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Re: Why not be nice and give Lisa Robertson respect she deserves?

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On 3/24/2015 Stella Dallas said: Oh please, she's an ex-salesperson, not the Pope. Both are human beings and loved by Gd, so both deserve equal respect. I don't know what you do for a living, but don't you think you deserve respect regardless of what you do to earn a living? Have a nice day and may others treat you well. Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver TSV on Thursday

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I saw how cute the top looked on Courtney and purchased the cream . Of course anything looks great on that girl! Continue Reading


Carolyn Gracie

Last Reply by stewmagoo 1425675759.853 | Started by calcgirl in Fashion Talk

Yea! Turned on my recorded Denim and Co and Carolyn was the host! . To be honest I seldom purchase but I really enjoy Carolyn, unlike some of the other hosts she does not sound like a car salesman. LOL Have a super day everyone. Bright and shiny here in Az. Continue Reading


Isaac's 24/7 Pants

Last Reply by Kachina624 1424738692.19 | Started by calcgirl in Fashion Talk

Do these pants run small. I noticed based on the hip measurement I would order two sizes up. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn Gracie and D&C

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Shauna is the host this afternoon, I don't mind her but I miss CG. Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn Gracie and D&C

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I enjoy Carolyn because she gives detailed sizing information; also she does not not like a car salesman, LOL. Continue Reading


Re: A.M. Style Live Chat- 2/21

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On 2/21/2015 Bird mama said: George Simonton new dress - not sure I'm feeling the lopsided hem in the back. << Back of knee I love this dress, but I am on the fence about buying it because the small is a 36 in bust and the medium is 38.5 in. I measure 37. I put the red medium in the wish list cart but I am afraid it may be too big. Does anyone know how is dresses run? Thank you, and have a great day ladies. Continue Reading


Carolyn Gracie and D&C

Last Reply by jonbon 1424893447.283 | Started by calcgirl in Denim & Co

I miss Carolyn on Denim & Co; she hasn't been on very much lately. I know she was on vacation, but since she returned other hosts are doing D&C. Lisa R and Carolyn G are my favorite. Continue Reading


Re: Exercise bike TSV

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On 2/19/2015 Trix said: You can tell sturdiness from a picture? That must be some photo. I compared the size of the front wheel. You are correct, pics can be deceiving. I was more impressed with the reviews provided and of course the price . I just wanted to alert those who may be interested in such a purchase. I buy from both, as well as local stores, etc and appreciate when I hear of a better price. Have a nice day. Continue Reading


Re: Alberti & Stacey (SG rep)

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I enjoy Alberti and wish he and Courtney were doing the PM Style show. Continue Reading

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