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Re: Just saw Manuela and did not recognize her!!!

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On 4/15/2015 blankette said: who is she? We are referring to Manuela Marcheggiani, the cosmetic chemist who is a founder of Isomers Skin Care, a line sold on Evine Live (formerly ShopHQ, formerly ShopNBC, formerly Value Vision). Manuela presents this line on-air and had a Today's Top Value (like Today's Special Value) on April 15th. I believe she has shows on April 16th, as well. I love Isomers products but haven't watched for some time, so haven't seen Manuela. I just check online for deals. Continue Reading


Re: Enlarged Pores?

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I currently am on Auto Delivery for the Philosophy Total Matteness Duo, which includes the following: Each shipment includes 5-fl oz total matteness pore-minimizing and mattifying cleanser and mask and 1-fl oz total matteness mattifying pore eraser; After cleansing all over with my usual cleanser (which varies - I'm a cleanser junkie ), I use this duo only on my nose and chin, which are my oiliest areas. It has been a tremendous help, and my pores seem much smaller. I don't recall if these products claim to actually shrink pores or just make them look smaller, but I don't really care as lo... Continue Reading


Re: WEN Lawsuit could be good news.

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On 4/13/2015 bonnielu said: Never used Wen. Always wanted to try. Wish there were samples. Quantities are so large and there would be gigantic leftovers if I did not like it. You might consider a set of travel packets. Yes, it is messier than pumping from bottles, but you can buy a smaller quantity. Or maybe one 16 ounce bottle. If you don't like it on your hair but choose not to return it, it can be used as shaving lotion and possibly body wash. Continue Reading


Re: Shop Evine

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I don't watch Evine very often (just as I don't watch HSN or QVC as often as I used to), but I look online for deals on Isomers skin care, which I learned about on these boards. In fact, Isomers will be the Today's Top Value for April 15th (starting 10pm Eastern on April 14th). Continue Reading


Re: Kindle 8GB tablet

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A Kindle purchased without Special Offers will not have popups (and will cost a little more). A Kindle WITH Special Offers has ads on the screen when the device locks and/or other times. I don't recall exactly what my Kindle did before I paid the fee to Unsubscribe. The ads were far from constant, but enough to be annoying. Continue Reading



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I wonder if Jamie of IT pays to have her product seen on the Kardashians' show? I don't care one way or the other - just curious. If I watched the show (which I don't), I might have an opinion of whether Kris really uses this CC, just as I have opinions about whether QVC hosts really use the products they present. (I use the original IT CC Cream and really like it. Haven't tried the illuminating version.) Continue Reading


Re: Kindle 8GB tablet

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I have a larger capacity Kindle tablet that I bought some time ago from QVC, and I really like it. I'm not exactly a technical genius (what an understatement! ), and the Kindle has been very easy for me to use. Keep in mind that the "special value" of the April 7th TSV probably means that it comes with "Special Offers," which is advertising on your lock screen and possibly at other times. It costs an extra $10, $15 or so to eliminate the ads (on Kindle website). I haven't read the complete product description of the TSV so am not certain whether it includes Special Offers. Continue Reading


Re: IT TSV 3/27 auto delivery shades

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I think it is the same disk I still have from a TSV a long time ago. I am curious about the new CC cream, but probably will wait and try that, alone, in the future. Continue Reading


Re: iPad - 4G??

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Thank you for both of the replies. I may go with a mobile hot spot, but that's a whole other subject to research. :) Continue Reading


iPad - 4G??

Last Reply by jaxs mom 1426019760.633 | Started by Lowry83 in Electronics Talk

I'm not very tech savvy, so I thought I'd ask here for some information. I know that some iPads are made to connect to a cellular service for internet access when not in a WiFi zone. My question is -- if an iPad is NOT made to connect to a cellular service, can you still insert a SIM card and get some type of temporary cellular connection? I saw something online about inserting SIM cards into iPads but did not understand the details. (Yes, I do know there are different types of SIM cards for different models of iPad.) I will look at the Apple website for information and will ask plenty of ... Continue Reading

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