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Re: Join us Thursday for CEW & QVC Present Beauty with Benefits!

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Alberti & Coach Where does one start if want to help a friend coping with Cancer and trying to still work through it all?? Can you direct us to the resources from CEW?? thank you !!! Debra Continue Reading


Re: Ask the WEN Team about the March Today's Special Value® & More

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so 613 mousse is the regular WEN mousse on steroids!!!!!! love the use of 613 Mousse on dry hair! ok - soooo when will we see 613 body cleanser & lotion PLEASE! thanks Chaz, Cooper Joanne & Team WEN for such awesome pricing!! Continue Reading


Re: Ask the WEN Team about the March Today's Special Value® & More

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On 3/15/2014 DeeJai said: On 3/14/2014 Rowdymom said: On 3/14/2014 DeeJai said: As someone who recently experienced a severe allergic response to nuts, I was wondering if you made a treatment oil or mist without any nut products? I myself did not notice that nuts were a component, but an astute ER nurse smelled the cranberry mint in my hair. She told me that many schools and medical facilities now ban the use of WEN on their campuses due to allergies. It may be beneficial to work on a nut-less formulation, going forward. And, as a 'client' who lives in the boondocks of Western Mass., I have y... Continue Reading


Re: An Experience For All Senses

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oh Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the humor!! xoxo the Cousin It pic is priceless!!!!!! Debra Continue Reading


Re: Wen- Let me get this straight....

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glad you found great results with Nexxus- it dried my hair so bad! I do believe Chaz is saying all hair looks like that without WEN- he is saying that models hair looks like that when washed in regular Shampoo! Continue Reading


Re: When did you start to see results?

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I felt a difference the first cleanse and saw great results after I had a great cut a month in using & got rid of most of my damaged unrepairable hair! Continue Reading


Re: Just Got my WEN today!! That was fast! Have questions about the number of pumps to use!

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On 12/10/2013 crissy26 said: Thank you to everyone that replied with an answer! I didnt know there would be trolls in these forums, but I guess there everywhere!! Anyways I went with 10 pumps for the first and 10 for the second cleanse,and used 1 pump for the leave in. I used the winter cranberry mint, and let my hair airdry I can tell a difference it feels so much lighter, so soft, my curls are bouncier, not as frizzy! And my hands they are so soft!! Again thank you all for your experiences and how you use it!! Yeah! so glad you found the # of pumps that work for you! As your hair grows, ma... Continue Reading


Re: Chaz looks really nice tonight

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I know, last on air visit for over a month!!!!!!! I will be so sad!!!!!!!!! Being a WENNER for over 3 years, I still learn something every visit! Continue Reading

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