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Re: Tracking problems in email

In Q Did What? 1409777704.81

Yes, I had that problem late in the day on Tuesday, Sept. 2 and earlier today, Wed., Sept. 3. Have not tried this afternoon. Continue Reading


Re: Question about shipping/billing

In The Q We Love 1409761493.86

The only point I can speak to is different shipping and billing address. Like another poster, I always have had different shipping and billing addresses. This never was a problem with QVC (or HSN, for that matter). Years ago, a credit card company called me to question whether certain charges were legitimate when the orders were being shipped to a location other than my home, but I assured them everything was okay. No further problems in that regard. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody planning to get the iphone 6?

In Electronics Talk 1409756006.173

". . .I don't see anything wrong with others buying new phones when they come out. Different people have different wants & needs. Not to mention different amounts of money to spend on such things. Thank goodness we don't all feel the same about everything." I agree. I kept my antique flip phone for 9 years (!!) but never criticized those who exchanged phones every year or two. To each his or her own. As I said above, I will buy the new iPhone 6 as soon as it is available because my flip phone stopped working, but I expect that I will keep the iPhone for a long time. Continue Reading


Re: Couple More iPad ?'s

In Electronics Talk 1409747523.66

To those who mentioned using a smartphone to create a mobile hot spot -- thank you for the tip!! I soon will be getting my first iPhone and may want to use it as a hot spot. Continue Reading


Re: Can anyone recommend the ACER ACONIA, a special for $99?

In Electronics Talk 1409747342.42

I am not familiar with this tablet, but just want to clarify - it is QVC's Today's Special Value on Wednesday, September 3rd. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody planning to get the iphone 6?

In Electronics Talk 1409747255.303

Yes, I will buy the smaller version of the iPhone 6 as soon as it is available on Verizon's website, but only because my ancient flip phone finally gave out. I have been saying for years that someday I would buy an iPhone, and now I have some incentive to do so. I don't think it will bother me to see future generations of iPhones and other smartphones on the market. Since I kept my flip phone for so long, I don't expect to be tempted by newer technology in the future. I believe the smaller iPhone 6 is 4.7" and the larger one 5.5". Someone showed me a Samsung smartphone that they said was 4.8"... Continue Reading


Re: yahoo mail

In Electronics Talk 1409229606.963

I guess I have been lucky to avoid the time periods where problems exist. I was able to access my Yahoo e-mail any time I needed it on Wed., Aug. 27th, and this morning, Thurs., Aug. 28th. Continue Reading


Re: Shipping on electronics?

In Electronics Talk 1409229401.067

I have not looked at the product description page for the PS4 (item mentioned by the Original Poster), but in general -- a QVC electronics item with a 4-week estimated delivery time must be on Advance Order. Regular delivery of an item that is in stock does not take anywhere near that long, even if you do not request expedited service. Continue Reading


Re: Tropics Lipstick

In Laura Geller 1409229166.45

On 8/27/2014 Tinkrbl44 said: Why don't you put this request on Laura's facebook page, where she will see it? I can only answer for myself - I do not do Facebook or any other social media beyond these boards. That's why I am posting my thoughts here. If I really, really wanted to get my message directly to Laura or someone at her company, I would contact them some other way. Continue Reading


Re: If you have $5,500 to spare...

In All About Handbags 1409229085.823

Just as I have said on threads about ultra-expensive skin care products -- to each her own. If someone is willing and able to spend $5,500 (or more) for a purse, that's her business. I couldn't (and wouldn't) spend that much, but it is not my place to criticize anyone who does. Continue Reading

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