Check today, does anyone know where I can purchase the striped top with the sail boats that Rachel has on? I looked on QVC site and it does not show up and I wrote on her facebook page. Just thought the ladies on this site may know. Thank you! Continue Reading


New Hosts

Last Reply by KathyPet 1394737108.483 | Started by calcgirl in Fashion Talk

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I noticed two new hosts and wondered who is leaving or are they just adding additional hosts. Have a great day! Continue Reading


Re: Mother/Daughter Situation

In Mom to Mom Forum 1394567643.653

Is the niece the daughter of the ill brother? That would explain a lot. Also, why are you so upset by the generosity of this lovely lady? I found the gesture as very sweet and loving. Personally. if this were my mother I would have been so proud of her. Continue Reading


Outhouse at an Outdoor Wedding

Last Reply by Bungo 1389532574.933 | Started by calcgirl in Viewpoints

My granddaughter is getting married at her future in-laws backyard because they want an outdoor wedding and the future in laws wanted it at their home.My daughter is funding the entire cost of the wedding, including all of the rentals, etc. Both bride and groom are in their mid-twenties and teachers, all of the guests ( up to 140) are either family or professional type friends, not a bunch of hooligans. Well, the future in-laws told my daughter that she also needs to rent an outhouse because they do not want the guests using their bathrooms or going inside the home. The home is large and w... Continue Reading


Re: So now that New Years is here.......

In For the Home Talk 1388608693.757

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question and I hope you have a great and healthy 2014! Continue Reading


So now that New Years is here.......

Last Reply by calcgirl 1388608693.763 | Started by calcgirl in For the Home Talk

When do you take down your Christmas decorations? I have a ladies group coming over Jan 7th, so I am thinking I should probably take down the decorations beforehand. It is just that I havw a lot to do and it is just me. Yuk. Continue Reading


Dream Jeans Vs Denim and Co Knit Jeans

Last Reply by LipstickDiva 1384787428.9 | Started by calcgirl in Fashion Talk

Has anyone purchased both types of knit jeans? How do they compare in fit, sizing and style? Thank you! Continue Reading

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