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Re: Joan Rivers rushed to hospital

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On 8/28/2014 DiAnne said: That is odd because I thought Larry Levin who runs TMZ is a Jew but maybe I am wrong. It's Harvey Levin, and I do think he is Jewish, but maybe he defines free speech in a way that allows all comments to be posted. We may not agree with him, but it is his right to do so. As I said above, I never have looked at comments on TMZ's site, so I have no specific opinion of the comments attached to articles about Joan Rivers. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers rushed to hospital

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Regarding above comments about, including the following: "What is the TMZ website. I really don't think I want to go there to find out." I occasionally read TMZ articles about people who I really am interested in. I do not go to that site on a regular basis, although I read some celebrity gossip elsewhere. I never have looked at the comment sections on TMZ and did not realize they allow posts such as referred to in a previous reply to this thread. I probably will check TMZ from time to time for updates about Joan, because I believe their factual information is accurate and timely. I ... Continue Reading


Re: yahoo mail

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I guess I have been lucky to avoid the time periods where problems exist. I was able to access my Yahoo e-mail any time I needed it on Wed., Aug. 27th, and this morning, Thurs., Aug. 28th. Continue Reading


Re: Shipping on electronics?

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I have not looked at the product description page for the PS4 (item mentioned by the Original Poster), but in general -- a QVC electronics item with a 4-week estimated delivery time must be on Advance Order. Regular delivery of an item that is in stock does not take anywhere near that long, even if you do not request expedited service. Continue Reading


Re: Tropics Lipstick

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On 8/27/2014 Tinkrbl44 said: Why don't you put this request on Laura's facebook page, where she will see it? I can only answer for myself - I do not do Facebook or any other social media beyond these boards. That's why I am posting my thoughts here. If I really, really wanted to get my message directly to Laura or someone at her company, I would contact them some other way. Continue Reading


Re: If you have $5,500 to spare...

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Just as I have said on threads about ultra-expensive skin care products -- to each her own. If someone is willing and able to spend $5,500 (or more) for a purse, that's her business. I couldn't (and wouldn't) spend that much, but it is not my place to criticize anyone who does. Continue Reading


Re: Wen Abbreviations Glossary

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These kinds of glossaries are fine for those who are willing to take the time to look at them. Personally, I don't bother. I stop reading a thread/post if I don't know what the writer is talking about with abbreviations. In my own posts, I spell out a term before I use the abbreviation. EXAMPLE - I cleanse with Sweet Almond Mint (SAM). I also like the SAM styling creme. Continue Reading


Re: New Smilies Please

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I am a technical "dummie," so I know nothing about what type of browser I have (as mentioned by a previous reply), but I am able to insert "smilies" anywhere in my posts. After typing a complete post on another thread a little while ago, I inserted a smilie somewhere in the middle with no problem. I will try that again in this post, just to make sure. Yes, it worked. I inserted the smilie above after I had typed the full paragraph. Continue Reading


Re: Supernatural by Philosophy

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On 8/27/2014 ItsAidan said: . . . They did change the packaging and swapped the sponge applicator to a brush . . . They now have a brush applicator? I may check it out. I liked the old sponge applicators when they were new and clean. Once they had been used for a while, they were a pain to remove and wash. I liked the product, though. I don't recall the details of what kind of coverage or finish it gave me, but I just might have to find out. Continue Reading


Re: Tropics Lipstick

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On 8/9/2014 Shelbelle said: A few on ebay. But probably as dry as mine is getting!! Continue Reading

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