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Re: Would like to take advantage of TSV pricing but delay order..................

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If you don't mind paying for the item by credit card on the day you place your order, I agree that delivery to a different address would be best. Personally, I have all packages delivered to a UPS Store (similar to Post Office Box, but they give you a street address). Perhaps a friend, family member or workplace can receive your package. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Return Labels...Never Again!

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I posted this on another thread --- If you have the type of return label which allows you to leave the package either with the Post Office or with UPS, try to use UPS. See if there is a UPS Store in your area, or an office building with UPS pickup. I go to a UPS Store, and they scan my labels - maybe not the moment I hand them the package, but certainly before it leaves the store. And returns are received by QVC and processed quicker this way. Continue Reading


Re: Return Time at the Q is INSANE

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I don't do a lot of returning, but do find QVC's return processing time to be slow. One thing that can slightly speed things up is -- if you are using the kind of return label that allows you to leave the package with either the Post Office or UPS, choose UPS. See if there is a UPS store in your area, or an office building with UPS pickup. That eliminates the time it takes a package to get from Post Office to UPS. Continue Reading


Re: New return policy on the Q

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I agree with most of the above comments. I haven't stopped ordering from QVC, but have placed very few orders recently and am not completely familiar with the details of the new shipping/return policies. I will be very careful with orders in the future, but cannot bring myself to say I will STOP ordering. Continue Reading


Re: What do you think about the new qvc shipping charges?

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On 2/18/2015 faeriemoon said: I think there should still be a discount on a "second item purchased." If they can ship one shirt for $3, it doesn't cost twice as much to ship two in the same package. I think the new "no original shipping refund" policy was designed to stop serial returners. Unfortunately, it hurts those of us who are not serial returners. Continue Reading


Re: When good make up goes bad...

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On 2/18/2015 suzyQ3 said: I don't totally buy into the fear. I think some of it is generated for sales. I most definitely would not throw out all my cosmetics after six months, as HH posted. Powder products can last a very long time. And you can always wipe the surface off. You can do the same with lipsticks. Pencil products should last as well. I'm careful with liquids or creams. I agree. My high school drama club saved makeup for a very, very long time (and yes, that was longer ago than I care to admit). Everyone used it, and I never knew anyone to have problems. That's why I've never be... Continue Reading


Re: Too much infomercial type programming!

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On 2/18/2015 KYToby said: As long as QVC continues to sell tens of thousands of these higer=priced items during these extended shows, I do not see them changing. They are here to sell and make money which is their priority. Entertaining people -- particularly those who just keep the channel muted in the background to relieve boredom -- is not really their major concern. While I, and many others, do agree that more diversity would be great, I do accept that QVC is ultimately a business and not there to entertain me. Plus, I look on the "bright" side - with lots of what I consider to be borin... Continue Reading


Re: Can QVC read?

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On 2/13/2015 stevieb said: . . . It was back in the days when QVC was a very different operation . . ., they actually sent out the replacement item before I returned the original... ... Yes, believe it or not, they used to do things like that for customers! And some retailers still do things like that. I bought a Kindle reader from Amazon, then decided I wanted a different, more expensive, model. I paid the difference in price, and they shipped the replacement before they received the original. As for QVC's exchange procedures, I guess I haven't exchanged anything for a very long time. I do... Continue Reading


Re: Salespeople or hucksters?

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On 2/10/2015 Tinkrbl44 said: Sorry, but I don't share your opinion .... and don't believe that the hosts use all QVC products. I also don't believe that a sales person is a "huckster" if they don't. Their job is to PRESENT THE PRODUCT, explaining pertinent features and details. Nothing is for everyone, and while I might find something I want and love, it may do nothing for you ... so what? I think the hosts' job is to be articulate and well informed about the products they present, and I'll make up my own mind. I have never been influenced to buy because the host has it. Continue Reading


Re: YES Hair Removal on other channel

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There are at least 2 other shopping channels that many of us watch. We will not be poofed if we say their names. The hair removal device mentioned by the original poster is being offered on the channel soon to be officially called EVINE Live (formerly ShopHQ). Another shopping channel is HSN. There. I said both names and this thread still is here. EVINE Live (ShopHQ) and HSN; EVINE Live (ShopHQ) and HSN; EVINE Live (ShopHQ) and HSN; EVINE Live (ShopHQ) and HSN; EVINE Live (ShopHQ) and HSN. EDIT - Thank you, Shelbelle, for reminding us (me!) that the name is being changed We still won't be poo... Continue Reading

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