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Re: BEST Pressed Powder Foundation

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I'm 53 and still have oily skin. (I keep telling myself that maybe that will slow down the appearance of wrinkles! ) My face, for better or worse, never really looks dry. I use IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation (not the illuminating type, but the "regular" kind). That gives me good coverage. I like Laura Geller's Balance N Brighten as a light finishing touch, but when I apply enough to give coverage, it looks too heavy. Continue Reading


Re: Mally's website down

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Mally's website (Mally Beauty) looks just fine on Tuesday, May 26th, almost 4:30pm Eastern Time. Continue Reading


Re: Desperately need recommendation for great mascara: separating lashes without clumping is most important!!!

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On 5/14/2015 Lanikins said: I just accidentally discovered Cover Girl Clump Crusher in the green tube. Wonderful for separated lashes! Does not smudge on lower lashes either. That is my favorite, as well. I learned about it on these boards. I've used both the regular and waterproof (or water resistant - can't recall) types. Continue Reading


Re: BM on auto-delivery

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On 5/13/2015 misspammie said: nice thread title!!!!!!!! But if you're talking about bareMinerals beauty Auto Deliveries, I think there are descriptions, if not pictures, posted on these boards in advance of shipment dates. Or a company representative might be able to tell you. Since you post to these boards, I will assume you can at least e-mail the company. If you are on Facebook or other social media (which I am not), you could contact them that way. Continue Reading


Re: Suggestion for Reviews

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Although I sometimes mention my age in posts to these boards if it is relevant (such as comments about skin care), I would feel uncomfortable listing "statistics" to attach to a review. Of course, it has been a very long time since I posted my very few reviews, so it doesn't really matter what I think, does it? Continue Reading


Re: WHAT?????? I can't believe QVC does this!!

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On 5/13/2015 icezeus said: On 5/13/2015 Shelbelle said: Never in my lifetime would I ever pay $15.44 to ship a handbag, never!!! You and me. And me, too!! I look at shipping cost before I buy, and this one would have been a definite No Way!! Continue Reading


Re: Does Philosophy Shower Gel Expire?

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On 5/13/2015 Shelbelle said: I still use some that are several years old, no problems. Me, too. I use the "smell test" to determine whether to keep or toss any brand of shower gel. Continue Reading


Re: Added Shipping Cost?

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If the problem with the items is the vendor's fault (defect in manufacture, etc.), I hope that QVC would not charge for the return. I would have contacted Customer Service prior to the return, but even after the fact, they should be willing to make an adjustment to the customer's account. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use Tarte self tanner?

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I never have self-tanned, but just wanted to chime in on one point. Self-tanner fades over time, but soap should not wash it off. Tarte does have a temporary, cosmetic body tanning product which was presented on the day they had their Today's Special Value. That product does wash off. Continue Reading


Re: Easy, easy cookies.

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Wow, even I could do that!! If I tried to bake a cake, it probably would come out like Fred Mertz's cake (flat!). Continue Reading

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