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Owning Multiple Tablets - Reasons?

Last Reply by gidgetgoeshawaiian 1406820852.487 | Started by Lowry83 in Electronics Talk

Some posters have said they own more than one tablet (for their own use, not the total number owned by their family members). I am a novice to the tablet world, and am wondering - what are the reasons some of you own multiple tablets? Is it that they have different capabilities, or do you have one for work and one for pleasure, or a cheap one you bought as a starter before moving on to something else, etc.? Or are you like me, and just can't decide which is best? Thank you in advance for your comments. Continue Reading


Re: SKINN - so many products - help.

In Beauty Banter 1406723698.203

Check the Skinn Cosmetics website to see if there is a section that allows you to contact their Customer Service department. Or you could do the old-fashioned thing and call them. They might be able to suggest a routine for you. That's how I got advice from my favorite ShopHQ brand, Isomers. If you are on Facebook (which I am not), you might be able to contact Skinn that way. Continue Reading


Re: PRAI is on tonight

In Beauty Banter 1406227665.23

I also use and love the Neck and Decolletage Cream. Colleen Lopez got me hooked on it a few months ago. I agree that a specialized neck cream is beneficial. I've used several of them, and Prai is my new favorite. I noticed that Prai also offers a Nighttime version of this cream. I didn't bother to read the product description, but I may go back and do so. Nighttime neck cream? Even I, a product junkie, am not so sure about that one! Continue Reading


Re: Poo-Pourri

In Beauty Banter 1406227147.51

I may get this for him so he doesn't have to be embarrassed at work. I would think that anyone would be embarrassed at work if they didn't do something to control these odors. I know when I walk into the ladies room at work and gag on the odor, I would have been embarrassed to leave the room that way!! Continue Reading


Re: Are You A Returnaholic?

In Q Did What? 1406226209.783

I hope QVC (or any business) doesn't penalize a customer for returns due to defective merchandise or other reasons that are not the fault of the customer. If you know for a fact, not just a suspicion or a hunch, that customers are being penalized that way, that's a different problem. As for eliminating the return policy, I don't agree with that. Businesses have policies in place that generally work out well but are subject to withdrawal if a customer abuses the policy. Example - a restaurant offering unlimited appetizers. If you come in with 10 friends, and only one person places an order... Continue Reading


Re: No Foundation Foundation Serum, Bronzer, etc......

In Perricone MD 1406217492.757

A TSV would be great. I haven't tried any of these products but would be interested. (I read about them in a magazine insert last time I was at the hair salon. Somehow the insert became detached from the magazine and found its way into my purse. ) A TSV probably is the only way I'd buy from QVC. Otherwise I'd buy elsewhere to save on shipping. Continue Reading



In Suggestion Box 1406215308.703

I haven't watched the actual Christmas shows - featuring decorations, etc. Other deals offered during Christmas In July events can be tempting - special pricing, extra flex pays, even the ability to return purchases of certain items until January 2015. Continue Reading


Re: Poo-Pourri

In Beauty Banter 1406215101.013

Disease or no disease, no one's waste smells good. We all can benefit (and those around us can benefit!) from using something like PooPourri, Fresh Drop, etc. Continue Reading


Re: Hair Color

In WEN 1406208838.22

Hopefully one of our fellow posters who has been to Chaz's salon will reply. I don't know how to answer you, which is one reason I don't bring Wen to my salon. I just "cringe and bear it" as they lather me. (They formerly used lather-free Deva Curl but no longer carry that brand.) Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1406208046.07

I didn't see the post that was deleted, but there are so many posts that promote so many products of QVC competitors. I guess I don't recognize what might be the line that some of the QVC web people don't want us to cross. (And yes, I get it that different "webbies" are not consistent in their standards.) Continue Reading

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