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Fashion Vocabulary 101

Last Reply by HappyVal 1355503268.543 | Started by PetDoc in Fashion Talk

I'm baffled by what I just heard on "Fashionably Early"! A purse color was "tony gray" and no one knew what that meant! Neither the hosts nor the Travelon vendor (her own product) ever heard of the word "tony"? In the fashion industry? One asked "who Tony was!!" This is my first negative post ever, and I know I'm being petty, but I grew up in a South Louisiana swamp and even I know what tony means! LOL! Continue Reading


Re: Watching a jacket & waiting to go on sale...guess what after 8pm the price jumped!!

In Fashion Talk 1353788383.043

I've had that happen to me in the past, too, but just the opposite happened to me today! Yesterday I wanted to order a little dog pendant from Kohl's for a good client of mine. It was on sale for 29.99 (I know - dirt-cheap already!) but with tax and shipping, my order would have been over 38.00. I decided to wait until monday and apply my Kohl's cash ($15). Well, I just looked just now for the heck of it and guess what? It's on sale for 27.00 today with free shipping! LOL! I couldn't believe it! My order came to a little over 28.00. Incredible! Continue Reading


Re: Boots and skinny jeans

In Fashion Talk 1353786761.177

I agree with some of the posters about Old Navy Rock Star jeans! I have three pairs from last year (light rinse, dark rinse and black) and they have held up nicely. They run a bit smaller but the inseam is also a little shorter (I have stubby legs!) and they really stay in boots, both tall and short. I just bought a pair of Gap Super Skinny in the dark rinse and they stay in my boots, too, and look great with flats. Have fun! Love boots, too!! Continue Reading


Re: Metallic leather bag- Still in style?

In Fashion Talk 1329283211.62

I think metallics are still current but the shapes are changing from a hobo look to a more structured one. The February 2012 issue of Harper's Bazaar has a one-page spread titled "Silver Belles", featuring silver accessories. There are four bags on the page and one thing that jumps out at you is that they are all structured and not slouchy. I think you're good for now because the majority of people (including the celebrities) are still carrying slouchy bags. When you start to see the styles change, then it may be time to retire that bag for a while! Continue Reading


Re: Comfortable flats??

In Fashion Talk 1325621028.307

Yes, momcat is right - Clarks are very comfortable. I'm on my feet all day and when I'm not in my Nikes or Rykas I'm in my Born Mary Janes. If you're looking for a little more style, Born has really cute, great quality flats. Unlike Clarks, I do find that they have a little break-in period at first. But after that, they are super comfy! I think these flats by Clarks are really basic and the snake kinda gives them a little edge. You could get a lot of use out of them - really basics neutrals. A216975 http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/view.2/app.detail/params.item.A216975.desc.Indigo-by-Clark... Continue Reading


Re: Please list one fashion rule you'll stick to in 2012

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I will continue my 2011 plan into 2012 - that is, to buy only the highest quality basics that I can afford. I'll then shop sales to fill in the trendier items I want. I have a list in my iPhone that I constantly update, based on my wants and needs. This past year, I got black tall leather boots (Born), a black jacket (from JCP), my Michael Kors Runway watch, etc. I filled in with skinny jeans, a couple of sweaters and some tops from Stylemint. For 2012, I just used some Christmas gift money and ordered one item that's been on my wish list for a long time - Tory Burch Reva flats in black ... Continue Reading


Re: Tory Burch Reva flats

In Fashion Talk 1325610778.337

I will! Thanks again. Continue Reading


Re: Tory Burch Reva flats

In Fashion Talk 1325599835.263

Thanks, JtheB. I ordered the black leather with the gold hardware this morning. I ordered my normal size - 8M. The online reviews all agree with you about the fit - not the most comfortable but certainly not the worst. Can't wait to get them and find out for myself! Continue Reading


Re: Whatcha Wearin Monday???

In Fashion Talk 1325564962.177

I was off work today, too, and wore: Grey sweater with chiffon trim (Gap) Old Navy Rock Star dark rinse jeans Tall black boots (Born) My Michael Kors Runway watch and wedding ring Gold plated Bar necklace (Gorjana) Tan trench (ON) Scarf (gift from my 10 year old niece!) Continue Reading


Tory Burch Reva flats

Last Reply by PetDoc 1325610778.337 | Started by PetDoc in Fashion Talk

I'm thinking about getting a pair in black with the gold hardware. I've been reading mixed reviews concerning how comfortable they are. Anyone have advice on sizing or feedback on fit? Thanks! Continue Reading

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