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Re: wen wen wen…..34 minutes until the next show….

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can not wait- it's a work night but since I have great WEN hair I know I can get ready in time with sleeping in an extra 1/2 in the morning to make up the time! LOL Continue Reading


Re: wen and a co-worker

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awesome! hubby came home today and told me he had a client {he does plumbing & hvac} telling him her hair looks like c r u d from the hard water. Hubby told her to try WEN that the water filter is working correctly on her system! His boss looked at him and commented "wow a GQ man"! LOL Continue Reading


Re: fingers crossed for a wen OTO tonight…….

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hoping it's something NEW!!!!!!! love my WEN!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: wen...

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I can not wait! love the shows! I just wish he could do a show for a couple hours a week! Continue Reading


Re: Another rice-based CC???

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On 10/27/2014 tngal04 said: Soy is bad for endocrine system. Wish he would take it out of all formulas period I totally disagree, if not for Soy I would not be here. In the late 50's early 60's was the only alternative for nutrition for newborns with allergies to milk. Continue Reading


Re: Chaz looked great today

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I can not believe people believe highlighted hair looks greasy & unkempt- yes it is a matter of "opinion" but I am beginning to think they need glasses! I guess then Joy's hair is greasy or Shawn's or Brad Pitts & David Beckham all because they have highlights !!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!! Speaking "your opinion" so negatively & mean is just so sad -- shows adults still act like bullies even after middle school.- what a great example they are for the kids! Continue Reading


Re: this just in….from Dooters...

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On 10/9/2014 sjk73 said: See, I told you. I gave solid proof but no one would listen. What are you talking about all the evidence? You gave no evidence, I did. They ANNOUNCED it on the show and someone else saw it. You must not have been watching that time. Anyway, don't feel badly. My all time favorite man is gone off planet earth and when I found out I was inconsolable. Really, my heart was dragging on the ground. My favorite man on TV is Chuck Connors. Of course he would not have been a Wen man but he's gone and it still kills me. I know how you feel. I feel your pain. um - not sure what ... Continue Reading


Re: Wen - Jack's got a following...

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all I can add to this "discussion" is that the Horse said, when asked- no Jack & red head Kate are not married & they have never said they were . Continue Reading


Re: I Would Love To Have Chaz Cut My Hair!!

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On 10/1/2014 momcat said: I wasn't aware that the WEN guy cut the models hair, but I would never fall for what you see on tv in these presentations. Chaz Dean has been a very successful hairdresser for over 25 years in the greater LA area. You should check out his website for his salon- the Chaz Dean Studio at Continue Reading


Re: Wen - Jack's got a following...

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On 9/29/2014 sjk73 said: On 9/28/2014 sjk73 said: You mean Jack the model? He's married to the model with the red hair. I can't remember her name but she's a regular model on QVC. She has a nice figure. The one with the short, blonde hair is a regular too. I see them both all the time on QVC. I guess you guys mean some other Jack or something all together different. I remember now, her name is Kate. She has shoulder length red hair. I can tell her hair is heavily colored. Even with using Wen her hair must undergo a lot of abuse I can see it but Wen keeps it in decent shape. Without Wen, forg... Continue Reading

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