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Re: Paging Bebe777

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just fyi from long time WENNER- the TSV's have only been similar the last 2 aug/sep & dec- otherwise they have been different. I know Chaz & Team WEN like to mix things up alot and surprise us with different kits and new products all the time! Continue Reading


Re: Happy 1st Birthday Grace Ella (Gracie)!!!

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Happy happy birthday gotcha day!!! Gracie Ella you have grown into an adorable young lady!! My Mika & Willow love snow & dislike rain also!! Continue loving ms Jacque & her family and honoring Chaz's Ella Continue Reading


Re: a new wen show added!! - wen hits/shows schedule 6/13 - 6/30 - thanks Dooters!

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Thanks Bruingirl - sorry your thread got hijacked Again ! Continue Reading


Re: bamboo green tea is on waitlist

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Since CHaz has mentioned it takes almost 6 months to fulfill the orders- I imagine when Q place their order with Chaz in January they had no idea how popular it was going to be! Continue Reading


Re: Gallon AD

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On 6/2/2014 WenGirl42 said: On 6/2/2014 DogLvr said: I don't see why you couldn't change your auto delivery formula if you place the order and then call customer service and ask to change the AD. This would provide plenty of time. Plus, just because you get the AD, doesn't mean that you can't cancel and not receive the December AD. However, I don't work for QVC or Chaz Dean, so my thoughts/opinions don't matter. Since the core formula gallons are set up as different item numbers, they are seen as separate products in the QVC system. It would be like setting up a WEN A-D and then expecting th... Continue Reading


Re: No WEN OTO today?

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There was no OTO today - the layzboy did not sell out as expected Continue Reading


Re: Question on the black models hair.

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and they keep cutting her hair also as it grows to get rid of the damaged part/ and to keep it at a certain length Continue Reading



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"They then started a thread on 'The Q Did What' forum that seemed to be getting rather 'intense' and it disappeared quickly." LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Please advise...which Wen CC do you recommend for me?

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If dry- I would recommend FIG or Bamboo Green Tea those 2 are the most hydrating of all the formulas. oh & saying lower part of bra strap is not TMI! congrats on your length & wanting healthy happy hair! Continue Reading


Re: Why can't I report someone?

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golfcartrider- make sure you are logged in - otherwise the option will not work {same as the ignore option} Continue Reading

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