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Re: New Arrivals

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NJ Girl- I saw these new items over the weekend & was surprised that no one commented on them. Remember how it used to be when Judith introduced new items...the forum ladies would talk about how much trouble they would be getting themselves into??? Now it's dead. The new items certainly are pricey, but there are a number that are drop-dead gorgeous & that are certainly worthy of comments. I am just crazy about the buckle ring & buckle cuff, also the multi-gemstone pink earrings & ring. You don't have to buy to appreciate beauty! Continue Reading



Last Reply by Penellope 1428207729.663 | Started by Glitter Puss in Judith Ripka

In your opinion, what is the best priced piece of Ripka now in QVC inventory & what is the worst priced? In my opinion, I vote for J266059 (the Mama Bahama necklace) as the best priced. Real gemstones, real pearls, beautiful design, nice size gemstone stations, & 36". I wear this one layered over the old blue leather magnetic cord w/ the old blue lapis rectangular enhancer attached to the cord. It looks spectacular! Worst priced? That's an easy one: J338307 (two little DMQ pave balls for the interchangeable cuff). The cuff + 2 sets of endcaps (one of which is the clear DMQ) is now at ... Continue Reading


Re: New Judith Ripka "LOVE" Necklace

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I agree w/ all previous responses, but I think an even WORSE price is $277 for J338307 - the pave balls for the cuff w/ the interchangeable endcaps. The cuff w/ TWO sets of endcaps is now $189. What gives??? It would be interesting to start a thread w/ your opinions on the best priced piece of Ripka on the Q now & the worst priced piece. Continue Reading



Last Reply by lynettey 1425224660.12 | Started by Glitter Puss in Judith Ripka

I have an 8-page Wish List, but since yesterday, I cannot get pages 2, 4, & 7. When I click on these pages, a message comes up saying "There is an error in retrieving your Wish List. Try again later". But this is ONLY for pages 2, 4, & 7. Is anyone else having problems w/ her Wish List? Continue Reading



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One reason that there may be fewer videos is that many of the new (and older) Ripka items never got presented on the air. Or, if they did, it was just a quick remark - not really a presentation. During the last group of 3 shows, I kept wondering why they weren't presenting some more of the new items instead of reiterating over & over the wonders of that black spinel cuff w/ the multi-gemstones (which I have & love), but why keep talking about it ad nauseum when there are so many new items that were never shown at all? Continue Reading



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Kiwi - Each of the apatite stones measures 3/8" x 1/4". The color if what I would call swimming pool blue. It is definitely more of a blue than a green...really an aqua color. I think if it were a green apatite, the description would have said so, because that is the way they described the new apatite ring. Hope this answers your questions. Continue Reading



Last Reply by BGDC 1424044612.067 | Started by Glitter Puss in Judith Ripka

J320023 APATITE CUFF: Simply glorious! The stones are clear & gorgeous. The silver carving is spectacular. The design is beautiful. Enough said!!! J320138 LBT "LOVE" CUFF: Love it!. Stone has nice saturation, but is not too dark (as some London blue is). Whimsical design. Great carving. Width is perfect. A winner! J320278 LAVENDER WATCH: The color of the watch is beautiful - prettier than it is in the picture. The band is nice leather. The face is pretty too, but very thin, making the whole watch a very light-weight piece. This is not necessarily a minus, but for the price, it seems expen... Continue Reading


Re: Ripka LTS

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Strangely enough, the LTS price was the same as the price it had been for the past several months. Continue Reading

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