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Re: Accessories: To Give & To Keep! Think Stocking Stuffers!

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Hi Lisa, I wanted to comment on your "landing strip" lights on your fireplace. You can remedy the super brightness with a dimmer switch. My husband put one on our Christmas tree to create that soft light you can actually look at comfortably. The switch allows you to make them as bright or soft as you would like them. Your home looks lovely. Continue Reading


Re: When Do You Begin to Decorate for the Holidays??

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Today. We started today! I know it's early but we're having warm weather (60's Sat., Sun. and maybe 70 on Monday) so we just had to take advantage of it. We put lights on some of our trees - just a start but we'll be ready to put our 3 deer out after Thanksgiving and the VPH balsam wreath. I decorated the lamp post today but won't turn on the lights till Thanksgiving night. I also make a red velvet bow with long streamers to blow in the wind but I'll wait on that. Can't wait - we love Christmas! Continue Reading


Re: HELP! I think I want the TSV MIA 2 but is it worth it?

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I just bought the big offer they had a coupe weeks ago - over $200 but worth every cent - I happy I got the body brush also!! Continue Reading


Re: The "Color Block" joke...

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Must be what Jill was attempting today with red pants, pink blouse and orchid leather jacket. Continue Reading


Re: DWTS Chat: Can't find the Thread??? SPOILERS

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This may be old news (I'm not on here much anymore) but I read that Hope Solo told people the show is fixed - now a lawsuit is in the works. Makes you wonder when they keep ole Snuffalupagus. I didn't understand the praise of Shawn either. I love watching kelly and Val - that chemistry!! WOW Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a really soft sheet set - not just smooth but with an old sheet feel.

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On 10/11/2012 Retired08 said: I've seen some posts that have had nothing but bad things to say about them, but, I purchased a set of sheets at Wal Mart over a year ago. It was a queen set with two pillowcases. They are the softest I have ever owned and once they are on the bed, you don't see any wrinkles. My daughter also found them to be satisfactory and she has always bought expensive sheets, really expensive. It's been a year and not one single stitch has come loose, the elastic is still intact and they are even softer than ever. The set was $44. I bought JCP sheets for years, but I don't ... Continue Reading


Re: Thymes...anyone order from this company? Your reviews?

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QVC sells Thymes?? That is the best stuff ever! I bought it when I was in Florida for gifts and for myself and when we got home I was sick that I hadn't bought more. Gotta go look for it!! Thanks! Continue Reading


Looking for a really soft sheet set - not just smooth but with an old sheet feel.

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Any suggestions? I'm tired buying expensive sheets only to find out they are not soft - just heavy and smooth which I do not like. Right now my favorites are really old Egyptian cotton from JCPenney - nothing like the Egyptian cotton they sell now which almost feels rough. Help!! Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Pot Roast Question

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I make mine different ways but it is always best to sear it first in a hot skillet with a little oil - this will seal in the juices - be sure to add salt and pepper first. Most of the time I do as the other ladies and put it in the slow cooker afer that - with onion soup and a little water or beef broth if I have it. OR, I'll put it in a "slow oven" - that's what my Mother called it (miss you Mommy) for many hours. I still use the onion soup and a little water. Start it on 250 for an hour and then turn down to 225 and don't look at it again for about 10 hours - or more - depending on the siz... Continue Reading

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