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Last Reply by Me2Me 1402938909.973 | Started by Glitter Puss in Judith Ripka

J267836 - Rhodolite or tsavorite rings. Big reduction from $114.75 to $51.60! Continue Reading



In Judith Ripka 1402234052.933

To all who sent best anniversary wishes my way, a big THANK YOU! And I hope those of you who ordered the same cuff get a glorious one that brings you years of pleasure. Continue Reading



Last Reply by Dallas-Dame 1402268199.827 | Started by Glitter Puss in Judith Ripka

My husband bought this for me for an anniversary cuff. This is the first really thick JR cuff I have bought & I wasn't sure I would like it. Because I have small bones, I really prefer the thinner cuffs that you can stack. However, I decided to take a chance w/ this one, & I must say that when I opened the package it blew my mind! The cuff is a lot more vibrant than it appeared on air w/ a lot of contrast between all of the different shades of pink. The gemstones are placed to give a scattered appearance, but actually, you can see that a lot of thought went into placing them. I like t... Continue Reading


Re: LTS 6/3

In Judith Ripka 1401834784.507

Does anyone remember what cuff it was & what the exact price was? Continue Reading



Last Reply by floss 84 1402520508.587 | Started by Glitter Puss in Judith Ripka

J285119 - the blue multi-gemstone front-facing hoops. I have wanted these for a long time, but thought the price of $417 was ridiculous. At $196.43, I grabbed them! Continue Reading



In Judith Ripka 1400080454.597

BGDC - I am technologically retarded & can't post pictures. But I will tell you that the hoops face forward & if you wear them the "wrong" way, they still face forward, but the point of the moon goes upward so you can see it clearly. Continue Reading



Last Reply by BGDC 1400088192.087 | Started by Glitter Puss in Judith Ripka

I was so thrilled to get the moon/star earrings to go w/ the sun/moon/star chains from years ago! I always wondered why Judith did not make earrings to go w/ these fabulous chains. Judith...now how about a coordinating cuff...like maybe on the order of a 3-stone cuff where, instead of stones, you place a star, sun, & crescent moon? The sun could have a citrine or yellow DMQ center, w/ the rays of the sun in sterling silver spilling over the cuff? I hope I do not have to wait 4 years for this one! Judith...PLEASE!!! Continue Reading



Last Reply by floss 84 1399946080.033 | Started by Glitter Puss in Judith Ripka

Several years ago, I got the JR sun, moon, & star chains from QVC - both the 18" & the 36". I always wondered why Judith did not make earrings & bracelets to go with these wonderful whimsical chains. So when I saw the moon & star earrings (J293250), I jumped on them like a duck on a June bug. These earrings are big & bold w/ lots of sparkle. During the presentation, Judith said that you should wear them w/ the point of the crescent going towards your face. I tried them on this way, but the problem is that they just look like hoops - the moon crescent shape is not apparent.... Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka Return

In Judith Ripka 1399823955.467

The program guide lists her as coming back on 6/5 - all day long. From the wee hours of the morning to 9:00 pm. Continue Reading


Re: J293272....Ripka new multi link bracelet

In Judith Ripka 1399425713.637

I was immediately drawn to this bracelet, but if you count the number of gemstones & look at the total gemstone weight, it would seem that each gemstone is as big as a pin dot. Continue Reading

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