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Last Reply by librisfb 1397592662.967 | Started by Glitter Puss in Judith Ripka

<h4>J276929 - 192.00 - heart gemstone bracelet. I have this one & love it. At $375, price seemed ridiculous. But very good buy at this price!</h4> Continue Reading



In Judith Ripka 1396612161.847

NJ Girl - Never mind! Boca Girl got it: it's J35784. Boca Girl - You hit the nail on the head! How did you get it? And how did you get from J29837 (the ring) to J35784? They aren't exactly in sequence. Brilliant sleuthing! Continue Reading



In Judith Ripka 1396611628.183

Thanks for your replies. NJ Girl - Yes, that's it! Do you have the J number? Continue Reading



Last Reply by Glitter Puss 1396612161.847 | Started by Glitter Puss in Judith Ripka

Does anyone have the J number of the old JR cuff that has alternating little stones of ruby, blue sapphire, & emeralds? It has a twisted rope texture between the stones & there was also a matching ring. Thanks to anyone who can help. Continue Reading



Last Reply by susan_ca 1396537349.73 | Started by Glitter Puss in Judith Ripka

After the one week trial period of lower shipping charges ($3.00 & $5.00) QVC has gone back to the ridiculously high charges except now you cannot see the charge displayed on the item page. As far as I can see, you have to "SPEED BUY" the item & then click on "I wish to see the total inclu. shipping, handling, & tax before I submit my order." Do they think if they keep the charges hidden, no one will mind??? Continue Reading


Re: Review of J292084 Asscher cut DMQ ring

In Judith Ripka 1395961096.757

Pepper - I bought the same ring & LOVE it too. The blue stones on the sides are electrifying & considering today's prices, I thought it was "reasonable". Enjoy that ring as I will enjoy mine! Continue Reading


Re: Pic of BT Soft Bracelet

In Judith Ripka 1395876749.64

Waterbaby - Drop-dead gorgeous!!! That color blue is electrifying. I loved both the amethyst & the BT, & fortunately showed restraint & didn't buy either. But they remain in the corners of my mind...especially after seeing yours. Enjoy it to the fullest!!! Remember - if you wear it every day, the cost goes down. You remember Lisa's cost-per-wear rationale? If you wear it every day for 2+ years, it is only costing you less than a $ a day! Cheap!!!! Continue Reading



In Judith Ripka 1395794634.49

Kathy - Sorry. The number is J291799. Continue Reading



Last Reply by anisha 1395800827.397 | Started by Glitter Puss in Judith Ripka

As soon as I saw the picture of it, I jumped on it like a duck on a June bug! Anything multi-gemstone,colorful, & candy-looking will get my attention immediately. But lurking in the back of my mind, I was wondering whether I would find it too sombre for my tastes. I hate anything Gothic, Victorian, Byzantine, hate autumn & autumn colors, never wear black except as an accent (shows all the wrinkles), hate heavily treed & shaded landscapes, & in general hate anything too serious-looking. I love jewelry, clothes, & houses that are light-hearted, airy, cute, whimsical, & c... Continue Reading


Re: REVIEW - Confetti Cuff

In Judith Ripka 1395699007.683

Kaplan - Don't let some perfect stranger rain on your parade! We have to remember that this is cyberspace, & unless you have met these posters in person, you do not know anything about them. It occurred to me the other day that there could be a "ripkanista" who is in reality a 90-year-old pervert who is posting to lure some lady into his den of iniquity under the guise of seeing her Ripka jewelry. I have a very vivid imagination...or maybe I am just watching too much of Investigation Discovery. I agree w/ all of your comments. I too bought the cuff & am going to post a review. I had b... Continue Reading

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