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Re: Lisa's Decorating Show

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On 10/26/2014 stevieb said: Different strokes. There have been years when I decorated to the max and where everything was toward the glamorous, elegant end of the spectrum, along the lines of the look of Lisa's show. Other years I've gone more subdued, more whimsical, more country, more woodsy, more lodge, and other years more traditional "Christmassy" and so on... I've done all white, blue and silver, lime green and vermilion and every color and combination imaginable as my 'themes'... While I see the more judgmental among us would disagree, as far as I'm concerned, there is no right or wron... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's Decorating Show

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On 10/25/2014 TrailBlazer05 said: On 10/24/2014 Tissyanne said: Saying Lisa does not know the reason for the season is very unkind, and judgmental. Some of you who say she is alone, and has no one to decorate for must know more than I do. The truth is not one of the posters here knows anything about her personal life. Sorry Tissyanne, but that is NOT what I said. Read again because what I did say is Lisa SEEMS TO "totally lose and completely miss the mark on what Christmas and the season is truly about! It's surely not all this materialistic stuff". That's a huge difference questions than wh... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's Decorating Show

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On 10/24/2014 luvtoshopathome said: Just because she lives alone, what does that mean? She can't decorate, something that she says she loves doing? I live alone but I love to go all out for Christmas, first for myself to enjoy and second I entertain during the holidays for my friends and family. I know Lisa has friends And I'm sure they are invited to her home over the holidays. I also heard her say, i believe it was on PM Style that she was having a big Christmas party for the employees of QVC. ITA Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's Decorating Show

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I have always loved decorating for Christmas. My late hubby and I would go all out and our kids and later grand kids loved it! We had a tree in every room, and decorated from top to bottom. Everyone gathered at our home for Christmas and it was heavenly. Now my love is gone and for the first time since he passed to heaven I decorated last year; no where near the same scale as I did with Dean, and I shed many tears of memories of past. I love Christmas and enjoy watching Lisa's shows. She is such a talented woman and enjoy watching her shows. Early Merry Christmas to all. Continue Reading



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I wish I had her body, if I did I would show it off as well. Continue Reading


Re: LISA IS LEAVING?? Agggghhhhhhh!

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On 10/9/2014 Karimaria1918 said: OMG!! I think that I wont be watching QVC anymore, to me Lisa is 95% of what I like from this company....her PM STYLE, the Lisa Robertson show, G.I.L.I, her jewelry shows from Italy....this is bad sad.... I totally agree. I will only watch her programs. Lisa has style and grace. The Q is losing BIG TIME! Continue Reading


Re: I Think It’s Time for a New Adventure

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I am happy for you Lisa and sad for your TV buddies like myself. I do not watch QVC except when you are on and love GILI. :) I do hope your new adventure keeps you in the fashion world because you are such a talented lady. Good luck and God Bless. Continue Reading


Re: Dennis Basso TSV September 16........

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Received the jacket and the color and fabric was very nice. However the fit was awful. I ordered the small based on the measurement chart provided and it was too long and too big in the shoulders. I wish they would make the coats in a petite although I am 5 ft 4 in and take a regular in the stores. Whats up with the Q sizing!!!!! Do they use giants as their models????? Continue Reading


Re: PM Style

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Where is Lisa? Continue Reading

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