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Re: Anyone color and highlight their hair at home?

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Has anyone recommended getting a retouch for the roots only? My colorist says it is better for the already color treated hair & more economical too. Even when she does the foil, it does not take 3 hours...my hair is not long though. Back in the 70's, early to mid 80's, I used to color @ home, but don't want to spend the time now, possibly getting towels soiled w/ the color or getting color on other things. Whatever you choose, best of luck!! Continue Reading


Re: Moisturerizer with spf

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Dr. Denese has a popular SPF 30 Defense Day Cream, except she should bring this out in color options. If you want one without the tint, I have heard her say to use the one for the neck on the face too (Q doesn't carry the neck SPF 30 anymore, but it's on her web site). Continue Reading


Re: Best Brush for It Cosmetics CC Foundation Cream ?

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dl3, Thanks for your rec on the RT Face Brush! Was reading some reviews and so many excellent ones!! Have you tried the blush brush or any of the kits? Continue Reading


Re: Best anti aging cream??????

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Welcome aboard!! Just yest came across a poster who recommended A235129 Murad Intensive Age Diffusing Serum. Please put this item in the above Search Bar...you should find an enthusiastic user relating her dramatic results using this and A254716 Skin and Co. Truffle Therapy Anti Aging Serum. The Murad product even has a couple before/after eye photos. She reported both products worked well on her oily skin. You prob have some other moisturizers to use over the serum. Try to find an SPF eye creme...Shiseido has one. As previously mentioned, be faithful using facial sunscreen. Wear good... Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver Velvet Blazer

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So sorry you missed out on the jacket. Keep the item # to check periodically if one is in stock. You may even try calling CS...sometimes (though rarely) they can pull one up. Susan has frequently said do not be afraid to mix textures. Before hearing this, I had a tendency to have top and bottom match. I listened to her and have loved the look. Don't let the unavailability of the velvet jacket keep you from thinking you are limited in wearing the skirt. You may even already have a jacket now that will work!!! Continue Reading


Re: DIL's health problems!

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catprincess, I am so sorry to read your thread. You wrote you don't say much and have backed away, but from what I gather, your DIL desperately needs some help. If she is on Medicare, there are some issues... You say she is still on heavy pain medication from a prior back surgery 6 months ago and had a 4th colonoscopy. I obviously do not know her diagnoses, but from your description, it truly frightens me regarding her condition and safety. From what I have read, you are correct that she might not survive. If she is home alone when DS is working, she could be taking more pain medication... Continue Reading


Re: Any ingredients you try to avoid?

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Your concerns are mine now too!! On ShopNBC, Suzanne Somers has an organic line of hair, make up, and skincare products. The last time she was on, I probably purchased too much, but have no regrets. One product I did not get was the foundation, but only because it is not promoted as fulll coverage (my preference). Got body wash, blush, lipstick, a discovery kit (including hair products), body lotion, etc. And prior to the last visit, she had a TTV that had facial cleanser, spray toner, day/noc moisturizer, eye cream, a body butter type cream, etc. on auto delivery that I got and am likin... Continue Reading


Re: Reaction to Manicure

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If this was a family member or me...due to some classic symptoms of when to seek medical attention being swollen fingers, burning, red cuticles, I would be seen or take the family member to the ED tonoc/now. Do you have a family physician, or do you live near a medical center where there are surgeons who specialize in upper extremities? Have worked w/ hand surgeons, and have taken care of many patients w/ hand issues. I am not in any way saying you have something serious, but this warrants being checked by a physician in case you do need IV (intravenous) antibiotics. For the time being...... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone know Sharon's nailpolish from 3/29's 6pm IT COSMETICS show?

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Spoke w/ CS again, but the host list was not available yet. He suggested calling again in the am. Have you had a chance to check out yest's nail colors? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone know Sharon's nailpolish from 3/29's 6pm IT COSMETICS show?

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Pulled up the brow product and checked it out. Agree w/ A Walker. Seems I even remember seeing a color like it. It is very pretty and subtle. CS was called, but there was no mention of it yet. CS suggested calling back @ 8:30 pm, and maybe there would be some info. Hope you can find out!! And A had the great idea of asking her on FB!! Continue Reading

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