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Re: I wanted to exchange something in Auto Delivery

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I agree with a previous reply (and I said on another thread) that e-mailing Customer Service is a good way to make these kinds of changes. They always have done what I asked. I don't know if certain Auto Delivery programs are restricted to allow no changes, but I never have had that problem. I realize that not everyone uses computers, but any of us who can post to these boards should be able to send an e-mail. Continue Reading


Re: My WEN TSV AD option changed on it own???

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I ordered Seasonals, made no attempt to request Classics for the second shipment, and my online Order Status still says Seasonals. I don't think I will try to change that. If anyone does want to change their second shipment and if the online Order Status does not allow you to edit your preference, I would suggest contacting Customer Service. I prefer to e-mail them, but you could call. I have e-mailed requests for Auto Delivery changes in the past, and they always have done what I asked. I don't know whether there is a special restriction on this particular Auto Delivery that does not per... Continue Reading


Re: If buying a "serum" for the 50 and over woman...what do you like?

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I agree with a few of the above replies - the best serum depends on a person's skin issues; also, I'm a big fan of Isomers. (For those who are not familiar with the brand, Isomers is sold on ShopHQ.) I'm 53, and my main skin issue is wrinkles. My favorite serums are Isomers Acetyl Hexapeptide 8 and their Glutathiosome. I only use one of those at a time. Am currently using the Glutathiosome. Continue Reading


Re: iPhone 6 or 6 Plus???

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To rudy (Reply No. 10) - Thank you for the suggestion about a case. I'll check it out to see if they have a similar model for the iPhone 6 (not Plus). That's what I just got. (I think I would find the Plus model to be too large to use as a phone, but would like it as a mini-tablet.) Continue Reading


Re: Portable Cell Phone Charger Questions

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okiebug (Reply No. 4) is right about mAh. If you can afford 2 chargers, you might want to get one smaller, lower mAh charger which would be easier to carry in a purse or pocket, and one larger, heavier, more powerful one, which would be better for charging tablets or providing multiple charges to a phone. Continue Reading


Re: Wait til Black Friday to buy Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

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It now is a few days after the HSN Today's Special, but I still thought I would ask -- Does anyone know if the model offered on HSN is the exact same one offered in the Black Friday deal mentioned by the Original Poster? I do not own, and am not interested in purchasing, any Beats, but I did see part of one HSN presentation. The host mentioned that there were various models of Beats - maybe Good, Better and Best versions. Continue Reading


Re: TSV Tablet 11/09

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I googled Gigaset on Friday or Saturday, Nov. 7 or 8, and found that Wal-Mart was selling what I think was the same model as the TSV. Earlier today (Sunday, Nov. 9), the QVC hosts and guest presenter said this brand was exclusive to QVC. Now, during the 3pm Eastern time show, there has been no mention of exclusivity. And Wal-Mart no longer shows up on the search results when googling this brand. Continue Reading


Re: 20 Things Women Over the Age of 30 Should Stop Wearing

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I'm in my 50s, and I like my Little Missmatched socks and old tennis shoes. I'll try any brand of jeans, and if they really do fit perfectly, I'll buy them! I read articles like this for amusement, but I certainly don't live by them. Continue Reading


Re: 11/09 TSV - Tablet Under $100

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I don't know which tablet will be offered. I don't even know IF a tablet really will be offered, considering that many electronics Today's Special Values do not actually air on the days shown on the schedule. Continue Reading


Re: IPad TSV

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On 10/21/2014 ClaudiaM said: You can get an iPad Air with 32Gb of memory, 2x the memory of TSV for $429. You can get a Logitech wireless keyboard for $99. You are better off getting the newer iPad Air with the faster A7 chip and the keyboard at Apple. JMHO. And Apple offers their own financing (which might be a selling point for those who consider buying from QVC because of Easy Pay). I don't know the details - over how many months, etc., but there is financing. Continue Reading

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