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Re: Treatment Oils

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On 1/26/2015 JeanLouiseFinch said: Yes, that's how you do it. You can also use it as a scalp treatment. If you do, be sure to lean your head back when applying or the oil will run down onto your face. Depending on how thick and coarse your hair is, and how early in the evening you apply it, it may all soak in before bedtime. If your hair is fine, you may need to put on a turbie towel or wrap your head in an old t-shirt to protect your pillowcase. Great suggestions JeanLouiseFinch! I forgot that - I just do it naturally after all these years Continue Reading


Re: Bamboo Green Tea Styling Cream - Estimated Delivery Date

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On 1/26/2015 motherinlaw said: Both my BGT styling cream and NBT have shipped as of today...I expedited the shipping so will have on Wednesday. Anxious to try these two products...they are new to me. The body treatment is no longer available. the 613 Body Treatment? #A 26 00 84 is available Continue Reading


Re: Bamboo Green Tea Styling Cream - Estimated Delivery Date

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oh- just checked and mine is in process not - When I ordered it , it was "advance sale" due to ship 1/27- so right on time! sweet Continue Reading


Re: Treatment Oils

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That is how Chaz has suggested/instructed us to use it as a treatment. Make sure to do the full double cleanse in the am to get it all out and have glorious hair! Also you can use the treatment oils on your body - after towel pat dry, and some moisture still there- rub a dropper full or 2 all over to have smooth & hydrated skin. Continue Reading


Re: Bamboo Green Tea Styling Cream - Estimated Delivery Date

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most of the BGT was sold as "advance sale" has to do with timing of when the facility in California making the product would have enough ready to ship to the Q's distribution center and Chaz it seemed to wanted to be able to sell it on this visit but not ready yet. Many products have been sold by the Q as "Advance sale" with an estimated shipping date- nothing new with that. I have ordered Cushman's and some GILI as "advance sale" Continue Reading


Re: WEN Round Styling Brush!

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On 1/26/2015 bruingirl said: On 1/25/2015 tigriss said: For many of his videos he uses the Spornette boar bristle ones like the below. The only real difference is the shape of the handle and the name. He used them religiously before he developed his. no, there's more of a difference than the name and shape of the handle. The Spornette brushes he used had boar and nylon bristles. The wen brushes have more boar bristles and smaller nylon bristles than the Spornette brushes. Also the handle on the wen brush is textured to help prevent slipping and allows for a better grip of the brush...and th... Continue Reading


Re: Chaz said protein can break hair

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http://www.hairboutique.com/ask-karen_p/index.php/too-much-hair-protein/ Dear Anna, Human hair is a tough fibrous protein consisting primarily of keratin. Protein makes our strands strong, enabling them to grow long and be healthy. Some people believe adding extra protein to hair in the form of treatments will make it even stronger. Unfortunately,adding too much protein to hair can actually cause more harm than good. Are You Overdosing Your Hair With Protein? Consumers make the mistake of thinking protein moisturizes hair. It doesn’t. It strengthens it. Even if you’re... Continue Reading


Re: Hiiiiiieee! Can Someone Tell A Poor Confused Lady

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On 1/20/2015 bruingirl said: On 1/20/2015 Q2girl said: On 1/19/2015 vermint said: Seriously....you needed to start THREE threads in SIX MINUTES with the same question? You know, if you'd just gone over to the WEN board, (or watched the show at 4:00 that afternoon) you would have gotten your answer. What are you? The board police? Why do you even care????? What is she? a person. Is she the board police? um no that would be the Q monitors. vermint made an observation and posted it. Continue Reading


Re: Chaz said protein can break hair

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I often wonder, why is seems others have issues with people believing in a stylist/product developer just because on tv/home shopping network but it is ok for them to believe in their stylist? They all start in the same place- some type of "beauty school" they all have to learn the same theories to obtain a license and to keep current with advancements & styles. Anyone can believe in who they wish, I just wish the courtesy was granted to all- I will not put down any other Hair stylist nor product. I will tell what did & did not work for me. We all have different hair same goes for ... Continue Reading


Re: Chaz said protein can break hair

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On 1/20/2015 terrier3 said: On 1/20/2015 happywenner said: On 1/20/2015 terrier3 said: On 1/20/2015 65and fabulous said: I think Chaz will say whatever it takes to sell WEN.......too little protein, too much. Whatever. My question is why, if WEN is all that we need, does he now push all the other products to go with it? The oil, the this and that........there are at least five other things he thinks we need also. I agree...he says whatever he thinks will sell product. I don't buy the whole "New Age-y" stuff. well you can say what you want but since I have had the privilege to have my ... Continue Reading

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