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Re: Cleansing Oil - Do you have a favorite?

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The only one I've used enough to have an opinion is Tatcha. Their oil is mentioned in previous posts here, but the "total package" is a a two-part system in which Part One is the cleansing oil and Part Two is grains that you mix with water to make a foamy paste. I love this system. I bought it on a whim and didn't use it for a while - it went into my product stash. Now I love it. The oil cleanses very thoroughly and doesn't leave my oily/combo skin greasy. The grains/paste helps exfoliate and smooth my skin. Am on Auto Delivery! Continue Reading


Re: Someone on this board mentioned a dupe for Mally's Poreless Face Defender...

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I've used both the Skinn product and the Mally product - can't decide which I prefer. If the Cover Girl duplicate comes in a colorless version, I will try it at some point because I'm a product junkie and would like to save some money if possible. (I just now read about the Cover Girl dupe on this thread - haven't looked elsewhere for more info.) Continue Reading


Re: Bobbi Brown Lipstick price increase here and at her website....

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If you are able to go to a store that sells Bobbi Brown products, there rarely is an incentive to buy from QVC, even before the price increase mentioned above. The exception is kits that QVC sells at prices below what it would cost to buy items individually. Single items often sell on QVC for the same price charged at stores, plus there is shipping; or else QVC charges a slightly lower price, but by the time you add shipping cost, it is more expensive than buying at a store. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Cell Phone Safety-Important-Please Read

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On 2/28/2014 redtabby said: I do not believe the story, atm withdrawals have daily limits systemwide and tellers still ask for ids when making withdrawals in person. I don't know whether to believe the story. It is possible that all they had in the account was the amount that could be withdrawn in one day at the ATM. The story says nothing about the thief seeing a teller in person. In any event, the story is a good reminder to be careful with our financial and personal contact information. Continue Reading


Re: A Halo for $335???????

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But it's on 5 Easy Pays for a little over $2 a day! That's practically free!! For those who have nothing better to do with their money, I say -- Go for it. It's none of my business how you spend your money as long as my tax dollars and I are not supporting you. Most QVC shoppers, however, are not in that category! Continue Reading


Re: O/T Cell Phone Safety-Important-Please Read

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On 2/28/2014 lacey1 said: Just one thing to consider. I have family members listed as DH, son, etc. The reason is that in the case of emergency, ambulance personnel will check your phone for next of kin. . . . I don't know how widespread this idea is, but I read somewhere that in addition to listings you may want to show as Home, Daughter, etc. (or something more secure), you should also have a listing called "ICE" which emergency responders are trained to recognize as In Case of Emergency. That should be the contact info for your first choice person. Continue Reading


Re: BE versus IT

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On 2/27/2014 momtodogs said: I have used both and prefer BE...I wear fairly light in BE and purchased the light in IT, I can't seem to get any coverage with IT. I even used the sponge that came with the IT and it barely picked up any foundation!!! I think there is a 'film' on the just does not pick up product and therefore no coverage! Interesting. I sometimes have the opposite problem - I'm heavy handed with IT and tend to apply too much. As for the film, I believe that has been discussed on other threads. I found that I got film when I use the IT brush (so soft!). When I ... Continue Reading


Re: Kindle HD 8.9 32 capabilities?

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On 2/21/2014 kachina624 said: There is a device sold on Amazon by a company called LapWorks which is a holder for the device that clamps on and has a Velcro loop on the back for the hand so the user holds it in the palm with no effort. It's a godsend for people with arthritis. It is safer for the device has it decreases the possibility of dropping it. HSN has a similar device. I don't know what it's called, but if you pull up the product page on any of their tablets, the holder probably will be listed as a suggested extra purchase. I think it is $30 or $40. Continue Reading


Re: BE versus IT

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Bare Escentuals regular formula loose foundation doesn't work for me. I like their matte formula, but haven't bought it for a while. I now use IT Celebration foundation (regular formula - not more recent glowing formula), among other brands. I currently prefer pressed formulas, but might go back to BE Matte in the future. As for shades, there have been many threads regarding the confusing naming of IT shades. If you tell us what shade of BE you use, we may be able to tell you what shade of IT likely will work for you. Continue Reading


Re: neck cream

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I have found that specialized neck creams do help me. (That is a decision each person has to make for herself.) I have gone through a number of "favorite" neck creams, the latest being by Prai. Yes, Prai, the line sold on HSN, which I had stayed away from because of their absurd story about an ingredient from outer space or something like that, in some of their products. My favorite TV shopping host, Colleen Lopez of HSN, convinced me to try Prai neck cream some time ago, and I am very glad I did. It has been the best at firming my jawline area as well as further diminishing the lines which h... Continue Reading

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