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Re: Did Anyone Order the Algenist Products Just On?

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Harpa, you are correct algae has been around for a very long time but here is the info from the algenist site regarding this line. Alguronic Acid<sup>®</sup> is the tradename for a never-before-seen biotechnology discovery from a team of scientists in San Francisco. Alguronic Acid is a powerful regenerative compound produced by a specific and unique strain of microalgae that functions to protect and regenerate the single-celled organism in the harshest environments and conditions on the planet. Tested for its potential anti-aging skin benefits, Alguronic Acid demonstrated the ... Continue Reading


Re: Did Anyone Order the Algenist Products Just On?

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I use and love the concentrated reconstructing serum and the micropolish resurfacing peel and from todays show I am considering the Multi-Perfectin Pore Corrector Concentrate. I have tried the cleanser (didn't care for it), the eye gel (didn't work for me), the eye balm has an ingredient that I'm allergic to (so I can't use it). This line has some good products...if you can order a try me kit to see what will and won't work for you then that is the way to go because the line is costly but no more than some other lines sold here on the Q. Continue Reading


Re: Sephora whine..

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ITA, during the sale period or the discount coupon dates every item you want/need is "out of stock" then the day after the sale ends/coupon expiration date all of those products are miraculously available for purchase. Continue Reading


Re: Algenist Triple Action Micro-polish Peel is Amazing!

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You can also leave it on, allow it to dry, them rub it off. I figured that out because one day after I applied the peel to my face I got side tracked and forgot about it. When I remembered it was already dry so I just started rubbing it and it rolled off my face it little balls. I then rinsed with wate, my face was so soft. I have been using it that way ever since. Continue Reading


Re: Will Dooney have a OTO tonight?

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Yes it is a little small but I like it and I would have ordered had it NOT had the pink gingham interior...that is a deal breaker for me. Continue Reading


Re: Dooney Ostrich teal is so beautiful

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Yes, didn't get anything today...waiting on Dillards New Years day sale...maybe, just maybe, crossing fingers and toes for a discount price, lol it probably won't happen since the color is so new however I'll pick one up that day. I just need to decide on which style, decisions, decisions. Continue Reading


Dooney Ostrich teal is so beautiful

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saw it in person today at Dillards. That is all, lol Continue Reading


Re: Naked/Nude Eye Shadow Palette Choices?? Feedback Pls...

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Prefer Mally's In the Buff palette (use it daily) over both UD Naked 1 and 2 but UD Naked Basics is really good. Continue Reading


Re: Marajuca oil

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I use mine daily...lips, cuticles, undereyes. Recently picked up a second during the tarte sale last week... it was free with any order. Continue Reading

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